6:11 AM EST, Mon March 02, 2015
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Mavs Moneyball 5 hours ago

Gameday: Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans

Division rivals clash in their final meeting of the season. Both these teams are dealing with some crazy injury issues. Which missing player is having a bigger impact? Considering that Anthony Davis is a stealth MVP candidate, at least in terms of numbers, he's the easy answer to a casual NBA fan. Yet, Mavs fans will tell you these games without Tyson Chandler* are borderline terrifying. Al-Farouq Aminu becomes the only player capable of rim protection and the only decent defensive rebounder (sorry, Amar'e Stoudemire). Despite Davis and Jrue Holiday missing time, the Pelicans are patching...
Mavs Moneyball 15 hours ago

Roundtable: Figuring out this Rajon Rondo drama

Who is to blame? Will Rondo be in Dallas after this year? What needs to change? We figure that out. Well, this has been a fun week if you're a Rajon Rondo fan. Speculation has run wild since Rondo was suspended for the Dallas Mavericks' dismemberment of the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday. Will he stay? Will he go? Is it even a choice between Rick Carlisle and Rondo? (Yes, someone has actually speculated that idea). Rondo has 21 games to show how badly he wants to stay in Dallas (if he does at all) after this season. Just a couple days removed from that tiff with Carlisle, Rondo responded with a...
Mavs Moneyball 18 hours ago

The Mavericks versus March

A look ahead at this month's slate of games These Dallas Mavericks, I tell ya, they continue to perform despite all logic or reason. Last month with the Rondo facial injury looming to start February it seemed like the Mavericks might be in for a tough twelve games. Then Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler got injured before All Star break. After the break, Chandler Parsons sprained his ankle and Tyson Chandler got nicked up again. Oh, and Rajon Rondo and Rick Carlisle got in an in-game argument which prompted national media attention and a number of hot takes (including my open letter and...
Mavs Moneyball Mar 1, 2015

Quoteboard for Nets 104, Mavericks 94: "The third quarter did us in."

The players talked about a disappointing home loss on Saturday. Rick Carlisle On that disaster third quarter: "Well they played great and we didn't play well. We got bombed quarter and that was the game. The rest of it was either even or we were up a point or two. The third quarter did us in." "Something specific? They outscored us a lot. They scored early and they got energy and juice on the offensive end. We didn't respond well. They kept scoring and we were having a hard time getting it into the bucket. It was a struggle. We had a couple of chances to make runs, I thought guys were...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 28, 2015

Dallas Falls to Brooklyn, 104-94

Dallas drops its second straight game, this time to a 23-33 Brooklyn Nets squad. Dallas struggled in the second half, and missed Tyson Chandler terribly, en route to a 104-94 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. The Mavs came out with one of the most ridiculous starting lineups this season, due to Tyson being out of the lineup, with Rondo, Barea, Ellis, Jefferson and Dirk making up the first five Mavs out on the court. Despite maintaining a lead for the majority of the first half, Dallas just couldn't pull away. After the Mavs worked their way to a 39-31 lead with 7:11 left in the second quarter the...
NetsDaily Feb 28, 2015

2nd Half Game Thread: Nets at Mavericks

The score at the half: Dallas 51, Nets 47. Deron Williams leads all scorers with 12 points and two assists on 5-of-7 shooting. For more on the Dallas Mavericks, check them out at Mavs Moneyball. Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets at Dallas Mavericks, 8:30 PM EST - NetsDaily Brooklyn Nets vs. Dallas Mavericks - Box Score - ESPN
Mavs Moneyball Feb 28, 2015

Mavericks vs. Nets preview: Brooklyn's fighting for the playoffs

Mavericks and Nets play at 7:30 p.m. CT at the American Airlines Center on Fox Sports Southwest. What have the Nets done lately? Brooklyn is currently one of the six Eastern Conference teams in a race for the no. 7 and no. 8 seeds, but after losing five of their last seven, they've actually dropped out of the top eight for the first time in a while. (The Pacers, who have a fun little story that gets even more interesting when Paul George comes back, have replaced them for the time being.) There's just not a lot that's interesting about this team. They have a few okay players, a few...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 27, 2015

NBA standings watch: Mavs slowly but surely moving up

The Mavericks shook off last month's slump, got some solid February wins, and moved up a spot in the standings. Things are looking up for the Mavericks! At the time of last month's update, they'd just lost four in a row and were tied with the San Antonio Spurs for sixth seed. Now, the Spurs have been beaten up on their annual Rodeo Road Trip and Dallas has shaken off its slump to win six of their last 10, with one of those defeats coming during scheduled loss to Atlanta by the Mavs' b-team. This means the Mavericks have risen in the standings and are sitting pretty at...fifth. Man, the...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 27, 2015

The Mavericks won't go anywhere without Rajon Rondo

Dallas isn't working in an ideal scenario, but trusting Rondo is the only play they've got. Rajon Rondo, as has been the case since he came into the league, does not make it easy to defend him. While there was plenty of excitement when the Mavs acquired him, it has been all downhill since. He has not put up good offensive numbers, he holds the ball and disrupts the offense whenever he is on the floor and he has dared to defy Rick Carlisle on more than one occasion. Things came to a head in a home game against the Raptors on Tuesday, when Carlisle called a play from the sideline and Rondo...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 27, 2015

Here's how the Mavericks completely rebuilt their roster in 2 years

Besides Dirk, they've completely changed the core of the team. After Dirk Nowitzki, drafted in 1998, the longest tenured Dallas Maverick is a player from the summer of 2013. While it's up in the air whether the Rajon Rondo trade is working out, the manner in which the Mavericks totally rebuilt around him is rather incredible. Here's a chart that displays all of their moves in the last two years.
Mavs Moneyball Feb 26, 2015

A complete history of Rajon Rondo pissing off his coaches

Tuesday's spat with Rick Carlisle is far from the first time. Rajon Rondo's done it again. See, his yelling match in Tuesday's home win against Toronto and his subsequent one-game suspension for "conduct detrimental to the team" which he served Wednesday is far, far from the first time Rondo and a head coach have got into a dispute. In fact, that's kind of his thing. He's a basketball genius who understands the game as well as anyone in the league. One of his passes on Tuesday prior to the benching even caught the ever-reliable Tyson Chandler by surprise. He can find passing angles others...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 26, 2015

An open letter to Rajon Rondo

Some thoughts for the Mavericks point guard. Rajon, We really don't have time for this crap. We, meaning your teammates, your coaches, and the Mavericks fans, neither have the time nor inclination for any sort of diva act. The Mavericks have their best chance at doing something, anything in the playoffs since the 2010-11 title season. And you're the reason, to a certain extent. But you are also becoming the reason they might not have a chance. Tuesday night, the entire basketball world watched as you and Rick Carlisle got into an argument about playcalling during the game against the...

Hawks clamp down defensively in win over Mavericks

After a poor first quarter defensively, the Atlanta Hawks clamped down against the Dallas Mavericks for another come from behind win. In a game that almost didn't happen due to inclement weather, the Atlanta Hawks were able to shake off a slow start and rally for a 104-87 win over the Dallas Mavericks. With snow and freezing rain in the forecast for the metro area, it looked like for a moment that Wednesday's game would not be happening. Arena staff and the players were originally told that the game would be cancelled but that decision was reversed a little later. Even with the bad weather...

Atlanta Hawks thank fans for support in win over Mavericks

The Atlanta Hawks thanked the fans for coming out to support the team in Wednesday's win over the Dallas Mavericks despite the tough weather conditions. The Atlanta Hawks took to Twitter Wednesday night to thank the many fans who showed up to support the team despite the nasty weather conditions in the metro area. The Hawks came from behind to defeat the Dallas Mavericks 104-87 in front of a loud and enthusiastic crowd at Philips Arena. Fans - You're unbelievable! Thanks for showing up tonight and helping us get that win. Get home safely. — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) February 26,...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 25, 2015

Mavericks at Hawks final score: shorthanded Mavs lose to Hawks 104-87

Dallas got off to an early lead, but the shorthanded and exhausted Mavericks ultimately couldn't keep up with the Hawks. Things didn't look good going into this game. Tyson Chandler, Amar'e Stoudemire, Chandler Parsons, and Rajon Rondo were all out. It was the second night of a back-to-back... played on the road... against the best team in the East. But Dallas gave us hope in the first quarter, earning an early double digit lead despite several clock malfunctions and a brief rain delay. Unfortunately the Hawks ultimately remembered that they are the Hawks, and the Mavericks bench was simply...
Peachtree Hoops Feb 25, 2015

Atlanta Hawks run away and hide in 104-87 win over Dallas Mavericks

The weather was troublesome outside of the friendly confines of Philips Arena, but the Atlanta Hawks had no trouble putting away the Dallas Mavericks in a 104-87 victory. For a portion of the day, it looked as if the Atlanta Hawks would not take the floor at Philips Arena on Wednesday evening. Fortunately, the match-up with the Dallas Mavericks eventually took place, and the Hawks sprinted away from the competition in the second half on the way to a 104-87 victory. Things began with an ominous tone on this night, as a DeMarre Carroll opened the scoring with a three, but the visiting...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 25, 2015

Mavericks are basically sitting everyone against Hawks

Welp. It's a shame for the Mavericks this game wasn't postponed due to weather. They'll go ahead and sit most of their veterans for this game. Chandler Parsons is still out with an ankle injury and Rajon Rondo was suspended Wednesday afternoon for "conduct detrimental to the team." The Mavericks have now announced that Amar'e Stoudemire will sit due to rest and Tyson Chandler will not play with a hip contusion. Dirk Nowitzki has not been ruled out yet, but it doesn't make much sense for him to play. We'll update this post if news does come out that he is sitting. Monta Ellis is the lone...
Peachtree Hoops Feb 25, 2015

Mavericks vs. Hawks: Jeff Teague expected to play despite illness

The Atlanta Hawks are expected to have point guard Jeff Teague (illness) available on Wednesday night, according to Mike Budenholzer. With Tuesday's practice going on without him, Jeff Teague was considered a serious question mark for Wednesday's contest against the Dallas Mavericks. However, head coach Mike Budenholzer indicated pregame that the team expects Teague to play and start despite concerns over lingering illness. The Mavericks will be without starting point guard Rajon Rondo (suspension) and forwards A'mare Stoudemire (rest) and Chandler Parsons (injury), and that should...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 25, 2015

Rajon Rondo benched, suspended after blowing up at Rick Carlisle

All of our coverage of Rondo being benched on Tuesday and suspended for Wednesday's game. So, uh, Hawks, any chance you still wanna cancel tonight? Mavericks PR has announced that Rajon Rondo will be suspended one game for "conduct detrimental to the team" and that he will serve the suspension tonight versus the Hawks. Presumably this stems from the incident on the court between Rondo and Rick Carlisle that resulted in Rondo being benched for much of the fourth quarter against the Raptors last night. In the press conference last night, Rick Carlisle said that he considered the matter over,...
Mavs Moneyball Feb 25, 2015

Rajon Rondo suspended one game, will sit against Hawks

The Mavericks suspend their starting point guard a game for "conduct detrimental to the team." So, uh, Hawks, any chance you still wanna cancel tonight? Mavericks PR has announced that Rajon Rondo will be suspended one game for "conduct detrimental to the team" and that he will serve the suspension tonight versus the Hawks. Presumably this stems from the incident on the court between Rondo and Rick Carlisle that resulted in Rondo being benched for much of the fourth quarter against the Raptors last night. In the press conference last night, Rick Carlisle said that he considered the matter...

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