7:52 PM EDT, Thu May 05, 2016
Posting and Toasting May 3, 2016

Thor-off: Robin Lopez vs. Noah Syndergaard

Who shall wield the hammer? Last week New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard paraded himself around Times Square dressed as Thor: Thor on the street @Noahsyndergaard pic.twitter.com/8D4xhuGAJ8 — SportsNet New York (@SNYtv) April 27, 2016 There's only one problem: This city is already the domain of another athlete who dresses like Thor in New York Knicks center Robin Lopez. The finest costume in all Midgard! Thanks to @Marvel and @RubiesCostumeCo! Meet @ @EmpireStateBldg @gardenofdreams! pic.twitter.com/fM2TncEpmd — Robin Lopez (@rolopez42) October 23, 2015 There's...
Posting and Toasting Apr 23, 2016

Robin Lopez is going to India; Let's find him some mascots to fight

Fightin' mascots 'round the world! On Friday we learned that Knicks center Robin Lopez is planning to visit India. Robin Lopez and Seth Curry will visit India (Mumbai & Noida) next week to promote basketball. More details: https://t.co/oau8o975Ii — Karan Madhok (@Hoopistani) April 22, 2016 Yeah, right ... "promote basketball." We all know why RoLo is travelling to the world's second-most populous nation: to continue his never-ending war against Earth's mascots. Since we here at P&T support Lopez in his violent quest, our crack research team has provided a scouting report for each of...
Posting and Toasting Apr 20, 2016

Bondy: Carmelo Anthony, Robin Lopez joined Phil Jackson's "triangle seminar"

Participation! The president of the New York Knicks held a training seminar Tuesday, and many Knicks employees showed up. Vets showed up; youngsters showed up. Stars showed up; dudes at the end of the roster showed up. That's right, bitches -- attendance is happening! According to Stefan Bondy of the Daily News, Carmelo Anthony and Robin Lopez joined Kristaps Porzingis and several other Knicks at the Phil Jackson's now-infamous "triangle seminar." (Confession: I took way too much delight in the "Zen at Work" headline.) They aren't mentioned in the piece, but I would imagine Tony Wroten,...
New York Post Apr 9, 2016

Why ‘wild feminist’ Robin Lopez flourishes under Rambis

Robin Lopez won’t call it his career season, though a lot of people would. “I’m in a different role — I’m doing well in a different role,’’ Lopez said. The quirky Knicks starting center is the poster boy for how a big man makes the triangle hum — the productive, smart, decision-making post man that...
New York Post Apr 9, 2016

Classic NY basketball is dead — and has been for a long time

The home portion of the Knicks’ schedule ends Sunday night at Madison Square Garden, and for what feels like the 70th year in a row, the sad procession of true believers and diehards will file in to the arena, they will fill every seat, they will cheer out of loyalty and boo out of habit....
Newsday Apr 9, 2016

Robin Lopez enjoying new offensive role with Knicks

Kristaps Porzingis sprung up off the bench after a couple of Robin Lopez's blocked shots Friday night in Philadelphia, including one that he slammed against the backboard. Lopez's defense was why the Knicks signed Lopez, but he's given them much more.
New York Post Apr 9, 2016

Carmelo Anthony craves the Allen Iverson treatment

Carmelo Anthony met with Allen Iverson in Philadelphia on Friday afternoon, savoring the news his former Nuggets teammate had been elected to the Hall of Fame. Iverson was celebrated at Wells Fargo Center during the Knicks game, drawing loud roars Friday night. Through all his trials and tribulations, Iverson is beloved in Philadelphia. For all...

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