8:54 PM EDT, Sat June 25, 2016
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Mavs Moneyball 20 hours ago

Kevin Durant got 99 meetings and the Mavericks ain't one

Dallas doesn't even make second cut. Kevin Durant will not meet with the Mavericks, per The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski. Durant will meet with six teams on July 1 in New York -- the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder, Heat, Celtics and Clippers -- and the Mavericks' top plan clearly won't come to fruition. Wojnarowski also has a secondary list of teams who have interest in Durant, saying they could still potentially gain audience with Durant before he makes his decision. Those teams are the Nuggets, Knicks, Lakers, Rockets and Wizards. Not listed is the Mavericks, as you can see. That's right: the...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 23, 2016

The Mavericks select A.J. Hammons, a physical backup big man

The Mavericks have made their second round selection. With the No. 46 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the Dallas Mavericks have selected A.J. Hammons out of Purdue, a true seven footer with athleticism and skill. Hammons weighs 250 pounds while standing 7'0, averaging 2.5 blocks per game at Purdue while scoring 15 points. He has touch around the basket and a decent mid-range game, even if his play showed up somewhat inconsistently. Hammons' biggest downside is his age -- as a four-year senior, he's already 23. The Mavericks did not have their first round pick after trading it as part of...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 23, 2016

Come hang out and talk about the 2016 Mavericks Draft

You know you wanna. Live results below. No. 46 pick for Dallas. Lots of intrigue in the actual draft after pick No. 2. It should be fun, so come hang out! amp;amp;lt;br /amp;amp;gt; .nba-widget-embed iframe {amp;amp;lt;br /amp;amp;gt; margin-bottom: 0 !important;amp;amp;lt;br /amp;amp;gt; }amp;amp;lt;pamp;amp;gt; .nba-widget-embed {amp;amp;lt;br /amp;amp;gt; margin-bottom: 25px; amp;amp;lt;br /amp;amp;gt; }amp;amp;lt;br /amp;amp;gt;
Mavs Moneyball Jun 23, 2016

Mavericks will meet with Hassan Whiteside on July 1, per report

Dallas' free agency plans continue to unfold. The Dallas Mavericks are expected to land a meeting with Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside once free agency begins on July 1, according to ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon. Whiteside is considered one of the top free agents and, arguably, the top center available this summer, so of course the Mavericks would be interested in the 7-foot big man who just turned 27 years old. The calls will be coming in hot for Whiteside, who had a career year in 2015. He averaged 14.2 points, 11.8 rebounds and nearly four blocks per game as Miami's man in the middle,...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 23, 2016

The Mavericks are headed to another free agency disaster this summer

The Mavs top free agent target revolves around a position where they already have an adequate starter. Sound familiar? It should and the results from past summers should be familiar as well. Early Tuesday evening, the top Mavericks beat writers shared the following combination of information: Mike Conley is the Mavs top free agent on their list. The Mavs believe they have a shot at Conley due to his respect for coach Rick Carlisle. The Mavericks pitch to Conley will be themed "shared sacrifice" hinting at the sacrifices Conley would need to share with his fellow Dallas teammates to build a...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 23, 2016

The Mavericks not offering Chandler Parsons a max contract would be trouble

This is concerning news, even if you think Parsons isn't worth that money. The Mavericks don't plan on offering Chandler Parsons a max contract this summer, 105.3 The Fan's Jeff Wade said on Thursday. That fits with rumors I've heard about the Mavericks' front office plans, and with their general free agency strategy over the past few seasons. Dallas wants to pursue multiple top-tier free agents, starting with Mike Conley but possibly including Hassan Whiteside or other names beyond that. To do so, they need Chandler Parsons to be willing to take less money, or for him to leave entirely....
Mavs Moneyball Jun 23, 2016

7 first round trade up targets for the Mavericks in the NBA draft

As it stands, the Mavs hold only the 46th pick. The 2016 NBA Draft is today! At 8:00 Eastern, ESPN will begin its telecast live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.  Dallas currently holds the 46th pick in the draft, having forfeited their first rounder to the Boston Celtics in the Rajon Rondo trade (ugh). The 2016 draft is considered by some to be a fairly weak draft, at least outside of the top-tier talent. One could make the argument that the difference in talent from the 20th best player to the 40th best player is pretty slim. That would seem to be an argument to stay put and...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 23, 2016

Mike Conley as Mavericks' top target in free agency makes sense

The 28 year old point guard has been mentioned as the Mavs' top target, but is he worth it? The Mavericks have opened the last four seasons with different point guards, and that's not including the amount of players who have taken on that role throughout the seasons since the Dallas Mavericks parted with Jason Kidd. So when rumors surfaced that Mike Conley is the team's top target this summer, it showed that Mark Cuban is ready to stabilize the position and give Rick Carlisle a consistent face to lead the offense. Then when even more rumors surfaced that the team might actually have a...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 22, 2016

Four more second round NBA Draft options for the Mavericks

As reports of workouts continue to roll in, we take a second look at some players Dallas might take at pick #46 The 2016 NBA Draft inches closer, and with an incredible Finals in the books, the offseason is officially upon us. If you've been following these things, you may know that Dallas holds the 46th pick in the draft, having forfeited their first rounder (#16) to the Boston Celtics in the infamous Rajon Rondo trade.  If nothing else, maybe that finally taught Mark Cuban a thing or two about valuing draft picks, because he said this a couple of weeks ago: Mark Cuban: "We won't trade a...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 22, 2016

Three second tier free agent centers the Mavericks could look to sign

Taking a look at next tier of free agent centers -- or, as one might call them, "the good, the young and the injured." We've talked about Al Horford, for whatever it's worth. We've gotten into Hassan Whiteside, and the highest highs and lowest lows that come with...that whole situation. We've even talked about Dwight Howard.  Sorry. After that group, the next tier of free agent centers that Dallas will be able to legally talk to starting on July 1st features a mix of familiar faces, raw but promising youngsters, and the over the hill veterans Dallas almost always ends up with. Let's take a...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 21, 2016

Dirk Nowitzki opted out and he's still not signing with the Warriors, sorry!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dirk Nowitzki said at the start of May that he planned to opt out. His opt out date is June 22, which is tomorrow, so Nowitzki has officially opted out like he said he would two months ago on June 21, tonight. The reason he opted out is flexibility, and also because he plans to sign a two- or three-year deal. If the Mavericks have extra money after they make their free agent signings, he can make more. (He might ask for more anyway, which would be very deserved.) If they really need an extra million to bring in a competitive team, maybe Dirk would bless them with another...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 20, 2016

The Warriors think Dirk Nowitzki might sign with them this summer

That seems ... unlikely. The Golden State Warriors are interested in offering Dirk Nowitzki a contract this summer, according to a report by Tim Kawakami of Mercury News. Kawakami states that the Warriors will be very aggressive in pursuing free agents this summer, their main target being Kevin Durant. Nowitzki, though, is also in their sights. Soon after the Mavericks' first round exit at the hands of Durant's Thunder, Nowitzki said that he would opt out of the final season of contract with Dallas. While Nowitzki will be a free agent this summer, he stated definitively that he planned to...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 20, 2016

All 41 of Dirk Nowitzki's made shots from the 2006 Finals

Well actually, Dirk was good in the 2006 finals.
Mavs Moneyball Jun 19, 2016

Dwight Howard might be the best player willing to come to the Mavericks

Whether or not Dallas wants him is another question... Just three summers ago, Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks went all-in on the courting of free agent center Dwight Howard. Howard was coming off a disappointing season with the Lakers, but was still considered by many to be the most dominant big man in the league, or close to it. Mavs fans may remember this hilarious video, which was not produced by a junior college video production class, but by a half-billion dollar franchise. A few years later, and things have apparently changed considerably, both for Howard and Dallas' perception...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 17, 2016

Hassan Whiteside is the center you want next to Dirk Nowitzki

Whiteside is going to cost you the max, but he's the best young center available, even if there are some concerns about his off-court abilities. Hassan Whiteside blocked a million shots this season. Okay so that's hyperbole, but only a little. He actually blocked 269 shots. No biggie. The 27-year-old center is a strong approximation of everything the Mavs believed they were getting before DeAndre Jordan very publicly changed his dumb mind last offseason. Similar to another free agent we all want to see on the Mavs (*cough* Kent Bazemore *cough*), Whiteside is a guy who had an extremely...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 16, 2016

4 second round NBA draft picks the Mavericks could consider

These guys have worked out for Dallas; will one of them be drafted at pick #46? The 2016 NBA Draft will get underway June 23rd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. That setting holds some irony, since the Brooklyn Nets have traded away all their first round picks until approximately the year 2043. A deft jab, to be sure; that is, until I remember I'm a Dallas Mavericks fan. The Mavs owe their first round pick to the same team the Nets do: the Boston Celtics. This means that Dallas won't be officially slated to go on the clock until pick #46 in the second round, though the possibility remains...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 15, 2016

Kent Bazemore would give the Mavericks some needed backcourt help

It wouldn't make sense for the Atlanta guard to go from the starting lineup to the bench, but Dallas is in desperate need for 2-guard help. Now is the time for Kent Bazemore to cash in, and that would be a great birthday present. The Atlanta Hawks shooting guard turns 27 years old on July 1, and he will be an unrestricted free agent once the clock strikes midnight. Bazemore started 68 games on a 48-win Hawks squad and was an important reason Atlanta knocked off the Boston Celtics in six games in the first round. Bazemore is one of those rare wait-and-see players that paid off. The bench was...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 14, 2016

Reliving Dirk Nowitzki's fever game, the turning point of the 2011 NBA Finals

Dirk played awful, but his resilience in Game 4 was what willed the Mavericks to the title. He made his first three shots. He was locked in. Health-wise, though, he was far from it. It was a well-kept secret for about a quarter and a half. Then, coming out of a media timeout, Doris Burke said these frightening words. "Dirk Nowitzki is playing tonight's basketball game with a fever perhaps as high as 102 degrees." Oh, no. Not now. Not this game. Not this moment. It was the biggest game in the history of the franchise, and Dirk Nowitzki is on his death bed. Little would anyone think this...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 11, 2016

Dirk Nowitzki goes to bat at annual celebrity baseball game

Dirk Nowitzki shares laughs with celbrities and gets a win in the 15th Heroes Celebrity baseball game to raise money for the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation and Heroes Foundation FRISCO -- For one night a year, Dirk Nowitzki traded in his basketball uniform for baseball bat and ended up helping a lot of less fortunate children along the way. There was plenty of star power at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, including Wesley Matthews and J.J. Barea from the Mavs, Byron Jones, Cole Beasley, and Tyron Smith from the Dallas Cowboys, the most recent Texas Rangers Hall of Famer Michael Young, and...
Mavs Moneyball Jun 8, 2016

Al Horford would be dreamy in a Mavericks uniform

The All-Star out of Atlanta would be a dream fit in Rick Carlisle's system and a great compliment to Dirk Nowitzki. Too bad he's another pie-in-the-sky free agent. Al Horford is the most unassuming superstar. He's really, really good. He's the linchpin of the Hawks defense, a great passer, cutter and mid-range shooter who's starting to extend his range out to three. Horford's overseen two eras of good Hawks' basketball -- the Joe Johnson underwhelmers and the pace-and-space Mike Budenholzer mini-Spurs. He's been the anchor of both teams, morphing his game to whatever the team needs....

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