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Mavericks' Felton pleads guilty in NYC gun case

Mavericks' Felton pleads guilty in NYC gun case

Dallas Mavericks point guard Raymond Felton pleaded guilty Wednesday in a New York gun case, taking a plea deal that involved admitting a felony but spares him jail.

Cuban: Mavs not trying to trade Felton

The planned signing of point guard Jameer Nelson is not a sign that the Mavs will try to push Raymond Felton out the door. That comes straight from owner Mark Cuban, who offered an emphatic “no” when asked whether the Mavs would look to move Felton, who was acquired along with center Tyson Chandler in last month’s six-player trade with the New York Knicks. “We like him and think he will have a great year,” Cuban told ESPNDallas.
Rotoworld Jul 23, 2014

Raymond Felton avoids jail w/ plea bargain - Raymond Felton (G) Dallas Mavericks

Raymond Felton was fined $5,000 and sentenced to 500 hours of community service on Wednesday, as part of his plea bargain involving weapons charges.
Posting and Toasting Jul 23, 2014

How much of an upgrade is Jose Calderon?

Jose Calderon is a much better offensive point guard than Raymond Felton. How does he compare defensively? Jose Calderon will assume Raymond Felton's old position as the Knicks' starting point guard, a move that's been praised almost universally. But how much of an upgrade is Calderon on both ends of the court? On offense, the difference is obvious. According to Basketball Reference, Calderon's career offensive rating (which can be murky, but through nine years worth of evidence, is reliable) is 119 compared to Raymond Felton's career 103 offensive rating.  Calderon also has a career...
New York Post Jul 23, 2014

Ex-Knick Raymond Felton admits to felony, but avoids jail

A Manhattan judge sentenced ​former Knicks guard Raymond ​ ​Felton Wednesday to 500 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine​ ​for possessing an illegal gun that his estranged wife...
New York Daily News Jul 23, 2014
Former Knicks guard Raymond Felton pleads guilty in gun possession case

Former Knicks guard Raymond Felton pleads guilty in gun possession case

Felton will serve his sentence of 500 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine for possession the unregistered Belgian-made pistol.

Raymond Felton, like Tyson Chandler, tried to recruit Carmelo Anthony

The Dallas Mavericks need all the recruiting help they can get when it comes to luring Carmelo Anthony. Raymond Felton tried to do his part. Felton, acquired in the trade that also brought Tyson Chandler to the Mavericks, said Tuesday he …

Raymond Felton blames only himself for last season, vows to revive his career with Mavericks

Raymond Felton has plenty to prove in the upcoming season. One thing for sure is that he’s glad he doesn’t have to do the proving in New York. The trade to the Dallas Mavericks in which Felton came to Dallas …

Felton talked to Melo about Melo joining the Mavs

DALLAS -- If he had the magical powers, Raymond Felton noted that he would indeed find a way for Carmelo Anthony to join him and play for the Dallas Mavericks. "If I can convince that man to do that, that...
New York Post Jul 3, 2014

Former Knick Raymond Felton settles divorce battle

Former Knick point guard Raymond Felton and his wife settled their nasty divorce battle Thursday, her lawyer told The Post. Lawyers for Felton – who now plays for the Dallas...
New York Daily News Jul 3, 2014
Ex-Knicks guard Raymond Felton agrees to divorce deal

Ex-Knicks guard Raymond Felton agrees to divorce deal

Felton, who was traded to the Dallas Mavericks last week, just needs to put the details on paper to finalize the agreement reached Thursday with his soon-to-be ex-wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton.

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