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Pounding The Rock Apr 24, 2016

San Antonio at Memphis, Final Score: Spurs take care of business against the Grizzlies 116-95

The Spurs started slowly and finished strong behind Kawhi Leonard's stellar effort to close out an undermanned Grizzly squad led by Zach Randolph and Lance Stephenson and sweep their first round series. You have to respect the Memphis Grizzlies. From the beginning, they were overmatched in this series, but they never gave up, and Dave Joerger had his team play hard every minute they were out there.  But the superior firepower of the Spurs, with Kawhi Leonard dominating on both ends of the floor won out in the end, as the Spurs pulled away in the second half and closed out the Grizzlies...

Z-Bo Grabs Own Miss And Powers Through For The Score!

Randolph was showing off his bully ball moves in the third quarter. In the third quarter, we saw some vintage Zach Randolph. In this play, Z-Bo grabbed the offensive rebound of his own missed shot and performed a beautiful spin move for the score. So far tonight, Randolph has 18 points and 8 rebounds. Memphis needs Randolph to be a prominent leader on the offensive end.

Spurs causing havoc with defense on Zach Randolph

Express-News Spurs reporters Jabari Young and Jeff McDonald discuss the Spurs’ defense on Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph, who is shooting just 26.7 percent, averaging 8.5 points and 8.5 rebounds after two games in the first round series.
Pounding The Rock Apr 18, 2016

Spurs show that some miracles are only temporary

Making the playoffs with the majority of their roster injured was a victory of sorts for the Memphis Grizzlies. Now stuck in a playoff series with the Spurs, it might be the only victory they get. To borrow a line from the opening credits of Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the Memphis Grizzlies are alive damn it and it's a miracle. But only temporarily. As currently constructed, Memphis is a glorified bunch of D-Leaguers and end-of-rotation filler along with Zach Randolph, Vince Carter and Lance Stephenson. Stephenson, perennial locker room knucklehead acquired in a February trade, is...
Pounding The Rock Apr 18, 2016

Spurs rout shorthanded Grizzlies, take 1-0 series lead

These guys, with this roster, and without Z-Bo, won at Cleveland a month ago. West Quarterfinals Vs. Memphis Game 1: Spurs 106, Grizzlies 74  Series: 1-0 SA A common refrain we hear from the Spurs and, heck, most teams in most pro sports, whenever they're asked about a team that they haven't just played or aren't about to play, is that they don't care about them and are just focusing on themselves. It may come off, depending on the tone of the message and the reputation of the messenger as arrogant or even narcissistic, but really it's more practical than anything else. It's a credo...

The Past, Present, And Future Of Zach Randolph

This season, Zach Randolph was perhaps the most consistent player for the Memphis Grizzlies this season amid the tidal wave of injuries this year. And while every year critics expect Zach Randolph to take a big step back in his performance, he continues to prove the haters wrong. He's known by many names around Memphis. Some call him Z-Bo, when announced at home games he's referred to as "Number 50 For the City." And this season, one could even describe him as "Timeless." Every year, Zach Randolph has adapted and developed his game as he progresses in age. Father Time has made his jabs,...

GBB Awards: The Most Valuable Grizzly

And the winner is The 2015-2016 Grizzlies Most Valuable Player Award: ***Zach Randolph: 100%*** Here is what we said: Joe Mullinax: Zach Randolph. Team would be lost without him this year. Matt Hrdlicka: Zach Randolph. When we needed a win, we threw it to the hand. Kevin Yeung: Zach Randolph. He gets an edge for games/minutes played, because it's been that kind of season. Grace Baker: Zach Randolph. Without the performance that Randolph has given this season, the Grizzlies would not be where they are now. Everyone says that his age will catch up with him, but it hasn't yet. Joe ...

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