7:20 AM EDT, Tue July 22, 2014

Channing Frye And Others Were Not Creations Of The System As Their Current Contracts Indicate

This is the scene of the movie where Wizard Nash grants his towering protectors and teammates with their special powers. My favorite part... Remember when Steve Nash was running around here for the Phoenix Suns waving his wand around like a Grand Master Wizard granting talent and career years to lowly peasants like Harry Potter (with Hermoine's talent) not too long ago? With a flick of his wrist a bum could dunk and a wave of his hand a scrub could shoot. Give Nash, Mike D'Antoni, and "the system" anyone and they will whistfully turn them into an NBA player overnight. Right? Well now, with...
Los Angeles Times Jun 24, 2014

Steve Nash eligible for 15% bonus if traded

Should the Lakers look to trade Steve Nash before his final season of a three-year, $27-million contract, the veteran point guard would receive a 15% trade bonus.
Rotoworld Jun 23, 2014

Steve Nash says he 'feels great right now' - Steve Nash (G) Los Angeles Lakers

Steve Nash discussed his health in an interview on Monday, stating: I feel great right now.

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