7:27 AM EDT, Fri October 31, 2014
At The Hive Oct 8, 2014

Asset countdown: Marvin to the beat of his own drum

After ten days of voting, At The Hive's readers have determined that Marvin Williams is the least valuable asset remaining on the roster. The people have spoken! Marvin Williams is out. Williams led the voting with 42 percent of all votes, with Gerald Henderson (19 percent) and P.J. Hairston (15 percent) behind him. Williams will forever be remembered as the player the Atlanta Hawks picked ahead of All-Star guards Chris Paul and Deron Williams, and that's a shame. While he's certainly no All-Star, Williams has carved himself a nice NBA career. At a glance, Williams' per 36 statistics don't...
Charlotte Observer Oct 5, 2014

Marvin Williams, the Charlotte Hornets’ self-made 3-point threat

He once avoided them like a necessary evil; now 3s are his thing…

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