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Bright Side Of The Sun Jul 27, 2015

ALL. THE. DUNKS. New Phoenix Suns center Tyson Chandler will bring fans to their feet

Found this great compilation on youtube of all the Tyson Chandler dunks in just the 2014-15 season with the Dallas Mavericks at age 32. He's gonna bring the Suns fans to their feet next season. Chandler's 179 dunks all by himself are more than three entire NBA teams managed for the season (Grizzlies, Spurs, Pacers). It's the second most dunks by a single player IN THE ENTIRE NBA for the 2014-15 season. His 179 dunks were THREE TIMES more than the highest dunking Suns player last year (Alex Len, 66), and the Suns as a team finished 16th in total team dunks a year ago. Brandan Wright had 48...
Bright Side Of The Sun Jul 21, 2015

Solar Flares: Knight signs with Phoenix Suns, Len looks forward to working with Chandler

Where does the Suns "young core" rank? "I'm excited just to learn from him. He said he wants to be my mentor. I'm really excited about it." Alex Len is looking forward to learning from the Suns new addition to the frontcourt, Tyson Chandler. "I love the coaches. And I love the city of Phoenix. I love what the organization is doing and what it means to the city. It kind of made my decision to get it done quickly a no-brainer." Brandon Knight is a Phoenix Sun. T.J. Warren was named to the 2015 NBA Summer League's All-First Team with Doug McDermott, Kyle Anderson, Seth Curry, and Norman...
Bright Side Of The Sun Jul 10, 2015

Veteran Tyson Chandler sees perfect fit with up and coming Phoenix Suns

To hear new Suns center Tyson Chandler speak, you'd think the Phoenix Suns were a prime destination for NBA free agents. Chandler was signed to a 4-year, $52 million contract this summer ($13 million per year), the most money committed to an outside free agent since Steve Nash in 2004. "This is a city that's been thriving and always had an incredible fan base," Chandler said. Chandler, now 32 years old, has been in the league since 2001, when he was drafted as a teenager by the rebuilding Chicago Bulls. He saw the Suns run roughshod over the league throughout the mid-2000s. "Tyson makes us...
Arizona Republic Jul 9, 2015
Tyson Chandler plugs Suns puzzle's holes

Tyson Chandler plugs Suns puzzle's holes

Tyson Chandler joins the Suns, ready to help defend, rebound, finish and develop.         

Phoenix Suns introduce Tyson Chandler, discuss the craziness of free agency

We will have the full presser up on BSotS in a few hours, but for now here's a quick breakdown of what I heard today across the general media session as well as one-on-ones with Jeff Hornacek, Lon Babby and Ryan McDonough afterward. Chandler Tyson Chandler checks off most of the off season boxes: on court leadership on-court talking on defense being the defensive captain getting everyone in their spots rim protection rebounding locker room leadership by voice and by example The Suns targeted Chandler as their top target from other teams for just those reasons. They saw Chandler second,...
Arizona Republic Jul 9, 2015
Boivin: Chandler will help Suns character

Boivin: Chandler will help Suns character

For all their young talent, the Suns need a personality makeover. It starts with leadership and Tyson Chandler will help.         
Arizona Republic Jul 9, 2015
VIDEO: Suns introduce Tyson Chandler

VIDEO: Suns introduce Tyson Chandler

The Suns introduced Tyson Chandler, a former NBA Defensive Player of the Year, in Phoenix.         
Arizona Republic Jul 9, 2015
Paul Coro 1-on-1 with Tyson Chandler

Paul Coro 1-on-1 with Tyson Chandler

azcentral sports Suns insider Paul Coro interviews new Suns player Tyson Chandler.         

Looking into how Tyson Chandler can help the Phoenix Suns' Offense.

Using film and statistics to explain how Tyson Chandler can lift the Phoenix Suns' offense. When it comes to Tyson Chandler, his reputation is often thought of as a great defensive player and limited offensive player. This concept mainly exists because his shot chart looks like this: Out of Chandler's 440 shots last season, 205 were dunks (.465), 120 lay-ups (.272) and 58 tip-ins (.131), which accounted for 87% of his attempts. To simply limit what he does because of this shot selection undervalues the complexity and variety to his offensive repertoire. What the former...
Arizona Republic Jul 8, 2015
Suns center Len excited for Chandler, summer

Suns center Len excited for Chandler, summer

Any of the concern about Alex Len's changed role is not coming from Len, who looks forward to playing behind Tyson Chandler.         

What you don't know about new Suns center Tyson Chandler, straight from Dallas and New York

Since the Phoenix Suns agreed to terms with center Tyson Chandler last week, fans have taken various stances on his value to an organization at such a late stage in his career. Some have gone as far to say he's no longer athletic, no longer a difference maker defensively, and even some have said he just might be a locker room cancer. So I got some input from the excellent, dedicated editors of the SB Nation blogs for the Dallas Mavericks (MavsMoneyball.com) and New York Knicks (postingandtoasting.com) on what Tyson Chandler meant to their franchises and how the Chandler experience ended for...

Signing Tyson Chandler is a Bad Decision, Regardless of Aldridge Outcome

The signing of Tyson Chandler signals an about face for the Suns as an organization, and in this case that is probably not a good thing. As everyone is now well aware, I am sure, the Phoenix Suns recently signed Tyson Chandler to a 4 years, $52 million contract. The 33 year old center immediately went about recruiting the Suns' other major off-season target, LaMarcus Aldridge, who met with team representatives including Chandler earlier in the week. The move was widely hailed as a positive one on Basketball Twitter. Particularly, commentators have noted how much the Phoenix training staff...
Arizona Republic Jul 2, 2015
Boivin: Chandler addition makes sense for Suns

Boivin: Chandler addition makes sense for Suns

The Suns are a better team with Tyson Chandler, with or without LaMarcus Aldridge         

Phoenix Suns on the money: Cap magic required to fit Chandler and Aldridge

As a general rule, it's nearly impossible to add about $48 million per year to your $69 million salary structure without feeling a little pain. Trying to do it with $45 million already guaranteed to 11 other players requires a lot of magic. But that's exactly what the Phoenix Suns want to do, by re-signing Brandon Knight ($14 million per year, $70 million total) and adding Tyson Chandler (average of $13 million per year, $52 million total) from the Mavericks and dallying with LaMarcus Aldridge (average of $21 million per year, $85 million total). After adding Chandler, the Suns are still in...

Tyson Chandler a Smart Signing for Phoenix Suns Regardless of Aldridge

The Suns surprised everyone on day one of free agency, signing veteran center Tyson Chandler to a 4-year, $52 million deal. It wasn't too long ago that Alex Len was the undisputed starting center for the 2015-16 season. After all, he had earned it after making significant progress during his sophomore year. Most Suns fans saw no reason to chase after a top free agent center, instead keeping an eye out for star power forwards such as Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge. Then, the Suns shocked everyone on day one by signing Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler to a 4-year, $52 million...

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