2:02 PM EDT, Tue May 31, 2016
Mavs Moneyball May 12, 2016

Wesley Matthews' first year in Dallas showed flashes of the player he was -- and can be

There were good and bad times in Wesley Matthews' first year in Dallas as he recovered from one of the worst injuries in sports. Looking Back When Wesley Matthews signed with the Mavericks, there were more questions surrounding him than maybe any other player on the roster. He was coming of a ruptured Achilles, an injury that occurred when there was pretty much just a month left in the regular season. How long would the rehab take? When would he return to the court? How effective would he be when he returned? How would the coaching staff manage him? While these questions swirled, Matthews...
Mavs Moneyball May 11, 2016

Chandler Parsons was a key piece in the Mavericks' run this year, despite injuries

Chandler Parsons' second season in Dallas ended the same way his first one did (with a knee injury), but his flashes of brilliance probably earned him a max deal. Looking back Few people outside the organization knew what to expect from Chandler Parsons heading into the 2015-16 campaign.  When the preseason began, there was still considerable doubt that Parsons would even see the floor before the calendar needed to be changed. You might recall Chandler’s ominous reply to the previously unanswered question of whether the surgery he had was of the microfracture variety: "I don’t think...