12:26 PM EDT, Mon July 28, 2014

Zach Randolph to throw party for kids at Lester Community Center

Veteran forward Zach Randolph will celebrate his new Grizzlies contract Friday afternoon the with a group of local day campers.
Rotoworld Jul 7, 2014

Zach Randolph officially signs extension - Zach Randolph (F/C) Memphis Grizzlies

Zach Randolph officially signed a two-year contract extension with Memphis on Monday worth $20 million.

The next steps for the Memphis Grizzlies with Zach Randolph now under contract extension

Everything hinged on the Z-Bo extension, and now that's done with, we can know what the Grizzlies' cap situation is and how they'll do what's left to do. The first order of business to handle this offseason is out of the way for the Memphis Grizzlies, and now they can move on. Chronologically speaking, that'd be Thursday's NBA Draft. In terms of what mattered most, though? It was the matter of Zach Randolph's future with the Grizzlies, which they wrapped up the morning after the draft when news broke that the team had signed Randolph to a two-year, $20 million extension that kicks in after...

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