2:46 AM EST, Fri February 12, 2016
Posting and Toasting Feb 3, 2016

Fancy-pants school nerds Robin and Brook Lopez are writing a comic book

NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Typical of snooty West Coast elites, twins Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez enjoy reading and creativity and stuff. Now that they're both located in the same city, the Lopezeses are collaborating on a comic book, along with other media ventures. Per Fred Kerber: "Robin and I have actually been doing a series of covers right now with some of our characters. That's pretty much as specific as I can be. It's all original character stuff so it wouldn't make any sense anyway. I don't know when...
NetsDaily Feb 3, 2016

Brook and Robin Lopez finally take the step ... as authors

Ah, the advantages of living and working in the media capital of the world. After years of planning and talking about collaborating professionally, Brook Lopez and his Knick brother, Robin, are finally going to launch their second professional career ... as co-authors. It's all hush-hush, writes Fred Kerber, but the two 7-footers are well along in their project. "Robin and I have actually been doing a series of covers right now with some of our characters. That’s pretty much as specific as I can be. It’s all original character stuff so it wouldn’t make any sense anyway," Lopez told...
New York Post Jan 23, 2016

‘Heat of the moment thing’ burns Knicks, Lopez

The Knicks never led against the Clippers on Friday night, but got within five points early in the third quarter. Then, a slap in frustration and a shove in anger sent a game spiraling out of control. Trailing the Clippers by 12 midway through the third quarter, Knicks center Robin Lopez bloodied Chris Paul’s lip...
New York Daily News Jan 22, 2016
Lopez smacks Paul, but Knicks get slapped around by Clippers

Lopez smacks Paul, but Knicks get slapped around by Clippers

The most heart the Knicks showed Friday night was Robin Lopez smacking Chris Paul in the face.
Posting and Toasting Jan 22, 2016

Robin Lopez ejected for playing Chris Paul's face like a drum

oooh boy. Knicks center Robin Lopez was ejected during the third quarter of Friday night's game after throwing a punch at Clippers point guard Chris Paul. Here is the play in question: Paul and Lopez. pic.twitter.com/kHg9RfhPU6 — Clips Nation (@ClipsNationSBN) January 23, 2016 It should be noted that Paul managed to land a shot to the face of Jose Calderon earlier in the quarter. Lopez had also been feuding with Clippers center DeAndre Jordan prior to the incident. Kristaps Porzingis, Calderon and Carmelo Anthony were pretty heated during the official replay, which lasted an...
Newsday Jan 20, 2016

Robin Lopez getting more comfortable with Knicks' offense

Here's the hook -- the Knicks weren't counting on much offense from Robin Lopez when they signed the 7-footer to a four-year, $54-millon contract in the summer.
New York Post Jan 19, 2016

How Robin Lopez has become a key offensive cog for Knicks

Bigfoot. Howard Hughes late in life. And Robin Lopez’s hook shot being blocked. There are some things you just never see. “Can’t be blocked. Haven’t seen anybody block it yet,” teammate Carmelo Anthony said of Lopez’s go-to shot. Lopez has been a source of offensive production lately for the Knicks who face the Jazz Wednesday...
New York Post Jan 19, 2016

Jeff Van Gundy ‘loves’ Porzingis, says Knicks are a playoff team

Jeff Van Gundy is a big Kristaps Porzingis fan and sees the Knicks as a playoff team. “I love Porzingis. I love everything about how he’s handled his situation, love his game, love his mental makeup,” Van Gundy said during a media conference call promoting ABC’s Saturday NBA games. “I think they will make the...
New York Post Jan 19, 2016

Phil Jackson gets cryptic in his tribute to Glenn Frey

Apparently running the Knicks is a much more noble task than we all realized. While paying tribute to the late Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, Knicks team president Phil Jackson slipped in an interesting phrase. Jackson, a noted Deadhead, tweeted, “Glenn Frey oh, how sad. He was one of the reasons I’m here in NY doing...

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