6:50 PM EDT, Sat October 25, 2014

“I had blood caked, gauze, with a hair net”: Storytime with Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner regaled the post-practice media with a couple of tales from his illustrious career, and it was predictably glorious
Pounding The Rock Sep 28, 2014
Talking turkey (and Turkey) with Matt Bonner

Talking turkey (and Turkey) with Matt Bonner

An attempt to prevent an international incident should "The Red Rocket," try to order a turkey sandwich in Istanbul. The first thing you notice about Matt Bonner is how huge he is. Not just tall mind you, huge. He's a lot more jacked than you'd expect, especially in the arms. "The Red Rocket," does not look like the kind of guy you want to mess with. Also, his head looks small for his body, but that might be common for guys who are 6'10". I've been blunt in my criticism of Bonner over the years, but he has a well-deserved reputation for being a great dude and very accessible and...

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