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SB Nation Theme Day: Phoenix Suns T.J. Warren is due to break out

It's theme day around SB Nation. We take a look at the Phoenix Suns' best breakout candidate for the 2015/16 season: T.J. Warren. The Phoenix Suns have quite an interesting assortment of youth. As of now, they will enter the 2015/16 season as the 10th youngest team in the NBA, but as with most numerical rankings there is a caveat, and in the Suns' case it is something of a double-caveat. The average age of the team is skewed by veterans such as Tyson Chandler and P.J. Tucker, who are currently taking residence in the Valley due to the fact that the Suns have every intention of making the...
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 22, 2015

Tyson Chandler one of league's most impactful newcomers

Reviews have been mixed on the Phoenix Suns summer moves, but one connection is beginning to stand out: Tyson Chandler was a great addition to any team. According to this statistical projection by Kevin Pelton of ESPN, Chandler will have the 3rd biggest impact of all the free agents who changed teams this summer, behind only Greg Monroe and LaMarcus Aldridge. Uh oh, statistical analysis again. We only agree with it if the results are favorable for the Suns, amiright? This time, let's rejoice then. The two statistics Pelton uses are RPM, Real Plus-Minus, which is supposed to...
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 12, 2015

Phoenix Suns 2015/16 schedule released, will open at home versus Dallas Mavericks

The Phoenix Suns will open their season at home for the fifth straight year when they take on Tyson Chandler's twice-former team, the Dallas Mavericks, on Wednesday, October 28. You can find the full schedule here, at the Suns official website. Some quick observations: The defending champion Golden State Warriors (still feels crazy to say that) come to town on Friday, November 27 Disgrunted former Suns tweener Marcus Morris is coming back to Clown Town early, as the Pistons and Suns will face off at the Stick on Friday, November 6 Four games against the Grizzlies. Dammit Tyson Chandler...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 12, 2015

Mavericks 2015-16 schedule: DeAndre Jordan comes to Dallas on Nov. 11

Dallas will open the season on the road on Oct. 28 against Tyson Chandler and the Phoenix Suns. DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers will come to the American Airlines Center on Nov. 11 for the first time since his offseason reversal, as reported by ESPN's Marc Stein. The NBA released the full schedule for the 2015-16 season Wednesday night and you can see every game at the bottom of this post. Dallas opens the season on the road taking on Tyson Chandler and the Phoenix Suns on Oct. 28, as reported by Mavs Moneyball earlier today, and will see DeAndre Jordan in Los Angeles on Oct. 29....
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 11, 2015

Solar Flares: Will Tyson Chandler be among the best defensive centers in the NBA?

10 NBA articles you may have missed. Eric Bledsoe netted 85 points at a charity game in Alabama last weekend, and he was the game's second leading scorer. At least one ESPN writer thinks that the Phoenix Suns have the "second-worst roster construction in the Western Conference." CBS Sports' Matt Moore: "Teams victimized the Mavericks by putting Dirk Nowitzki in pick-and-roll coverage and forcing Chandler to cover for him. He couldn't do it consistently. Phoenix is a different animal, however. Brandon Knight,  Eric Bledsoe and P.J. Tucker have all shown good defensive impact on the...

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