11:18 PM EST, Wed January 28, 2015
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Blog a Bull 10 hours ago

Derrick Rose paints his Mona Lisa against the Warriors

'And this film we once saw was reviled for it's flaws. But it's flaws were what made us have fun.' The Bulls and the Warriors were not in the same weight class on Tuesday night. Any official with even an once of empathy would have stopped the fight before it started. Consider: The Warriors had not lost to an Eastern Conference team all season. The Warriors entered at 21-1 at home. The Warriors were posting the best point differential since the 72-10 Bulls The Bulls were without two starting wings in Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy Jr. The last time the Bulls played the Warriors, Draymond...
Golden State Of Mind 20 hours ago

Recap: The Golden State Warriors fall short of 20th home win vs. the Chicago Bulls, 111-113 (OT)

The Golden State Warriors lose a tough game at home in overtime (111-113), which also happens to be their first loss against the Eastern Conference this season. The Chicago Bulls deserve a lot of credit for the way they played tonight. Missing their leading scorer in Jimmy Butler, who is also likely their best perimeter defender, they still managed to eek out a victory despite never leading by more than two points. Derrick Rose's 11 turnovers certainly hurt their cause, but they made up for the resulting fastbreak points with a strong rebounding advantage (61-48). With all three of our true...
Golden State Of Mind 21 hours ago

Game Links #43: Golden State Warriors 111 vs Chicago Bulls 113 (OT) - Just hit one 3pt after halftime - that's all we asked for.

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Golden State Of Mind Jan 27, 2015

Warriors vs Bulls Preview

The Bulls come to Oracle where the Warriors are looking to continue a home winning streak Golden State Warriors (36-6) vs. Chicago Bulls (29-17) Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA 7:30 p.m. PST TV: CSN Bay Area | Radio: KNBR 680 Buddy Blog: Blog a Bull Continuity: so hot right now. It's become a buzzword in the NBA in the last few years as teams like the Grizzlies and the Spurs have made it to the Conference Finals and beyond, repeatedly and without the help of your traditional brand of superstar. It's also the key difference between the Warriors and the Bulls, who face off tonight at Oracle. At...
Peachtree Hoops Jan 26, 2015

NBA Power Rankings: Warriors, Hawks pacing the field

The Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks continue to pace the field in this week's edition of the Peachtree Hoops' NBA Power Rankings. 1.       Golden State Warriors: Warriors get the top spot because of strength of schedule and because they have just destroyed every team they have played this week. 2.      Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks have a 7 game lead as of Sunday morning.  Yeah I totally saw that coming when I made my pre-season predictions. But man this Hawks team is something that I will talk about for years to come. 3.      Los Angeles Clippers:  I can't wait to...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 26, 2015

Warriors beat the Celtics, final score 114-111. Almost not invincible. Almost.

Oh, hey there. Yeah, hi, it's been awhile. Just been living under a rock in a remote cave, you know, taking some time off, relaxing, and OH HOLY GOD WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE WARRIORS! No, I've been paying attention. But it's been awhile since I've written, and might need to get this off my chest for a minute. I'm just still in a bit of shock. It's like, as Warriors fans, we've been living in a cave for most of our lives, and now have emerged into the bright radiant world, a bit blinded and unsure of the new and unexplored world around us, comforted by the warmth of the light but still...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 26, 2015

Never in doubt, the Warriors squeak past Celtics 114-111

It was a slopfest of a game from the Golden State Warriors' perspective but they battled past a talent-deficient Boston Celtics squad to win. I always try to gauge around halftime whether to start writing a recap from a myopic or grand scheme point of view. Since the game was a bit of a wreck and I actually fell asleep in the second quarter on the rewatch and had to triple re-watch the game, I'm going to bombard you all with more words than necessary about a boring Sunday afternoon game against the cellar dweller Boston Celtics. In the vacuum of a single game, the Celtics gave the...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 25, 2015

Preview: Warriors vs. Celtics; 19 straight home wins?

Golden State is looking for its 19th victory in a row at home, against the rebuilding Celtics. Golden State Warriors (35-6) vs. Boston Celtics (15-26) 5:00 PM Oracle Arena - Oakland, California Blog Buddy: Celtics Blog The extreme juxtaposition between the Warriors and the Celtics is striking. Golden State has far and away the league's best record, emerging continuity and true team chemistry, and a contingent of players who play well with each other. The Celtics, on the other hand, are rebuilding, with General Manager Danny Ainge giving players away with seemingly nary a care for anything...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 24, 2015

The Night Klay Thompson went insane

There are no words, as clichè as it sounds. I will attempt to clumsily word what I witnessed on Friday night. Diamond Leong of Bay Area News Group had an excellent oral history of what went down. Tim Kawakami of San Jose Mercury News wrote up a breakdown of every single shot. And the always superb Ethan Sherwood Strauss of ESPN capsulating what Klay Thompson has become. And then the best of them all, Draymond Green: ----- There are certain points during an event when in that exact moment, something tangibly out of reach rises up and slaps you in the face with a force of a million...

Warriors vs. Kings preview: All-Star hopefuls Klay Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins on display at Oracle Arena

The Golden State Warriors are playing the Sacramento Kings tonight, which makes the debate over 2015 All-Star reserves a bit more interesting than the game itself. Golden State Warriors (34-6) vs. Sacramento Kings (16-26) 7:30 p.m. PST Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA TV: CSN BA | Radio: KNBR 680 Buddy blog: Sactown Royalty While the Golden State Warriors are at the very least having one of the best regular seasons ever if not yet worthy of being considered one of the best teams ever -- rings matter -- the Sacramento Kings are an $800 million "massive managerial failure". So perhaps you'll...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 23, 2015

The Warriors are annoying opposing locker rooms

When you are a really good team and play the Golden State Warriors in 2015, at Oracle Arena, you tend to lose not by a bit but by a lot. These are two instances where frustration overcame sanity. On November 5, 2014, the opposing locker room felt eminently similar to the one last night; morose, tired, and very frustrated. Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers took nearly 30 minutes to come out for his customary post-game presser. When he finally escaped the aftermath of what was the beginning of a string of Golden State Warriors-dominated rivalry matchups, he had some biting words for his...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 22, 2015

2015 NBA All-Star Game starters announced: Stephen Curry leading vote-getter

We know Stephen Curry made the team. Who joined him as a starter? The 2015 NBA All-Star Game starter were officially announced Thursday on TNT and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry was selected to the team as a starter for the second consecutive time. Curry was the leading vote-getter of the entire league, beating out LeBron James by about 42,000 votes. Western Conference starters: Stephen Curry, Warriors, G Kobe Bryant, Lakers, G Anthony Davis, Pelicans, F Marc Gasol, Grizzlies, F (really a center, which is not an available position on the ballot) Blake Griffin, Clippers, F Eastern...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 22, 2015

Houston, you have a Warriors problem

If there was added motivation for this game, it sure couldn't be found in Houston. The Warriors destroy the Rockets worse than ever, racing out to a huge 31-point lead before the reserves gave it back in the fourth quarter. Tonight, the Warriors didn't need to wait until the third quarter to put the game away. In a scintillating eight minute stretch through the end of the second quarter, Golden State took off on the Rockets and left them in their space dust. The Warriors flexed their defensive muscle, holding the Rockets to just 13 points in the quarter, and 30% shooting for the half....
Golden State Of Mind Jan 21, 2015

Warriors vs Rockets preview: Is a rivalry forming between Golden State and Houston?

The Houston Rockets visit Oracle Arena tonight on National TV after some strong words over the last week from Rockets players. Can the Rockets make this into a rivalry? Golden State Warriors (33-6) vs. Indiana Pacers (29-13) Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA 7:30 p.m. PST TV: TNT (National) | Radio: KNBR 680 Buddy blog: The Dream Shake "They Ain't Even that Good" - James Harden The Rockets chose to take to the airways this week with some public comments about the Golden State Warriors. Leave it to ESPN to jump on the chance to air some pre-game words shared by The Beard before the last matchup in...
The Dream Shake Jan 21, 2015

Rockets vs. Warriors preview: It takes a village to preview this game

This game feels like a big one, so we brought out the big guns. The Rockets (29-13) take on the Golden State Warriors (33-6) in Oakland tonight at 9:30 PM. The Warriors have taken the first three meetings of the season, most recently on Saturday in Houston. That one...did not go so well, with the Rockets getting spanked, 131-106. Still, in what promises to be an epic, nationally-televised showdown, the Rockets have a chance to get one back. To suit the relatively momentous (for the regular season) occasion, The Dream Shake has come together to give you a super-sized preview, with three...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 19, 2015

Warriors wallop Nuggets 122-79; James Michael McAdoo?

The Golden State Warriors started a little slow. Trap game, sclap schame. It was over before the midway point of the second quarter. I'm not really sure what superlatives there are left at the midway point of this regular season. These Golden State Warriors have done everything they could possibly do in a 39-game stretch. Forgot the postseason seedings, injuries, or anything else for a second. What is there to even pretend to worry about? The dream season continued in a Denver Nuggets shellacking, a team that had nary an offensive system or a clue how to defend the Warriors...
Denver Stiffs Jan 19, 2015

Warriors good as gold, destroy Nuggets on MLK Day

On a day our nation reflects on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's dream, the Nuggets never woke up. The Golden State Warriors dismantled the Nuggets 122-79 The Golden State Warriors won their 16th straight home game this afternoon defeating the Denver Nuggets 122-79.  Today's 43 point margin of victory was the Warriors' best of the season.  It was also Denver's largest margin of defeat this season. The Warrior starters had no issue building a solid lead in the first quarter.  The Warrior bench busted the game wide open in the second quarter.  Golden State never looked back. Denver opened...
Denver Stiffs Jan 19, 2015

Quick Recap: Warriors demolish Nuggets 122-79

On a day our nation reflects on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's dream, the Nuggets never woke up. The Golden State Warriors dismantled the Nuggets 122-79 The Golden State Warriors won their 16th straight home game this afternoon defeating the Denver Nuggets 122-79.  Today's 43 point margin of victory was the Warriors' best of the season.  It was also Denver's largest margin of defeat this season. None of the Warriors' starters played over 26 minutes, and none of them needed to as the Warrior bench played big.  Leandro Barbosa and Shaun Livingston each added 12 points.  James Michael McAdoo...

Warriors vs. Nuggets preview: Two teams headed in opposite directions

In a season full of milestones, the Golden State Warriors look for their record 16th straight win at home today. Golden State Warriors (32-6) vs. Denver Nuggets (18-22) 1 p.m. PST Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA TV: CSN BA | Radio: KNBR 680 Buddy Blog: Denver Stiffs There was a stunningly brief period of time when an intense rivalry seemed to be developing between the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets -- something like what actually developed between the Warriors and L.A. Clippers. Most of the ingredients were there: coaches who didn't seem particularly fond of one another, "MoleGate", an...
Golden State Of Mind Jan 19, 2015

On resting players and what Steve Kerr is doing right

These are first world team problems and Steve Kerr is handling it the right way. After the win against the Miami Heat, Steve Kerr dropped a "dog days" reference to the long season in his post-game presser as many times as Mark Jackson would preach a "this is a no excuses basketball team" in a single response. Later in the locker room, David Lee elicited a few laughs when he poked a little fun at the whole "dog days" portion of the schedule. Unfortunately, it's not so much a joke as much as an integral aspect of the regular season that begs to be maneuvered around rather than stubbornly...

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