9:37 PM EST, Sun November 29, 2015
Welcome to Loud City Nov 14, 2015

Dion Waiters being Dion Waiters and Russell Westbrook being Russell Westbrook

How do you fix a Dion Waiters airball? Well... I am not a huge fan of the backcourt of Russell Westbrook and Dion Waiters.  I personally think that Waiters is an eighth man at best with no reason he should ever start for any NBA team and as Bill Simmons says, "Westbrook takes more off the table than he leaves on." Am I biased because I am from Seattle and was a die hard Seattle Supersonics fan?  Nah.  I'm over that drama and am a big fan of Kevin Durant and Nick Collison.  Am I still trying to get a team back in Seattle?  Hell yes, I am!  If you see Clay Bennett anywhere let him know...
Welcome to Loud City Oct 29, 2015

Thunder Film Room: Nick Collison is Mr. Physicality

He may have had 0 points last night, but his defensive contributions were invaluable. Okay, picture this. It's the third quarter, and the Spurs have scored on four of their last five possessions. All of San Antonio's scores have come in the paint. As such, the low post tandem of Enes Kanter and Serge Ibaka just wasn't working out. So what does Billy Donovan do to counteract this? He immediately subs in Steven Adams and Nick Collison for an injection of defensive energy. The strategy turned out to be a brilliant move on the defensive end, because Nick Collison had a hand in stopping four of...

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