11:27 PM EST, Sat February 28, 2015
NetsDaily Feb 16, 2015

P.J. Carlesimo talks Nets, Reggie Evans, Gerald Wallace

The Nets coach with the highest career winning percentage is ... P.J. Carlesimo, who went 35-19 (.648) in the Nets first year in Brooklyn after Avery Johnson was fired. Carlesimo, who was in his native New York for All-Star Weekend, spoke with Stefan Bondy about his tenure with the Nets and his decision to play Reggie Evans and Gerald Wallace.  He said he bears no ill will towards the organization who gave him what;s likely his last head coaching gig. "When you win there and you like the players, it's wrong if you get away and you start rooting against the guys who won for you," he...
Brew Hoop Feb 11, 2015

Reggie Evans can't comprehend Giannis either

At the end of a timeout in the second half, Giannis Antetokounmpo was standing on the court in front of the Sacramento Kings bench. Reggie Evans--seated right in front of him--found himself with a chance to get an answer to a burning question of his. The following conversation ensued Evans: "Hey. How old are you?" Giannis: "20." Evans: "20?...Damn." Been there before, Reggie. We can't really process the rapid rise of Giannis, either.

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