12:38 AM EDT, Mon August 03, 2015
NetsDaily Jul 18, 2015

Young and Lopez were the biggest deal of the summer

We think of Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young as a unit: two guys who when paired make the other better.  It was evident in their play after the deadline. The Nets went 17-15 with the two of them on the court together and as they got better acquainted, the team's record and their performances got better too. They won 13 of their last 19 regular season games and had their only real winning streak --six games. Lopez looked unstoppable down low with six 30-point performances and Young got a lot of open shots. Surprisingly, he had the highest three point percentage on the team --38 percent. The...
New York Post Jul 10, 2015

With his role on Nets established, Young is ready to be a leader

Thaddeus Young did everything he was asked to do for the Nets last season after his February acquisition. Well, almost everything. “When I got traded [for Kevin Garnett], the key...
New York Post Jul 7, 2015

Young glad to be back with Nets, but Brooklyn loses Anderson

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Nets wanted Thaddeus Young back, and he wanted to be back in Brooklyn. So it came as little surprise to either side that shortly after free...
NetsDaily Jul 7, 2015

Thaddeus Young: "The sky’s the limit for this team”

The Nets final roster is still a work in progress as they try to fill their final roster spots ... and try to figure out what to do with their two $20+ million backcourt mates, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.  Still, Thaddeus Young likes what he sees. "I’m very excited to be going back and the sky’s the limit for this team," Young told a Memphis radio station. Mike Mazzeo reported on the interview.  He complimented the Nets for getting him and Brook Lopez under contract so quickly in free agency.  "We were able to kinda just discuss it and come to terms as quickly as possible...
New York Post Jul 1, 2015

Nets finalize $110M for Lopez, Young — now the hard part

The Nets did what was expected for weeks Wednesday, re-signing Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young on the opening day of free agency. Despite having little leverage — given the Nets...

Reports: Lopez & Young to re-sign with Nets

The Nets didn’t take long to secure their top two free agent targets. According to multiple reports, Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young agreed to re-sign with Brooklyn this morning, not long after the free agency negotiating period began. ESPN and …
Newark Star-Ledger Jul 1, 2015

Nets will re-sign Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young, report says

The Nets moved quick as NBA free agency began.

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