8:38 PM EDT, Mon July 06, 2015
Pounding The Rock Jun 28, 2015

Manu Ginobili to announce his intentions exclusively in Argentine newspaper La Nacion

The next week can be very fun or very depressing. It's just like being in the Finals, but without the basketball. Even off the floor Emanuel David Ginobili continued to be an enigma trapped inside a riddle hidden inside a cookie you can't erase from your browser history no matter how much anti-malware software you buy. We're only a few days from the start of free agency and while Tim Duncan has left all sorts of little hints for us to signal his intention to play another year at least, the same can't be said of his Argentine wing-man. After Game 6 against the Clippers, I was all but...

Tim Duncan, Spurs free agency and what we know right now

Does Tim Duncan stay? Does Manu Ginobili? How does this affect the Spurs' pursuit of a big-name free agent? With four days before free agency begins, here is what we think we know.

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