4:12 AM EDT, Fri March 27, 2015
Monday 3-Pointer: A win over the Bucks, Vince Carter, and the Wild West

Monday 3-Pointer: A win over the Bucks, Vince Carter, and the Wild West

Grizzlies 96, Bucks 83 Saturday night was a good win for the Grizzlies: a sign of progress upward and out of their recent slump.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

Vince Carter - Pledge, Turn, & Prestige

The Pledge -- Tall French Dudes -- hope or naiveté -- The Turn -- Tendons stretched -- You have to bring it back -- The Prestige -- an inconsequence to Vince's greatness --for us -- Vedder warbles unintelligibly -- dunking on fools -- magic The Pledge His career is the Pledge. Anointed as the next Jordan. Leaping over not quite buildings, but still, pretty tall French dudes. Climbing to NBA Finals. Plural. Even last year, in the twilight of his career, he's hitting game winners in the playoffs against the eventual NBA Champions. His is the hand that's launched a thousand dunks. His is...
SLC Dunk Mar 4, 2015

Utah Jazz win second game against Memphis Grizzlies this season -- Game highlights

Utah started off their four game road trip with a big W Another game, another win. I could get used to this, Utah Jazz fans. I think the Jazz could get used to this too, having just won their second game this season against the Memphis Grizzlies -- in Memphis. Utah would win 93-82 but the game was one of poor offensive play early. I guess that's what happens when both teams are really built for defense. But no Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, Alec Burks, and so forth . . . you knew the offenses would struggle and they did. It was a close game, but the good guys broke it open in the fourth....

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    Grizzlies 103, Knicks 82: "Good workmanlike tanking game"

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