10:00 PM EDT, Fri July 01, 2016
Raptors HQ Jun 7, 2016

Raptors Player Review: Patrick Patterson, Defensive Stopper?

Patrick Patterson was one of the most quietly effective players in the NBA this season, thanks in large part to his vastly improved defense. Patrick Patterson set the table for his transformative 2015-'16 season over the course of a few inconsequential seconds in the third quarter of a late November game. Against the same Cavs team that eventually disposed of the Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals, Patterson found himself switched on to LeBron James. For the Patterson of previous seasons, such a match-up would have been frightening. His defense had always been sort of blah. It wasn't...
Raptors HQ Jun 2, 2016

James Johnson Watch Finale: So long and have a good summer

The real finale of the most random recurring Raptors column of... all time? When you Google "James Johnson" now, the second and third entries are for this very Watch. It's quite a legacy. I wanted James Johnson, the man himself, to know about it. But as I shuffled up to him after the Raptors final defeat of the season (bumping into the chair Patrick Patterson occupied, towel draped over his head, lost deep in a chamber of reflection), I knew it would feel weird to bring it up. I already felt weird before opening my mouth. Johnson is not the first player who we feel should be better on the...
Raptors HQ Jun 1, 2016

Raptors' Offseason: Patrick Patterson proves that he is a "man of the people"

The Raptors' forward just extended an open invitation to say "what's up" to him on the street. Patrick Patterson, who averaged 6.9 points and 4.3 rebounds per game this season for the Toronto Raptors, just basically let everyone know that he is a super chill dude. If you see him out and about, give him a little "hoywya doin?" If you ever see me walking around.. Don't hesitate to say hello. — Patrick Patterson (@pdpatt) May 31, 2016 What a cool gesture.

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