12:18 AM EDT, Wed August 31, 2016
New York Post Aug 4, 2016

Robin Lopez found out about Knicks trade from brother’s texts

New York wasn’t big enough for the two Lopez brothers. And Brooklyn’s Brook couldn’t wait to let everyone know twin Robin had been traded out of town by the Knicks to Chicago as part of the deal for Derrick Rose. The Lopez twins were overseas on a promotional trip and Brook left a little early....
Blog a Bull Aug 2, 2016

Robin Lopez is the less-newsworthy acquisition that could make the biggest difference for the Bulls

Lopez is a good center, and should help the Bulls in many areas. When Robin Lopez isn't harassing NBA mascots, or hitting up the latest Comic-Con event or visiting Disney Land, he's actually a very solid, above-average center. Though not much as been talked about the Chicago Bulls newest big man, Lopez excels in various areas on both ends of the floor  that should surely benefit the Bulls. With the help of our friends over at the New York Knicks site, Posting & Toasting, let's take a look at what Lopez does well on offense and defense. Offense Lopez isn't someone who's going to...