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10 observations from the Warriors’ game 2 win – where’s the effort?

1. The Cavs are intent on limiting the scoring of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and that just seems to stoke the competitive fires of Draymond Green, Shaun Livingston and Leandro Barbosa. 2. Cleveland’s Iman Shumbert carrot top hair style didn’t have any product in it in game two, and it swayed like wheat on
San Jose Mercury News Jun 4, 2016

Warriors' Shaun Livingston enjoys living in the past

Livingston owns a deadly midrange jumper, a lost art in basketball when 3-pointers and dunks are the shots of choice.
Oakland Tribune Jun 3, 2016
NBA Finals: Shaun Livingston deeply deserved his shining moment in Game 1

NBA Finals: Shaun Livingston deeply deserved his shining moment in Game 1

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson struggled in Game 1 of the 2016 NBA Finals for the Golden State Warriors. Fortunately for the Splash Brothers, backup guard Shaun Livingston turned in the best performance of his roller-coaster-esque career.
Welcome to Loud City Jun 3, 2016

Daily Loud Links: top NBA links for June 3, 2016

WTLC delivers the day's top NBA news, all wrapped into one tidy little package. Westbrook makes an appearance on "Mean Tweets" and apparently never saw The Phantom Menace. Even though the All-NBA Guard plays alongside Chewbac...I mean Steven Adams, it seems Westbrook isn't a fan of George Lucas' spellbinding franchise. Perhaps Thunder Nation can glean insight into the importance of team culture from this piece. Even if you're not a fan of The King, this well-written piece is worth a read. The inspirational Shaun Livingston leads a well-balanced Golden State reserve attack in game one of...
Hot Hot Hoops Jun 3, 2016

Why Kevin Durant could be enticed to join the Miami Heat

Kevin Durant is listed as the sixth most famous athlete in the world, while Russell Westbrook has seen a recent surge in popularity. Besides, Durant has named his new sneaker the "Nike KD9 Pre-Heat." The common perception of Kevin Durant, who is listed sixth most famous athlete in the world by ESPN, as the face of the Oklahoma City Thunder could be in danger if the official NBA gear site, fanatics.com, is any sign of popularity.. On the fanatics home page, they have the Top NBA Apparel list shown below. Kobe Bryant Jerseys NBA Playoffs Gear Golden State Warriors Gear LeBron James Gear ...

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    Kevin Durant

    Clippers' meeting with Kevin Durant 'went very well'

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    Nets, Jeremy Lin is ideal match, without bloated expectations

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    Portland Trail Blazers scouting report: Evan Turner's strengths and weaknesses

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    Whiteside reaches new heights with agreement to return to Heat

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    Chandler Parsons to sign with Memphis - how does that affect Denver?

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