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Marc Gasol pays homage to Darko Milicic, tears jersey apart in frustration

Grit and Twine, Marc gets fired up early against the Sacramento Kings and rips his jersey. It was many years ago that Memphis Grizzlies fans were privileged enough to witness Darko Milicic go Hulk Hogan in a home game and rip the front of his jersey in one single motion. Marc Gasol has decided to honor the former Grizzlies big man and gave Grizzlies fans his own rendition of wardrobe-rage. After missing a jumper against the Sacramento Kings early in the 1st quarter, Marc backpedals down the court as he clenches the neck of his jersey. The cloth gives way as Marc's furious grip tears through...

The Fatigue and Frustrations of Marc Gasol

Breaking down the fatigue and frustrations of Marc Gasol. The Grizzlies are struggling right now and a huge part of it is due to the fact that Marc Gasol is not himself. The all-star center is noticeably struggling more than he has in a long time. The fatigue of an arduous NBA season has caught up to him and caused a frustration that we haven't seen from Gasol before. Fatigue: Marc Gasol is asked to do more than any player in the NBA and it's starting to catch up to him. He's tired from carrying a load that not even LeBron James, Kevin Durant (when healthy. GET WELL SOON KD!) or James...
Mavs Moneyball Mar 24, 2015

The Mavericks have no clue how to guard the Grizzlies' front court

Dallas lost big against the Grizzlies and a lot of it had to do with defensive mismatches. On Sunday night I rewatched parts of the Mavericks' loss to Memphis. I was at that game on Friday and spent half of my time in the press box genuinely confused at how Dallas was attempting to defend the Grizzlies' front court. I wanted to watch it again to confirm I wasn't crazy, and ... welp. Here's the problem: Dirk can guard Kosta Koufas. He cannot guard Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph or Jeff Green. Tyson Chandler can guard Koufas, Gasol and Randolph, but he'll struggle against Green. Amar'e Stoudemire...
New York Post Mar 23, 2015

Desperate for good news? Marc Gasol hasn’t ruled out Knicks

Memphis All-Star center Marc Gasol, one of the premier members — if not the premier member — of the upcoming free-agent class, reiterated Monday how he simply has not given...

Marc Gasol: I haven't ruled out Knicks

NEW YORK -- Marc Gasol said on Monday morning that he hasn't yet ruled out the New York Knicks as a potential free-agent destination because he hasn’t seriously considered his options yet. “I haven’t ruled anything out because I haven’t thought about anything so it would be (premature),” Gasol told a small group of reporters after the Grizzlies' morning practice at Madison Square Garden. “The reports and stuff like that, I don’t know where they come from because in my mind I haven’t thought about it.
New York Daily News Mar 23, 2015
Marc Gasol doesn't rule out Knicks, downplays free agency

Marc Gasol doesn't rule out Knicks, downplays free agency

The Knicks are apparently still in play for Marc Gasol this offseason.

Report: Spurs still targeting Gasol should Duncan, Ginobili retire

There aren't many big men in the NBA who can do what Tim Duncan does, even at 38. Memphis All-Star Marc Gasol is one of them. So it only makes sense that, should the Big Fundamental indeed retire this summer after his 18th season, the Spurs would look to the next best thing to replace him.
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Marc Gasol

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Marc Gasol

Everyone wants Marc Gasol to be more aggressive. We've got years of evidence that aggression isn't his natural state on a basketball court, and tantalizing glimpses of how dominant he can be when he decides to score.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

Recapping the Enemy: The View From Detroit

Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Pistons fans The following are actual comments gathered from Detroit forums Pre-game views Pistons coming home. And after 10 losses, who is their opponent? Memphis. Going to be tough to avoid #11. Memphis is the #2 seed in the West, and they can't afford any losses to keep that slot. Play till the end. That's all I ask for. A good healthy loss here. Nothing more or less. Good news is the Pistons have some bigs to play with Gasol and ZBo. I expect us to play well, but in the end, another L. In-game views Gasol hittin threes lol Reggie would be...

Recapping the Enemy: The View From Milwaukee

Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Bucks fans The following are actual comments gathered from Milwaukee forums Pre-game views Gonna be a true upset if we pull this out somehow. Fresh grizzlies team ready to absolutely smash us. I'll be very impressed if we keep this close. Even without Conley they should cruise to an easy win. But ya never know. Gasol and Randolph are going to murder us, we have nobody that can match up with them. Going to need a superhuman effort from someone to keep us in the game. In-game views I like that we're pushing it early. Nice start I wish Ersan's...

Celtics 95, Grizzlies 92: The other Tacoma guy comes up big

BOSTON -- The Boston Celtics have quickly become accustomed to a Tacoma native coming up with big shots in the fourth quarter. But with Isaiah Thomas sidelined with a back injury Wednesday, Tacoma sidekick Avery Bradley took that torch in his first game back from a three-game absence. Bradley scored a team-high 17 points, which included splashing a clutch late-game jumper over Marc Gasol that helped Boston emerge with a gritty 95-92 triumph over the visiting Memphis Grizzlies.

Grizzlies Top Bulls Behind Gasol's Big Night

The Memphis Grizzlies rode a big quarter from Big Spain to a 101-91 victory Monday Night over the Chicago Bulls. On Monday night, the Memphis Grizzlies returned to their winning ways by returning to the formula that got them there in the first place: stout defense and the broad, Spanish shoulders of their All-Star Center Marc Gasol. Gasol led all scorers with 23 points on the night, including 15 points in the third quarter to help lead the Grizzlies to victory. The Good Offense- Memphis scored 100 points against a tough, albeit beaten up, Bulls defense. Gasol was dominant, but two other...
New York Post Mar 7, 2015

Harsh reality Knicks face as top-flight free agent already says no

Marc Gasol apparently has inflicted the first dose of the harsh reality Knicks fans could face more of during the offseason. Big-name players aren’t necessarily going to be in a...
The Dream Shake Mar 4, 2015

Rockets get gutpunched by Gasol, lose 102-100

It was close the whole way, but Memphis was too big for the Rockets. That didn't feel good at all. James Harden drove the lane late with the game tied at 100, an obvious foul wasn't called, and then Marc Gasol hit a fadeaway jumper with a tenth of a second left to down the Rockets, who shot five free throws all game. That's all I'll say about the refs this time. (OK, once more. Five total free throws.) Look at this nonsense: The Rockets showed impressive balance, with five players scoring double digits (and two more with 8). Obviously the Beard was the engine (18 points, 13 assists), but...
Houston Chronicle Mar 4, 2015

Gasol, Grizzlies edge Harden, Rockets after controversial ending

The Rockets never have shot fewer free throws in a game than they took on Wednesday, but they needed just two more. They had done everything else they needed to forge an unlikely comeback from a 12-point fourth-quarter deficit. They switched James Harden to defend Zach Randolph. They got a huge lift from Terrence Jones. […]

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