4:47 PM EDT, Sat April 18, 2015

Vinsane In The Membrane No Longer

Vince Carter isn't the Vince Carter the Grizzlies need for the playoffs. Ever since Vince Carter's struggles at the beginning of the season, the sentiment has been that he will come around when it matters. Well, the playoffs are just around the corner, and there's still no sign of the Vince Carter the Grizzlies signed up for. And it's time for a change, or the Grizzlies are going to be in big trouble. When Vince Carter was signed to his three-year, $12 million contract, he was considered the sixth man the Grizzlies desperately needed. The former Maverick was going to bring Vinsanity to...

Vince Carter's Playoff Performance Can Take Memphis To New Heights

The Grizzlies acquired the famed Vince Carter this past summer. His arrival flared excitement from fans, but his performance this year has been a mixed bag. But the true test for Carter will be during this postseason. Could Vince be the solution to Memphis' playoff shooting woes? For years, the Grizzlies' main hurdle has been the lack of outside shooting. With the departure of Mike Miller this previous summer, Memphis hoped Vince Carter would help solve their problems. So far, there have been sparks of brilliant shooting that have been largely overshadowed by long stretches of poor play....
Raptors HQ Mar 29, 2015

Weekend Poll: What will be the Raptors' regular season win total?

With the end of the season coming up, we wonder: how many games will the Raptors win for the season? As of today, the Toronto Raptors are 43-30, good for fourth in the Eastern Conference. They've clinched a playoff berth and locked up the Atlantic Division title. And if you do the math, you'll notice the Raptors have nine regular season games left. This means the absolute best record they can finish with is 52-30--a record, by the way, which I had pegged Toronto for at the beginning of the season. But a 9-0 run to end the season seems, at this juncture, a bit impossible. Not with the team...

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