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2015-2016 Memphis Grizzlies Evaluations: The Front Office

The Grizzlies season was a disaster, but how did the front office do? Amidst a tumultuous season, the Grizzlies front office did an admirable job. If you don't agree, and want to get out now, here's your chance. I just saved you reading 2,000 words. The Front Office isn't blameless, and we'll get to that, but to have any honest discussion of their work notes that the results of a move are only a fraction of the discussion. Process and context at the time of the move are important factors that must be considered. Last Summer Marc Gasol, the best player in Grizzlies history, never met...
CelticsBlog May 9, 2016

Dave Joerger's migration from Memphis to Sacramento could impact Boston Celtics

Dave Joerger's axing illustrates Memphis’ murky future, and his hiring gives Sacramento stability, both of which could impact the Celtics. Dave Joerger's migration from Memphis to Sacramento produced ripples in the seas of the NBA, which have already reached the shoreline of Boston Harbor. Buried among Boston's treasure trove of assets is a Grizzlies future first-round pick, which can be conveyed in 2019 at the earliest (the pick is top eight protected in 2019, top six in 2020, and unprotected in 2021). Mike Conley is a free agent this summer. Marc Gasol is 31 years old and coming off a...

An Era of Triple Troubles: Finally Fixing Memphis' Three-Point Shooting Woes

There have been some historic three-point performances this regular and postseason. Unfortunately for Memphis and their Grizzlies, they remain on the opposite side of that trend. If you have followed the Memphis Grizzlies the past several seasons, during the era known as "Grit and Grind", you know that there are certain undisputable facts regarding their style of play. They indeed are "all heart". No one wrote any articles saying "good riddance" to them when they were eliminated from the playoffs (looking at you, Houston Rockets.) They depend heavily on Marc Gasol for scheme on both the...
Pounding The Rock Apr 25, 2016

Marc Gasol thinks Pau should sign with the Spurs

The Spurs have just begun their postseason, but sending the Grizzlies home for the summer means that off-season talk kicks off. Let San Antonio's free-agency rumor season begin. According to sources from around the league, it is very unlikely that Pau Gasol, who turns 36 in July, will re-sign his $7.7 million player option with the Chicago Bulls after a tumultuous  2015-16 campaign. But there's a huge gap between not signing with his current team, and coming to San Antonio. Unexpectedly bridging that gap is Pau's brother Marc Gasol, who let a few bombs drop in a conversation with Peter...
Pounding The Rock Apr 25, 2016

Spurs News: Tim Duncan turns 40, and Pop's not "looking for jumpshot city"

We read all the Spurs news and articles out there and bring you the best of them in one place every day. By The Numbers: The Timeless Duncan - espn.com Duncan joins Andre Miller as the second player on the Spurs to reach the age of 40. Happy Birthday to the greatest power forward of all time! Gregg Popovich doesn't like when the Spurs go to 'Jump Shot City' - cbssports.com There are many stretches throughout games, where the Spurs rely heavily on their jump shooting. It makes me happy to know we have a coach like Pop, who can man the ship when need be. Spurs off to fastest start in NBA's...
Pounding The Rock Apr 25, 2016

The Spurs' Jekyll-and-Hyde offense makes them difficult to gameplan

Spurs nation has discussed all season the tension between the isolation game from the starters and the beautiful game of the second unit. The ability to feature both styles may be their biggest weapon. The Beautiful Game is not gone. Every Spurs game you can find multiple examples of excellent motion offense that's a step above the rest of the league. I've highlighted more than a few in the Spurs Playbook series. But as pointed out by many and discussed in length in PtR's recent installment of the Superfluous Poppycock podcast, the Spurs starting unit has largely played at a slow pace...

All heart indeed: Memphis loses to the Spurs 116-95

The Grizzlies get swept after San Antonio win in Game Four of the first round of the 2016 NBA playoffs. "Playing hard is not enough"Marc Gasol, on November 11 after 100-84 loss to Warriors We were just halfway through the first month of the 2015-2016 season when the Grizzlies underwent their first reality check. Blow out losses against contenders and a bumpy start for a 3-6 record placed the whole The Grit and Grind philosophy under suspicion. It was obvious at that time, if it was not before, that Memphis' goal turned into making the playoffs. The Grit and Grind cannot work without smart...
Pounding The Rock Apr 25, 2016

The Game of Thrones continues for the Spurs

The Spurs advance to the second round, and their pursuit of the ultimate reward begins in earnest. In the Game of Thrones, the great game is terrifying. It's chaos in its purist sense -- people die (#NoSpoilerAlert), alliances change, people die, power shifts, more people die, trust is broken, a lot more stuff happens and way more people die. The Throne -- the position as King of Westeros -- is the end game here. The Throne is nice until the game crashes down, ruining everything. Because the Throne is temporary, but the game is forever. In the Game of Basketball, the great game...

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