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Fear The Sword Apr 23, 2015

Brad Stevens on Tristan Thompson: His ability helps make Cavs late game defense very good

Why is Tristan Thompson finishing games? Let's ask Brad Tristan Thompson had himself a game on Thursday night. Two of Thompson's fourth quarter offensive rebounds led to three pointers for the Cavs, and the team needed an offensive boost late. But Kevin O'Connor of SB Nation's own Celtics Blog asked Celtics coach Brad Stevens about Thompson's defense. It's been a running conversation since January, why is Tristan Thompson finishing games? There are some matchups where you would think Timofey Mozgov would be necessary. And how valuable can you be as a defender if you aren't great at...
Chronicle-Telegram Apr 21, 2015

Cavs notes: Tristan Thompson happy to do the dirty work

INDEPENDENCE — If Cavaliers reserve big man Tristan Thompson knows one thing, it’s his role. “It’s like a company,” Thompson said Monday at Cleveland Clinic Courts. “You have your sanitation workers. You have your janitor, your CEO. You have your secretaries. I don’t mind being the clean-up guy, punching the clock. I’ll do all the Read More...The post Cavs notes: Tristan Thompson happy to do the dirty work appeared first on Chronicle-Telegram.Click here to read this story on The Chronicle-Telegram.Content copyright The Chronicle-Telegram. Your #1 source for Lorain County News.
Boston Herald Apr 21, 2015
Cavaliers Notebook: Tristan Thompson enjoys blue-collar role

Cavaliers Notebook: Tristan Thompson enjoys blue-collar role

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio ­— When it comes to roles on the Cavaliers, Tristan Thompson doesn’t mind being the one doing the dirty work.The Cleveland forward finished fifth for the Sixth Man Award yesterday after averaging 8.5 points and 8.0 rebounds. He led all reserves in rebounding and was fifth in the league in offensive boards (3.3).
Boston Herald Apr 20, 2015
Little 9: Cavaliers bench players boosting team's "Big 3"

Little 9: Cavaliers bench players boosting team's "Big 3"

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — They don't have the catchy nickname of their three famous teammates, but Cleveland's reserves mean almost as much to the Cavaliers as the "Big 3."Cleveland got major contributions from its bench while winning Game 1 of its playoff series against Boston on Sunday. Forward Tristan Thompson got big rebounds, James Jones made two critical baskets at the end of the third quarter to slow the Celtics' comeback, and Iman Shumpert and Matthew Dellavedova did their usual exemplary job on defense.
Plain Dealer Apr 20, 2015

Tristan Thompson finishes fifth in Sixth Man voting, Lou Williams wins award

Tristan Thompson comes up short in Sixth Man of the Year voting as Lou Williams takes the award.
Fear The Sword Apr 20, 2015

Tristan Thompson finishes 5th in Sixth Man of the Year voting

Tristan Thompson is recognized for his solid work off the bench Tristan Thompson had a great season for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, but he did not win the NBA's award for Sixth Man of the Year. Instead, Toronto's Lou Williams took home the award. Thompson finished fifth. The award generally goes to players who are able to provide scoring off the bench, and the top three in voting, shared below, certainly match that description. Thompson would have gone outside the norm. Despite serious strides offensively with the help of LeBron James and Kevin Love, Thompson still provides most of...
Plain Dealer Apr 14, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers' forward Tristan Thompson made compelling case for Sixth Man of Year in pivotal season

Tristan Thompson may not win the Sixth Man of the Year award, but he certainly should be considered.
Fear The Sword Apr 13, 2015

Tristan Thompson grows up, should be Sixth Man of the Year

The kid from the 6th is a strong candidate for sixth man of the year as a result of his breakout season. When Tristan Thompson was drafted fourth overall in 2011, he was considered to be a project big that might be able to have an impact down the road. Unfortunately, when you get drafted that high you are often thrown into a role that asks far too much, far too quickly. While some players excel in those situations, either due to the makeup of their game or by just being too talented to not succeed immediately (hi Kyrie Irving), Thompson has never been that kind of player.  As the Cavs...
Fear The Sword Apr 7, 2015

Why Tristan Thompson will get twice as much money as Ed Davis this summer

Tristan Thompson is likely going to get paid this summer. Will he be worth it? Tristan Thompson has been a polarizing figure among Cavs fans ever since he was was made the fourth overall selection in the 2011 NBA draft. Fans wanted Jonas Valanciunas, fans wanted Bismack Biyombo, fans will tell you they wanted Kawhi Leonard or Klay Thompson. But Tristan Thompson was the pick. And, if you look at how he has performed next to the second, third, and sixth overall picks in the draft, you might come away encouraged by Thompson's play. If nothing else, Thompson has turned into a reliable and...
Chronicle-Telegram Apr 3, 2015

Brian Dulik: Tristan Thompson taking his game to another level

Tristan Thompson was the final player in the Cavaliers locker room Thursday following their 114-88 rout of the Miami Heat. The 6-foot-10 Canadian had his long legs soaking in an ice tub, prompting him to joke that he was going to need help standing up and driving home. “Playing in a game like that really Read More...The post Brian Dulik: Tristan Thompson taking his game to another level appeared first on Chronicle-Telegram.Click here to read this story on The Chronicle-Telegram.Content copyright The Chronicle-Telegram. Your #1 source for Lorain County News.
Mavs Moneyball Mar 29, 2015

This graph shows how crazy Monta Ellis' 237 consecutive games played streak was

Round of applause. Monta Ellis has been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Indiana Pacers, bringing to an end 237 consecutive games played by the 6'3 guard dating back to November of 2012. While Ellis streak maybe should have ended sooner, his ability to play through minor injuries is impressive. Although Ellis' streak wasn't the longest in the league -- DeAndre Jordan is the current leader at 309 games played, while Tristan Thompson has reached 281 -- it was remarkable for an older Mavericks team that has been banged up this year. Here's a graphic with the longest consecutive games...

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