12:25 PM EDT, Tue October 06, 2015

Mayo rejoins team, goes through practice smoothly

Madison - O.J. Mayo rejoined his Milwaukee Bucks teammates on Wednesday night and went through his first practice session Thursday morning on the University of Wisconsin campus.
Brew Hoop Sep 16, 2015

Ranking the Milwaukee Bucks' 2015 Roster: OH NO J...MAYO

There's a whole world of food-related puns out there but just take it easy y'all. Is there anybody who personifies the schism among Bucks fans better than O.J. Mayo? It's fitting that he finds himself just below the median point in our rankings. That's where Mayo has been most of his career. Always good enough to find a place on a roster and carve out a decent role, but never much more than that. Mayo is not a featured player on the Milwaukee Bucks' roster, nor should he be. But you also don't want the third-highest-paid player on the team to have some bit part, barely making an...

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