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#TBT: The Most Average Player in Phoenix Suns History

#TBT: The Most Average Player in Phoenix Suns History

The answer I came up with is very, very disappointing. Phoenix Suns history is littered with great names: Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, Connie Hawkins, and so on and so forth. You know what it’s even more littered with? Not-so-great names. For every Kevin Johnson, there a dozen Gani Lawals or Ian Lockharts. This is true of all NBA franchises. There have been 340 or so players on gameday rosters in Phoenix Suns’ history. Half of them played for Phoenix for 1 season or less. Only 14 played 410 games (the equivalent of 5 seasons) or more for the Suns. Of those four, 10 of them are...

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