11:49 PM EDT, Thu September 03, 2015
Peachtree Hoops Aug 18, 2015

Jamal Crawford would look great back in Atlanta

A man may dream. Disclosure: I love Jamal Crawford. When in Atlanta the first time, he was great to talk to, never pushed aside his own shortcomings and was a mentor to Jeff Teague when Mike Bibby wouldn't do the job the first time around. He follows me on Twitter and I follow him. I unabashedly endorse him as THE guy I want to shoot a buzzer beater from 25 feet or further from the hoop. Nobody else. He's my guy. Maybe you remember this little jewel of a play. Also, he made about 1,000 four-point plays while here in Atlanta. You know, fun plays like these: Good times, right? So...

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