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Mavs Moneyball May 14, 2015

Reviewing Rajon Rondo, a necessary risk

The Rondo experiment was a grand failure, but it was still a gamble the Mavericks needed to take. Looking Back Ever heard of Schrödinger's cat? It's a paradoxical thought experiment in which the unknown status of something causes it to hold not one status, but two. Ultimately, if there is a cat in an unopened box, which also contains a sealed caspule of poison set to release at an unknown time, we can say the cat is simultaneously alive and dead (as long as we continue to leave the box unopened). However, once we open the box, we will discover the status of the cat within, and the cat will...
Mavs Moneyball May 5, 2015

How much should we blame the Mavericks' front office for the Rajon Rondo trade?

Our season's ending roundtable among the Moneyball staff discusses the now-infamous Rondo trade. Our roundtable moves onto question two of seven, tackling Rajon Rondo and the front office's role in bringing him. Should they have known it was going to be a disaster? Could they have sat on their cards and hoped for a better option closer to the trade deadline? Let's talk about it. How much fault -- perhaps use a percentage -- lies with the Mavericks front office in pulling the trigger on the Rajon Rondo trade? Bailey Rogers (@BRogers789): 60 percent. So disclaimers first: (1) I was initially...
Mavs Moneyball May 2, 2015

Devin Harris talks about a potential starter's role, why Rajon Rondo didn't work

The Mavericks finished for the season with exit interviews on Wednesday. Here's a quoteboard of what Devin Harris said. On summing up the season "Trying year. With all the new guys we had coming into the season and making an in-season trade, trying to get guys adjusted, it was just kind of an uphill battle all year long, trying to get everybody to play to their strengths, it was tough." On the Rondo trade "Anytime you make an in-season trade it's tough, especially at such an integral part of our offense which is the point guard position, with a player who has been great and try to fit him...
Mavs Moneyball Apr 30, 2015

Rick Carlisle is the Mavericks' Jerry Sloan

At exit interviews, general manager Donnie Nelson expressed some strong words of support for the Mavericks' head coach. Any head coach of an NBA team has to understand the simple economic principle of supply and demand. With only 30 positions available in the world, demand for the best rises dramatically. As a result, job security is virtually nonexistent. Rick Carlisle has bucked that trend. As the Mavericks coach heads into his eighth season at the helm of Dallas' squad, he has earned protections in a market full of quick trigger fingers. Even after a rocky relationship with Rajon Rondo...
Mavs Moneyball Apr 30, 2015

Donnie Nelson talks about the Rajon Rondo trade, Rick Carlisle's fit with Mavericks

The Mavericks talked at exit interviews on Wednesday. Here are quoteboards with what they said. On this season "I wouldn't call winning 50 in the West a failure but at the same time we're used to bigger and better things. We all wish we could've done better but the boys fought every single game. With the exception of Game 2 we were right there at the end. A little bit of execution on our part, a couple shots fall, that type of thing, but hindsight is always 20/20. They certainly played better than we did and deserved to win the series." On the Rondo trade "That was definitely something...
Boston Globe Apr 29, 2015

Rajon Rondo Reportedly Did Not Receive Playoff Share From Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks opted against giving Rajon Rondo a playoff share after the team's first-round exit from the postseason.

Rajon Rondo excluded from Dallas Mavericks playoff cash

The Dallas Mavericks conducted exit interviews on Wednesday and while many players said they chalked up the Rajon Rondo trade to a gamble that just didn’t work, their actions spoke louder. According to multiple sources, Rondo did not receive a …
Silver Screen and Roll Apr 28, 2015

The Lakers have "higher priorities" than Rajon Rondo in free agency

According to Kevin Ding's latest column, those worried about the Lakers giving Rajon Rondo a max contract can sleep easier tonight. The Lakers have moved away from Rajon Rondo as a primary target in free agency, according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report. There has been a lot of smoke and rumors about Rondo heading to the Lakers this offseason, but it appears if that is still going to happen, the four-time all-star guard will have to take significantly less than the max to suit up with the purple and gold. Interestingly, Ding also mentioned "The notion that the Lakers were going to be the...
CelticsBlog Apr 28, 2015

Boston Celtics turn the page on a bizarre season to what could be a compelling summer

It's time to turn the page. What a bizarre season for the Boston Celtics. Rajon Rondo, the theoretical franchise player, was traded away and LeBron James, the most loathed man in Boston sports, prevailed in a sweep, but both the organization and the fans are as enthusiastic about the future as they've been in years. Everyone is reacting so strangely because this has been a unique season of tumultuous change. Players have gone through the revolving door of Trader Danny's offices so frequently that fans are beginning to realize every player is expendable and there are no untouchables. And...

For those more interested in the Mavericks that aren’t here, there’s a Where’s Rondo shirt

It happens in sports everyday: Action, followed by reaction followed by a T-shirt to capture the reaction. So it should have been expected that when the Dallas Mavericks discovered that Rajon Rondo would no longer be a part of their …
CelticsBlog Apr 26, 2015

Change is coming for the Boston Celtics in the offseason

It was a great run. Now things get really interesting. On one hand, the 2nd half of the season was validation of everything that the Celtics have been doing.  That run proved that trading away Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green were probably the right moves.  It proved that trading for Isaiah Thomas was a steal. It proved that Brad Stevens is a heck of an NBA coach.  It proved that there's a lot of good, young talent on this Celtics team. On the other hand, the first round sweep at the hands of the Cavaliers proved a few things as well.  It proved that the Celtics don't have the talent to hang...
Houston Chronicle Apr 23, 2015

Mavericks’ lineup change could have biggest impact on James Harden

With Rajon Rondo out indefinitely and not expected to ever play for the Mavericks again, the Mavericks will have to make a lineup change. Devin Harris, who missed Game 2, was upgraded to probable, but J.J. Barea started during the season when Rondo was out to keep Harris in his role off the bench. The […]
Musician creates ‘Rajon Rondo is the worst’ song while playing live in Fort Worth

Musician creates ‘Rajon Rondo is the worst’ song while playing live in Fort Worth

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Houston Chronicle Apr 23, 2015

Mavericks teammate surprised to hear about Rajon Rondo’s injury

DALLAS – Mavericks center Tyson Chandler said he was surprised to hear that point guard Rajon Rondo had sustained an injury during Game 2 of the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday night. “I was surprised,” Chandler said. “It is what it is.” The Mavericks announced Wednesday that Rondo was out indefinitely with a […]

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