4:50 PM EDT, Wed May 25, 2016
Rufus on Fire May 18, 2016

Looking back at Spencer Hawes's bounce passes

Spencer Hawes ranks among the league's best big man passers of the 2015-16 season. His offensive awareness and soft hands can especially be highlighted on the numerous bounce pass connections he made with guards when working from the elbow and the post. As Russell Varner already wrote in his season review of Spencer Hawes's 2015-16 campaign, the Seattle native had an average year overall. Hawes proved to be a serviceable back-up big man for the Hornets, yet didn't blow anyone's expectations away either. One of the aspects of the game where the 7-1 center did excel, however, was keeping...
Rufus on Fire May 8, 2016

Unfair to compare: Spencer Hawes' first season in Charlotte left much to be desired

Much was expected of Spencer Hawes when the Charlotte Hornets acquired the big man to hopefully fill in the 'Josh McRoberts' role they had previously had success with. Unfortunately, Hawes was unable to fill that role, which is not entirely fair to him. When the Charlotte Hornets acquired Spencer Hawes last offseason, they did so in hopes of getting the Hawes that showed up for the Sixers and Cavaliers from 2011 to 2014, not the Hawes that struggled to fit with the Clippers from the previous season. Additionally, they hoped that Hawes would be able to fill a unique hole on the roster - the...

Spencer Hawes out for Hornets for rest of series

The Hornets have surged back into the series as they've gone to bigger lineup. And while Spencer Hawes has played only 53 minutes in the first five games of the series, he has the best defensive rating of any player...

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