1:57 AM EDT, Sun October 26, 2014
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Mavs Moneyball 10 hours ago

Charlie Villanueva survives cuts as Dallas Mavericks trim roster to 15 players

Ivan Johnson has also been cut, according to reports. We'll see who else makes it. Charlie Villanueva's strong preseason play earned him a spot on the final 15-man roster for the Mavericks this season. Mavs informing guys of cuts today. Charlie Villanueva made the team, per source. — Tim MacMahon (@espn_macmahon) October 25, 2014 Ivan Johnson has been cut, RealGM's Shams Charania reports. We'll update with post with other roster cuts when it happens. Doron Lamb will likely be announced as a cut as well. The Mavericks will need to cut some combination of Gal Mekel, Bernard James and...
Mavs Moneyball 10 hours ago

Weekend poll: who will lead the Mavericks in scoring on opening night?

So many choiiiiiceeeesssss. Hi. The preseason is mercifully behind us. The regular season is in front of us, and the Mavericks open up against the Spurs (because of course) on Tuesday evening in San Antonio. We've seen throughout the preseason that the Mavericks are more potent than ever on offense. Last season, for the first time in a while, Dirk had a buddy in Monta Ellis who could lead the team in scoring on any given night. But now, with Chandler Parsons joining the fray, and performing very well in preseason -- with the point guards being, well, on point -- with Al-Farouq Aminu...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 24, 2014

Mavericks win preseason dress rehearsal incognito; defeat Magic 117-92

Chandler Parsons and Jameer Nelson return home to Orlando to help win the final preseason game. Tonight the Mavs went into Orlando and paved the Magic 117-90 in what worked as a dress rehearsal game. The game wasn't televised, but I'm here to recap it anyways. Chandler Parsons spearheaded the offensive assault on Orlando with 24 points including a 15-point third quarter. Dirk had 16 points all in the first half including four three-pointers. The offense fired on all cylinders with contributions from the entire roster. The game was a homecoming of sorts for Jameer Nelson and Chandler...

Mavericks smother Magic on defensive end, win 117-92

The Mavs started slow, but broke the game wide open in the second quarter. In their final game of the preseason, the Orlando Magic welcomed a very familiar face back to the Amway Center. Long time point guard Jameer Nelson and the Dallas Mavericks made a stop in town on Friday night for their final tuneup of the regular season. When the final buzzer sounded, the Mavericks found themselves on top 117-92 When introduced, Nelson got a loud round of applause from the fans in attendance. During the games first timeout, the Magic played a tribute video thanking Nelson for his time with the team....
Mavs Moneyball Oct 24, 2014

Why Monta Ellis may pick up next year's player option

To understand why, you have to think outside the numbers. On Wednesday, Monta Ellis not-so-subtly hinted he would pick up his player option for 2015-16 with the Mavericks next offseason in an interview on the Ben and Skin Show. The embattled shooting guard had been beaten down constantly in the years before joining the Mavericks. He was unceremoniously jettisoned from Golden State despite huge seasons; he floundered in a terrible Milwaukee system where he was asked to do too much with too little under a coach who is no longer in the NBA; he was criticized constantly by the media for his...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 24, 2014

Preseason Gameday: Dallas Mavericks at Orlando Magic

Jameer Nelson and the Mavericks head into Orlando for the final game of the preseason. The final pre-season of the season will not be on TV, because it's 2014 and this makes total sense (no it doesn't). I assume the game is on ESPN 103.3 but the internet can't tell me at the moment. We can't watch the game. Is there a reason we should care? It's the last pre-season game. Since the Thursday night game against New Orleans was, by most accounts, a tire fire, tonight's game is apparently moderately important: The #Mavs won't play their top players tonight against the #Pelicans. Their starting...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 24, 2014

Preseason preview: Dallas Mavericks at Orlando Magic

The final game of the pre-season. Thank God. The final pre-season of the season will not be on TV, because it's 2014 and this makes total sense (no it doesn't). I assume the game is on ESPN 103.3 but the internet can't tell me at the moment. We can't watch the game. Is there a reason we should care? It's the last pre-season game. Since the Thursday night game against New Orleans was, by most accounts, a tire fire, tonight's game is apparently moderately important: The #Mavs won't play their top players tonight against the #Pelicans. Their starting lineup will be out in full force Fri. in...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 23, 2014

Jae Crowder goes 'Kobe' in Dallas Mavericks loss to Pelicans that didn't exist

Thursday night's Maverick game wasn't televised, so we turn to tweets and the box score to recap this one. Tonight, the Mavericks lost to the Pelicans 88-85 in a game that wasn't televised, and thus, didn't exist. ... except that it did exist, sadly. Jae Crowder was the team's number one scoring option, going a Kobe-esque 6-of-15 from the field for 14 points. Gal Mekel played a fantastic 42 minutes, scoring 17 points on 13 shots, dishing eight assists and making some big plays down the stretch as the Mavericks improbably tried to make a comeback against the Pelicans fourth...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 23, 2014

Charlie Villanueva is making his case for a Mavericks roster spot

Even if he doesn't stick in Dallas, the much-maligned big man has shown he still has some game in the pre-season. When it comes to the back end of the roster, one of the big pre-season storylines has been the play of Charlie Villanueva, who has made a strong case for a spot on the team. Villanueva came into training camp ago as the longest of long shots, signed to an unguaranteed contract on a team that didn't have any open roster spots. After seeing his play decline in each of his five seasons with the Detroit Pistons, he posted career-low numbers across the board last season and looked...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 23, 2014

Preseason Gameday: Dallas Mavericks at New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans enter their last preseason game winners of three straight. The Mavericks are looking to stop their winning streak and notch another preseason record to get to one game over .500. What has New Orleans done lately? The Pelicans have won their last three preseason games bringing their record to 4-2. Two games ago, they blew out the Oklahoma City Thunder, 120-86. Of course, Kevin Durant didn't play. It's also the preseason. On Monday, New Orleans beat the Washington Wizards 88-84 with Anthony Davis leading the way scoring 14 points on 7-8 shooting while also pulling down eight...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 22, 2014

Ricky Ledo preview: Can Ledo crack the Mavericks' rotation?

Ricky Ledo has tons of potential, but can he channel that into on-court production this season? The second year of the Ricky Ledo Experiment has been met with measured optimism for the talented young guard out of Providence. Amongst the fans there seems to be unbridled optimism concerning Ledo’s potential as a scorer, but the Mavs have taken a cautious approach with Ledo’s development. Ledo's status as a relatively unknown commodity coupled with his combination of size, handle, and shooting has fueled the Ledo lovefest with fans and select media members—myself included. However, many...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 22, 2014

Division Preview: Anthony Davis leads New Orleans Pelicans as team hopes to stay healthy

The Pelicans aren't contenders yet but they could give the Mavs and others a scare. Injuries stifled the inaugural season of the New Orleans Pelicans. Even their mascot was sidelined with a beak injury for a time. In all, 11 players missed time with Ryan Anderson, Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, Jrue Holiday, and Jason Smith absorbing the brunt of the injuries sustained by the team. Anderson, Gordon, Holiday, and Smith all suffered season-ending injuries. What potential this young team possessed was quickly dashed. Entering the 2014-15 campaign, the Pelicans are looking to shake...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 21, 2014

Dirk milestone watch: Nowitzki projected to finish year seventh all time in scoring

The Big German sits no. 10 in scoring all time, ever, in the history of the sport. And he ain't done yet. By Andrew Kreighbaum With a team that wasn't anywhere near title contention the past two seasons, Dirk Nowitzki's ascension of the NBA career scoring list -- eventually reaching tenth all time last season -- was a significant storyline. Mavs fans can look forward to watching a much improved roster this year but that won't stop us from talking about the milestones Dirk is likely to reach in his seventeenth season. Heading into the new season with 26,786 points, he sits 160 points behind...

In Vince Carter’s first return to Dallas, the Memphis Grizzlies fall to the Dallas Mavericks.

Memphis 103 - Dallas 108 In the first quarter, the Grizzlies came out cold, allowing Dallas to go on a 7-0 run.  However, Marc Gasol helped steady the ship by scoring 13 pts and the Grizz and Mavericks were all squared up at 27. In the second, the Grizzlies went on a 4 minute vacation and allowed the Mavericks to build a lead of 9pts. For most of the game, this was the cushion that helped the Mavs keep things from getting close. Despite coming out hot in the start of the 3rd, the Grizz could barely chip away at the Mavericks' lead early and eventually fell down by 19 pts. Down 16 entering...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 21, 2014

Quoteboard: Dallas starting five can score with the best, needs to improve defense

Putting quotes to the main storylines from the Dallas 108-103 win against Memphis in the final preseason home game. Jameer Nelson yelled something across the room, interrupting Tyson Chandler while he was talking to the media -- and then Nelson did it again, just to make sure Chandler knew it was on purpose. "You gonna come over here and grab a mic?" he answered back. Minutes later, Dirk was singing in the shower and you could hear it from the locker room. When he finally came out, he laughed about getting blocked on a 3-pointer then a dunk on the same play. The Mavericks locker room was in...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 21, 2014

Memphis head coach says Dallas is a top three team in Western Conference

Dave Joerger had very complimentary things to say about the Grizzlies' division rival. Memphis coach Dave Joerger had high praise for division rival Dallas after the Mavericks beat his team 108-103 in preseason. Memphis' Dave Joerger: "[Dallas] is a top three team in the West, that's the facts, they have more talent, they are hard as heck to guard." — Tim Cato (@tim_cato) October 21, 2014 The full quote, per the Mavs PR: "I thought [the Mavs] came out and jumped on us early, and that's been their M.O. for us. They are a top three team in the West, that's the facts. They have more...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 20, 2014

Mavs vs. Grizzlies final score: Dallas wins 108-103

The Mavs finished out their pre-season home schedule with an impressive win over a Western Conference rival. In their last home game before the start of the regular season, the Mavs showed why so many people are optimistic about this team, pulling away from the Grizzlies in fairly convincing fashion. The final score was a little misleading, as Dallas had a 15-20 point lead at the end of the third quarter before their third stringers and D-League players gave a lot of it away in an almost unwatchable display of garbage time basketball. One person who came away really impressed was Memphis...
Mavs Moneyball Oct 20, 2014

Vince Carter back Dallas, shoots same corner three game winner

He still got it. Vince, that's the wrong shade of blue... pic.twitter.com/RQRpo75Tv7 — Tim Cato (@tim_cato) October 20, 2014 Maybe he just put on the wrong jersey before the game? Anyway... Vince missed four or five straight 20 footers from the baseline, so I told him to step behind the line. "I know! I already made that shot." — Tim Cato (@tim_cato) October 20, 2014 Hey, that looks familiar... https://t.co/DANq2NNZsu — Tim Cato (@tim_cato) October 20, 2014 YEAH, IT DOES.
Mavs Moneyball Oct 20, 2014

Average cost of Dallas Mavericks home game experience ranked no. 16 by study

Only ranked no. 16? *throws stones* *general outrage* oh wait that's actually good! Personal finance site NerdWallet did a cool study about how much it costs, on average, for a family of four to attend an NBA game for each of the 30 teams. The Mavericks came in no. 16 at $536, which includes tickets, parking, food and drinks. If that seems high, considering the league average is $654, and that the average cost for a Cleveland Cavaliers home game this season is $1,504. King James demands his tariffs, you serfs. Considering the Mavericks haven't had a losing season this millennium and exist...

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