4:08 AM EDT, Thu July 02, 2015

Zach Randolph and other NBA players read mean tweets

Basketball & mean tweets Jimmy Kimmel released another priceless episode of Mean Tweets: NBA Edition, and it seems as though this schtick only gets better with time. Surely, there's no shortage of mean things being said on the internet. The Memphis Grizzlies' own Zach Randolph was in the mix for this rendition. His reaction is hilarious.

Memphis Grizzlies 2014-2015 Player Reviews: Zach Randolph

Zach Randolph had a great year, but can the 20 and 10 machine power a championship engine? My favorite Zach Randolph moment of this year came in Game 2 of the first round series against Portland. Leading by 13, the Grizzlies were content to #feed50 to chew up clock and wear down the Blazers' interior. Nothing fancy, just basketball. This clip comes courtesy of a user on the NBA subreddit who titled his link, aptly, "Don't Mess with Z-Bo." After getting bellied off his post position, he gathers the ball and pauses to let LaMarcus Aldridge absorb the gravity of his mistake. He reposts,...

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