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Welcome to Loud City Jul 24, 2015

Westbrook debuts his Byredo cologne, Ibaka has shopping addiction

In his efforts to take over the fashion world, Russell Westbrook has officially released his Byredo Westbrook cologne which you can now purchase from Barney's for $350. The publication WWD covered the event and got some good quotes from Westbrook and others. Turns out that Russ tries to reign in the shopping in the off-season. Serge Ibaka, however, goes on Carrie Bradshaw rampages through fashion boutiques: The mellow ambiance suited Westbrook. "This time of year, I really try to simmer down a little," he said. "I haven't been shopping in a while. I have so many clothes. I haven't worn...
Welcome to Loud City Jul 22, 2015

Matt Barnes challenges Serge Ibaka, UFC encounter possible?

Malone and Rodman wrestled in '98, so why not? Matt Barnes appeared on SportsNation yesterday. During that appearance, Barnes was confronted with footage of himself challenging Serge Ibaka during a Clippers-Thunder game. Here's what Barnes had to say: "Me and Serge could fight right now, if he was here. I just don't like him." When asked what it was about Serge that rubbed him the wrong way, Barnes explained: "He's got that air about him, that he's the toughest guy on the planet. But he's not. ... We can see it, I don't have a problem talking about it. ... My thing with the NBA is,...
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Serge Ibaka will not play in NBA Africa game on August 1st due to injury

Could his right knee still not be fully healed? Serge Ibaka may have not fully recovered from the right knee injury that sidelined him on March 13th. Ibaka will be sitting out of an exhibition game on August 1st, reportedly due to injury. The NBA is scheduling a Team Africa vs. Team World matchup in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the time of the game's official announcement, Serge Ibaka was one of only six participants named. However, when the full rosters were released yesterday, it was revealed that Ibaka would not be able to play. There's no official word on whether Ibaka's sitting out...
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Serge Ibaka replaced by Nikola Mirotic on Spanish National Team

Air Congo will finally get a chance for his body to heal. Serge Ibaka will not be joining the Spanish National Team for the 2015 Eurobasket. Each national team is only allowed one foreign born player, and Spain chose to go with Nikola Mirotic as that player in 2015. After recent events, the decision wasn't exactly surprising. Ibaka suffered a season ending right knee injury back on March 17th. Reportedly, Ibaka was supposed to have a 4-6 week timetable for his return. Three weeks into the injury, on April 8th, Anthony Slater reported that Ibaka was far from a comeback. Of course, Ibaka...

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