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Golden State Of Mind Jun 25, 2016

Kevin Durant’s Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Warriors

Kevin Durant is almost in a classical Prisoner's Dilemma (google it) with Russell Westbrook, a very tricky situation where in order to re-sign with OKC, he has to trust that RWB will not betray him. The Warriors beckon to him as a way out. The Kevin Durant Magic Unicorn Fairytale In case you haven’t heard, Kevin Durant is a free agent this year. Now up until very recently, I had assumed that KD would stay with OKC, because that’s where his history, legacy and comfort zone are. He also can get more money from OKC. The Thunder were right there with the Warriors (albeit with a limited...
Welcome to Loud City Jun 13, 2016

2015-16 Thunder Player Grades: the NBA is starting to realize the greatness of Russell Westbook

Russell Westbrook took no prisoners in 2014-15, and he might finally be getting the credit he deserves around the league with an incredible 2015-16. (Today we kick off our annual end of season Thunder player grades, where we evaluate the Thunder roster's performance, one by one. First up - the most divisive superstar on the planet, Russell Westbrook) Full Name: Russell Westbrook Jr. Nickname: "Russ" Contract Status: Westbrook is heading into the last year of his five year, $78.6 million deal. He will make $17.8 million in his final year, as he heads into free agency with Serge Ibaka (and...
Welcome to Loud City Jun 10, 2016

Russell Westbrook will not play in 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook announced he will not play in this summer's Olympic Games. On Friday afternoon, Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook officially announced he will not compete in this summer's Olympic Games. The All-NBA team member cited his decision was difficult, but made in the best interest of his family. Russell Westbrook is pulling out of the 2016 Olympics in Rio :( pic.twitter.com/Gphdn4CGAR — Welcome To Loud City (@WTLC) June 10, 2016 Westbrook joins a star-studded lineup of U.S. Men's National talent to forgoe the Rio Olympics. Other All-Stars...
Daily Thunder Jun 9, 2016

Thursday Bolts – 6.9.16

Berry Tramel grading Russell Westbrook’s season: “The Thunder reached the 2012 NBA Finals with a point guard who averaged 5.5 assists a game. That same point guard almost doubled that total this season. Westbrook
Welcome to Loud City Jun 7, 2016

Daily Loud Links Olympic Edition: top NBA links for June 7, 2016

WTLC delivers the day's top NBA news, all wrapped into one tidy little package. Brandon Armstrong, noted YouTube NBA impersonator, takes his hilarious talents to America's favorite late-night talk show. In this gem of a clip, Armstrong impersonates several NBA superstars, including OKC's own Russell Westbrook! Stephen Curry headlines Team USA players to back out of 2016 Olympic games. SB Nation's Ali Sadiki reports the reigning league MVP will forgoe the Rio Olympics for rest. However, a number of players are skipping on the 31st Olympiad due to Zika Virus concerns. A list of the...
Clips Nation Jun 7, 2016

KD to LAC: Destination or Dream?

Kevin Durant's upcoming free agency has been much discussed for several years now. Does this year's playoff collapse make him more or less likely to leave OKC? Are the Clippers a real option? Let's look at the full picture. Everything Kevin Durant has done or said over the past couple years has been looked at in terms of his upcoming free agency. "Does this comment mean he is leaving OKC"? "Does Russell Westbrook's emergence make him more or less likely to stay"? And on and on. Now, his watch (ahem, contract) has finally ended, and he is a free agent. Durant has been linked to Los Angeles...
Golden State Of Mind Jun 5, 2016

2016 NBA Finals Game 2: Warriors lead Cavaliers 52-44 at the half behind Draymond Green's strong play

The Warriors went on a big run in the middle of the second quarter to take a 52-44 lead headed into the locker rooms at halftime. In a strange game, where the Warriors went down early, but then reeled off an 18 point turnaround, the halftime score is 52-44. Draymond Green was red hot, hitting three pointers from all over the court. Stephen Curry was busy making impossible shots look somewhat ordinary: Also, a valid question: Wonder if Russell Westbrook is watching this game? I’d guess he was but broke all the TVs in his house already. — Seth Pollack (@sethpo) June 6,...
Bullets Forever Jun 2, 2016

Podcast: Where the Wizards need to add depth this summer, John Wall vs. Russell Westbrook

In this week's episode of the Bullets Forever Podcast, Jon Munshaw and Jake Whitacre take a look at where the Wizards need to add depth the most this summer and take a look at a few players who could help address some of those concerns. Later in the show they break down the differences between John Wall and Russell Westbrook and whether or not it could have an impact in Kevin Durant's free agency decision. They also take a look at whether or not Washington would be the right place for Jan Vesely and Larry Sanders to start their NBA comebacks, and discuss the encouraging parts of Kelly...
Newsday Jun 1, 2016

Mike Breen re-signs with ESPN as lead NBA announcer

ESPN has re-signed lead NBA play-by-play commentator Mike Breen to a long-term deal, the network announced on Wednesday.
Golden State Of Mind Jun 1, 2016

Russell Westbook laughed at the wrong dude

Russell Westbrook's laugh in the game 5 press conference acted as the shovel that dug Oklahoma City's grave in the 2016 Western Conference Finals. We often hear NBA players refer to the "brotherhood", a relatively unspoken bond between a society of people linked by a common interest and trade. On its surface, the brotherhood stands for unity and solidarity between players. But if you dig a little deeper, the brotherhood acts as an all encompassing sign of respect between the 450 best basketball players in the world. A player must dedicate his life to the game to make the NBA, and each...
Pounding The Rock May 31, 2016

Here's why Kevin Durant should leave OKC this summer

Durant and Westbrook are both too good for their own good, and ultimately it's why the Thunder will never quite be good enough. If you poked around the interwebs you could find 20 stories today (even on SBNation) on how the Thunder may have lost, but they're actually winners and that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook didn't choke, they actually played great. All these stories are special and precious and complete, utter millennial nonsense. They blew it, man. Let's be real and call a spade a spade. They had the Warriors on the ropes and blew it, and Durant, Westbrook and Billy Donovan...
Oakland Tribune May 31, 2016

Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant victims of last laugh

OKC Thunder stars grim-faced after making wrong kind of history in Western Conference Finals
Welcome to Loud City May 31, 2016

Oklahoma City Thunder Eliminated By Defending Champion Warriors 96-88, Golden State Returns To NBA Finals

A valiant Oklahoma City post-season run has ended as Golden State returns to the NBA Finals All good things must come to an end. Such was the case for Oklahoma City's 3-1 series lead. Reigning MVP Stephen Curry scored 36 and dished eight assists as Golden State prevailed 96-88 to set up an NBA Finals rematch with Cleveland.  Meanwhile, the Thunder's season ends just shy of the promised land. Oklahoma City was again led by the All-Star duo of Kevin Durant (27 points, seven rebounds) and Russell Westbrook (19 points, 13 assists, seven rebounds). However, after a strong first half, the...
Welcome to Loud City May 30, 2016

Sounds of Thunder: Legion of Thunder X

This is it, there ain't no more. Nothing more needs to be said, Russell Westbrook said it all.... it's win or go home. There is no tomorrow... I don't care if that clip from Rocky IV is cheesy.... it fits what the Thunder are up against tonight. THUNDER UP!!!

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