9:58 AM EST, Mon November 24, 2014
Net Income / NetsDaily 37 mins ago

Mason Plumlee: "Not what I expected"

Mason Plumlee says he is not frustrated, but if not, he's sure close. "It’s not what I expected," Plumlee told Tim Bontemps after Saturday’s loss to the Spurs. "I want to stay away from the word frustrated, because you just have to look forward, focus on what positives there is and just start playing better. "If you just start saying, ‘I’m frustrated, I’m frustrated,’ that doesn’t get you anywhere." Plumlee's sophomore season, coming after an All-Rookie Team first year and a World Cup gold medal in the summer, has been ugly, as the numbers attest. Not only that. It appears...
Net Income / NetsDaily 1 hour ago

In pre-game ritual, it's Joe Johnson vs ... John Welch?!

It's one of those pre-game rituals that go largely unnoticed, but are fascinating for what they represent, the relationship between player and coach. Andrew Keh of the Times reports on how assistant coach John Welch works with Joe Johnson before every game and despite the disparity in height and age, Johnson sees great value in it. Last season, Keh reports,"Johnson started to make one-on-one games with Welch part of his workout, whether after practice or before a game — although Johnson is always on offense, and Welch is always on defense." Keh notes that Johnson is 6'7" and Welch,...
Net Income / NetsDaily 2 hours ago

Stein: Andrei Kirilenko could fetch Jeremey Evans, Toure Murry in trade with Utah Jazz

Marc Stein, confirming reports that the Nets market for Andrei Kirilenko is broader than a salary dump, tweets that the Nets have an "intriguing option" where small forward Jeremy Evans and point guard Toure Murry would be sent to Brooklyn for Kirilenko.  AK-47 of course played eight years in Utah, where he still maintains a home. And a rumble from the trade front: Word is Brooklyn's market for Andrei Kirilenko is expanding beyond merely dispatching AK-47 to Philly — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) November 24, 2014 One intriguing option, if Nets wait 'til Dec. 15 when trade market...
CelticsBlog 2 hours ago

Jeff Green Blasts Media After Airballing Crunch Time Three as Boston Celtics fall to Portland Trail Blazers - Garden Report

Jeff Green was not too happy with what he described as misquoting him when a blog post from a national NBA site used a quote about his frustration with losing to be about wanting to leave Boston. The Garden Report discussed his statement and reacted to the Celtics' loss.
The Dream Shake 7 hours ago

Houston Rockets vs. New York Knicks game preview

The Rockets look to build upon their impressive win over the Mavericks when they take on Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks tonight in Toyota Center. If you had told you that the Rockets would go 1-1 against the Lakers and Mavericks and you could pick which team we would beat, which would you choose? Yeah, that's what I thought. Suck it Chandler! The Rockets welcome the Knicks to Toyota Center tonight in the third game of this 5-game homestand. Before these games started I assume the Rockets would have shot for 5-0, been ecstatic with 4-1, been okay with 3-2, and would have been pissed with...
Celtics Today 9 hours ago

Green not thrilled with trade rumor, just wants to win

Green said he was "tired of losing", and the media twisted into he wants to be traded talk. Green wasn't thrilled about the talk, and he wanted to call the Boston media out. Green has been the most consistent Celtic this season. Green is averaging a career-high 18.4 points per game over 35.3 minutes in 12 appearances this season. Often criticized for his roller-coaster play, this may be Green's most consistent string of games in a Boston uniform.“Before you start, I just want to clear the air about some B.S. rumor that came out. I don’t know if the person who made this article is in this...
Net Income / NetsDaily 9 hours ago

Deron Williams thinks Spurs should be Nets' model ... except they can't

File this under "easier said than done." Stefan Bondy, in an examination of the Nets' current woes, quotes Deron Williams as (wistfully?) saying that the Nets need to follow the Spurs' model --that is, consistency and constancy-- in their team-building.  But Bondy also seems to suggest that Billy King's moves have prevented them from meeting that goal, comparing them to those he made in Philadelphia, moves that got him fired. He quotes D-Will as saying, ""(San Antonio) is a team you envy, because they've had a system, they've had a coach and pretty much the same group of guys for a long...
Celtics Today 9 hours ago

Rondo continues to believe in his team despite another loss

Rondo is showing signs of a leader after another loss, and one at home that was hard to stomach. In my eyes Rondo's team let him down. That sounds harsh, but it's how I feel. Rondo set his teammates up countless times, but they couldn't deliver. The Celtics made just 38.9% of their shots, and they should of scored more, after only 8 turnovers Sunday afternoon. Rajon Rondo finished up with 13 Points, 6 Rebounds, 8 Assists, and 2 steals. I believe Rondo played well, but Bradley, Sully, Olynyk, and others couldn't find their shots. The game was tied after three quarters, but Portland outscored...
CelticsBlog 11 hours ago

Celtics Locker Room Reaction: Jeff Green Rips Media Misquote on Trade Rumor

Jeff Green opened his post-game press conference by making a statement that he was misquoted and never said he wanted to be traded. Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo reiterated that he has faith in his team.
CelticsBlog 13 hours ago

Blazers close out Celtics, 94-88

The Celtics have now lost 5 of their last 6 games. Time to panic! It was a game of hits and misses, turnovers and highlight plays, fouls and rebounding...but then again, it was just your average Boston Celtics game. The Portland Trail Blazers took down the Celtics in a nail-biting match, winning 94-88. The first quarter went relatively smoothly, with Rajon Rondo setting the court ablaze.  He gave Damian Lillard more than he could handle with crisp passes and dazzling plays like this one. Rondo was truly giving the Celtics that extra push that they needed.  So once Brad Stevens took...
Blazersedge 13 hours ago

Blazers vs. Celtics Final Score: 94-88; Portland Overcomes Shaky Start, Tops Boston

Portland started out ice cold, but recovered in the second half to beat the Boston Celtics. Even when the shots will not fall for the Blazers in the first half, no one seems to be able to stop them. LaMarcus Aldridge had 20 points and 14 rebounds, Chris Kaman had 16 points and 8 rebounds, and the Blazers overcame a slow first half to defeat the Boston Celtics 94-88 at the TD Garden in Boston Sunday night. The trip to Boston could not have started worse.  The Blazers missed their first nine shots, and hit their first field goal a the 7:14 mark of the period.  Even worse, Damian Lillard's...
CelticsBlog 16 hours ago

Brad Stevens: Vitor Faverani may be out until 2015

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens announced that Vitor Faverani will be out at least into December and possibly even after the new year during his pregame press conference Sunday
Net Income / NetsDaily 18 hours ago

Bojan Bogdanovic, in a slump, needs to vary his offense, says Lionel Hollins

if you followed Bojan Bogdanovic, as we did for three long years, you would know the 6'8" Croatian shooting guard is subject to slumps like the one he's going through now, missing 11 shots without a make in the Nets last two games. It happened in Europe last season too. Here's what we wrote last March 7... After leading the Euroleague in scoring in the regular season, averaging 18.1 points per game on 55.4 percent shooting from two-point range and 40.9 percent shooting from deep, Bogdanovic is at 12.4 ppg in the Round of 16. After hitting the 20 point mark six times in the 10-game...
CelticsBlog 20 hours ago

NBA trade rumor: The market for Jeff Green is very strong

Another wanted man. Fresh on the heels of the Brandon Bass rumblings comes this news that there's interest around the league in Jeff Green as well. Green's frustration at an 'all-time high' | Comcast SportsNet - CSNNE.com A league executive told CSNNE.com on Saturday that the market for Green is as strong, "if not stronger", than it is for Rajon Rondo, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. "They're two totally different players and their roles with a team are different, too," he said. "But Green can do a lot of things to help just about any team, as long as you're not making...
Raptors HQ 21 hours ago

Overreact Or Not: Cavs Official Responds To Raptors Fans In Cleveland

Let's start a rivalry with Cleveland, because why not! There was a huge contingent of Raptors fans in Cleveland last night as the team rallied from an 18-point deficit to move to 11-2. Yes, the Raptors are 11-2. Facts only. Here's a video of fans chanting "We The North" in the arena, presumably after the game: A video posted by Jesus Shuttlesworth (@zkoz24) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:09pm PST Well, turns out, a Cavs official was asked about the Raptors contingent and had this response: Cavs official, smiling, on large & loud pro-Raptors contingent in Cleveland: "We'll see who's still...
Celtics Today 21 hours ago

Live Thread - Celtics vs. Portland - Early Tanksgiving?

After Friday's mini-tank against Memphis, it's hard to get very excited about today's game.  Another point guard, Lilliard, looks ready to eat us for lunch, along with his strong backcourt companion, Matthews.  Two more Bigs (Lopez and Aldridge)  look ready to abuse our Bigs, both of whom seem to prefer jacking threes to anything else.  Perhaps we can outrun the Blazers, seeing as we apparently can't hope to stop them on D?  After all, Green has been more aggressive, Olynyk's shooting has been great, and Sully has a touch around the basket at times, while Bradley's definitely improved as...
Liberty Ballers 22 hours ago

76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: A Trip Into the Wayback Machine

Let's take a break from the present and take a trip back to 2009, when we were all united in our disdain for one Eddie Jordan. A quick check of the calendar shows that we have five months and 69 more games to wring our hands and express our embarrassment/frustration/concern/hope/pessimism about the state of the 2014-15 Philadelphia 76ers. So, instead of drowning in a sea of anxiety and consternation, let's take a look back at a simpler time - specifically, November 24, 2009. A fabulous invention known as the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine takes snapshots of important Web sites, and...
Net Income / NetsDaily 23 hours ago

How soon an Andrei Kirilenko trade?

The Nets are reportedly trying to deal Andrei Kirilenko, rather than buy him out or waive him.  So far, there's only been one proposal reported. Ohm Youngmisuk wrote Friday that the Nets are Sixers have had "preliminary talks" about a deal that would send AK-47 and fellow Russian, Sergey Karasev,  to the 76ers, with the Nets getting little more than a $5 million trade exception in return. Since then, there's been little reporting on the talks progress.  Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News tweeted later Friday about mixed signals he was getting on the proposal, with one source...
CelticsBlog Nov 23, 2014

NBA trade rumor: Teams are interested in Brandon Bass

...and here we go. I bring you the least surprising trade buzz imaginable.  NBA teams are inquiring about Brandon Bass. Celtics Notebook: Fishing for bites on Bass’ lure | Boston Herald Scouts and opposing front-office types have begun to speak and inquire about the 29-year-old forward, a practice that’s generally a precursor to discussing a trade. Danny Ainge could not be reached on whether teams have called about Bass — not that he would say anyway — but it certainly makes sense. From the start, Brandon Bass has been big man walking.  He's only here until the right team...
Liberty Ballers Nov 23, 2014

13 Going on 82, Winless Sixers fall to the Knicks

A Sixers team, desperate for win, couldn't complete a comeback and fall to the Knicks, 91-83. We're thirteen games into the season and, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the Philadelphia 76ers. As a fan, it's been hard to stomach some of these losses. Blowouts, last-second heartbreaks, arm-length deficits; we've experienced all the varieties of losses in just essentially 1/6th of a season. And while my objective brain is telling me that in the grand scheme the results (immediate wins and losses) don't matter, the fandom in me is crying for the...

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