4:48 AM EST, Mon November 30, 2015
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Mavs Moneyball 7 hours ago

The Mavericks take on old friend Rajon Rondo and the Sacramento Kings

Rajon Rondo is in the midst of a resurgence. What are Sacramento's biggest strength and weakness? On paper, the Kings' record should be better than it actually is. In reality, they are 6-12. This team is a hodgepodge of mercurial players whose assembly caused a lot of head scratching over the summer. What is Vlade Divac thinking? Is there a method to the madness? Sure, the roster is speckled with some superstar talent but do they really function cohesively? The early results aren't great but it's not all bad. The Kings shoot the ball extremely well from downtown, connecting on 38 percent...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 28, 2015

Mavs vs. Nuggets final score 92-81: Dallas breaks the 3-game losing streak convincingly

Dallas rebounded from a frustrating 3-game losing streak with a quality win against a Western Conference opponent at home. This game was a quintessential tough West matchup until Dallas really just took over in the third quarter. The game was really back and forth through two, but Rick Carlisle must have said something worthwhile to his team at half. Dallas held Denver scoreless for the first nine minutes of the third quarter, and never really relinquished the lead after that. Good win for Mavs fans tonight. Just a lot of fun. This was a great Zaza game. Anyone who has been watching knows...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 28, 2015

Gameday: Dallas Mavericks vs. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets feature a lot of new faces but their outside shooting and offensive rebounding still make them dangerous. What did Denver do over the summer? When current Mavs point guardDeron Williams was traded by his first team, the Jazz, back in 2011, it was a sign the franchise had moved on from a playoff team that had hit its ceiling and embraced a rebuild before they completely bottomed out. The Nuggets have gone down a similar path this offseason, although under very different circumstances. Denver hoped to groom lottery pickEmmanuel Mudiay into an eventual starter playing behindTy...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 26, 2015

It will never be easy for Dirk Nowitzki

Even at 37, Dirk is the center of attention for teams playing Dallas. SAN ANTONIO -- The Mavericks' penultimate possession on Wednesday against the Spurs was one we've seen a thousand times over the past decade. Dirk Nowitzki sets a quick pick, but long enough for Manu Ginobili to switch onto him. San Antonio doubles from the baseline, like they had all night, so Dirk gives it up. It goes from Zaza Pachulia to Wesley Matthews to a wide open Devin Harris, who buries the triple, bringing Dallas within one point with 38 seconds to play. In simpler terms: Dirk catches. Dirk is doubled. Dirk...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 25, 2015

5 bold predictions that'll happen for the Mavericks by All-Star weekend

I have some ideas about what will happen in Dallas in the coming three months. The All-Star break serves as the two-thirds marker for the NBA season, just about. It's an arbitrary marker set up thanks to the Super Bowl stretching farther and farther into winter, but it gives us a good frame of reference for events happening in the future. If everything goes according to plan, the Dallas Mavericks won't look like the same team when they reach the All-Star break. All the preseason injuries forced some necessary but unfortunate changes to this roster throughout the opening weeks and months of...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 25, 2015

Dallas' hottest new dance craze is 'Watch me Ray Ray'

The Mavs' video guys have done it again. The Mavs' brilliant video team is at it again with a new twist on the Whip and Nae Nae: Watch me Ray Ray. It features Raymond Felton and his teammates dancing around and a very confused Rick Carlisle, Dirk and Chandler Parsons with some wholly awkward moves, and much more. The same guys who brought us "What do the Mavs say?" and "Run DMC" never cease to amaze! Check out the full video here:
Mavs Moneyball Nov 25, 2015

The Mavs take on the Spurs' top-ranked defense

The Mavs face their old foes in San Antonio. What did San Antonio do over the summer? They really didn't do much. The only thing they actively pursued it seemed was re-signing Danny Green. Other than that they lucked into LaMarcus Aldridge. The Dallas native basically fell in their lap after the Blazers decided to rebuild around Damian Lillard. I mean, can there be rules against the Spurs landing quality players? It's not like they're even a cool team. Until I looked at his numbers while writing this it's like Aldridge ceased to exist. But I guess he went there to play "team" basketball or...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 24, 2015

Four things we learned in Mavericks 96, Grizzlies 110

This game was not much fun. The Dallas Mavericks now have a losing streak, as they played poorly and lost to division foe Memphis. J.J. Barea was the leading scorer for most of the game until a late flurry of threes from Raymond Felton. That probably tells you about all you need to know in what was a fairly ugly display from start to finish. Sometimes it's just not your night Dallas shot 39% from the field and 32% from three. They committed 19 turnovers (17 TO's plagued them in their previous game against OKC). They sent Memphis to the free throw line 37 times. You probably aren't going to...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 22, 2015

Four things we learned from the Mavericks' 114-117 loss vs. the Thunder

The Mavericks lose a close one to OKC. This was a scrappy, fast-paced, back-and-forth game, at times more fun than a loss had any right to be. In fact, there were a few throwbacks to last year's incredibly fun team, including (at times) better than 60 percent field goal percentage, athletic feats by springy young big men, and dramatic third quarter swings. Unfortunately, Zaza Pachulia missed three of four free throws in the last three minutes, Dion Waiters did some very un-Dion Waiters things, and despite Wes Matthews' best late-game efforts, the Thunder were able to put the game...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 22, 2015

Watch JaVale McGee score 8 points in 5 minutes in his first Mavericks game

The legend has arrived. In a surprise last-minute activation, JaVale McGee made his Dallas Mavericks debut off the bench against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday. And it didn't take long to see why the Mavs have long been interested in McGee, as he scored eight points in five minutes off the bench. JaVale McGee. #NBABallot JaVale McGee: 5 minutes. 8 points. #DALatOKC pic.twitter.com/1bEYSr0ct5 — Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) November 23, 2015
Mavs Moneyball Nov 22, 2015

JaVale McGee is active for the first time this season for Mavericks

McGee has missed the entire season with injury. JaVale McGee will be active for the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday for the first time this season, setting up a potential season debut against the Oklahoma City Thunder as the Mavericks look for their seventh-straight win. Earlier this chance, Rick Carlisle said he was almost sure McGee wouldn't play in November, but clearly that timeline has changed. McGee has been recovering from a left tibia fracture that has sidelined him for long stretches the past couple of years. For the Mavericks, this is just another testament to the incredible work done...
Welcome to Loud City Nov 22, 2015

2015-16 Season game 14: Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks full coverage

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Mavericks are preparing for tonight's game as if KD will be playing in it. Undoubtedly, Durant will be back on the court for the Thunder soon, as he recovers from a minor hamstring injury. During Friday's game, Chris Broussard claimed that Durant could have played if it were the playoffs. At this point, it's really a question of whether Durant is fully healed. Regardless of whether KD plays or not, the Dallas Mavericks are in the midst of quite the six game win streak. The Clippers are by far the best opponent the Mavs had to beat during...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 22, 2015

Mavericks look to extend winning streak against the Thunder

The Mavs head to OKC looking for their seventh straight win. What did the Thunder do over the offseason? Over the summer, OKC fired long-time (by NBA standards) head coach Scott Brooks, who took over the team in its inaugural season as the Thunder, and replaced him with Billy Donovan. But the team had an otherwise quiet offseason, just resigning Enes Kaner and Kyle Singler, the players the team acquired during a 2014 trade. What have the Thunder done lately? Staying put this summer made a lot of sense for the Thunder. They were expecting to return with a healthy Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 21, 2015

Deron Williams barrel rolls into 'WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?!' on unsuspecting man's shoes

D-Will asks the tough questions. Charlie Villanueva tweeted a funny video after the Mavs' 102-93 win over the Utah Jazz yesterday. We see a quick shot of the Mavs' locker room as Deron Williams rolls into a classic "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" scenario. Check out the video for the full thing. It pretty much confirms everything we've heard about how much fun this group of Mavs is and how much they like each other. I mean, would Rajon Rondo have done that?! Wait for it............#WhatAreThose #mffl #believeincharlie #dallasmavs #mavsnation pic.twitter.com/Ejkt3Y9qB3 — Charlie Villanueva...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 21, 2015

Mavs beat Jazz by 'playing together'

The Mavericks secured their ninth win of the season thanks to their team friendly playing style. Rick Carlisle On everything coming together for Deron Williams "Yeah it's all going in the right direction for sure. He's working extremely hard. It's been an unusual situation because of training camp and nagging injuries, but he's doing the work and it's showing. We got the kind of team where everybody has got to keep their edge to be where they want to be and he's setting a really strong example." On the key to their defensive success "The key was that we buckled down in the second quarter....
Mavs Moneyball Nov 20, 2015

Mavericks will wear throwback green jerseys Friday against Jazz

YES YES GREEN JERSEYS YES YES YES no short shorts but alas we'll have to live BUT GREEN JERSEYS AYYYY WHAT UP Here's the six times the Mavericks will wear them this year, courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Tonight: Mavs vs. Jazz Dec. 4: Mavs vs. Rockets Dec. 28: Mavs vs. Bucks Jan. 20: Mavs vs. Timberwolves Feb. 21: Mavs vs. 76ers March 3: Mavs vs. Kings
Mavs Moneyball Nov 20, 2015

The Warriors could be the first team since the 2003 Mavericks to go 14-0

Golden State is close to making history. Let's remember the Mavericks team that started just as well. The Golden State Warriors may go 82-0 this season. It almost seems like the defending NBA champions won't lose again after storming back from 23 points down on Thursday night to beat the Los Angeles Clippers and improve to 13-0. On Friday night, they'll go for a 14-0 start at home against the Chicago Bulls, something no team has done in 13 years. That team was the 2002-03 Dallas Mavericks. Ah, yes, the best Mavericks team ever assembled pre-'06 Finals and pre-2011 championship. The 2003...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 20, 2015

Warriors fans chant 'DALLAS MAVERICKS' as DeAndre Jordan shoots free throws

The Golden State Warriors did more ungodly things last night in Los Angeles with a 23-point comeback while improving to 13-0. Even though they were on the road, it didn't prevent their fans from making DeAndre Jordan hear it in the final minutes of their win. Warriors fans are chanting "DALLAS MAVERICKS" while DeAndre shoots FTs. — Andrew Han (@andrewthehan) November 20, 2015 The Mavericks got their revenge and it's time to move on, even if they never completely forget, but other fans don't have to be so forgiving. You know, the reason this works so well is because "DALLAS MAVERICKS"...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 20, 2015

The Mavericks long-awaited young talent has arrived in Powell and Anderson

Though young, Justin Anderson and Dwight Powell are contributing now as the Mavericks look to develop for the future. The Dallas Mavericks aren't known for developing young talent. In past years, the team looked upon the draft flippantly, preferring to sign veteran free agents. A known talent was better than a gamble. Even Rick Carlisle has gained a reputation for not playing young players. However, the old way of doing things appears to be changing. Be it out of a shifting mentality or out of necessity, the Mavericks are looking to build upon their young talent. "We have to develop young...
Mavs Moneyball Nov 20, 2015

Mavericks host young, talented Utah Jazz

Dallas looks to extend their winning streak to six against Rudy Gobert and Company. The Dallas Mavericks extended their winning streak to five games with a come-from-behind victory over the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. On Friday, they'll look to move that streak to six in less terrifying fashion. The Mavs will host the Utah Jazz at American Airlines Center on Friday, a lone home game wedged between two three-game road trips. Dallas was 3-1 against the Jazz a season ago, but this season they face a young, hungry Jazz team that's off to a decent start. Currently Utah sits at 6-5 on the...

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    Jazz notes: Gordon Hayward, Jeremy Evans rekindle their friendship — sort of

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    Orlando Magic will be tested by the Milwaukee Bucks' height

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    Big D back in Dallas, thanks in large part to Wesley Matthews

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