5:04 AM EDT, Wed July 30, 2014

Parker says rare summer off was ‘right decision’

Tony Parker admits to missing his "second family" with France as it prepares for the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup, but said Tuesday taking his first summer off since 2010 was the right decision.
Pounding The Rock Jul 25, 2014

Tony Parker is better than you think he is

He's a four-time NBA Champion, but chances are that you credit his teammates, his coach or the system he plays in for that. Even though he won the Finals MVP in 2007, you probably feel certain that it was set up by Tim Duncan's defensive excellence. He's never played less than 80 percent of his team's regular season games, but he's just this skinny little French guard, right? I often lose track of time. With Tony Parker, I've lost track of an entire career. Has he really been in the league for thirteen years? He and I are only a year apart in age, but suddenly it’s like Tony is ten...
Pounding The Rock Jul 15, 2014

What Gregg Popovich's contract extension implies about the Spurs' future

With Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker all under contract only through the 2014-15 season, the coach they call "Pop" signed on to the Spurs for multiple years. This says a lot about the man, and where his team is going. So Pop has signed a multi-year extension. It says a lot about the Spurs and the man himself that I didn't know how many years he had left under contract. I know the Cavs are on the hook for Mike Brown's contract for two more seasons. I know Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr signed gigantic deals despite being first time coaches. And I know Jason Kidd made a power play that...
Rotoworld Jul 10, 2014

Tony Parker hopes Pau Gasol signs with Spurs - Tony Parker (G) San Antonio Spurs

Tony Parker is hopeful that Pau Gasol with sign with the Spurs.
Pounding The Rock Jun 30, 2014

It's never too late to appreciate the Spurs championship run

Easter Sunday I sat on the floor with my back against the wall in the hallway upstairs in the AT&T Center, searching for something on my phone that might interest my six year old son.  We had a half hour to go before they let us in to our seats, and at this point AJ doesn't really do half hour waits.  I wore my Kawhi Leonard black jersey, and he had on his black Tony Parker t-shirt.  When he put it on that morning, I had to get him to flip it around so that the SPURS was in front and the PARKER was in back.  Sometimes he forgets which sport is which, for example referring to Tim Duncan...

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