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Sep 12, 2014
James Young said he is looking forward to playing with Rajon Rondo this season.
CelticsBlog Sep 12, 2014
High Five with Sean Deveney of Sporting News (a lot of Rajon Rondo questions)

High Five with Sean Deveney of Sporting News (a lot of Rajon Rondo questions)

Rondo Rondo Rondo I've enjoyed reading Sean Deveney of Sporting News for many years and especially this summer since I find his measured and informed take on Rajon Rondo to be on point.  He's provided perspective and updates at various points this summer and my viewpoint on the situation aligns very much with his angle. I've kind of steered away from Rondo topics in recent days but given the opportunity to interview someone who has sources and has a good handle on the most important topic surrounding the Celtics headed into this year, I couldn't resist.  So I steered into the slide and...
CSN Washington Sep 6, 2014

More change in the East? Rondo could be next

The Eastern Conference already looks different heading into the 2014-15 season with Kevin Love and LeBron James in Cleveland. More changes could be coming if Rajon Rondo wants out of Boston.
CelticsBlog Sep 5, 2014

Celtics' president Rich Gotham denies any Rajon Rondo trade demand was made

More non-news regarding Rajon Rondo that I pass along because I kinda have to. Remember that "trade demand" that was quickly shot down by the Celtics and Rondo's agent?  Just to make sure that rumor is good and dead, the Celtics president Rich Gotham got in his denial today. Celtics president says Rajon Rondo didn’t ask team for trade - Sports - The Boston Globe "You know if he has made that demand, it hasn’t been directly to the Celtics," Gotham said. "I have not heard that. Rajon’s been working out all summer [in Boston]. He’s been here. This is his home. He’s been working...
Rotoworld Sep 5, 2014

Celtics say Rondo hasn't requested a trade - Rajon Rondo (G) Boston Celtics

Celtics president Rich Gotham said he's heard nothing about Rajon Rondo requesting a trade.
CelticsBlog Sep 2, 2014

Boston Celtics Daily Links 9/2/14

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place. CelticsGreen  SQ14 #38 Passes--Recognition, Timing, Anticipation, and PrecisionSB Nation  Will Rajon Rondo repeat history and believe in the Celtics?The next Splash Brother is ... Manny Pacquiao?!CelticsBlog  High Five with Dan Devine of Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie Blakely: "Rondo wants to start the season in Boston" ESPN  Loose balls: Moser, Thornton, stretch Bottom of the Big Four?Lex Nihil Novi  Rivers Secret Plan: The "R" WordRed's Army  Celtkicks: Rondo visits Anta headquarters Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s going...
Celtics Today Sep 2, 2014

The latest of the evolution, that has become Rondo's career in Boston

Rondo's one of the best point guards in the NBA. That's a statement that's said about Rondo often. It's a true statement, but when most talk about Rondo. It's usually about trading him, or a rumor about him, and how big of a head case he is. His great gift is often buried in the back yard because of the rumors surrounding him. I wish we could talk more about Rondo the player, and the leader that he's become. Along with the growth that he's shown in the past years. Instead of the good stuff, were given the daily regiment of rumors. Spokeswoman for Rajon Rondos agent, Bill Duffy, said both men...
CelticsBlog Sep 1, 2014

Boston Celtics Daily Links 9/1/14

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place. Herald  Rajon Rondo, agent deny trade requestTimberwolves have record week after trading LoveMemphis Grizzlies waive guard Jamaal FranklinGlobe  Report: Rajon Rondo Has Told Celtics He 'Wants Out'Rajon Rondo's Camp Denies Report That He Wants Out of Boston Ex-high school basketball phenom finds his placeCould Ray Allen Rejoin Doc Rivers in LaLa Land? CelticsGreen  SQ14 #37 Enough Optimism, How Bad Could It Get? 28 SQ14 #36 In-Season Change From Growth Rather Than Personnel Moves CelticsBlog  Rajon Rondo didn't demand a trade,...
Mavs Moneyball Sep 1, 2014
Five Out: More on the Rajon Rondo trade rumors, celebrating Dirk's hair

Five Out: More on the Rajon Rondo trade rumors, celebrating Dirk's hair

Talking about why Rajon Rondo won't be a Maverick. 1. RONDO: This weekend, a rumor circulated that Rajon Rondo had requested a trade from Boston. Rondo says no such thing has happened, but he may just be covering his ass -- it's impossible to really know at this point. 2. CAN THE MAVS TRADE FOR HIM?: No, I don't see any chance of that. Brandan Wright is a massively productive player, but he's not a centerpiece for a star in his prime, even an injury-prone one like Rondo. Talent wise, you could say Monta Ellis is comparable -- but even if Dallas would do that deal, why would the Celtics...
Green Street | WEEI Sep 1, 2014

Irish Coffee: Rajon Rondo rumor mill keeps churning

The Celtics are in the same old holding pattern, and Rajon Rondo doesn’t know where he’s going to land. Over the weekend, video surfaced of a behind-the-scenes conversation between ESPN.com’s Jackie MacMullan and New York Daily News writer Frank Isola about the possibility of Rondo being traded. “€œIt will happen, because he’€™s told them he wants […]
Boston Globe Sep 1, 2014

Rajon Rondo's Camp Denies Report That He Wants Out of Boston

Rajon Rondo's camp vehemently denied the claim that the point guard had requested to be traded out of Boston, according to a report.
Green Street | WEEI Sep 1, 2014

Jackie MacMullan makes waves with Rajon Rondo comments

With training camp a month away, here comes more Rajon Rondo rumors. In a recent appearance on ESPN’€™s Around the Horn game show, ESPNBoston.com’s Jackie MacMullan ‘€“ during a behind-the-scenes clip from the episode ‘€“ was firm in her take that Rondo is hoping to get out of Boston. ‘€œIt will happen because he’€™s told […]
Boston Herald Aug 31, 2014
Rajon Rondo, agent deny trade request

Rajon Rondo, agent deny trade request

Rajon Rondo and his agent, Bill Duffy, are both denying that the Celtics guard has asked for a trade despite multiple reports, including an initial report on ESPN.A spokeswoman for Duffy’s agency said yesterday that both men have discussed the reports, and publically deny that any such request was made.“Neither Bill nor Rajon know where this has come from, but it didn’t come from them,” Alyson Furch said in a text. “They want this on the record. Neither has spoken to anyone about this.”
CelticsBlog Aug 31, 2014

Rajon Rondo didn't demand a trade, according to the Boston Herald

According to the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy, a spokeswoman for Rajon Rondo's agent, Bill Duffy, says that the Boston Celtics' captain didn't demand a trade. Spokeswoman for Rajon Rondo's agent, Bill Duffy, said both men deny that Celtics guard has demanded a trade. — Mark Murphy (@Murf56) September 1, 2014 This, like Jackie MacMullan's report that Rondo "wants out," is a non-story as far as I'm concerned. I don't think Rondo would demand a trade, but I do think there is probably an understanding between the front office and him that if things don't turn around this season, then...
Celtics Today Aug 31, 2014

According to Jackie MacMullan "Rondo wants out"

According to Jackie MacMullan, Rajon Rondo has told the Celtics he wants out http://t.co/If0NQTP31b— Jay King (@ByJayKing) August 31, 2014That's a source that your going doing to listen to. Rondo wants out? Probably after being tosses around in trade talk since 2009. Loyalty doesn't exist for General Managers, and for some owners these days. So why should players be loyal? This is the first report that I recall that proclaims that Rondo wants traded, or to leave Boston. Maybe this is the start of the end.
Sactown Royalty Aug 31, 2014

Rajon Rondo wants to be traded, but not to the Kings

Rondo wants to be traded, but has made it known he will not re-sign with the Kings if traded to Sacramento. Rajon Rondo has reportedly told the Boston Celtics that he will not re-sign with them next offseason, and would like to be traded. While this initially seems like good news for the Kings, who have been reportedly interested in the Celtics point guard, Rondo also indicated he would not re-sign with Sacramento if traded there. This leaves the Kings in a difficult predicament.  The Kings could still trade for Rondo, and hope to sell him on Sacramento's future. The Kings used this same...

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