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Exclusive Klay Thompson diary: Thoughts on ‘devasting’ Paul George injury, West Point cemetery, golfing with the greats

The Warriors’ backcourt is in Spain, trying to help the U.S. team win the FIBA Basketball World Cup. During the tournament, shooting guard Klay Thompson is exclusively sending The Chronicle excerpts from his daily diary. In his first entry, Thompson talks the devastating Paul George injury, the West Point cemetery and playing golf with some of the game’s greats.  It’s funny to think it’s been a month since we reported to Las Vegas and started competing every day. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m thankful for the experience of being around players with this much talent, because...
Boston Globe Aug 26, 2014

NBA Expanding Open Space on Baseline Following Paul George Injury

The NBA is expanding the amount of open space along the baseline in an effort to improve player safety following last month's gruesome injury to Paul George.
Pounding The Rock Aug 22, 2014

NBA virtual 1-on-1 Tournament: Paul George vs. Klay Thompson

Paul George has the defensive prowess to slow down Klay Thompson, but will it be enough to stop everyone's favorite dark horse? The next matchup in the second round of the NBA Summer Showdown is between Paul George and Klay Thompson. The Rules It is a half-court game in which the scoring increments are 1 point for everything inside the arc and 2 points for everything outside the arc, o long-distance bombers will do well in our tourney. The higher seed starts off with the ball and the first player to 11 points wins. The possession switches every time the ball is scored, and your votes...
CSN Washington Aug 15, 2014

Paul George talks recovery, pain for first time since injury

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George spoke publicly for the first time on Friday about his brutal leg injury and the road to recovery.
Indy Cornrows Aug 15, 2014

Paul George Accentuates the Positive

At his first press conference since suffering an open tibia-fibula fracture, it was evident that Paul George views his setback as something that will only make him stronger both professionally and personally. "The whole injury is behind me," said the Pacers' star. "I'm trying to use my best foot to move forward." Ushering in laughs, it was a jovial comment few likely expected to hear uttered by a professional athlete present for the express purpose of discussing a severe and currently debilitating injury; yet, at each turn of the press conference, the quip seemed to perfectly epitomize Paul...
Indy Cornrows Aug 14, 2014

Pacers Links: Paul George keeps No. 24 alive in his hometown

After making a marketing move to change his number, Paul George made sure his hometown would keep the memories alive of his early years in the NBA. Paul George turned a problem into a positive on Wednesday when he donated a warehouse full of No. 24 jerseys and t-shirts to the students and faculty at Knigh High School in his hometown of Palmdale, California. Awesome! RT @Liz_vibes_: ✌️4⃣ @Paul_George24 #KHS pic.twitter.com/HCHEpAxm5h — Paul George (@Paul_George24) August 13, 2014 In order to officially switch to PG-13, George had to buy up all of the remaining merchandise with...
CSN Washington Aug 12, 2014

Despite George's 'devastating' injury, Wall shuts out injuries fears

John Wall was there when Paul George suffered his gruesome leg injury. The point guard felt terrible for his friend, but he never considered walking away over fear of getting hurt.
CSN Washington Aug 12, 2014

Paul George changes his number to 13

There’s a good chance that Paul George won’t play for the Pacers this upcoming season, but whenever he returns he’ll do so with a different number.
Indy Cornrows Aug 11, 2014

Paul George is really set to become "PG-13"

Switching his number from 24 to 13, Paul George's new nickname is sure to be "PG-13." More importantly, let's all just hope that his game can one day again be Rated R. What was once mere speculation is now set to become a reality. After weeks of speculation by bloggers, reporters, and the Twittersphere, ESPN's Business Correspondent, Darren Rovell, reports that Paul George will, in fact, be changing his number from 24 to 13: Paul George to become "PG-13," change jersey # from 24 to 13. Who called this first? @BillSimmons — darren rovell (@darrenrovell) August 11, 2014 According to...
CSN Houston Aug 9, 2014

Harden on George: 'Crazy freak accident'‏

James Harden, who was right there, says Paul George's injury was "just a crazy freak accident."

Photos: Kevin Durant, James Harden and Paul George enjoy post practice one-on-one

For the second day in a row, NBA All-Stars Kevin Durant, James Harden and Paul George played in a game of "King of the Hill" after thursday's Team USA practice in Las Vegas.

Photos: USA players react to Pacers' Paul George leg injury

Unfortunately, this isn't my first time photographing a major leg injury to a professional athlete. The list is long and distinguished. The latex is Indiana Pacer Paul George.
CSN Washington Aug 7, 2014

Check out Nike's inspired Paul George comeback ad

Nike created a powerful print ad for client Paul George's comeback.
SLC Dunk Aug 6, 2014

Gordon Hayward's Odds of Making Team USA -- The Downbeat #1424

What Paul George's horrific injury means for G-Time. Also: Trevor Booker's potential, Bill Simmons' plan for a midseason tournament, your FanPosts, and more. You never want to see an injury like the one Paul George suffered. (Seriously. You DON'T want to see it. I'm not even linking to it here. I was caught unawares when I first saw it while checking Twitter after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and I nearly hurled the entire large popcorn I ate during the movie because I am a fat person.) (Okay, most of that is a lie. Where were we? Right, Paul George. Ugh.) Despite the injury to the...

Tim Connelly, Kenneth Faried don't expect USA participation to wane after George injury

I asked Kenneth Faried about the horrible Paul George injury and if he thought it would negatively impact NBA players’ willingness to participate in future USA basketball events. He said he’d rather not think too much about it, but he didn’t think it would. “I hope not. It was a freak accident,” said Faried, who […]

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