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Blog a Bull Jul 20, 2016

Is Valentine the Bulls best option for backup point guard?

The rookie may be the Bulls best option to backup new starting point guard, Rajon Rondo. The recent conclusion of this year's Las Vegas Summer League did little to reassure us of the Bulls backup point guard position. It may have opened the door to one more player. Ok yes, I know it's Summer League. The first rule of Summer League is, it's Summer League, everything must be taken with a grain of salt. But there are some things you can take away from it. The biggest, for those entering their second years in the league, another stint in the summer festival offers players an opportunity to...

Evan Turner brings playmaking, ball-handling, defense -- and humor -- to Trail Blazers

The Blazers' new free agent signing has a history of bringing humor to his basketball.

Rajon Rondo fighting perceptions as he arrives in Chicago

New Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo introduced himself to his newly adopted city, knowing full well he arrives in Chicago with a reputation that brought

White Sox prospect Spencer Adams to miss 7-10 days with injured ankle

White Sox pitching prospect Spencer Adams is expected to miss 7-10 days after injuring his right ankle Wednesday. The 20-year-old Adams, who pitches for Single-A Winston-Salem, appeared

Yes, Dwyane Wade has said something nice about Rajon Rondo

Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo haven't always seemed the best of friends. After all, Celtics fans still think Wade broke Rondo's elbow intentionally in the 2011 playoffs. And they don't see like the best of fits. Neither is an accurate...
Blog a Bull Jul 6, 2016

Gar and Pax had better options than Rondo

The Rondo signing is even more baffling when compared to other free agent point guard signings. When it was announced that the Chicago Bulls had signed free agent Rajon Rondo (ugh I just shuddered typing that), initial emotions were of anger, shock, disbelief and any other similar emotions. Rondo?! $14 million?! By now I think we and many others have hit on the numerous reasons why signing Rondo, the player and person, was one of the most incompetent moves in recent memory. Signing him for $14 million, even in the new salary cap market, was completely irresponsible given the Bulls cap...
Blog a Bull Jul 5, 2016

Everybody* hates this dumb and bad Rajon Rondo signing for the Bulls

*not literally, for you pedants out there Let's start with the worst take you can possibly have on the Rondo signing: Shouldn't the Bulls, like, play a game before the Rondo deal is judged? — K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) July 4, 2016 Yeesh. Thankfully, others dare to judge the Rajon Rondo signing. You know my take: it sucks complete and absolute ass. That mindset is even more fortified when seeing other signings, even ones of the unambitious type that the Bulls restrict themselves to, look better than Rondo. Deron Williams, Sergio Rodriguez, and Brandon Jennings signed one-year deals too....
CelticsBlog Jul 4, 2016

Rondo signs baffling deal with Bulls

Former Celtic Rajon Rondo has signed on with the Chicago Bulls for $28 million over two years. One of the Boston Celtics' biggest conference rivals, the Chicago Bulls, have signed former Celtic Rajon Rondo to a two-year $28 million deal. The deal includes a 'mutual option' on the second year, meaning that both the Bulls and Rondo will have to want to stay together after this season. The deal is a little odd for a few reasons. Rondo is probably exceptionally happy that he is able to get away from the dysfunction of Sacramento. Yet the specifics of the deal mean Chicago can only really be...
New York Post Jul 3, 2016

It took one Porzingis workout for Hornacek to be floored

ORLANDO, Fla. — Now that he’s met him and seen him shoot up close, new Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek is even more psyched about Kristaps Porzingis. The 7-foot-3 Latvian phenom flew in Friday to meet Hornacek for the first time and work out with the coaches. The decision was made long ago he would not...
New York Post Jul 3, 2016

Lance Thomas ‘wants to stay’ with possible Knicks discount

ORLANDO, Fla. — While defensive forward Lance Thomas has been courted by five clubs, even turning down an offer from the Clippers, his chances of remaining a Knick still are “better than 50-50,” according to an NBA source familiar with the matter. “He still wants to stay,” the source said. “He likes the moves they’ve...
New York Post Jul 3, 2016

Next up for cap-strapped Knicks: Sifting through backup PGs

ORLANDO, Fla. — Now that the “Jackson Five” has been set, Knicks brass will attempt to build a bench, starting with signing a backup point guard behind Derrick Rose. Phil Jackson and general manager Steve Mills have spent almost all of their cap space. Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said he hopes the choice is a...
New York Post Jul 3, 2016

Knicks’, Nets’ longtime Rajon Rondo intrigue ends with whimper

Rajon Rondo once proclaimed his desire to play in New York, and that had Knicks fans drooling while Nets fans pointed to maps stressing how Brooklyn was part of the city. But after New York’s pro teams solved their respective point-guard dilemmas, Rondo will move on to Chicago. Rondo has reached an agreement with the...
CSN Philly Jul 3, 2016

Sixers free-agent targets Jamal Crawford (Clippers) and Rajon Rondo (Bulls) reportedly agree to new deals

The Sixers reportedly had significant interest in signing both Jamal Crawford and Rajon Rondo, but Crawford reupped with the Clippers and Rondo inked with the Bulls on Sunday night.
Northwest Herald Jul 3, 2016

AP source: Rajon Rondo to Chicago Bulls for 2 years, $30M

Rajon Rondo has a new beginning in Chicago, and the Bulls have a new starting point guard.
Blog a Bull Jul 3, 2016

Bulls sign Rajon Rondo

what a fucking joke. I'm not sure there could be any worse news. Bulls to sign guard Rajon Rondo to a two-year, $28 million deal, he confirmed to @TheUndefeated. — Marc J. Spears (@MarcJSpearsESPN) July 3, 2016 Even beyond Rondo being an unlikable player, and someone who's historically been a subject of ire for Bulls fans, this is just a monumentally ridiculous addition. The Bulls, after trading away Derrick Rose, did need a point guard. But they needed someone who could defend, was  young and athletic, plays at a fast pace,  is coachable, and could shoot. Rondo aggressively...

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