9:50 PM EST, Tue March 03, 2015
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Golden State Of Mind 3 hours ago

Crunch time on the road: How the Warriors fought 'the blitz' against the Celtics, Nets

We'll take a quick look at two crunch time plays from the Warriors' games against the Celitcs and Nets. We focus on how the Warriors deal with aggressive blitzing double teams. This is the first of an occasional feature where we'll pick a play from a recent game to break down. They won't often be the prettiest plays or my favorite plays or the most important plays of the game. But I plan to pick plays that connect to deeper issues around the team's development. Today we look at a play from the Celtics game and Nets game. I believe a CRUCIAL factor in the Warriors’ future playoff success...
Golden State Of Mind 6 hours ago

The road to a NBA championship, part 1: The Warriors' outside first round challengers

With the playoffs quickly approaching, there's a lot of talk about which teams the Warriors play well against and which matchups the team should avoid. Let's take an in depth look at how the Warriors have fared against the other top teams in the Western Conference, and who they might face up against in the postseason. There is no parade for having the best regular season record. As recently as 2011-12, the league's 4th best regular season team, the Miami Heat, defeated the team with the 3rd best record, the Oklahoma City Thunder, in the NBA Finals. The top two teams in the regular...
Golden State Of Mind 9 hours ago

How should we feel about Shaun Livingston?

The team is exceeding expectations. Free agent pickup Shaun Livingston is not. This isn't good but is it concerning? I had no idea how to start writing this whatever this is supposed to become and is going to end up being. That is an awful grammatical sentence and it's really the best I could come up with in the past week. I've had this set up in the drafts, parsing, combing, and futilely attempting to toss out words to what Shaun Livingston's debut season as a Golden State Warrior has meant, and what could still happen. He hasn't been awful. He hasn't been good. He hasn't been as...
Golden State Of Mind 15 hours ago

Warriors vs. Nets Recap: Too Little, Too Late in Brooklyn

A late 4th quarter Curry flurry was not enough to cut down the Nets Monday night in Brooklyn. Lets face it, there are plenty of excuses that can be made to help ease the pain of the 108-110 loss that the Warriors suffered to the Nets Monday evening in Brooklyn. They were on the longest road trip of the season, playing in the second game of a back-to-back which also happened to be the fourth game in five nights. And if we can please tell the violinist to find a real somber tone for this next one, apparently the Dubs were also delayed about five hours in Boston after they pulled off the...
Golden State Of Mind 21 hours ago

Game Links #58: Golden State Warriors 108 @ Brooklyn Nets 110 - Jarrett Jack made everyone forget about Curry's furious comeback attempt

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Warriors vs. Nets final score: Jarrett Jack hits game-winner in Brooklyn's 110-108 win

An exhausted Warriors squad ends their Eastern Conference road trip with a loss in Brooklyn. Jarrett Jack hit a jumper with 1.1 seconds left to lift the Brooklyn Nets to a 110-108 win over the Golden State Warriors, negating a spectacular fourth quarter by former teammate Stephen Curry. Curry scored 18 of his game-high tying 26 points in the fourth quarter to help the Warriors fight their way back to a tie game with under a minute left. But a late turnover by Andrew Bogut set up an all-too-familiar #ISOJack possession for the game-winner. It was an unfortunate win to what started off as an...
NetsDaily Mar 2, 2015

2nd Half Game Thread: Warriors at Nets

The score at the half: Nets 57, Warriors 51. Brook Lopez leads all Brooklyn scorers with 16 points in 17 minutes. For more on the Golden State Warriors, check them out at Golden State Of Mind. Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden State Warriors, 7:30 PM EST - NetsDaily Golden State Warriors vs. Brooklyn Nets - Box Score - ESPN
Golden State Of Mind Mar 2, 2015

Preview: Warriors @ Brooklyn; Wrapping up the Road Trip

The Warriors head to Brooklyn Monday night to finish up a tough stretch of games on the East Coast. Do they have anything left in the tank? Golden State Warriors (46-11) @ Brooklyn Nets (24-33) Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY 4:30 p.m. PST Radio: KNBR 680 AM | TV: CSN Bay Area Buddy Blog: Nets Daily The Warriors finally wrap up their East Coast adventure with a stop into Brooklyn, New York tonight to face the pesky Nets. Golden State has looked tired, streaky and tested over their six-game swing away from home. To many's surprise and relief they proven themselves with a respectable 4-2...
Celtics Today Mar 2, 2015
Celtics blow big lead against league leading Warriors, 106-101 loss in the Garden

Celtics blow big lead against league leading Warriors, 106-101 loss in the Garden

The Celtics came out and throw the first punch against the Warriors. The first punch resulted in a 26 point lead for the Celtics, but a lead that big doesn't mean the game is over in the NBA. Especially against the best team in the NBA. The Celtics knocked down three 3-pointers in a minute to push their lead to a game-high 26 points at 56-30 with 6:53 to play in the first half.The Warriors regrouped at halftime and came out in the second half looking like the best team in the NBA this season. Steph Curry finished with a game-high 37 points on 14-of 22-shooting while Klay Thompson added 20...
Golden State Of Mind Mar 2, 2015

Warriors vs. Celtics recap: Golden State overcomes 26-point deficit to win in Boston

After a sluggish first quarter the Warriors find their legs and escape Boston with a victory. Is it just me, or do Sunday NBA matinee's rarely disappoint? The Dubs defense missed the first act of Sunday's show, but eventually took center stage in the second half to help complete the biggest comeback victory in the Steve Kerr era. After giving up 38 points in the first quarter, the Warriors uncharacteristically continued to allow easy fast break buckets throughout the first half as the Celtics tallied 17 fast break points before the Dubs could record two of their own. Isaiah Thomas...
Golden State Of Mind Mar 1, 2015

Sunday Reads: NBA profiles, #1 - Vivek Ranadive

Former Warriors owner Vivek Ranadive has made some curious decisions since buying the Sacramento Kings. NOTE: Starting today, I am going to be writing a weekly Sunday column profiling various people around the NBA. It'll be called Sunday Reads: NBA Profiles. What is PASSION? What is it to find something that fulfills you? Something that entangles your brain in such a way that you are pleasured by the act of untangling the problem. For each day can be a problem. The act of waking and dressing and walking out your door, unsure of what the world holds for you. Unsure of the day's...
Golden State Of Mind Mar 1, 2015

Warriors vs. Celtics preview: Golden State's road show arrives in Boston

The Warriors are in the middle of a 4-game-in-5-night stretch. Their defense is humming right now, or rather silencing crowds, after a tremendous effort in Toronto. Brad Stevens and his newly revamped Celtics look for an upset. The Golden State Warriors @ The Boston Celtics Tip-off: 3 PM PT TV CSN | Radio KNBR 680 AM Buddy Blog Maybe an upset isn't the right word -- this Boston team looks pretty good right now. On their last visit to Oakland, they surprised many fans with a close game (Warriors scraped by, 114-111). Yet this is a different team now. Jared Sullinger, who went for 26 points...
Golden State Of Mind Mar 1, 2015

David Lee - Please Rise and Approach the Bench

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast - Looking-glass 3 "Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said. 'One can't believe impossible things.'I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. There goes the shawl again!" ― Lewis Carroll Our tale so far: In part 1, Through the Looking Glass, we examined DLee's role as one of the four holdovers from the Cohn era, and Joe Lacob's first hire. We demolished the idea that he was "too...
Golden State Of Mind Feb 28, 2015

On mental health, Larry Sanders, and defining seasons

These are my thoughts of mental health and how it's hard to discern what may or may not be going through a player's head during the ups and downs of their careers. There is a scene in the superb Larry Sanders feature by ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz that nearly had me in tears: At breakfast, Sanders was approached by a 50-something financial analyst from suburban Milwaukee. Sanders' large frame had just folded itself into a chair at a window table in the cafe inside the Pfister Hotel. The consultant apologized for the interruption, then paused for Sanders to give him an OK before continuing....
Golden State Of Mind Feb 28, 2015

The Warriors lose to Lebron James, but regroup to demolish the Toronto Raptors

Bully ball isn't fun when you're the one getting punched in the face. Stephen Curry and James Harden have, deservedly so, dominated the early MVP talk this year. Both have led their teams to banner years. Both have shined on the biggest stages. And yet, as many have pointed out, there is only one true superstar in the NBA stratosphere and that man's name is LeBron James. It pains me to write these words. Even as I type them, I can envision the torrent of backlash. But, hey, it's true. Earlier this year, LeBron took off eight games to rehab a series of injuries. His back was ailing, his...
Raptors HQ Feb 27, 2015

Golden State Warriors Come Out and Play, Crush Raptors 113-89

The hits keep on coming for the Toronto Raptors as they get embarrassed on their home floor by the Warriors, losing 113-89. Nothing makes sense anymore. Dwane Casey called it a "woodshed butt-kicking." Kyle Lowry was surprised by the franchise record-worst 1-for-19 first quarter. Tyler Hansbrough attempted to fight Festus Ezeli. And the Raptors lost 113-89 to the Warriors at the ACC. Nothing about this team makes sense anymore (OK, except maybe that Hansbrough bit). From the opening tip, as the Warriors jumped out to a quick lead they never relinquished, the Raptors looked lost. The...
Golden State Of Mind Feb 27, 2015

Recap: Warriors get Jurassic on Toronto

Warriors, sorely in need of a bounce back win, never left this one in doubt. The Golden State Warriors, for the second time this season, played in a nationally telecast "Championship Preview." And like the last time at Atlanta, the Warriors came up short in a humbling loss to the streaking Cavaliers. Facing a road back-to-back in Toronto the next afternoon, these Warriors bounced back in spectacular fashion, plastering the helpless Raptors 113-89. Tired legs seemed to be a factor early on, as the Dubs shot under 35% in the first quarter. However, the ball movement was crisp, the shot...
Golden State Of Mind Feb 27, 2015

Game Preview: Warriors take on the Raptors

Warriors look to bounce back after an overblown loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's an old hoops adage that draws more controversy than Charles Barkley speaking on live television. "Teams compete and superstars win." Perhaps you're a believer in a one or two man flurry responsible for team success (aka win shares). Regardless, when the Warriors enter The Air Canada Centre, they'll seek to shut down the Raptors superstars while getting they're own off. The W's haven't had two games in a row where a player failed to score more than 20 points. They'll seek to rebound off a tough loss to...
Brew Hoop Feb 27, 2015

Bucks announce "90's night" will take place March 28th vs. Warriors

We are excited. The Bucks announced today that they would be bringing back 90's night on March 28th, and oh boy does it sound exciting. Here's what's going down. -- First, the Bucks will play the Golden State Warriors, who are in the best team in the Western Conference and extremely fun to watch. -- If you are over 21 and are on of the first 10,000 fans there, you will receive this stylish Bucks beer mug. -- At halftime, Grammy Award-winning rap supergroup Naughty by Nature will perform. If you happen to be unfamiliar with them, I suggest you check out "Hip Hop Hooray" and "O.P.P" this...
Golden State Of Mind Feb 26, 2015

Warriors vs. Cav's Recap: Too Much King and Too Little Warriors

In addition to finding Klay Thompson's touch on the first half, the Warriors have to enter contests with an equal mix of wing and interior play. After a little cat and mouse, the King took flight. They don't call him "the King" due to any affinity for burgers. This guy's grilling on the hardwood and creating opportunities for his team. The Warriors didn't have much response for LeBron James' hot third quarter that helped the Cav's get out to a 16-3 run.  He would end the game with 42 points on 15-of-25 shooting. James didn't singlehandedly beat the W's. Golden State gave him a sprinkle of...

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