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Shepherding Greatness: Rick Carlisle in 2010-11

Shepherding Greatness: Rick Carlisle in 2010-11

An assembly of veteran talent needed a brilliant coach to guide them to the championship. What was the most amazing part to of the 2010-2011 season? Jason Terry getting a trophy tattoo before the season was nuts, upon reflection (or, not even upon reflection, really). Dirk Nowitzki going bananas was fun, but not unexpected. Tyson Chandler forcing the team to forge a defensive identity was what the Mavericks hoped when they brought him to Dallas on the last year of his deal. But looking back, Rick Carlisle's masterful coaching performance remains the most amazing and underrated part of...

Raymond Felton, like Tyson Chandler, tried to recruit Carmelo Anthony

The Dallas Mavericks need all the recruiting help they can get when it comes to luring Carmelo Anthony. Raymond Felton tried to do his part. Felton, acquired in the trade that also brought Tyson Chandler to the Mavericks, said Tuesday he …

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