3:51 PM EDT, Fri September 19, 2014
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Four Dallas Mavericks rank in SI NBA's top 100 players of 2015

Dirk and three other Mavericks made SI's list. Here's where they fell and what they said. SI.com published a list of the Top 100 NBA players for 2015, and four Mavericks made the cut. Here's who and where. Monta Ellis, no. 66 Above: Rudy Gay. Below: Andrew Bogut. Ellis hasn't changed much in the last year, but a chance to play for a first-rate coach alongside a superstar scorer has clarified his optimal role. We now have empirical evidence that a team with Ellis as a central part can gun for the best offense in the league. Dallas was just that potent last season with Ellis as one of its...
Mavs Moneyball Sep 15, 2014

Ellis and Parsons make appearances in SI's Top 100

Plus, some thoughts on the season and your social media moments of the weekend. 1. SI's TOP 100 NBA PLAYERS SERIES: The first of a few articles throughout the week, Sports Illustrated will be taking a look at the best of the NBA. In the first set of rankings -- 100-51 -- both Monta Ellis (66, last year 68) and Chandler Parsons (56, last year 94) make appearances. On Monta: 2013-14 statistics• 19.0 PPG, 5.7 APG, 3.6 RPG, 45.1 FG%, 33.0 3P%• 16.8 PER, 4.9 Win Shares, 1.9 RAPM Ellis hasn't changed much in the last year, but a chance to play for a first-rate coach alongside a superstar...
Mavs Moneyball Sep 6, 2014

Weekend poll: Who will lead the Mavericks in assists?

Looking towards the season, do you think Monta's crown will be stolen? We all know Rick Carlisle's tendency to tinker with lineups. That tinkering reached a fever pitch in the 2012-13 season but seemed to mostly even out this past season with a starting lineup more often than not of Calderon/Monta/Dirk/Dalembert/Marion. Who will lead the team in assists THIS season is an interesting question. Monta Ellis led the team last year with 471 (12th overall in the league) -- Calderon, as the starting point guard, was second with 377 (28th in the league). After that it gets a little wild, because...
Rotoworld Aug 20, 2014

Monta Ellis says it's still Dirk's team - Dirk Nowitzki (F) Dallas Mavericks

Monta Ellis said the Mavericks are still Dirk Nowitzki's team.

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