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Behind the Sadness: Where are the 2011-2014 Cleveland Cavaliers Now?

Behind the Sadness: Where are the 2011-2014 Cleveland Cavaliers Now?

The last four seasons of Cavalier basketball were headlined by some truly terrible players. With The Dark Years now firmly behind us, we take one last chance to remember some of the worst players from the years after LeBron left, from Omri Casspi to Donald Sloan. The Cleveland Cavaliers won 97 games between the 2010-2011 and 2013-2014 seasons. This was one of the worst records in the NBA over that span. We saw some truly deplorable basketball over this span, and there was very little to be positive about, outside of the drafting and play of Kyrie Irving. With LeBron James and Kevin Love...

Love, Bosh essentially trading places

Sunday notes: Amid questions from Timberwolves owner, the role of being a LeBron supporting player is back in spotlight. Also: Deng downplays stepping in; 76ers value Heat first-rounder; Suns invite familiar names.
Plain Dealer Aug 27, 2014

A phone call from LeBron James helped bring Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers

When LeBron James agreed to a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the announcement sent the organization into a state of euphoria. Then James picked up his phone hours later and made a call to Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love
Akron Beacon Journal Aug 26, 2014
LeBron James, Kevin Love forged friendship at London Olympics

LeBron James, Kevin Love forged friendship at London Olympics

INDEPENDENCE: When he introduced Kevin Love to Cleveland on Tuesday, Cavs General Manager David Griffin called it a culmination of 18 months of trade negotiations. Truthfully, however, the genesis to this moment dates back even further, to the bus rides and countless locker room discussions at the 2012 London Olympics. It was in those casual moments LeBron James began trying to cultivate a relationship with Love. James told Love he was going to be the reason the Americans won gold, consistently praising him and telling him he didn’t realize just how good he was. Despite all the compliments,...
Houston Chronicle Aug 25, 2014

The useful mind games of James Harden, ‘the best all-around basketball player in the NBA’

So it turns out, the Rockets have no reason to worry. Never did. They might not have gotten Chris Bosh. They did not keep Chandler Parsons. They failed miserably at having LeBron James be born nearby. But they have something the Heat, Mavericks and Cavaliers do not. “The best all-around basketball player in the NBA” […]
Plain Dealer Aug 25, 2014

LeBron James to soccer champs; Akron's best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos

It seems as though everybody who's anybody has been or is about to be drenched with ice water to raise awareness for the neurological disease ALS.

Birdman cites loyalty for Heat return, wishes LeBron well

At 36, two-year deal could be Chris Andersen's last, "It's matter of me ending my career in a place that I'd be happy at and am familiar with."

Birdman cites loyalty for Heat return, wishes LeBron well

Just as LeBron James cited going home as a reason for his free-agency return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Andersen said Saturday among the reasons he re-signed with the Miami Heat was because South Florida felt like home.

ASK IRA: Revisiting first-round picks dealt in 2010 LeBron-Bosh signings

Q: Why could the Heat not have signed LeBron James and traded him to Cleveland for some future first-round picks, as Cleveland received from Miami four years ago? Was their some type of rule that prevented this, or did the Heat miss out on an opportunity due to egos or hard feelings? -- Brian,

Heat seeking veteran depth?

The Miami Heat did a pretty good job of filling out their starting lineup after LeBron James decided to take his talents back to Cleveland. They lured...

Heat pick dealt for LeBron helps James, Cavs land Love

The Miami Heat played a role in the Saturday trade that delivered Kevin Love to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, a deal that allowed the Minnesota Timberwolves to replace Love with Philadelphia 76ers forward Thaddeus Young.
Columbus Dispatch Aug 24, 2014

NBA | Finally, it’s done: Kevin Love joins Cavaliers

CLEVELAND — Kevin Love is finally teaming up with LeBron James. The Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers completed a delayed trade yesterday that has been talked about for months and on hold for 30 days. Love, arguably the best power forward in the NBA, is headed from Minnesota to Cleveland, where he will join James and instantly makes the Cavs an NBA title favorite.
Akron Beacon Journal Aug 23, 2014
Jason Lloyd: Cavaliers could be on the cusp of building a new NBA dynasty

Jason Lloyd: Cavaliers could be on the cusp of building a new NBA dynasty

In a city built on sports heartbreak and despair, in a town with a river named Chagrin, it’s difficult to process days (and summers) like this. The Cavaliers can’t stop scratching winning lottery tickets. One magical essay and one well-timed trade has turned Cleveland into an NBA mega power again. Kevin Love is a member of the Cavaliers, assuring them of beginning this season with more talent than any of LeBron James’ first seven years here. But there’s something else involved, something that has been overlooked amidst the euphoria of the moment.This is only the beginning. Cleveland...
St. Paul Pioneer Press Aug 23, 2014

Tom Powers: Timberwolves get athleticism; Cavaliers get second banana

Maybe Kevin Love will win a championship in Cleveland while riding shotgun for LeBron James. Maybe he won't. One thing for sure: He'll never be "the guy." Not in Cleveland and probably not anywhere.
Columbus Dispatch Aug 23, 2014

NBA: Day arrives when Kevin Love can officially be traded to Cavs

MINNEAPOLIS — The wait is almost over. The blockbuster trade that will send Kevin Love to team up with LeBron James in Cleveland is expected to be completed today, making the Cavaliers an instant favorite in the Eastern Conference and turning Andrew Wiggins into something of an anomaly.

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