5:19 AM EDT, Wed October 26, 2016
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Golden State Of Mind 3 hours ago

Warriors vs. Spurs: Postgame meltdown

The Warriors picked up right where they left off, extending their losing streak to four games. The cartoon Warriors may have embraced the role of NBA supervillains, but Gregg Popovich just reminded everyone which team wears black. The Spurs started their first season of the post-Duncan era with a bang, loose from the lack of attention surrounding the best-team-no-one’s-talking-about. As usual, the Spurs valued the basketball, especially the missed shots that caromed off the rims. The Spurs secured an extra 20 possessions off of rebounds, attacking the same weakness that OKC and...
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San Antonio Spurs v. Golden State Warriors recap: Humble beginnings

The Warriors proved they are a work in progress as Kawhi Leonard and co. thoroughly outclassed the Warriors in every phase Here’s hoping that some great things grow from inauspicious starts. The 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors rolled into Oracle Arena with a certain thunder about them. After a sterling preseason performance that enticed viewers with promises of high-octane, circus-like offensive displays and general basketball dominance, the Warriors staggered out of the gates against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night. The unyielding defense of Gregg Popovich’s Spurs was perhaps a...
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Basketball math: addition is harder than subtraction

Here’s a look at the very ugly first half of the Warriors’ first game of the regular season. During the first half of the first game of the season, the Spurs clicked like a well-oiled machine at Oracle Arena while the Warriors seemed out of sync on both ends of the floor. During a first-half timeout, Coach Steve Kerr labeled Golden State's play "frenetic." Down by 15 with seven minutes left in the half, this was an understatement. With the exception of a productive stretch by Kevin Durant and a few well-timed three-point shots by Stephen Curry, missed shots, sloppy ball-handling,...
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Warriors vs. Spurs: Kevin Durant, Golden State host Spurs to open season

The Warriors begin a new journey with Kevin Durant against the Spurs. LGW!{"url":"https://twitter.com/warriors/status/790985292551364608","author_name":"GoldenStateWarriors","author_url":"https://twitter.com/warriors","html":" .@KDTrey5 locked in & ready for Opening Night #DubNation pic.twitter.com/n6ME2pIJ4G— GoldenStateWarriors (@warriors) October 25, 2016 \n","width":550,"height":null,"type":"rich","cache_age":"3153600000","provider_name":"Twitter","provider_url":"https://twitter.com","version":"1.0","source_url":"https://twitter.com/warriors/status/790985292551364608"}
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2016-17 NBA opening night schedule: NYK @ CLE, UTA @ POR

Opening Night thread for the appetizers before SAS @ GSW The ring ceremony tonight in Cleveland is scheduled for 4:30 PM PST, before the two preeminent Eastern Conference superteams [sitcom pause for audience laughter to subside] clash in “The Land”. A motley crew of has-been superstars surround Kristaps Porzingis as his New York Knicks take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Two intriguing young Western Conference teams meet in Portland at 7 PM PST. The Utah Jazz visit the Moda Center and the Portland Trail Blazers in a game that features two likely playoff teams. Chop it up in the comment...
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2016-17 Warriors: Previewing the season with Limited Upside’s Mike Prada

It’s podcast time! I hopped on the mic with SB Nation’s NBA editor, Mike Prada, to preview the 2016-17 Warriors. So, hey guys. I just wanna take a quick moment to shout something into the void real quick. You don’t mind, right? Okay, here we go. BAAAAASKETBALL IIIIIIIIS BAAAAAAAAACK!!! Whew! Okay, glad I got that out of my system. With an eye towards the upcoming season (seriously, it’s starting tonight! Yup! Tonight!), I jumped on SB Nation’s Limited Upside podcast with Mike Prada. We had a blast. Here’s a few of the topics: Did you hear the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 25, 2016


Warriors vs Spurs at Oracle on opening night. The crowd will be lit for this possible Western Conference Finals preview. Are you ready? Game Information Golden State Warriors (0-0, 0-0 Home) vs San Antonio Spurs (0-0, 0-0 Road) How to Watch? Date: Tuesday October 25th, 2015 Location: Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA Time: 7:30 PST TV: National - ESPN Radio: 95.7 THE GAME Starting Lineups: G Steph Curry vs Tony Parker G Klay Thompson vs Manu Ginobili? F Kevin F’n Durant vs Kawhi Leonard F Draymond Green vs LaMarcus Aldridge C Zaza Pachulia vs Pau Gasol Team Previews The Warriors... finally...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 24, 2016

Golden State Warriors 2016-2017 regular season: Seven bold predictions

The Golden State Warriors’ 2016-2017 NBA campaign starts this week. How many games will they win? Who will be the leading scorer? We’ve got these predictions and more! It’s finally here. The offseason and the preseason have come and gone, and on Tuesday the Golden State Warriors will suit up for their first regular season game against the San Antonio Spurs. In light of the new season ahead, I offer you seven bold predictions for the Warriors’ 2016-2017 regular season. At the end of the regular season, we can see what I got right and, more amusingly, what I got wrong. Got your own...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 24, 2016

United Airlines named Founding Partner of Warriors' Chase Center

As a result of the partnership, United becomes the franchise's official airline. Plus, some other important Chase Center news. The Warriors have announced United Airlines as a founding partner of Chase Center, the franchise's billion-dollar San Francisco arena set to open for the 2019-2020 season."Adding United Airlines as a Founding Partner of Chase Center continues to show our commitment to building and operating a world-class sports and entertainment facility in San Francisco," said Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts. "Chase Center will be the best destination in...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 24, 2016

It's On Us to prevent harassment of women online

While Derrick Rose was seen smiling with the jurors after a not guilty verdict in his gang rape trial, men were gleefully harassing women on social media who disagreed with the verdict.  Although that type of online harassment is not directly equivalent to sexual assault, it is up to all of us to prevent the dehumanizing treatment against women. Here’s what you, as sports fans, need to know about the problem and the solution As you may have noticed, all of SBNation’s individual blogs recently changed their logos to It’s On Us. What you may not know, however, is why. SBNation supports...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 24, 2016

Analysis: Can the Warriors go 15-0 Again?

As the season ramps up with increased expectations, we look at the chances if the Warriors could again go 15-0 to start the season. The 2016-17 NBA regular season starts in less than 48 hours — the roster is all but set, the expectations have never been higher, and fans are ready to see this new-look team on the court for games that count. Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors’ players have already properly set their own expectations - another Championship ring. They have made it clear that the season goals of wins records and streaks are not as important as the final result of the...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 23, 2016

How not to read the news: A guide for worried Warriors fans

We take a look at some of the more infuriating NBA “news sources” out there in internet land. Let’s say you’re sitting at your coffee table, Sunday afternoon, casually glancing through the day’s news. Hmm... Politics, bombings, hackers. “Man,” you might be tempted to think, “let me skip this stuff. It’s too depressing. Let me go and read about the Warriors. I need a pick-me-up because the world is horrible right now and I like reading about Kevin Durant because he’s my new favorite player and I still can’t believe he chose the Warriors and maybe if I read some nice,...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 23, 2016

Ranking the Warriors' Assets: Can Damian Jones crack the rotation when healthy?

Can the rookie from Vandy contribute for the 2016 team once he returns to the floor, or should we already consider him a long-term project? The GSoM community is ranking the Warriors' players, but we're doing it "Survivor" style, eliminating one player per poll, until we've decided who is the most valuable to the Warriors in 2017 and beyond. We're referring to the players as "assets." As such, voters are reminded to consider age, salary, injuries, production, potential and overall value to the team (as either a player or trade piece) when making their selections. Basically, you're part of...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 23, 2016

10 reasons to love Anderson Varejao

The Brazilian center has become the player Warriors fans love to hate. Can more time in Golden State’s system and better production turn hate into respect? Now measured by decimal points rather than whole numbers, Anderson Varejao’s stats can only be described as pathetic. In the 2015-16 season, Varejao averaged 2.6 PPG, 2.7 RPG and 0.2 BLKPG — down from career averages of around 7 PPG and 7 RPG. So it is no wonder that many in Dub Nation are scratching their heads about the Warriors’ decision to keep Varejao over fan-favorite Marreese Speights (who can actually shoot the ball). ...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 22, 2016

Warriors win over Trail Blazers: Mental toughness will be key to success this season.

With rumors about poor chemistry already swirling, the Warriors played their final preseason game on Friday night. The 2016-17 Golden State Warriors may very well be the most talented basketball team ever constructed. At this point in time it seems that only a handful of teams will be able to matchup with these guys on the court. But as the start of a new NBA season nears, the Warriors might have already found their new rival in the national media. It is safe to say that this team is not new to criticism, both on a personal level and as a team. But this season is different. Every aspect...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 22, 2016

What did we learn from the Warriors’ preseason?

The NBA preseason never offers absolute truth nor does it uncover any heretofore unseen problems. With that in mind, what did we see in the Warriors’ performances, and what could these glints and flashes hint at? 125 days after losing the 2016 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors wrapped up the annual preamble to a new NBA season. The scar tissue in the hearts of players, coaches, and fans is still raw and sensitive. The arrival of Kevin Durant, in a blaze of fearlessness, was a soothing ointment to ailing spirits across the Bay Area — but it’ll be a few more years (titles) before...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 22, 2016

Golden State overpowers Portland in 107-96 victory

Durant and Curry duelled their way to a Warriors win in a game that was much closer than it should have been. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant overpowered the Portland Trail Blazers in a 107-96 victory in their final game of preseason play. They finish with a record of 6-1, winning all except their first game back against the Toronto Raptors. During the off-season, I wrote about the Warriors’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on February 27th. In that game, Curry and Durant had a magnificent three point duel, leading to an exciting Warriors win in overtime. I told everyone to imagine...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 21, 2016

Warriors vs. Blazers: Full highlights, score, and analysis

Kevin Durant and the Warriors battled the Trailblazers in the final preseason game!
Golden State Of Mind Oct 21, 2016

Steph Curry and Under Armor unveil the new Curry shoes, here’s a look

New season, new kicks! These aren’t the “dad shoes” that got roasted earlier in the summer. With less than a week left before the regular season starts Under Armor has finally officially unveiled the new Curry 3 mids, behold, the greatness: So, on first glance, these are a lot different from the Curry 1 and Curry 2 (which were both pretty similar designs to each other). I think the most drastic change is that they moved the huge Under Armor “UA” logo from the sides and they’ve also added in what I assume to be Steph’s signature. In related news, Steph Curry...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 21, 2016

ESPN’s Ethan Strauss responds to controversy over Draymond Green story

He tweeted that he basically has it all on tape. Our immediate instinct is to circle the wagon and defend our players whenever they are subjected to media scrutiny. But it’s important that any debate over a story start with the facts. Writer should know that features go through a fact check where transcripts and audio are submitted https://t.co/7dv6JCfaH8— Ethan Strauss (@SherwoodStrauss) October 19, 2016 Marreese Speights has denied making some of the statements presented in the article. Ethan Sherwood Strauss may not come out waving the fact sheet in our proverbial faces, but it...

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