1:10 PM EDT, Sun June 26, 2016
Hot Hot Hoops Jun 22, 2016

Luol Deng had a fantastic 2015-2016 season for the Miami Heat!

Dude can ball. Luol Deng helped the Miami Heat a lot this season. Check out some of his best plays from the 2015-2016 season! Check out some of the best highlights from @LuolDeng9's 2015-16 season!https://t.co/2IIzE9UI4J — Miami HEAT (@MiamiHEAT) June 22, 2016 (h/t Heat twitter)

2016 NBA free agency: Where will Luol Deng sign?

It’s hard to predict much about the Heat’s free agency endeavor considering no one knows what Kevin Durant will do and they have complicated situations trying to retain Hassan Whiteside and Dwyane ...

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