6:19 PM EDT, Fri May 29, 2015
Liberty Ballers 27 mins ago

Sixers Host More Potential Second Round Prospects On Friday

Among them were two products of Delaware schools and a star guard at Arizona. The Sixers hosted six more draft prospects on Friday, continuing the pre-draft process. From our own Jake Fischer: Today's Sixers' workout: T.J. McConnell, Kendall Gray, Chasson Randle, Jarvis Threatt, KT Harrell and Gabe Olaseni, according to a source. — Jake Fischer (@JakeLFischer) May 29, 2015 Each prospect was a college senior or the equivalent, and is at least 22-years-old. T.J. McConnell, rated 64th on DraftExpress.com's Big Board and 76th on ESPN's Top 100, played point at Arizona. An on-court leader...
CelticsBlog 3 hours ago

NBA Draft Rumor: Celtics looking to trade up into the lottery

To the surprise of no one. The Celtics would like to trade up into the lottery.  Everyone assumed this to be true and the team hinted around this recently, but I had not seen this specific rumor reported before now. Celtics want to move up in draft, but need a trade partnerBoston Celtics want to move up in NBA draft, but need trade partner | Comcast SportsNet - CSNNE.com The Celtics have the 16th overall pick but has made it known to fellow executives that they would like to get into the lottery area (top 14). Danny Ainge, Celtics president of basketball operations, confirmed to CSNNE.com...
Posting and Toasting 3 hours ago

Top 5 Knicks Stories of the Week

Some news and notes from the week that was. 1. Jared Dudley has been trying to raise his radio and television PER for a while now. This week he went on some type of crap and fired up some takes about Carmelo Anthony and some other professional NBA basketball individuals. This is news supposedly. Even less importantly than that, he rescinded this heated statement. 2. Mike Woodson had a chance to coach the Orlando Magic according to this article. That would have been funny. Instead of getting a jovial guy to make you better for a year or two, they got a scornful guy. I'm sure those...
Raptors HQ 4 hours ago

Poll: What should the Raptors do with Amir Johnson?

One of the longest-serving Raptors is now a free agent. What does Toronto do with Amir Johnson? Earlier this week, our man Sean Woodley jumped the gun. (Well, OK, I jumped the gun, since I published the piece.) Instead of asking whether or not the Raptors should keep Amir Johnson, he worked from the assumption he was already a goner. The thesis here was final: who should the Raptors get to replace Amir? In Sean's defense, the sad part here is it's a totally fair assumption to make. After his tenth season, and sixth with the Raptors, Amir appears poised for a steep decline in value as a...
CelticsBlog 5 hours ago

Rumor: Dwyane Wade could leave the Miami Heat in free agency

Could Wade's potential departure from South Beach help the Celtics? Few players in the NBA are as deeply rooted to their franchise as Dwyane Wade is to the Miami Heat. Since being selected with the fifth overall pick of the 2003 Draft, the future Hall of Famer has been a mainstay on South Beach. It's almost unfathomable to picture him in another uniform, which is rare to say of any star in this era. Yet it could actually happen this summer. In a surprise twist, Wade is considering opting out of his contract and becoming a free agent, according to a report from the Miami Herald. If the Heat...
Liberty Ballers 6 hours ago

2015 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #4: Okafor Places Third

Jahlil Okafor is third on the LB community big board, but Mario Hezonja held a comfortable margin on the rest of the competition. Despite being upset by D'Angelo Russell for 2nd on the LB Community Big Board, Jahlil Okafor ranaway from the competition for 3rd in the community big board with 49% of the votes. Mario Hezonja placed second in this poll with 29% of the votes, and next closest was Emmanuel Mudiay with only 13% of the votes. Okafor is an absurdly talented post scorer, but though his at best questionable fit on the Sixers sent Russell over him for second on the big board, his...
Liberty Ballers 6 hours ago

LB NBA Mock Draft: New York Knicks Select Emmanuel Mudiay No. 4 Overall

The Knicks get their highly touted guard. Let me preface this article by saying I really wanted to draft Kristpas Porzingis on behalf of the New York Knicks with this pick. Something felt so right about the Knicks trotting out a lanky, European front court of Andrea Bargnani and Porzingis, creating a triangular ringed circus while New York fans try and admit Phil Jackson into a nursing home. But we take our mock drafts very seriously here at Liberty Ballers, and I wanted to show our friends at Posting & Toasting a little compassion. With Ohio State guard D'Angelo Russell off the board,...
Raptors HQ 8 hours ago

Your Top Five Raptors Stories Of The Week

In case you missed it. 1. Sean Woodley on the search for Amir Johnson's replacement. 2. Holly MacKenzie looks at the potential to find top-end talent in the 20s of the NBA Draft. 3. On James Johnson, folk hero. 4. Three things Jonas Valanciunas needs to work on this summer. 5. On Terrence Ross, frustration personified.
Net Income / NetsDaily 8 hours ago

Handy guide to first Brooklyn Nets workouts

Who's coming in? Who's got a chance? How they compare? We give it a shot. The Nets first workout list seems kind of pedestrian. There are no big names and some names that are barely recognizable to all but the most devoted college hoops plans. But there are stories behind all of them and some are interesting ones. We've put together some thoughts on the more interesting prospects ... and as we noted, these workouts are likely to be not only for the two (or three) picks the Nets will have in the draft. Some could get invited to the Nets' two summer league teams, their training camp in...
Liberty Ballers 8 hours ago

Draft Express Analytics Article Suggests Draft Sleepers

By examining the players scouts and models most disagree on, we can perhaps gain insight into the players most underrated by traditional mock drafts. Draft Express released an article this week that elevated draft models based on algorithms to a higher status than they had previously enjoyed among many scouting communities. The article gave insight into the machinations of 5 different models, then looked at them in aggregate, by seeing how these models graded players on average. These predictive models take a players numbers from whichever league they are currently ply their trade in, and...
Posting and Toasting 9 hours ago

Know the Prospect: D'Angelo Russell

Let's find out about this guy. What's up coasting and ghosting. I’m the high IQ, high character guy you’ve been searching for all season. Some of you have been searching for this guy (me) since Scott Layden was Isiah Thomas. Now look, I bring all the intangibles to the offensive end. Then, from a defensive standpoint, I’ve got an excellent motor mouth. I'm the two-way stud of your most ethereal dreams. I will concede, however, that at the end of the day, the reason we’re really here is to go in depth on one of the top prospects available in the upcoming NBA Draft. Today's catch is...
Liberty Ballers 10 hours ago

Philadelphia 76ers Top Five Stories Of The Week

Top five Sixers stories on the web for the week of May 25th. 1. Jake Fischer reports the Sixers hosted several draft prospects for a workout on Tuesday, including former Syracuse center and Philadelphia native Rakeem Christmas. 2. Shamus Clancy details how well Dario Saric is playing in the Turkish Basketball League playoffs currently. His numbers are through the roof. 3. The Sixers have a ton of second round picks this year (as usual), and Sean O'Connor thinks they can package them to trade into the latter portion of the first round. 4. Liberty Ballers Community Big Board is in full swing,...
CelticsBlog 11 hours ago

NBA Mock Draft: CelticsBlog community mock draft: Pick 2

You be the GM! With the first pick in the CelticsBlog community mock draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Karl-Anthony Towns! Most of you guys chose Karl-Anthony Towns as the first pick.  Not a surprise.  Towns provides the length and defensive capabilities that Jahlil Okafor lacks, and his play style fits what Minnesota is trying to do with their young core. Up to bat is the Los Angeles Lakers, who moved up to the number two spot in the draft.  The Lakers were a team that struggled all season, and the early loss of Kobe Bryant was no help.  This team needs all the help they can...
CelticsBlog 12 hours ago

Boston Celtics top five stories of the week

Here's the top five Boston Celtics stories from this week. Danny Ainge asked Isaiah Thomas for input on free agents Could Paul Pierce be headed out West to play for Doc Rivers? The NBA Draft is coming up. Get prepared by looking at some prospects. Jae Crowder hopes to re-sign with the Celtics. Here we go again, another Kevin Love to the Celtics rumor.
Net Income / NetsDaily 19 hours ago

Will Mikhail Prokhorov have to sell arena share as well as the Nets?

In their "summer scoop" on the Nets Tuesday, Marc Stein and Mike Mazzeo reported on "rumbles" that "...the real reason the Nets aren't being actively shopped to potential bidders is the structure of the deal (Mikhail) Prokhorov struck to buy the team mandates he sell Barclays Center in conjunction with his basketball team. Word is the entities can't be sold separately, which is said to have chilled the market due to the complexities involved in such a transaction and the significant price tag it would carry." The next day, Stein reiterated the reporting in a tweet linked to the...
CelticsBlog 23 hours ago

Culinary Courtship: Big name chefs bidding their services for those of Paul Pierce

Food and basketball do crazy things. Rumor has been spreading that Paul Pierce might be opting out of the final year of his contract with the Washington Wizards to head back west to finish out his career. Pierce has a great season in D.C., and Wizards fans obviously want Pierce to stay another season. They aren't the only people with a soft spot for The Truth with Bostonians having an obvious affection for Pierce. Two fan bases vying for the remaining services of a legendary player. The stakes are obviously going to get pretty high. .@paulpierce34 if you stay with us @WashWizards Sir one...
Liberty Ballers May 28, 2015

2015 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #3: Russell Beats Okafor

D'Angelo Russell takes down Jahlil Okafor by a pretty narrow margin. Ohio State guard D'Angelo Russell took down Duke center Jahlil Okafor yesterday for the second spot on the Liberty Ballers Community Big Board. Russell finished with 40% of the vote, beating out Okafor by just 20 votes. Croatian sensation Mario Hezonja took home third with 15% of the vote. Frankly, it's a bit of a surprise. Okafor is the most talented post scorer in this draft, and spent this season showing off an array of moves that were quite impressive for just an 18-year-old. Talented low block scorers who can make an...
NetsDaily May 28, 2015

NBA Draft 2015: Brooklyn Nets announce pre-draft workouts

The Brooklyn Nets have announced three days of NBA Draft workouts starting June 1st, at the team's practice facility in New Jersey. The Nets will select 29th overall in the first round and 41st overall, in the second round.  The Nets, who didn't start working out prospects until June 23 last year, will reportedly work out between 50 and 60 prospects in June. In the past, they have even worked out players --including Bojan Bogdanovic in 2011-- right up till the morning of the draft. Here is the list of the players they'll work out in the first three days, with links to their Draft Express...
Raptors HQ May 28, 2015

Raptors Player Review: Terrence Ross, Frustration Personified

The third-year guard gave Raptors fans conniptions this year with his inconsistent play. Is it really time to give up on Terrence Ross? Scientists the world over agree that global warming is a problem that threatens humanity. Oil-burning industry, agriculture, gas-guzzling Escalades - these all create excess carbon dioxide, and are established culprits to global warming. In the 2014-15 NBA season, global warming had a new culprit: the exasperated sighs of Toronto Raptors fans watching Terrence Ross. To say that Ross was the most frustrating player on the Raptors roster this year would be an...
CelticsBlog May 28, 2015

Brandon Bass: The Good Soldier

Brandon Bass has remained the consummate professional throughout the season, despite a drop in playing time. For yet another year, Brandon Bass has continued to be a steadying presence on the Celtics.  He has been an on-again, off-again starter in Boston for the past 4 years, and remains one of the only two members of the roster that was a part of the "Big 3" era.  He has continued to start some games, given his consistent contributions on the court, but has clearly taken a backseat to the younger power forwards on the team, and might have played his final games as a Celtic, as a...

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