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Mavs Moneyball May 23, 2015

Looking back at Tyson Chandler's return to the Mavericks

Taking a closer inspection at the season that was for defensive-minded big man Tyson Chandler. Looking Back Most Mavs fans won't require too much of a history lesson when it comes to Tyson Chandler. Taken second overall in the 2001 NBA Draft as a part of Chicago's curious Twin Towers experiment(along with Eddy Curry, who would spend about five minutes as a Maverick himself on his way out of the league), Chandler saw his first taste of success with Chris Paul in New Orleans.  Dallas got an eyeful of what Tyson could do in the 2008 playoffs as he helped dispatch the Mavs convincingly with...
Mavs Moneyball May 21, 2015

Chandler Parsons still on crutches after surgery

However, we still don't know what type of surgery it was. The Dallas Mavericks' Twitter posted this Vine of Chandler Parsons on crutches at an NBA Cares event on Thursday. Parsons spoke to reporters there, but he wouldn't answer whether he had microfracture surgery, something that has been rumored regarding his knee injury. Chandler Parsons on whether his surgery was of the micro fracture variety: "I don't think they want me to answer whether it was or not." — Eddie Sefko (@ESefko) May 21, 2015 Parsons will be on crutches for another two or three weeks, per Mavs.com's Bobby Karalla. If...
Mavs Moneyball May 21, 2015

Looking back at possibly Monta Ellis' last season in Dallas

A roller coaster of a season ended with a strong playoff performance for Mr. Have It All. But will he be back in Dallas next year? Two summers ago, Monta Ellis and the Dallas Mavericks were a match made in heaven. After multiple failed attempts in getting the eight-figure deal he wanted, Ellis took a couple of million less to sign with Dallas, giving the Mavericks that much-needed second scoring threat to compliment Dirk Nowitzki. Two summers later, the honeymoon may be over. Looking Back It's been about 15 years since someone not named Dirk Nowitzki was the Mavericks' leading scorer. That...
Mavs Moneyball May 20, 2015

NBA Mock Draft 2015 Roundup 1.0: Point guard popular for Mavericks

The Mavericks need to find a lead ball handler with Rajon Rondo headed for the exits. But quality prospects should be available at multiple positions at the 21st pick. The conference finals might have just begun but for those fans whose teams aren't playing team into the playoffs the offseason is already underway. After the draft lottery settled the order of selections Tuesday night, a new batch of mock drafts are out. We already had a decent idea of who might be available when the Mavericks are on the clock with the 21st pick. But the mocks illustrate which names are becoming more popular...
Mavs Moneyball May 20, 2015

J.J. Barea proved his worth upon returning to the Mavericks this season

The undersized guard showed why the front office put their faith in him. Looking Back When the Mavericks announced they were bringing J.J. Barea back into the fold, I was disappointed. I didn't think that the addition of yet another undersized, defensively inept guard was what the Mavericks needed. It wasn't the first time I had felt this way. I wasn't a big fan of Barea prior to the 2011 playoffs. I thought he shot too much, was too small to compete defensively, and generally janked up a beautiful, flow-centric offense. He proved me wrong in 2011, and he proved me wrong again in 2014....
Mavs Moneyball May 20, 2015

5 prospects the Mavericks could consider for the 2015 NBA Draft

The NBA combine is complete and it's time to look at some of the names who may be potentially selections for Dallas at pick no. 21. The 2015 NBA Draft is still over a month away, but the combine just finished up in Chicago, so the prospect chatter is starting to heat up. Only four teams are still playing actual games, which means for most NBA clubs, the draft is the only immediate business left on the agenda. The NBA combine lags behind its NFL counterpart in many respects; most noticeable is the lack of star power at the event. Each year seemingly fewer and fewer top prospects participate...
Mavs Moneyball May 19, 2015

Reviewing Amar'e Stoudemire's potentially short stay in Dallas

Stoudemire arrived late in the season and played his limited role well, but his flaws were exposed in the playoffs. A late season free agent acquisition can alter the course of an NBA team's season. That was the case when the has certainly turned out to be true of the Rockets' signing of Josh Smith, who was critical in their comeback from a 3-1 series deficit against the Clippers. That kind of magic didn't happen with the Mavericks' signing of Amar'e Stoudemire. Dallas spent half the season looking for a quality replacement for Brandan Wright and -- after finishing as runners up in the...
Mavs Moneyball May 18, 2015

Falling out between DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul reported as Mavericks are linked to Clippers big man

Do reports of tension between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan make Dallas a more likely free agent destination for the Clippers center? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's become something of an annual cycle for Mavericks fans--watch the season end prematurely, then convince themselves against their better judgment that the team might sign a top tier free agent in the offseason. This year with a free agent headlined multiple star big men, those attentions have focused on names like Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan. A report Monday of a rift between Clippers point guard...
Mavs Moneyball May 18, 2015

Reviewing Bernard James' unusual year out of the Mavericks' rotation

Despite dominating China the same way he dominated the D-League, it's starting to feel like Sarge will never be anything but an emergency big for the Mavs. Since the Mavs drafted him in 2012, Bernard "Sarge" James has been either a rotation player or a bench-warming emergency big, depending on the quality of the other big men on the roster. Sarge was arguably one of the two or three best bigs on the roster his rookie year, competing with Chris Kaman and Elton Brand, but the Mavs have worked to bolster their front court depth since then. As a result, Sarge's playing time has dwindled, until...
Mavs Moneyball May 17, 2015

Sunday Sporcle: Name top 100 career players in the 2015 playoffs

Hey, there's a ton of Mavericks on this quiz. Here's your Sunday Sporcle quiz. Can you name every player who made the 2015 playoffs and who also rank in the top 100 for all-time playoff performers? I got 73 of 82 and embarrassingly, I missed two Mavericks from THIS SEASON. Man. I suck. Happy quizzing! Here's the link to the full quiz if you'd prefer to use their interface (or if the embed doesn't work).
Mavs Moneyball May 16, 2015

6 reasons you should get excited for the Mavericks' offseason

We asked the staff why they were looking forward to the offseason. Read on, then tell us your reasons! A while ago in a galaxy far, far away and right after the Mavs were done for the season, I (Rebecca) asked our staff what they were most looking forward to this coming offseason. I meant to post it back then, but hey, this seems as good a time as any. Take a look at some reasons our staff is excited for the Mavs' offseason, then tell us in the comments what you're looking forward to! I'm looking forward to being frustrated before the draft and being angry in the middle of it, then sad...
Mavs Moneyball May 15, 2015

Greg Smith couldn't play his way into Rick Carlisle's rotation this season

Whether he was still affected by surgery from the previous season or not, Greg Smith never quite earned the coach's trust. Greg Smith was brought in to be Tyson Chandler's primary backup at center. The fourth-year player showed plenty of potential in his second season with the Houston Rockets when Smith logged career highs in almost every category. However, the following season he suffered a knee injury and underwent surgery that sidelined him for the remainder of the season. Dallas was hoping that they were getting a young talent at a discount when they signed him. Instead, Smith appeared...
Mavs Moneyball May 15, 2015

Our best stories from the 2014-15 Mavericks season

Let's celebrate all the cool things we wrote! Before we gallop too far into the Wild West that is an NBA summer, we propose one more look back at the best stuff we wrote for the 2014-15 season. There was thousands of words that cycled their way through the front page of this site, and in our humble, admittedly biased opinion, it was all great. We covered the playoffs and the All Star Game and the mid-season trade. Narrowing it down was no easy task, but here's a few that stood out and that could still be enjoyable reads weeks and months removed from when they were initially posted. ...
Mavs Moneyball May 14, 2015

Reviewing Rajon Rondo, a necessary risk

The Rondo experiment was a grand failure, but it was still a gamble the Mavericks needed to take. Looking Back Ever heard of Schrödinger's cat? It's a paradoxical thought experiment in which the unknown status of something causes it to hold not one status, but two. Ultimately, if there is a cat in an unopened box, which also contains a sealed caspule of poison set to release at an unknown time, we can say the cat is simultaneously alive and dead (as long as we continue to leave the box unopened). However, once we open the box, we will discover the status of the cat within, and the cat will...
Mavs Moneyball May 14, 2015

The Mavericks have new jerseys and I have mixed feelings

The Mavs are replacing their current navy alternate and adding a green retro uniform for the 2015-16 season. With all the NBA uniform rumors flying around today, it was like Christmas morning for those of us who are not just sports fans, but also fans of the general aesthetics of sports. It started with the leak of the mockups for next season's special Christmas day uniforms, and then the onslaught continued as a number of bloggers and uniform enthusiasts began releasing screen shots from next season's Adidas catalog. There's some interesting stuff out there (particularly for Atlanta...
Mavs Moneyball May 13, 2015

Reviewing Richard Jefferson's surprisingly solid season with the Mavericks

Richard Jefferson provided a season of veteran leadership and impressive perimeter shooting, but will he be in a Mavericks uniform next year? Looking back It’s always fun to look back at our expectations from players at the beginning of a season, but this bit from Austin’s Richard Jefferson preview describing that interminably period between Cuban offering Chandler Parsons a max contract and him signing hits a little close to home: In the meantime, the Mavs locked up 13-year veteran Richard Jefferson to a veteran's minimum contract. A brief meltdown occurred directly after the singing...
Mavs Moneyball May 11, 2015

Mark Cuban hates the charge call just like the rest of us

No call in basketball is ruled more subjectively than the block vs. charge. Cuban doesn't like it and neither do we. Sunday was a busy day for Mavs owner Mark Cuban and hot button NBA issues. Tom Ziller details his questionable defense of hack-a-Shaq, but regardless of whether you agree with him there, Cuban's thought about the charge call were spot on. Here's what he tweeted: That's why we shouldn't let 2ndary defenders take charges. Step in charges have become a basketball play. It shouldn't be. #changrtherule — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) May 10, 2015 This was immediately after LeBron...
Mavs Moneyball May 11, 2015

Our roundtable gives bold Mavericks offseason predictions

Some of these are optimistic, others are probably just wishful thinking. The last of our seven-part end of the season roundtable closes the discussion asking our writers to give an accurate prediction of the future. Hal Brown (@HalBrownNBA): As the resident team pessimist: I think they swing for the fences on free agents again, miss, and are at best fighting for a playoff spot next season. Sorry, I know I'm the worst. I just can't get rid of a bad, sinking feeling about this offseason. Bailey Rogers (@BRogers789): The best move Dallas makes this offseason is re-signing Al-Farouq Aminu ......
Mavs Moneyball May 10, 2015

How good is Rick Carlisle?

We bring the roundtable together for an honest discussion of how good the man leading the Mavericks is. A straightforward question with a complicated answer. Okay, not too complicated, to be honest. We all think he's great. It felt like there was more criticism of Carlisle this year than usual. In your assessment, where does he rank among NBA coaches? Hal Brown (@HalBrownNBA): He's second to me, still, behind Pop. I understand maybe considering Kerr and Budenholzer up there -- and that's not just a "hey look how good those teams are!" thing, the coaching job they've done is amazing -- but...
Mavs Moneyball May 9, 2015

The biggest disappointment of the Mavericks season, besides Rondo

In the non-Rondo category, there were some parts of the Mavericks season that just weren't very cool. Our roundtable moves on. Today, we're going to talk about the things that didn't go like we thought they would. Besides Rondo, what was the biggest disappointment this season? Tim Cato (@tim_cato): The Chandler Parsons knee injury that led to his offseason surgery. It's disappointing in the sense that I believed the Mavericks to have a real shot to at least take Houston to seven games or so, that after Game 1 the Mavericks could have won all four if they had, say, a 6'10 swingman with...

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