10:17 PM EDT, Sat August 01, 2015
Indy Cornrows Jul 7, 2015

Paul George planning to pick up leadership role after David West's departure

Pacers star Paul George is heading into his prime and adding to his game will now include more than just getting buckets and defending at an elite level. Paul George's rapid rise to a star in the NBA didn't come without some bumps in the road due to the immaturity of a player in his early 20's thrust into the spotlight. After dealing with disappointing playoff losses and headlines, PG absorbed another variety of humility while being forced to miss most of last season with injury. Observing the game from a different perspective (usually the bench) offered the opportunity to study the game...
Indy Cornrows Jul 6, 2015

David West swallows a little pride and a lotta cash to chase ring with Spurs

The Pacers lost a high-character, big-impact presence when David West decided to chart a different course to finish his career. David West will reportedly sign with the San Antonio Spurs later this week to officially bring a close to his four-year career with the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers were 171-114 in games West played during that time, but last year's injury-ravaged season took its toll. In fact, West appeared done in Indiana even before what would become his last season with the Pacers started. Following a pair of deep playoff runs, the broken leg Paul George suffered in the summer...

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