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WATCH: Shaquille O'Neal shoots a free throw on the golf course

Shaquille O'Neal sinks a free throw with a golf ball at the Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am on Wednesday.
CelticsBlog Jun 27, 2015

Boston Celtics Daily Links 6/27/15

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place. Herald   Plans A, B failed, so Celtics move to C Globe  Danny Ainge wasn’t able to cash in Celtics’ assetsTerry Rozier loves spaghetti (with ranch dressing and sugar), hates squirrels, and once scored 68 points in a game.Celtics coach Brad Stevens knows all about R.J. Hunter CelticsBlog  Rumor: Cs not among teams DeAndre Jordan plans to meet with this summerRumor: Celtics a leading candidate to acquire Tobias Harris in free agency ESPN   Sources: NYK, Celts talked Sullinger deal Lex Nihil Novi  Shaq Sits; Heat Still...

Report: Shaquille O'Neal's Facebook links to piece that asks if 9/11 was 'an inside job'

Deadspin.com on Thursday night produced screen grabs of Shaquille O'Neal's Facebook page and the website blog.shaq.com that showed images from Sept. 11, 2001, of the burning Twin Towers, with the lead-in text, ostensibly written or approved by O'Neal that reads: "This might make you think twice...
Oakland Tribune Jun 9, 2015

Shaq O'Neal, Phil Jackson say they deflated basketballs

Shaquille O'Neal said he would carry a needle to deflate basketballs so he could palm it just like Michael Jordan
SLC Dunk Jun 7, 2015

Utah Jazz star Gordon Hayward has a baby, Rudy Gobert the next Wilt Chamberlain? The Downbeat #1644

Godon Hayward has a baby, well, uh, his wife had a baby! What if Quin Synder coached the 90s Jazz teams. Rudy Gobert the next Wilt Chamberlain? The Shaq Effect and how great players need good teammates. And the Kendrick Perkins Case Study By now you have heard the great news! Utah Jazz star small forward Gordon Hayward and his wife have added another member of the Hayward family -- baby girl Bernadette Marie Hayward! A happy birthday to my baby girl Bernadette Marie Hayward! So proud of my wife! Love them! #HaywardFamily pic.twitter.com/n4QMuMgzaW — Gordon Hayward (@gordonhayward)...
San Jose Mercury News Jun 4, 2015

Reggie Jackson talks hoops and more at Oracle for Game 1

Mr. October hangs our with Shaq before Warriors-Cavaliers opener

UC Santa Barbara's Alan Williams models game after Shaquille O'Neal

EL SEGUNDO – The Lakers are unlikely to find a player in the second round of June’s draft who will have the kind of impact Shaquille O’Neal did. But they can draft a guy who models his game after the big man. “I was never going to be Kobe...

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    Paul Pierce will be missed, but his absence can also be a blessing

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