3:08 PM EDT, Wed April 16, 2014

Letting up a bit might be Bulls' best move

CHARLOTTE -- Taj Gibson had to laugh at the thought. When the topic of Tom Thibodeau resting players came up after Monday night's win over the Orlando Magic, the Chicago Bulls forward looked around at the small circle of media members surrounding him and chuckled. "You guys have been around for a minute now," Gibson said. "You guys should know that guy in the other room over there, he's never going to tell anybody to take any rest. He's old school, he doesn't believe in that.

Bulls 'ignited' by Gibson's 4th-quarter fire

CHICAGO -- Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson took a moment to evaluate his game against the Detroit Pistons through three quarters on Friday and didn’t like what he saw. Gibson had six points on 3-of-6 shooting, zero rebounds and zero blocks. The Bulls were down by 10 points, and Gibson’s play was part of the problem. The Bulls lacked their usual energy, and that was apparent by the fact Pistons center Andre Drummond had 22 rebounds, just two less than the Bulls, after three quarters.
Chicago Sun-Times Apr 5, 2014

SCOWLEYS: Bulls’ Taj Gibson supports Northwestern’s union effort

There is little room in Taj Gibson’s life for anything but Bulls basketball. But even the Sixth Man of the Year candidate has been keeping an eye on the attempt of the Northwestern football team to form a union and start a change in the culture between athletes and the NCAA. In Gibson’s opinion, not only should college athletes start receiving compensation beyond a scholarship, but it’s a system that long has been outdated. ‘‘I’m all for college players...
Chicago Sun-Times Apr 5, 2014

Talk points to Ronnie Brewer returning to Bulls

The Bulls’ front office was staying quiet about the vacancy created Thursday with the waiving of rookie forward Erik Murphy, but according to one Bulls player, free agent Ronnie Brewer was feeling good about his chances of filling that spot. ‘‘It’s kind of a waiting game now,’’ the player said Friday, ‘‘but I talked to him, and it sounded good.’’ Forward Taj Gibson also spoke with Brewer after the Bulls’ win Wednesday night in Atlanta and would...

OT: Bulls behind Gibson's 6th man bid

ATLANTA -- The Taj Gibson for Sixth Man of the Year award campaign remains in full effect within the Chicago Bulls' locker room. After almost every game over the past few weeks, one or more players or coaches has sung Gibson's praises and discussed his merits for postseason recognition when asked. After Monday night's game against the Boston Celtics, Joakim Noah had some high praise for Gibson after the veteran forward helped pave the way for another win.
Chicago Sun-Times Apr 1, 2014

Bulls don’t care whom they’ll face; they just want to finish strong

Bulls forward Taj Gibson has no idea how the rest of the regular season is going to play out in the Eastern Conference. “It’s crazy right now,’’ Gibson said. And getting crazier by the day. Two weeks ago, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Pacers would be the No. 1 seed, followed by the Heat with the Bulls battling the Raptors for the third seed. “I don’t know what’s been going on,’’ Gibson said. Well, the Pacers have lost six of their...
Rotoworld Mar 24, 2014

Taj Gibson drops game-high 23 points vs. Indy - Taj Gibson (F) Chicago Bulls

Taj Gibson dominated against the Pacers on Monday with 23 points, eight boards, one assist and one block in 33 minutes.

Gibson dominates in 'dogfight' with Pacers

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Bulls are not scared of the Indiana Pacers. They think they can beat them every time they hit the floor, and they get angry when they don't. Taj Gibson embodies this attitude, and sounded especially proud of his team's effort in Monday night's 89-77 win. The veteran forward was frustrated by the way he played in Friday night's loss in Indianapolis -- frustration which spilled over in his postgame comments when he said some Indiana players were "flopping.
Chicago Sun-Times Mar 24, 2014

Pacers center Roy Hibbert denies flopping charge

Told that Bulls forward Taj Gibson said, ‘‘There’s a lot of floppers’’ on the Pacers, center Roy Hibbert relayed the message to forward David West. ‘‘That’s who said it, D-West! Taj called us floppers,’’ Hibbert said. ‘‘I haven’t taken a charge in probably four years. He’s entitled to his opinion. I’m just going to play hard.’’ Gibson took his shot after the Bulls’ 91-79 loss Friday at Indiana. ‘‘He’d just gotten a couple of...
Chicago Tribune Mar 23, 2014

Gibson worthy candidate for Sixth Man award

Bulls forward facing stiff competitionOf all the surprises this Bulls season has produced, the fact Taj Gibson deserves serious consideration for the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award has to rank near the top.    

Gibson worthy candidate for Sixth Man award

Bulls forward facing stiff competitionOf all the surprises this Bulls season has produced, the fact Taj Gibson deserves serious consideration for the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award has to rank near the top.    
Chicago Sun-Times Mar 23, 2014

Tom Thibodeau is hoping Taj Gibson will take the 6th

Joakim Noah will get some MVP votes, but he has no chance to win. Taj Gibson for the Sixth Man award, however, has some legs. Gibson is averaging 13.2 points and 6.8 rebounds and has emerged as a go-to offensive and defensive player in the fourth quarter. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau isn’t into individual awards, but he was hoping voters were taking notice of Gibson. “I think that the biggest thing for him is what he has contributed to us winning,’’ Thibodeau...

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