7:34 PM EDT, Fri July 29, 2016
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Cavs Kicks: Nike LeBron Zoom “Witness”

LeBron James is getting another Nike signature shoe. LeBron James is getting another Nike signature sneaker. Via a photo that appeared on the Nike Talk message board, the new Nike LeBron Zoom “Witness” will soon be a reality. While the shoe has a similar outline to the LeBron “Solidier” line, it’s noticeably lower tech. That is especially true when compared to the main LeBron sneakers (the LeBron 13, for instance), which are much more visually impactful. As noted by Sole Collector, Nike actually had a “Witness” line for LeBron back when the LeBron 4 was released. It is...
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Jeremy Lin’s oddball version of ‘Space Jam’: Your move, LeBron

Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Jeremy Lin? The new Nets point guard – and social media icon – joined that list when he took the starring role in a “Space Jam 3” video. And it’s comedy gold. James is set to star in a big-screen “Space Jam 2.” Lin beat him to it by creating the...
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LeBron helped convince Justin Bieber to turn down gig during RNC

LeBron James apparently has sway with the Biebs. According to TMZ, LeBron James played a role in convincing Justin Bieber to not take a gig in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention that would have paid the Biebs $5 million. The issue with the gig was that it was being bankrolled by GOP donors who support Republican nominee Donald Trump and, in addition to Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, James played a big role in convincing the Biebs to not take the gig. Seriously. From TMZ: Our sources say the promoter told Scooter ... LeBron James himself was also going to attend an...
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Kid misses easy LeBron question on Jeopardy!

Whoops. Unless you live in a world where the #FutureLaker and photoshops are a reality (or just don’t follow the NBA), LeBron James has never played for the Los Angeles Lakers. He also didn’t lead them to back-to-back titles in 2012 and 2013. That didn’t stop one kid on Jeopardy who said LeBron did in fact play for the Lakers: Fml pic.twitter.com/EZ1Cd8zYcD— WORLD STAR FANS (@WorIdStarComedy) July 29, 2016 The answer, of course, is the Miami Heat. My guess is that Krissy isn’t from Cleveland.
Fear The Sword Jul 27, 2016

LeBron James’ signature shoe is getting less expensive

The LeBron 14 will cost $175, a $25 dollar drop from the LeBron 13. LeBron James’ Nike signature shoe is about to get more affordable. Per Sole Collector, Nike is lowering the price of LeBron’s signature shoe to $175 starting with the upcoming LeBron 14 model. The current sneaker, the LeBron 13, retails for $200 or $220 and, per a Foot Locker earnings call, wasn’t selling well. Along with the KD 8, LeBron’s shoe was at too expensive of a price point for the average consumer. At the same time, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry’s signature shoes - which cost $120 and $130 respectively...
Fear The Sword Jul 26, 2016

LeBron James Jr. is already awesome at basketball

Check out highlights of the another James who is really good at hoops. LeBron James Jr. is only in middle school, but he’s already starting to make a name for himself in the sport that his dad still dominates. At age on the AAU circuit, LeBron Jr. is dominating kids his age by blocking shots, getting buckets and dominating the floor. There’s a reason LeBron Jr. already has drawn interest from the likes of Kentucky’s John Calipari even though he won’t be playing college ball until 2023. LeBron, for what its worth and that worth is immense, isn’t a fan of his son drawing attention...
Plain Dealer Jul 23, 2016
Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin' LeBron James, Birdman and summer league -- Terry Pluto

Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin' LeBron James, Birdman and summer league -- Terry Pluto

The Cleveland Cavaliers are very excited to add Chris "Birdman" Andersen to the team. He fits in well with LeBron James.

Patrick Eaves bests big hockey names at Smashfest V

Charitable Ping Pong event included auction for Sidney Crosby and Lebron James memorabilia.

Report: Kings won’t engage in DeMarcus Cousins trade inquiries, including one from Cavaliers

The Kings have sentonand offsignals about trading DeMarcus Cousins. Heres another off one. Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders: League sources peg the Kings stance on Cousins as a non-starter. They simply wont go there on trade talk despite long-standing interest from the Boston Celtics and at least one inquiry for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sacramento has []

NFL insists players named in PED report must give interviews

The NFL is not backing down on its insistence that the players named in an Al Jazeera documentary about performance-enhancing drugs must agree to interviews as part of the leagues investigation. The players involved are Packers linebackers Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews, Steelers linebacker James Harrison and free agent (and former Packer) Mike Neal. Peyton

Browns add Nick Hayden

The Browns announced the signing of veteran defensive lineman Nick Hayden Friday. The team was in the market for defensive line help after defensive end Desmond Bryant suffered a torn pectoral. Bryant is expected to miss the entire 2016 season. Hayden has played in 76 career games over seven seasons with the Panthers, Bengals and

AC explains role he hopes to play, next step in development

Allen Crabbe isnt going to stop improving just because he got a big payday

Olshey: AC a foundational pillar for Blazers

The Trail Blazers believe theyve found something in Allen Crabbe, and rewarded him with a four-year, $75 million contract.

Hornets minority owner sends hateful email about Charlotte losing 2017 NBA All-Star game

After Charlotte lost the 2017 NBA-All Star game, the Hornets released a statementon behalf of the franchise and owner Michael Jordan expressing understanding of the leagues decision. Apparently, that didnt speak for all the teams owners. In an email obtained by Nick Ochsner of WBTV, Hornets minority ownerFelix Sabates rails against well, a lot []

Leafs sign Carrick to two-year deal, worth reported $750K AAV

Toronto acquired the offensive defenseman prior to the trade deadline.

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