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Fantasy Update

Jul 26, 2014
It appears Shawn Marion is not re-signing with Dallas based on his comments this weekend.
Mavs Moneyball 3 hours ago

Shawn Marion releases "I'm a Champion" single

Have you ever wanted to hear Shawn Marion rap the line "like Neo, welcome to the Matrix?" Well, now you can. It seems my farewell to Shawn Marion was a bit premature. That's not to say that he'll be rejoining the team anytime soon but he is certainly leaving us with the best going away present we could ask for. There is apparently a forthcoming album titled Full Court Press Vol. 1. The album features various basketball players paired with rappers dropping "all star jams." If this concept seems familiar, it's because it is. Set your WABAC Machine to 1994. That's when the album B-Ball's...
Rotoworld Jul 26, 2014

Shawn Marion sounds like he's out of Dallas - Shawn Marion (F) Dallas Mavericks

It appears Shawn Marion is not re-signing with Dallas based on his comments this weekend.
Mavs Moneyball Jul 26, 2014

In parting, a rememberance of The Matrix

Shawn Marion's time with the Mavericks appears to be drawing to a close but his contributions to the organization will live on. I don't remember how I felt when Shawn Marion joined the Mavericks. 2009 was a year marked by transitions for me and the multi-team trade that brought Marion to Dallas barely made my head turn. Yet, here was Marion, an outstanding and athletic player joining the Mavericks. That doesn't happen every day. 2009 was also a transition period for the Mavs. Three years removed from a Finals appearance, the team had a sense of desperation about it. Dallas lost in the...
Mavs Moneyball Jul 21, 2014

Five Out Offense: where might Shawn Marion land?

Plus getting to know Ricky Ledo, getting to know the D-League and starting to miss Vince Carter. Now that Summer League has mostly come and gone, and free agency has slowed its roll, our daily post is back. Look for it again, as usual, every day around this time, and consider it your forum to discuss anything below, or any Mavs/NBA news in general. 1. WHEREFORE ART THOU, MATRIX?: As free agency has settled down and teams are now in "filling out the roster" mode, a question I've seen thrown out a lot is where Shawn Marion might end up. I think most of us here had assumed he was out the door,...

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