3:26 AM EDT, Tue September 16, 2014
Pounding The Rock Sep 12, 2014

Patty Mills rated 77 overall in NBA 2K15

After losing weight and proving to be a killer beyond the arc, Patty Mills will get an eight-point increase in his overall rating in NBA 2K15. Patty Mills became a new player in the 2013-14 season, and for that will see his NBA 2K15 rating increase from 69 to 77, according to a recent leak. Mills spent the summer of 2013 getting into the best shape of his career, and it catapulted him up to the backup point guard spot. During the 2012-13 season, Cory Joseph was the backup point guard and Mills competed with Nando De Colo for the third string spot. Last season, he averaged career...
Pounding The Rock Sep 5, 2014

With Patty Mills out, can Cory Joseph step up?

While Cory Joseph is a very good prospect, his strengths and weaknesses make him a much poorer fit for the Spurs' second unit than Patty Mills With Patty Mills out for a few months, Cory Joseph will get his first real chance of establishing himself at the NBA level. For his first three years with the Spurs, Joseph has had other players ahead of him on the depth chart. First it was Gary Neal, then came Nando De Colo and next up was Patty Mills. Now the only threat seems to be the undrafted, under-sized Bryce Cotton. Yet despite the lack of competition, for Joseph to emerge as a serious...
Pounding The Rock Aug 16, 2014

Patty Mills - the efficiency expert

For a player whose name is broadly synonymous with "Bombs Away" there are a few surprises when examining his game, and the numbers he produced in San Antonio's 2014-15 season. I recently ran across an article on Bright Side of the Sun that did a deep dive into the heat checks of Gerald Green. The eight-year swingman broke out as an offensive force last season. A major part of his success with the Suns last year, as Kellan Olson noted, can be attributed to his ability to knock down bad shots. Which immediately made me think of Patty Mills. While they play different positions, Gerald...

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