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Daily Thunder Aug 13, 2016

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Dominatus

Weekend. Thank you for your support of Daily Thunder. Season coming. The Serge Ibaka trade has mostly been seen as a swap for Victor Oladipo. But it’s not. They also got this guy, who they

New Fox Sports Florida special highlights Serge Ibaka, Frank Vogel, and other Magic newcomers

“Inside the Magic: Midsummer Special” debuts this Monday. Fox Sports Florida will air a special episode of Inside the Magic this Monday, August 15th, highlighting the Orlando Magic's offseason acquisitions. Fox Sports Florida bills the special, entitled "Inside the Magic: Midsummer Special," a "must-watch for Magic fans." It will feature a sit-down interview between Magic play-by-play man David Steele and new coach Frank Vogel, as well as interviews with newcomers D.J. Augustin, Bismack Biyombo, Jeff Green, and Serge Ibaka. Veteran Orlando sideline reporter Dante Marchitelli will host...

How Bismack Biyombo can transform the Magic's defense

By signing Biyombo, the Magic have acquired their best rim protecting center since Dwight Howard, and his presence will be key to making Frank Vogel's defense work. It's nice when I dive into NBA research and it shows me exactly what I would have wanted to see. Case in point: NBA.com's data concerning opposing field goal percentage against individual players, specifically around the rim. After narrowing things down a bit to weed out the smaller sample sizes (at least 50 games, 20 mpg, and 3 "contested" rim attempts per game), look who's right there at the top: Serge Ibaka and Bismack...

How Serge Ibaka changes Magic in East match-ups

The Magic’s trade for Serge Ibaka gives them their first legitimate power forward in nearly 15 years. They haven’t had a true four-man since Horace Grant left town and took his goggles with him. We’re talking since 2002. Oh, the club gave Rashard Lewis a king’s ransom to play the position next...