8:13 PM EDT, Fri July 01, 2016

It’s been three years since Ray Allen’s clutch 3-pointer in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been three years since Ray Allen hit one of the most memorable shots in Miami Heat playoff history. Today marks the three-year anniversary of the shot that helped the ...

Comparing Stephen Curry’s mouthpiece throw to Udonis Haslem’s mouthpiece throw

After fouling out in the fourth quarter of Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry lost his cool. The Golden State guard yelled at the referee and chucked his mouthpiece in frustration. The only problem ...

2016 NBA free agents: Should the Heat go after Pau Gasol?

Pau Gasol is an interesting free agent option for the Heat. The 35-year-old power forward/center isn’t necessarily looking to sign with the team that offers him the most money, he’s looking to sign with a championship ...

2016 NBA free agents: Heat get another shot at Marvin Williams

When the Heat went into the 2014 offseason, they were looking for a way to rebuild their supporting cast around the Big Three and felt Marvin Williams would be an ideal fit at ...
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#NBArank Best Finals Games: Ray Allen rescues Heat with corner 3

#NBArank Best Finals Games: Ray Allen rescues Heat with corner 3

NBA Player News

  • 13 Bradley Beal

    Bradley Beal

    NBA Free Agency: Washington Wizards to offer Bradley Beal a five-year max deal, according to multiple reports

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    Jeremy Lin

    Stephon Marbury: Nets signed Jeremy Lin to attract Asian market

  • 12 Hassan Whiteside

    Hassan Whiteside

    Whiteside reaches new heights with agreement to return to Heat

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    Evan Turner

    Evan Turner loves Portland Trail Blazers' 'toughness,' thinks he can complement Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum

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    Timofey Mozgov

    Cleveland Cavaliers' Timofey Mozgov takes his acting talents to Hollywood (photos, videos)

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