12:16 PM EDT, Mon March 30, 2015
Indy Cornrows 21 hours ago

Pacers need Rodney Stuckey back more than Paul George

The return of Paul George is a nice story but the Pacers really need a healthy Rodney Stuckey to return if they want to make the playoffs this season. The Pacers continually answer the questions about when Paul George may return and while the team's star appears ready to make an appearance, Frank Vogel and Co. likely are more concerned about getting Rodney Stuckey back in the mix. No disrespect to the Pacers' max star, but the team is still playing for this season and unbelievably still only one game out of the playoffs. To make that post-season goal, Stuckey's healthy return is far more...
Mavs Moneyball Mar 29, 2015

Mavericks at Pacers preview: Dallas avoid Paul George's return but may miss Monta Ellis

There aren't many clearly winnable games left on the schedule, so Dallas has to take advantage of this one. What have the Pacers done lately? Indiana was riding high ... and then they've lost seven of their last eight. Because of how ridiculously undertalented the East is, the Pacers are still only a game out of the eighth seed, but it'll require a surge in their final 10 games. While a motivated Indiana team could potentially be trouble, the Mavericks really should have no excuse for not being motivated themselves. The more concerning emotional swing was Paul George's potential return,...
Indy Cornrows Mar 23, 2015

Paul George ruled out, buzz starting to take its toll

With no end in sight to the will-he-won't-he speculation, know that cautiousness will prevail where uncertainty and constant inquiry abound. Momentarily nipping the will-he-won't-he saga in the bud, the Indiana Pacers have already ruled Paul George out for Monday night's contest against the Houston Rockets: Injury report: Rodney Stuckey (sore left calf) is questionable and Paul George is out for tonight's game against the Rockets. — Indiana Pacers (@Pacers) March 23, 2015 Up until Saturday's game against the Brooklyn Nets, the Pacers had not made a practice of mentioning George in...
Houston Chronicle Mar 23, 2015

Paul George still out for Pacers tonight vs. Rockets

Associated Press Paul George’s long-awaited return is still on hold. The Pacers say their two-time All-Star will not make his season debut Monday night against Houston — and that they still have not established a timetable for his return. George has not played since his right leg gruesomely snapped after he ran into a basketball […]
The Dream Shake Mar 23, 2015

Houston Rockets vs. Indiana Pacers game preview

The Rockets look to bounce back against the Indiana Pacers tonight. Paul George will probably come back tonight. Every superstar makes their return against the Rockets. It's like they look at their team's upcoming schedule, see Houston coming up and go "There it is!" Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka will return from injury when OKC takes on the Rockets. So what the Thunder shut down KD for the year? He'll be there. Now, all of that was a grim exaggeration, but Houston has to be ready for the possibility of George returning tonight. Reports say he'll return within a week, and Indy doesn't have...
CSN Washington Mar 21, 2015

Paul George could play when Wizards host Pacers next week

Paul George hasn't played this season, but the Indiana Pacers might be ready to face the Wizards next week, according to a report.
Indy Cornrows Mar 19, 2015

Paul George refuses to let the past haunt him, will rejoin Team USA and return to UNLV

Where others understandably may have balked, Paul George has no qualms with rejoining Team USA and returning to the campus of UNLV. "Nah, not right now," George responded with angst when asked if he would be willing to re-watch video of his injury on camera for Part One of Bleacher Report's docuseries on his Road Back, "I'll do it another time, not right now." Refusing to let the ghosts of his past haunt him, Paul George, though unwilling to publicly look those moments in the eye that at least momentarily stunted the trajectory of his career, will indeed return to the site of his injury...
Indy Cornrows Mar 13, 2015

Paul George injury update: Return this season remains in doubt as Pacers keep winning

Paul George updated the media on his progress and sounded less like a player expecting to return to the court this season. The team's future star doesn't want to disrupt the current run of success his team is enjoying. Make no mistake about it, Paul George continues to improve in his effort to return to game action for the Pacers. "I definitely feel like I've made great strides," George said. "Me now versus the guy two or three weeks ago, is blowing that guy out of the water." But the improvement doesn't mean George is closing in on an actual return to the court, which he discussed with...
Indy Cornrows Mar 11, 2015

Burglar receives 16-year sentence for robbing Paul George

Justice was served in case of the burglar who stole valuables from Paul George's house. Paul George knows a thing or two about theft on the basketball court, finishing among the league leaders in steals the past couple of years he's been able to play. But the thief who tried to literally steal from PG's house during Game 5 of the Pacers first-round playoff series against Atlanta last spring officially fouled out this week and won't be back in the game for 16 years. Michael Lewis (no relation) was arrested back in September for the burglary that took place on April 28 when the thief-genius...
New York Daily News Mar 7, 2015
Paul George eyes return as Pacers beat Knicks, 92-86

Paul George eyes return as Pacers beat Knicks, 92-86

The Knicks don't have much going for them presently. But by George, the Pacers just might have something here.
Indy Cornrows Mar 5, 2015

Paul George talks about return after "a good day at practice"

The Pacers' star may be wavering on his mid-March return hopes but he still has big expectations for the end of the season and playoffs. Paul George went through practice with the Pacers on Thursday afternoon and proclaimed the experience, "a good day at practice" while updating reporters on his progress. While practice went well, George seemed to waver a bit on his earlier proclamations that he would be ready to play a couple of weeks after starting to practice, a time period which is rapidly approaching next week. PG made sure to remind reporters that he didn't set a deadline, but...

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