12:07 AM EST, Sat December 20, 2014
Fear The Sword Nov 28, 2014

Cleveland Cavaliers 113, Washington Wizards 87: Courtside Tweets

Magically Delicious We outchea The Shadefather RT @cjzero: Richard Sherman drops the interview bomb on Colin Kaepernick https://t.co/Q5zzvYXUTT — FearTheSword (@FearTheSword) November 28, 2014 There are many great moments, and great men in Shade History. Who can forget Shaquille O'Neal and his mocking the Sacramento Kings, Stan Van Gundy, or Erick Dampier? If you've ever been near a court that Gary Payton is on, you've heard things that you probably didn't implicitly understand at the time. Even the Cowardly Lion of the Brooklyn Nets, KG, has gotten off a few quality barbs in his...

NBA Player News

  • 27 Rajon Rondo

    Rajon Rondo

    Rajon Rondo introductory Mavericks press conference quoteboard

  • 7 Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    Mike Miller bombs away in his return, guiding Cleveland Cavaliers to 95-91 victory

  • 7 LeBron James

    LeBron James

    Lebron James, Mike Miller lead Cleveland Cavaliers over Brooklyn Nets, 95-91

  • 4 John Wall

    John Wall

    John Wall: 'I want to be a franchise guy'

  • 4 Dwight Powell

    Dwight Powell

    Mark Cuban shares details of deal finalized on set of ‘The Colbert Report’ finale