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Raptors HQ 1 hour ago

The Crossover: Five Questions About The Boston Celtics

Training camps have started around the league and the season opener will be here before you know it. To prepare for the new season, we're speaking with other SB Nation sites about their teams. Today: the Boston Celtics. "The Crossover" is a season preview series we're running here at Raptors HQ in which we'll talk to other SB Nation team sites in the Eastern Conference to give us an idea of what to expect from the competition, what their expectations are for both their own team and the Raptors. Today, we talk to Kevin O'Connor of Celtics Blog. 1. What would constitute a successful season...
Liberty Ballers 2 hours ago
28 Days Till Sixers: How Many Games Will They Win?

28 Days Till Sixers: How Many Games Will They Win?

I think the Sixers win more games than last year. Sean thinks I'm crazy. The two of us duked it out over email. There's something about this team I feel may surprise people. Not to say that they're going to compete for a playoff spot, I'm talking like twenty-plus wins. This team is still clearly lacking in the talent department, but the idea that the Sixers could compete for the worst record in an 82 game season seems pretty far fetched to me. Bovada has set the Sixers win total at 15.5 for the year. At this juncture, I'd take the over. Sean's taking the under. Sean O'Connor: So, Jake,...
2,015 Questions- #1033: Will J.R. Smith and the Knicks embrace the spot-up?

2,015 Questions- #1033: Will J.R. Smith and the Knicks embrace the spot-up?

As J.R. goes, so go the Knicks. Over the past two seasons, this statement has proven inescapably, terrifyingly accurate. He may not be the engine that drives the Knicks, but his ebbs and flows as a player have usually mirrored that of the team as a whole. To understand J.R. is to understand the Knicks, particularly on offense. Carmelo Anthony is going to excel regardless of how much the other four guys are contributing -- we learned that lesson all too well last season. J.R., on the other hand, is a player with very clear strengths and weaknesses, and those strengths and weaknesses just so...
Liberty Ballers 4 hours ago

Report: K.J. McDaniels Signs 1 Year Deal, Will Be RFA Next Year

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Sixers rookie K.J. McDaniels has finally signed a contract, a 1 year non-guaranteed contract that will make him a restricted free agent next summer. According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski, wing man K.J. McDaniels has signed a contract. The contract is a 1 year, non-guaranteed contract with the 76ers, and will make him a restricted free agent next summer. I speculated earlier this morning that the Sixers were likely trying to get McDaniels to agree to a contract similar to the one that Jerami Grant signed earlier this offseason, and...
Raptors HQ 4 hours ago
Ford Motors to Stick with Maple Leaf Square Name

Ford Motors to Stick with Maple Leaf Square Name

After the news of Maple Leaf Square's renaming, the feedback was swift and merciless. Today, the Ford Motor Company does an about face on the naming of the public space. You have to feel a bit sorry for the Ford Motor Company. They didn't know one hundred years ago or so that they'd eventually be stuck in this unfortunate naming quagmire. The name "Ford" was always supposed to be a symbol of industry and excellence for the company. Now, usually it's hard to feel sorry for a corporation - let alone an automobile manufacturing corporation - but, Torontonians are just a bit sensitive about...
Liberty Ballers 7 hours ago

A Look At Jerami Grant's Contract, And Why K.J. McDaniels Might Not Be Signed

K.J. McDaniels, despite having been at media day on Monday, was not a participant at training camp on Tuesday because his contract was not yet finalized. We take a look at the structure of fellow second round pick Jerami Grant's contract, a history of other 2nd round contracts signed when Hinkie was with the Rockets, and speculate on why McDaniels might not yet be signed. Yesterday at the first day of Sixers training camp, word came out that rookie K.J. McDaniels, the 32nd pick in the 2014 NBA draft, was not at camp, as his contract had not yet been finalized. McDaniels was at media day on...
Celtics Today 12 hours ago
Rondo believes he may return before opening night

Rondo believes he may return before opening night

Rondo is a fighter, and he's fought many big injuries off. Rondo is projected by many to have a career year, and Ainge expects the same thing from Rondo. Danny Ainge expressed that the Celtics will take the safe road with Rondo, and he said that the Celtics will likely sit him out longer than Rondo would want. Rondo believes on the other "hand" that he'll be back soon, and if not on opening night. CSNNE"Hopefully I won't miss any games this year," Rondo said in an exclusive interview with CSNNE's Mike Gorman. "Lord willing I heal correctly and I'll be back in no time."They're telling me...
Celtics Today 12 hours ago
Stevens can finally stop obsessing over last years dismal season

Stevens can finally stop obsessing over last years dismal season

Brad Stevens has a clean slate. He has some new players, and a full NBA season under his belt. Losing doesn't come easy for Brad Stevens, and as it shouldn't for any coach or for any person who wants to be successful. Brad Stevens said a few magical words that was the 2013-14 season in my view. I've been slightly critical of Stevens this summer. I gave him a free pass in his first year, and I was cautious of his leap to the pros from college. But after some recent comments from Stevens. I may rethink my stance on Stevens. "I thought I was too gradual last year," Stevens said after the...
Celtics Today 16 hours ago

Evan Turner emerges as possible point guard after day one of Celtics practice

I believe Evan Turner and Avery Bradley will run the point until Rondo gets back. I think Turner and AB will be the starting backcourt on opening night. Brad Stevens said this about the point guard spot after the first day of practice. "We really only have one point guard healthy that has NBA experience and that’s Phil Pressey, so there’s not a lot of it," admitted coach Brad Stevens. "Hey, I’m not as worried about [where Turner plays], because people are going to put you in a box for your position," said Stevens. "I’m not going to do that. I'm not going to worry about it. He’s a...
Raptors HQ 21 hours ago

Raptors Media Day: Masai Ujiri Interview

Masai Ujiri spoke about the importance of continuity, expecting to deal with adversity and surprises along the way, and DeMar DeRozan's biggest takeaway from his FIBA World Cup experience. Masai Ujiri chatted with reporters at Media Day on Monday. You can watch the full interview above, highlights below: Masai talked about the importance of bringing the entire team back, and be able to watch them gradually grow. He acknowledges that expectations are higher this season One point Masai kept going back to is that the NBA is full of surprises and adversity, and acknowledges that the players,...
Quotes and photos from Day 1 of Knicks training camp

Quotes and photos from Day 1 of Knicks training camp

Here's what the Knicks did and said during their first day at West Point. At long last, the time has come for New York Knicks training camp. All praise be to the Zen Master! --makes the sign of the triangle-- Camp is being held in West Point this year -- the same place where that rat bastard Benedict Arnold plotted to surrender our Hudson River defensive fortifications to the hated redcoats. It should come as no surprise, then, that new head coach Derek Fisher chose to spend the entirety of New York's first practice on defense -- pretty much every player on the Knicks was on some serious...
Raptors HQ 22 hours ago

Raptors Media Day: Dwane Casey Interview

The Raptors head coach spoke about the importance of training camp, not putting a number on success, and his relationship with James Johnson Dwane Casey spoke with reporters at Media Day on Monday. Above is the full interview, key points below: Casey is excited for training camp because it's a good time to work on fundamentals and really lay the groundwork for philosophies the coaching staff might have Was asked, as everyone else were, about the heightened expectations for this season. Casey says the team should embrace it, and should act like defending Atlantic Division champions and...
Raptors HQ Sep 30, 2014

Raptors Media Day: Terrence Ross Interview

Terrence Ross on bulking up, playing in the Drew League and how he's still not over the end of Game 7 of last year's playoffs. Terrence Ross talked to reporters yesterday at Media Day. The full interview is above. Highlights below: He played in the Drew League for the first time this summer and was ecstatic to be a part of it, but the focus was on getting stronger so he could take the bumps and deal with the physical play which he surely took note of during the playoffs last season Ross says he's put on around 15 pounds this summer, and was focused on lifting weights at every...
Posting and Toasting Sep 30, 2014

The Knicks' individual media day photos, captioned

People often wonder why players do Media Day in full uniform-- sleeves and headbands and all. It's because Media Day for the players is half about fielding questions from reporters and half about posing for team pictures and video promos and stuff. And look at that, the team pictures turned up in P&T's photo tool! Let's caption them! (All photos by Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports) "Yes, I'm on the Knicks. The fuck kind of question is that?" "Get chicks or die trying." "I can see the secrets in your brain when I just look into your eyes. I have all your secrets now." "As a matter of...
Raptors HQ Sep 30, 2014

Raptors Media Day: Kyle Lowry Interview

A summary of Kyle Lowry's media day interview, as the point guard talked about the importance of Lou Williams, staying motivated, and the Raptors are division favorites. Kyle Lowry held court at media day and you can watch the full interview above. Some key points: He's very happy to have the roster back and in tact. Lowry also cited James Johnson and Lou Williams as key additions, especially noting that Williams could be a fourth quarter scoring option for the team Lowry shrugged off suggestions that he will now lack motivation having been rewarded a huge contract. This is going to be...

29 Days Till Sixers: Chris Johnson's Potential in Philadelphia

With an outside shot, defensive intensity and a Thaddeus Young-esque motor, third-year forward Chris Johnson has a chance to blossom into Sam Hinkie's last diamond in the rough. Similar to Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie, Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge spent the 2013-14 campaign shuffling minimum-salary players in and out of the team's facilities and on and off of Brad Stevens' bench. The Celtics initially brought former Team WHOP member and Marquette guard Vander Blue to the TD Garden on a 10-day contract. Boston then worked out Roddy Beaubois in February before signing...
Posting and Toasting Sep 30, 2014

2,015 Questions- #1070: How would the Knicks fare in a zombie apocalypse?

Forget points per game. Forget field goal percentage. Forget WAR and Drtg and eFG%. Distilled to its simplest form, basketball is made up of three things: the expected, the better than expected, and the worse than expected. Players, teams, seasons, eras, legacies—all are made up of these three things. In good times, the better than expecteds are in ascension; in bad times, the lesser thans. Knick fans do not experience time in this simplistic, moralistic fashion. Whether good or bad, the Knicks are interesting 24/7/365. So with training camp finally within reach, let’s not speculate on...
Raptors HQ Sep 30, 2014

Raptors Media Day: One For All

Coming out of Media Day the Toronto Raptors sounded ready for the franchise's 20th season. The talk of the day returned again and again to two words: chemistry and respect. So much of basketball, more so than in most sports, is based on the minute shifting of a dozen or so interpersonal relationships. The general manager of any team seeks to acquire the most talent, sure, but the hope is always that the assembled roster will move in concert toward its goal. The Toronto Raptors of 2014-15 look to be a team built on this simple to define but difficult to achieve philosophy. When asked, each...
Liberty Ballers Sep 30, 2014

For Sam Hinkie, Self-Worth Doesn't Come From Public Opinion

Sixers General Manager Sam Hinkie addressed the status of the 76ers rebuild, reaffirming his belief that they shouldn't be looking to take shortcuts. During media day yesterday, Sixers President and General Manager Sam Hinkie was asked about whether it was difficult to have his name attached to last season. "I tell people that I think a lot of it is where does your self-worth come from? Do you need people every day telling you you're doing well?" Hinkie said. "Do you need the masses every day telling you that they agree with you, or do you have some higher purpose in life?" If you were...
Celtics Today Sep 30, 2014

Video: Brad Stevens talks about no Rondo in camp for a second year in a row

This isn't ideal for Stevens or Rondo. The good news is that Rondo won't be gone long, and the hand that broke is his left hand, and not the shooting hand.

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