7:22 AM EST, Thu November 26, 2015

Vince Carter Turns Back The Clock With The Slam Dunk!

Vince Carter's still got it. Carter showed off his hops tonight with a slam dunk that faintly resembled one from Carter's glory days. On this play, he motioned for everyone to clear out and JaMychal Green set a screen for Carter, who then dribbled to the paint and hammered it home. On the night, Carter has 2 points and 2 rebounds. These plays have been few and far between for Carter lately, but it sure was nice to see him display some athleticism.

Vince Carter Makes Difficult Fadeaway And-1

Vince Carter has still got it. Vince Carter has gotten some minutes the past two games, and he's made the best of them. So far tonight, he has 5 points in less than 10 minutes. With less than a minute left in the first quarter, Carter made a tough and-1 jumper that cut the deficit to 5. Carter has shown in the last two games that he can still contribute to this team. In this play, Vince did a great job finishing the play and afterwards made the free throw.

Recapping The Enemy: The View From San Antonio

The Memphis Grizzlies' four game win streak came to an end tonight with a 92-82 loss in San Antonio. What did the enemy say before, during, and after tonight's game? Pre-game views - Conley and Chalmers are probably going to combine for 60, tbh. - Interesting matchup. The spurs aren't as bad of a matchup for Memphis as they were two years ago...well see. Chalmers is contributing really well. - Can't wait to see Chalmers score 30.. Anyway, Spurs with Manu win by 10, Spurs without Manu lose by 20. (SPOT ON). - It should be a good game bc the Grizzlies have trended up, but I will miss...

Final Score: Shorthanded Memphis Grizzlies Fall To Golden State Warriors, 100-84

Better effort, same result. Warriors move to 9-0, Grizzlies to 3-6. Injury / Trade Notes The Grizzlies only dressed 9 for this one. Jarrell Martin (foot), Jordan Adams (knee), and Brandon Wright (knee) were all in suits, Vince Carter was a DNP-OLD, and newcomers James Ennis and Mario Chalmers were not available in time for the game. Game Story The Memphis defense looked alive in this one, even if the early score didn't show it. Golden State ran up a casual 35-21 lead despite being thrown out of rhythm (they can do that), and the Grizzlies' shooting woes continued – they lagged in the low...

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