8:59 PM EDT, Sat July 23, 2016
Pounding The Rock Jul 21, 2016

What would a Westbrook trade to the Spurs look like?

There's a good chance Westbrook wants out of OKC now that his running mates are all gone, and Sam Presti wants all he can get for him. With Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka leaving Russell Westbrook as the lone wolf in Oklahoma City, the Thunder organization is aware that he may want out as well. According to an anonymous source (one of the few league sources that PtR is fortunate enough to have access to) Sam Presti, the GM for OKC, is shopping Westbrook, as he very well should. There are whispers that Presti has contacted the Spurs about moving the point guard down south that we and...
Brew Hoop Jul 21, 2016

Bucks reportedly discussed Russell Westbrook trade involving "significant assets," backed off over extension refusal

Oklahoma City is reportedly exploring trade options for their star PG, but the asking price remains very high. The Milwaukee Bucks were reportedly among the teams to recently discuss a trade for Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook, according to Adam Joseph yesterday on Twitter: per sources, Presti discussed Westbrook deals with several different teams (inc. SAS, MIL, LAL, BOS), but no middle ground was found. — Adam Joseph (@AdamJosephSport) July 21, 2016 Milwaukee offered significant assets (clarifying), but backed away when Westbrook said no to an extension....
Welcome to Loud City Jul 20, 2016

Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook's elite passing set Durant up, not down

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook's brilliant season highlighted how great he has become at creating plays, but some people will never be satisfied. With all of the news coming out in recent weeks about the relationship between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant now that Durant is a member of the Golden State Warriors, it begs the question:  is Westbrook a difficult point guard to play with in today's NBA? As a ball-dominant point guard, Westbrook often plays with blinders on, which reportedly frustrated Durant during his eight years in Oklahoma City. Sure, Westbrook at times dribbled the...
CSN New England Jul 19, 2016

Blakely: Westbrook going to do something similar to Durant

Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely joins Mike Giardi on SportsNet Central to discuss NBA trade rumblings and the Boston Celtics link to Russell Westbrook and DeMarcus Cousins.
CSN New England Jul 19, 2016

Sean McAdam: AL will be a 'step up in competition' for Drew Pomeranz

Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam joins SportsNet Central to discuss Drew Pomeranzs transition to the American League as well as an injury update on Junichi Tazawa and what it could mean for Clay Buchholz.
CSN New England Jul 19, 2016

Phil Perry: I like this play by Ryan Fitzpatrick

Phil Perry and Mike Giardi take a trip around the AFC East on SportsNet Central. Topics include Rex Ryans job security, Ryan Fitzpatricks future and the Dolphins signing Arian Foster.
CSN New England Jul 19, 2016

A. Sherrod Blakely: Westbrook going to do something similar to Durant

Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely joins Mike Giardi on SportsNet Central to discuss NBA trade rumblings and the Celtics link to Russell Westbrook and DeMarcus Cousins.
CSN New England Jul 19, 2016

Sean McAdam: Rick Porcello closer to being worth money than a year ago

Sean McAdam joins Bob Neumeier on Chevrolet SportsNet Central from Fenway Park to discuss the Red Sox upcoming homestand and subsequent schedule as well as Rick Porcellos dominance at home.
Golden State Of Mind Jul 19, 2016

Kevin Durant brushes off criticism, opens up about bombshell free agency decision

Kevin Durant finally addressed the media about his relationship with Russell Westbrook, his reaction to criticism following his decision to join the Warriors, and much more. After Kevin Durant made his fateful decision to alter his career and join the Golden State Warriors, many people around the league were...let’s use the word displeased. “Oh, it’s a cop out! He doesn’t have that drive to win like Michael! He’d rather team up with the enemy instead of chart his own course! Boooo, whaaaaaaa!” You get the idea. You could almost feel the tears of jealousy raining down like a...
CelticsBlog Jul 18, 2016

Source: Westbrook "controls his destiny" with potential trades, but "nothing's imminent"

The ball's in Russell Westbrook's court. Shortly after losing Kevin Durant, multiple reports indicated that the Thunder were looking to get Russell Westbrook to renegotiate-and-extend his contract, but there was "no chance" of that happening. Westbrook is an unrestricted free agent in 2017 and there is a real fear within Oklahoma City that he will walk. It would be crippling for the Thunder to lose two of the NBA's top talents over two consecutive summers and receive nothing in return. So two weeks since KD's departure, OKC is now open to trading Westbrook, according to a source, but...
CelticsBlog Jul 14, 2016

Boston Celtics trade rumor report: Blake Griffin not available at the moment

The Vertical's Chris Mannix joined Early Edition on CSN and reported that both Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook aren't available at the moment for the Boston Celtics, but some other star players could be. Here are the full quotes incase you missed the interview: Mannix on Blake Griffin rumors:"From what I've been told, I don't believe Blake Griffin is available at the moment. That could change in the coming weeks and months, but from my understanding the Celtics and Clippers have not discussed a deal anytime recently with respect to Blake Griffin." Mannix on Russell Westbrook...
CSN New England Jul 14, 2016

Plenty of Celtics rumors, but no deal…yet

Blake Griffin? Russell Westbrook? DeMarcus Cousins? Weve all heard the names. Heres why the Celtics havent been able to pull of a blockbuster.
CelticsBlog Jul 14, 2016

Should the Boston Celtics target Russell Westbrook or Blake Griffin?

The Celtics are seeing stars, but which one should they try to catch? Say this for Danny Ainge, he's not afraid to be aggressive. The Boston Celtics president has been open about his agenda to acquire a star, flaunting his treasure trove of assets around the league to any team that may be willing to bite. Recent rumors suggest that Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers are Ainge's current targets. While nothing appears imminent on either front, both superstars are reportedly available for the right price and no team has more chips to...
CSN New England Jul 13, 2016

McCann: Odds not in Tom Brady’s favor for Supreme Court

Michael McCann joins ARbella Early Edition to discuss why the odds are not in Tom Brady’s favor if he decides he to take the case to the Supreme Court.
CSN New England Jul 13, 2016

Coyne: Supreme Court will not accept Brady’s case

Dean of Massachusetts School of Law Michael Coyne breaks down the chances Tom Bradys case makes it to the Supreme Court and gives a timeline of upcoming events involving the case

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