11:02 AM EDT, Fri October 31, 2014
New York Post Oct 27, 2014
Shaq: Carmelo needs a running mate for triangle to work

Shaq: Carmelo needs a running mate for triangle to work

The Knicks are one “bad motherf—-r” short of making the triangle work. Shaquille O’Neal played in the famed offensive system under Phil Jackson with the Lakers and expects the Knicks...
Silver Screen and Roll Oct 23, 2014

Julius Randle grew up wanting to be Kobe, not Shaq

Julius Randle said growing up his friends wanted him to play like Shaq since he was much taller than them, but his response was wanted to be the next Kobe instead. The Silver Screen & Roll Tweetbag is a collection of quotes, highlights and our caption contest posted after every Los Angeles Lakers game. Take a look around, drop a caption in the comments, and enjoy your stay! The tweets Randle on childhood friends wanting him to play like Shaq: "I didn't want to be Shaq, I wanted to be Kobe." — Silver Screen & Roll (@LakersBlog_SSR) October 23, 2014 Scott says he thinks Randle has...

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