6:14 PM EDT, Sat March 28, 2015
Blazersedge Mar 22, 2015

Video: Mascot Scores a Point on Robin Lopez

The Memphis Grizzlies mascot gets the upper hand on Portland's center. The ongoing battle between Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez and mascots from around the league has been well-documented. Up until now, Lopez has been undefeated when facing off against his furry foes. In Memphis tonight, the Grizzlies mascot finally got the upper hand. Watch treachery unfold as the fuzzy widdle bear makes an overture of peace: Just like in professional wrestling, when the handshake comes out you know something is up. Live and learn, Robin. Live and learn.
Blazersedge Mar 18, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers Mascot Strikes Back at Robin Lopez

Cavsmoondog hits Portland's center below the belt. In the wake of Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez waging war on mascots across the NBA, one furry fellow is striking back. In classic passive-aggressive fashion, the Cleveland Cavaliers' Cavsmoondog is recruiting forces from within Lopez's own family. Have a look: This is dirty pool @cavsmoondog. I hope you all choke on that popcorn. #IThoughtWeWereFamYo #ForAllTheEdMikans pic.twitter.com/oCRXoKiKlD — Robin Lopez (@rolopez42) March 18, 2015 Playing the "mom always liked you best" is a bold and effective move for the plucky...
CSN Washington Mar 16, 2015

Robin Lopez picks fight with Wizards mascot

The Trailblazers geared up for a fight with the Wizards, but Robin Lopez and G-Wiz took that a little too literally.
Blazersedge Mar 16, 2015

Video: Robin Lopez Takes Mascot Bullying to New Level

The Trail Blazers center is at it again, this time in Washington. Robin Lopez's mascot bullying is officially big news around the nation and he went at it again tonight, taunting the Washington Wizards mascot before the Trail Blazers-Wizards matchup. Here you go: Then more video of their boxing match: Looks like this mascot routine is becoming old hat for Lopez. Rim shot! Filling out his bracket early, I see. [Insert your own joke here.]
Raptors HQ Mar 16, 2015

Update: Quotes From Robin Lopez About His Ongoing Mascot Beef With The Raptor

This might never end. We touched on it in our game recap last night, but this really deserves its own thread. If you follow Robin Lopez on Twitter, he's got a long-standing disdain for mascots around the league. Last night, it was The Raptors's turn: James Herbert caught up with Lopez after the game and got his reaction to the whole incident: Here's @rolopez42 on his altercation with @the_raptor (http://t.co/9FQ1xyFV86) pic.twitter.com/lJP7ZQyAqD — James Herbert (@outsidethenba) March 16, 2015 To be continued.
Blazersedge Mar 15, 2015

Video: Robin Lopez Continues Mascot Abuse

No mascot is safe when Portland's center is in the building. Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez will suffer only one giant muppet-looking creature in the building, and that's him!

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