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Roundtable: Figuring out this Rajon Rondo drama

Who is to blame? Will Rondo be in Dallas after this year? What needs to change? We figure that out. Well, this has been a fun week if you're a Rajon Rondo fan. Speculation has run wild since Rondo was suspended for the Dallas Mavericks' dismemberment of the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday. Will he stay? Will he go? Is it even a choice between Rick Carlisle and Rondo? (Yes, someone has actually speculated that idea). Rondo has 21 games to show how badly he wants to stay in Dallas (if he does at all) after this season. Just a couple days removed from that tiff with Carlisle, Rondo responded with a...
Celtics Today Mar 1, 2015

Isiah Thomas is pretty good, and Rondo hasn't shown that he is recently

Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to someone, and when I open the door there is no one there. There's a reason for some things in life. There are circumstances that come up that change everything. I'm coming to terms with the new look Celtics, and I feel horrible for it. I was, and I'm still behind Rondo as a player and talent. But, I'm looking at the trade in a different way now. There's a reason to remember everything that has happened. There's a reason that I feel the need to understand all of what Ainge has done. The bitterness tastes real and unrealistic, but it's a fact. The trade of...

Mavs try to make square Rondo peg fit in round hole

DALLAS -- Rajon Rondo clearly didn’t win his argument with coach Rick Carlisle, but it appears that he at least got a couple of points across in the calmer conversations that followed. The shouting matches -- during a timeout during Tuesday’s win over the Toronto Raptors and an even more heated rematch in the locker room after the game -- stemmed from a dispute over who should handle play-calling duties. They resulted in a one-game suspension for Rondo, and Carlisle was still calling plays during the point guard’s return Saturday night.
Mavs Moneyball Feb 28, 2015

Dallas Falls to Brooklyn, 104-94

Dallas drops its second straight game, this time to a 23-33 Brooklyn Nets squad. Dallas struggled in the second half, and missed Tyson Chandler terribly, en route to a 104-94 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. The Mavs came out with one of the most ridiculous starting lineups this season, due to Tyson being out of the lineup, with Rondo, Barea, Ellis, Jefferson and Dirk making up the first five Mavs out on the court. Despite maintaining a lead for the majority of the first half, Dallas just couldn't pull away. After the Mavs worked their way to a 39-31 lead with 7:11 left in the second quarter the...
CelticsBlog Feb 27, 2015

Boston Celtics Daily Links 2/27/15

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place. Herald  Rajon Rondo-Rick Carlisle clash inevitable Earl Lloyd, 1st black player in NBA, dies at 86 Globe   Earl Lloyd, First African-American in NBA, Dies at 86Jonas Jerbko finally gets chance to shine for the CelticsCelticsGreen  Random Thoughts on the State of the Celtics CelticsBlog  The net result of the Rondo and Green trades Jae Crowder and Jonas Jerebko are more than trade fill-ins Jared Sullinger will rise once again ESPN  Second honeymoon for Crowder W2W4: C's vs. Hornets (Game 56 of 82) Lex Nihil Novi  Bowen keys...

Rajon Rondo ready to put “built-up frustration” in the past

Rajon Rondo said Friday he had some built-up frustrations with coach Rick Carlisle that led to their heated exchange on Tuesday and subsequent suspension of Rondo, and that conversations with many members of the organization since have helped put everybody …
Mavs Moneyball Feb 27, 2015

The Mavericks won't go anywhere without Rajon Rondo

Dallas isn't working in an ideal scenario, but trusting Rondo is the only play they've got. Rajon Rondo, as has been the case since he came into the league, does not make it easy to defend him. While there was plenty of excitement when the Mavs acquired him, it has been all downhill since. He has not put up good offensive numbers, he holds the ball and disrupts the offense whenever he is on the floor and he has dared to defy Rick Carlisle on more than one occasion. Things came to a head in a home game against the Raptors on Tuesday, when Carlisle called a play from the sideline and Rondo...

Second honeymoon for Crowder

BOSTON -- At the start of the February, it felt like the honeymoon was over. Jae Crowder, acquired in mid-December as part of the deal that sent Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks, had raised eyebrows early in his Boston tenure and, when Jeff Green was dealt away to Memphis in early January, Crowder elevated to starting small forward. But his production waned and, in a 10-game span beginning on Jan. 14, Crowder was a team-worse minus-71 in plus/minus and his advanced numbers were an absolute eyesore (team-worst minus-16.
Silver Screen and Roll Feb 26, 2015

Report: Lakers Are Rondo's First Choice in Free Agency

Reportedly the Lakers are Rajon Rondo's destination of choice in free agency. Is his interest reciprocated? According to a report from CBS Sports' Ken Berger, the Los Angeles Lakers are Rajon Rondo's first choice as a destination in his upcoming free agency. There are rumblings among rival front offices that Rondo might just be the personality type to forego a five-year deal with the Mavs for a four-year deal with the team of his choice -- the Lakers. Rondo, who is averaging 9 points, 6.2 assists, and 4.5 rebounds since being acquired by the Mavericks, was recently suspended for one...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 26, 2015

A complete history of Rajon Rondo pissing off his coaches

Tuesday's spat with Rick Carlisle is far from the first time. Rajon Rondo's done it again. See, his yelling match in Tuesday's home win against Toronto and his subsequent one-game suspension for "conduct detrimental to the team" which he served Wednesday is far, far from the first time Rondo and a head coach have got into a dispute. In fact, that's kind of his thing. He's a basketball genius who understands the game as well as anyone in the league. One of his passes on Tuesday prior to the benching even caught the ever-reliable Tyson Chandler by surprise. He can find passing angles others...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 26, 2015

An open letter to Rajon Rondo

Some thoughts for the Mavericks point guard. Rajon, We really don't have time for this crap. We, meaning your teammates, your coaches, and the Mavericks fans, neither have the time nor inclination for any sort of diva act. The Mavericks have their best chance at doing something, anything in the playoffs since the 2010-11 title season. And you're the reason, to a certain extent. But you are also becoming the reason they might not have a chance. Tuesday night, the entire basketball world watched as you and Rick Carlisle got into an argument about playcalling during the game against the...

Rondo situation wasn’t only oddity Mavericks dealt with Wednesday

AP Photo/John BazemoreA member of the Atlanta Hawks court crew works to dry the court after a leak in the roof delayed the first half of an NBA basketball game between Dallas Mavericks and the Atlanta Hawks Wednesday, Feb. 25, …

Rondo, Carlisle must make it work for now

ATLANTA -- Rajon Rondo is a renowned pain in the butt to coach. Plenty of players have cussed Rick Carlisle, either to his face or behind his back. So it can't be considered too much of a stunner that this pair combined for the most explosive coach-player fireworks of the NBA season to this point. Now what? Rondo and Carlisle can either make the best of the rest of their brief time together or make a complete mess of the Dallas Mavericks' season.
Houston Chronicle Feb 25, 2015

Disagreement between Rajon Rondo, Rick Carlisle doesn’t surprise Doc Rivers

Clippers coach Doc Rivers, who won a championship in Boston with Rajon Rondo as his point guard, was not surprised with the exchange between Rondo and Dallas coach Rick Carlisle, but said such episodes are quickly forgotten and can actually be a good sign. Rondo was benched on Tuesday after shouting at Carlisle during the […]
CSN Washington Feb 25, 2015

Successful teams have little patience for attitudes like Rondo's

The Mavs suspended Rajon Rondo for arguing with his coach on the sideline, similar to what led to Glen Rice's departure from the Wizards.

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