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Mavs Moneyball Aug 29, 2015

Name every Maverick who scored 10+ points per game since 2000

Sporcle quiz for your afternoon. oh god oh god oh god oh god i did so bad on this one Oh hey, guys, what's up. Here's a Sporcle quiz. Name every Maverick who has scored 10 or more points per game since 2000. It's really not that hard. I got ... uh, 68 of 74, while forgetting two players from the last two years. That's not great. Don't do as bad as me. The link is here and you can check out the embedded version below, as always, too. There's a couple players in 2004-05 and 2005-06 that are a bit difficult (I miss them both, too) but I bet we'll have some 74 of 74 results mixed in here. Have...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 28, 2015

Free agents Josh Howard, Glen Davis linked to Mavericks

Josh Howard is looking for a comeback and Big Baby is looking for a team. Josh Howard, the former All Star and Mavericks stand-out, hasn't played in the NBA since 2012. Since then he's been trying to make his way back onto an NBA roster. In the summer of 2014, Howard participated in the Las Vegas Summer League as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans. A roster spot was not forthcoming as Howard's minutes in Las Vegas were limited. Now, though, Howard is at it again. According to Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Howard had two "spirited" workouts at the American Airlines Center...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 27, 2015

Mavericks announce preseason schedule

Basketball is coming sooner than you think. Preseason games are 40 days away, folks. So close, yet so so far away. The Mavericks announced their preseason schedule today. Here it is, for you to start ooohhhing and aaahhhing over: October 6 vs. Denver* October 7 at Houston October 13 at Oklahoma City (in Tulsa) October 16 vs. Atlanta October 19 at Cleveland* October 21 vs. Phoenix* October 23 at Chicago (in Lincoln, Nebraska) * Locally televised One thing to watch for: whether Chandler Parsons and Wesley Matthews will be ready to go for any of these. Matthews has said recently he expects...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 27, 2015

J.J. Barea and Dwight Powell square off in FIBA Americas exhibition

Barea nearly notches a triple double for Puerto Rico but it wasn't enough against a talented Canadian team. With the NBA season still a couple of months away, most players are still enjoying their summer vacations. However, others are currently competing in FIBA tournaments around the world. For example, Dirk Nowitzki has once again suited up for the German national team as they gear up for Eurobasket 2015. Closer to the United States, a handful of countries are playing in the Jenaro "Tuto" Marchand Continental Cup in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Tuto Marchand Continental Cup is a warm-up...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 26, 2015

I watched the Dirk documentary at the AAC. It was cool.

On Tuesday, the Mavericks broadcast the Dirk documentary for free at the AAC. Despite covering it on our site last summer and even reviewing the German release, I had yet to see the Dirk documentary -- titled The Perfect Shot -- that everyone had been raving about. I was out of town when they had a press screening. I missed it in theaters. To have the Mavericks put it on the jumbotron at the American Airlines Center on Tuesday, totally free, was a great gesture by an organization that has shown a pattern of looking out for MFFLs. I'd estimate a couple thousand fans showed up and besides...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 24, 2015

Breaking down every month of the Mavericks schedule

Dan Const, Contributing Writer (@danspeak_) The regular season is coming quickly and only that can put an end to the speculation about how this season unfolds. For now, it's just a waiting game, and To clarify from the beginning; I am an unashamed bias Mavs fan, and always seem to be pretty hopeful regardless of the doom and gloom that may surround the franchise at times. I have written the analysis below, looking purely at the schedule that has recently been released. I can only go by looking at how teams performed last season, then adjusted accordingly for teams that have made...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 24, 2015

Watch Dirk Nowitzki score 18 points in Germany

The Big German is back in action at Eurobasket. Dirk Nowitzki scored 18 points and pulled down seven rebounds with the German National Team as they beat Poland 82-69 on Saturday. Germany is still in a warm-up stage of Eurobasket before beginning the first stages of actual play in September. We have more information here. At the end of the season, Dirk talked about how Eurobasket could help warm him up for training camp in a way that wouldn't wear him out by the end. Hopefully that's the case, but either way, it's good to see that jump patented Dirk jumper back out on the court. You can...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 23, 2015

Wes Matthews says he'll play on Mavericks opening night

Matthews talked with Mavs Moneyball about his rehab process and his fit in Dallas. Wesley Matthews said Sunday that he will be ready to play on Mavericks opening night despite tearing his Achilles in March when he was with the Portland Trail Blazers. "I'm getting stronger every single day, doing more every single day," Matthews told Mavs Moneyball, saying that he's currently shooting and dribbling on the court. He's also taking pull-up jumpers off the bounce, but the next thing that he will be cleared to do is just "more basketball activity using more force, more explosion." The 28-year-old...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 22, 2015

Enjoy the final years of Dirk Nowitzki before it's too late

While it can be tempting to think ahead about what will happen in the coming years, don't do it. We've got time still. This is a contributed story. We are accepting story pitches all offseason; here's how you can send us one. F. Clint DeNisco, Contributing Writer (@FClintDeNisco) Barring some miracle, it's inevitable that the Mavericks will soon be going through the mind-numbing phase of seeing a superstar leave and trying to find an identity. Who will their new star be? How long until that happens? What new identity will they take on and will it be another big man shooter? Or even, what...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 21, 2015

Steve Nash is producing a movie about Dallas' 1980s party scene

Steve Nash wants to ask you if you know his friend Molly. Steve Nash spent six wonderful seasons in Dallas before moving back to a more arid climate in Arizona. But Dallas clearly left it's mark on the two-time MVP. Or rather, Dallas' party culture caught his eye. While with the Mavs, Nash was seen hitting the town with his good friend Dirk Nowitzki imbibing with the locals. Rumor has it that the duo frequented the now closed bar The Loon in Dallas' Uptown neighborhood. After partying in Dallas for years, the next step is to research the city's partying past, clearly. Well, that's just what...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 19, 2015

How the Mavericks can win a championship this year (in my head)

If Dallas follows the path of the Mighty Ducks, maybe they'll be the ones finishing the year with championship celebrations. This is the third of a three-part series. Here are links to part one and part two. This is also a contributed article. Mavs Moneyball is accepting story pitches all throughout this offseason. Ricky Kemph / Contributing Writer To be a fan, we must willingly abandon some of our rationality so that we can make a greater emotional investment in our team. The bigger the fan, the greater the delusion. More simply: fans be crazy. But is there anything wrong with that?...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 18, 2015

Chandler Parsons posts video of shooting session; defies injury recovery haters

After speculation about his offseason surgery, could things be as on track as we dared hope? Much of the speculation this offseason has been surrounding Chandler Parsons' end of the season surgery and whether he would be ready for the coming season. The Mavericks never formally announced what type of surgery Parsons had, but several sources, including Parsons himself, indicated he intended to be ready to go for the beginning of the season, if not for preseason. However, when Parsons didn't participate in on-court activities at the recent Team USA minicamp, many wondered whether Parsons...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 18, 2015

How the Mavericks can finish with a winning record and more

Every scenario where Dallas could finish with 41 wins or more. This is the second of a three-part series. You can read the first part here. Yesterday, we played out three scenarios where the Mavericks finish with a losing record, anywhere from 25 to 40 wins. It was a downbeat piece revolving around some key factors: Dallas' injured players don't recover quickly or easily, Dirk continues to decline, no one on the bench establishes themselves and the defense is hopelessly lost. But there's a flipside to everything. Take the best case scenarios and the Mavericks could just as easily finish...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 18, 2015

None of us predicted the Mavericks' starting five. We suck.

That was a failed experiment. Man! On May 27, I asked you to predict the Mavericks' starting five plus three bench players. I posted one, too. Almost two months later, we are all SO WRONG. Like, NOT EVEN CLOSE. So far away IT'S INCREDIBLE. BASKETBALL IS CRAZY. CAPS LOCK CRAZY. Before we continue, here is the Mavericks' actual rotation, by my contest: Deron Williams, Wesley Matthews, Chandler Parsons, Dirk Nowitzki, Zaza Pachulia, with any of J.J. Barea, Devin Harris, Jeremy Evans, Charlie Villanueva or Samuel Dalembert counting as a "top three" sub. Spicy_Curry425 was the only one to...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 17, 2015

Dirk Nowitzki is clowning Dennis Schroder for no reason

And it's the greatest thing ever. Above is a two-minute video of the German National Team practicing for Eurobasket competition -- more information on that here. More specifically, it has moments of Dirk scattered throughout, in particularly this scene where he clowns on teammate Dennis Schroder for an apparent carry on the play before -- and then half-heartedly tries to trip him. This is Dirk's ascension to becoming the team's cool uncle aka troll aka camp counselor who's been around the place forever. And it's glorious. Here's just the gif, via Grantland's Jason Gallagher, who basically...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 17, 2015

Every scenario where the Mavericks have a losing record

If things go very poorly for Dallas next season, this is how it will happen. Editor's note: this is the first of a three-part series. The next two articles will post Tuesday and Wednesday. There's a variable for the Mavericks at nearly every position. Most NBA teams enter the season with a known quantity at a couple positions, maybe even three or four, but not Dallas. Deron Williams may or may not rebound, Chandler Parsons and Wesley Matthews may or may not return in a reasonable amount of time, Dirk Nowitzki may or may not continue to see significant decline from age, the center position...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 16, 2015

Dirk, Germany prep for EuroBasket run with warm-up in Zagreb

The German national team prepares for a tournament that might be Nowitzki's last international competition. Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki, who has sat out international competition since 2011, is joining the German national team for the biennial EuroBasket competition. The squad won't play its first match until next month, but the Germans already took part in a warm-up game, losing to Croatia 74-72 in overtime Friday night. Nowitzki had 11 points on 3 of 9 shooting along with 6 rebounds. Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder, who the Mavericks passed on taking in the 2013 draft, recorded 13...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 15, 2015

Kings hire Roland Beech, longtime Mavericks' analytics head

Beech will lead the analytics department in Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings have reached a deal with Roland Beech, the Mavericks' vice president of basketball operations. Beech began as a consultant with the Mavericks in the 2005-06 season and rose up the chain, heading a fledgling analytics department in Dallas that helped revolutionize the usage of analytics throughout the NBA. He sat behind the bench during the Mavericks' 2010-11 championship run. Sacramento had fired analytics guru Dean Oliver recently and settled on Beech as the replacement -- contrary to reports that they were...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 13, 2015

JaVale McGee signs 2-year deal with Mavericks at minimum

McGee joins the Mavericks after several weeks of rumors. The team announced Thursday that they have signed JaVale McGee to a two-year deal, the second being a team option, per ESPN's Marc Stein. This concludes nearly a month of rumors tying McGee to the Mavericks. McGee has played for three teams in his seven year career. In that time he notched averages of 8.4 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks per game. His best statistical season came with the Washington Wizards in 2011-12. With the Wizards, he averaged 11.9 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks in 27.4 minutes per game. He was traded...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 13, 2015

A quick guide to the Mavericks' 2015-16 schedule

Dissecting some schedule "stats" for the upcoming season and fearing for a vicious November. Here are some numbers to help you wade your way through the Mavericks' schedule. You can see the entire thing right here and read our 10 must-see games of the year here. Spoiler alert: prepare to be depressed early and often, maybe. Back-to-backs: 17 Well well, schedulers. You hate the Mavs, huh? Last season, it was facing Houston all four times on the second night of a back-to-back.This year, Dallas opens its season with a road back-to-back, against the Tyson Chandler-led Suns and then in Los...

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