7:20 AM EST, Sun November 29, 2015

On the Mavs, everybody loves Raymond Felton

On the Mavs, everybody loves Raymond Felton
Mavs Moneyball Oct 30, 2015

Unlike last year, these Mavericks actually like each other

Also: Dirk's thoughts on DeAndre Jordan, and Carlisle on when Deron Williams will be back from injury. LOS ANGELES -- Last night, playing their second game in as many days, the Mavericks were missing three starters. They were playing against the Clippers, their free agency rivals of this past summer. What a surprise, then, to see the likes of Dwight Powell and Raymond Felton and Jeremy Evans alongside Dirk, keeping things close for two and a half quarters before the expected blowout finally happened. What is different about this Mavs team that allowed the preseason Mavs' squad to hang with...

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