1:01 AM EDT, Mon May 30, 2016
New York Post May 20, 2016

Rondo? Lin? Hornacek stunner lets Knicks fantasize about PGs

Rajon Rondo can look at the Knicks again as a sexy destination. Perhaps Mike Conley and other elite point guards can, too. Adding to the intrigue of Jeff Hornacek’s imminent hiring is the prospect it will help the Knicks in free agency. Traditional point guards may be in vogue again for the Knicks when the...
Sactown Royalty May 18, 2016

The Kings may be cooling on Rajon Rondo

Zach Lowe indicates that the Kings may be fine with letting Rondo go. The Sacramento Kings have an important decision coming up this summer regarding free agent Rajon Rondo. Previous reports have indicated that the Kings are very interested in keeping the mercurial point guard. In his latest column from the NBA Draft Lottery, ESPN's Zach Lowe dropped a new development: The latest scuttlebutt is that the Kings are prepared to cut bait with Rajon Rondo if the bidding for him gets beyond a certain threshold that is lower than we might imagine, given the Kings' recent transaction...

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    The Kings may be cooling on Rajon Rondo

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