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NFL Sunday is here, Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson have words over it

I'm guessing some of you are NFL fans ... We all come together for our Nuggets, but there are lots of different rooting interesting here when it comes to football. Broncos of course for many of us, I've seen Bengals fans here, Raiders fans (how!?), 49ers fans, the famous TIDDY is a Redskins fan. Who are you rooting for today? Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson went back and forth on Twitter about their teams. Lawson is a D.C. guy and roots for the Hogs and, of course, Robinson, painfully, roots for the Seahawks. It's really tough to root for Nate when he's rocking all that Seahawks gear, but we...
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Nate Robinson back on the court and dunking

Nate Robinson back on the court and dunking

As of mid-June, Nuggets guard Nate Robinson was on track to return to the team for the start of training camp after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament in January and undergoing surgery.

Nate Robinson back on the court and dunking

Nuggets guard Nate Robinson posted a video on Instagram of him dunking on his outdoor court in Seattle, about seven months after undergoing knee surgery.

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