11:56 PM EDT, Wed May 27, 2015
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Warriors vs. Rockets Game 5: Golden State can advance to the 2015 NBA Finals at Oracle

After a disappointing loss to the Rockets in Houston, the Warriors look to clinch a berth to the NBA Finals at home tonight. The Warriors are 45-3 at Oracle Arena this season. The Houston Rockets haven't managed to win in Oakland since 2013. When the game tips off at 6:00 PM (Pacific), none of that will matter. Stephen Curry's MVP award won't matter. Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green's places on the NBA All Defensive teams won't  matter, and neither will Klay Thompson and Steph Curry's All NBA team selections. The Rockets' 45 point first quarter from last game won't matter either,...
Golden State Of Mind May 26, 2015

Breathing deeply and reevaluating our priorities

Steph is injured but somehow, miraculously, is unhurt. Torrential rains, flooding, cripple Texas. Last night, in Houston, Stephen Curry took a spill that, in the moment, seemed career altering. Shit, perhaps even life altering. He fell. So hard. Fell so hard from such a height. Time stopped. The arena grew hushed. Everyone loves Steph. Including Houston. No one wants to see any one guy get hurt. But if it's Steph, well, ... Neck injuries, head injuries and spinal injuries are some of the most unpredictable and scariest in sports. In life. You start messing around with the spine, with the...

Why post passing is the NBA's next great undervalued skill

In today's changing NBA landscape, versatility is more important than ever and that means rethinking what skills we value where. Zach Lowe of Grantland put together a great article today about the importance of "playmaking fours", power forwards who are able to not only "stretch" the floor by making threes but also punish defenses by making plays from the post against smaller defenders. You should read the article in its entirety, but one aspect in particular really stood out in relation to the current Golden State Warriors roster: Multiple front-office gurus have whispered that post...
Golden State Of Mind May 26, 2015

The Stephen Curry Contusion Game and TAKES

Stephen Curry fell over Trevor Ariza and the internet exploded into a scorching array of sentences formulated into opinions delving into medicine and finally, back to self-righteousness. My favorite. I am not a doctor. If I were a doctor, I would not be spending my precious free time watching basketball on a Monday night. Those two sentences apply to essentially 99% of people watching the game and tweeting, or watching the game anywhere. We are not doctors. And yet, midway through the game after Stephen Curry had been upended by a Trevor Ariza pump-fake sending his head crashing into the...
Golden State Of Mind May 26, 2015

Game Links #R3G4: Golden State Warriors 115 @ Houston Rockets 128 - Warriors could not recover from Rockets 45pt 1st qtr

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Warriors at Rockets Game 4 final score: Houston's big first quarter overwhelms Golden State, 128-115

The Rockets and Warriors set a NBA record for most combined threes in a game, but a big first quarter and 45 points from James Harden helped the home team to a Game 4 win to avoid a sweep. The Golden State Warriors did not take a 128-115 loss in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals solely because Stephen Curry suffered an injury in the second quarter. When Curry suffered that head contusion with just under six minutes left in the second quarter, the Warriors were already down by 19. During the approximately 12-minute period that Curry was out (from 5:52 in the second quarter until 5:58...

Warriors at Rockets Game 4 halftime score: Stephen Curry questionable to return with Golden State down 69-59

Stephen Curry is questionable to return in the second half after suffering a head contusion in the second quarter of Game 4 in Houston. Nevertheless, the Warriors are down just 69-59. After a disastrous first quarter, a 10-point deficit seemed to be 10 zillion light years away. The fact that the Golden State Warriors are even within striking distance of the Houston Rockets at halftime is remarkable and a lot of that is due to the second quarter performance of Klay Thompson, who had all of his game-high 16 points in the second quarter to help his team head into halftime down just 69-59. ...

Warriors at Rockets Game 4: Golden State tries to sweep Houston in the Western Conference Finals

The Warriors face the Rockets tonight at 6 p.m. PST with the chance to advance to the NBA Finals. The Houston Rockets' performance in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals is exactly why they were so quickly dismissed as a threat to the Golden State Warriors even before the series began. Despite playing at home after a close loss on the road in Game 2, Houston just came out looking like a team that had already accepted their fate as runner-up to one of the best pro basketball teams in history. And with the Warriors now holding a commanding 3-0 lead — perhaps made even more intimidating...
Rufus on Fire May 25, 2015

Game 4: Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors open thread

Will we be seeing the end of the Houston Rockets tonight? Probably. Tonight we have ourselves what may be the very end of the Houston Rockets. With how dominant the Golden State Warriors have been, all season, is there any reason for us to believe that they won't close it out tonight and get some much wanted rest? Last night, the Atlanta Hawks tried to avoid going into a 3-0 hole themselves against the Cleveland Cavaliers. They threw everything and the kitchen sink at LeBron James, but the greatest player in the NBA would not be denied as he toughed his way to a huge victory over the Hawks....

Warriors vs. Rockets, 2015 NBA Playoffs: Time, TV schedule and live stream for Western Conference Finals Game 4

The Warriors will face the Rockets for Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals in Houston tonight at 6 p.m. PST. Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard might not have thought much of Stephen Curry's offensive rebound against him on Saturday night, but it might end up lingering as the defining moment of the series for just about everyone else on Earth. Marcus Thompson II of Bay Area News Group summed up the moment nicely in his piece from Saturday night. This play perfectly illustrated the reality the Rockets had to deal with -- no one was stopping Curry on Saturday...Curry's performance in...
Golden State Of Mind May 25, 2015

Warriors at Rockets, NBA Playoffs 2015: Golden State's new defense against Houston and Harden

We break down the new Warriors defensive scheme against James Harden and the Rockets, introduced in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Harden in Games 1 and 2 Okay, everyone knows that James Harden went insane in Games 1 and 2.  The Warriors scheme was to play Harden straight up with Klay Thompson, drive him off the three point line, don't foul him and force him to make contested two point jumpers. The scheme worked wonderfully, but as documented by Strauss, Harden shot much better than expected from the long-inefficient-two range and after long solo dribbling...
Golden State Of Mind May 24, 2015

Blowouts and Birthdays

The Warriors are on the brink of the Finals. I'll keep this somewhat short. By the time y'all read this, I'll be on a farm in upstate New York looking at the sky and having a nice cold glass of hard cider. The farmer I work for also has a hard cider company and he's throwing a huge Memorial Day party. I've been joking and telling him that, in actuality, he put the whole bash together for my birthday. It's my birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with a little early-birthday playoff blowout? Some thoughts: 1.) Stephen Curry is a goddamn assassin. He just broke Reggie Miller's...
Golden State Of Mind May 24, 2015

The Golden State Warriors are more great than lucky

There has been some trepidation on just how good these Golden State Warriors are considering just how "lucky" they've gotten through injuries and sheer missing of certain postseason teams. Well, I'm here to dissect and beat that down! It's gotten to the point in these postseason where one starts to wonder not only how great this Golden State Warriors team is but also how fortunate their road has become. When a team is so physically and blatantly dominant we weasel our way in and out of conversations, trying to remain flexible and keep the overall tangent interesting despite everything...
Golden State Of Mind May 24, 2015

Warriors eviscerate Rockets in Game 3, 115-80

Golden State came out on fire en route to taking a dominating 3-0 lead. A 35-point demolition. Stephen Curry simply scintillated. The MVP took over Game 3 and put the Warriors one win away from the NBA Finals in a rout, 115-80. 40 points on nineteen freaking shots. Seven threes. Seven assists. Five rebounds. It's almost like the Rockets didn't know he was the MVP. Curry absolutely crushed the Rockets in the second and third quarters. Shot after shot after shot swished through the net. Bank shots, finger rolls, three-pointers galore. "It's fun out there," he said afterward. Tonight, he set...

Warriors at Rockets halftime score: Golden State leads 62-37

The Warriors look to continue their march to 3-0 in the second half. And here I was thinking that the Houston Rockets would come out ready to play against the Golden State Warriors tonight.

Warriors at Rockets Game 3 coverage: Golden State takes 3-0 lead in Western Conference Finals

With the Western Conference Finals shifting to Houston, Golden State took a 3-0 lead. In NBA history, teams up 2-0 in a best-of-seven series win 94% of the time. As the Golden State Warriors head to Houston, they are in great shape to take a stranglehold on the Western Conference series and put the Rockets on the brink of elimination. Even with the Warriors taking both Games 1 and 2 at home, there is still room for improvement. Golden State played stretches of beautiful basketball by moving the ball, running the floor, and knocking down shots leading to a mega run in Game 2's first half....
The Dream Shake May 23, 2015

Rockets-Warriors Game 3 Preview: Must Win in Houston

The Rockets look to recover from a heart-breaking Game 2 loss after going down 0-2 in the series. The Western Conference Finals is shifting to Houston tonight, with the Golden State Warriors taking the first two games. The Rockets are coming off a devastating last-second loss in which James Harden and Stephen Curry dominated. In the 99-98 loss, Harden nearly recorded a magnificent triple double (38 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists) and Curry was phenomenal on the other end, dropping 33. For a more detailed review of the nightmarish game, you can click here if you're into that sort of...
Golden State Of Mind May 23, 2015

Warriors at Rockets, Game 3 preview: Golden State seeks commanding series lead

As the Western Conference Finals shifts to Houston, Golden State is in prime position to take a 3-0 lead. In NBA history, teams up 2-0 in a best-of-seven series win 94% of the time. As the Golden State Warriors head to Houston, they are in great shape to take a stranglehold on the Western Conference series and put the Rockets on the brink of elimination. Even with the Warriors taking both Games 1 and 2 at home, there is still room for improvement. Golden State played stretches of beautiful basketball by moving the ball, running the floor, and knocking down shots leading to a mega run in...
Golden State Of Mind May 22, 2015

The Golden State Margin of Error

The Golden State Warriors came back from a big deficit in Game 1. Then they blew a huge lead in Game 2. They won both games despite playing poorly at times. I go into why Golden State is so special despite their struggles. The margin of error as represented in polls, graphs, and charts allow the people who create the statistics to have a certain amount of leeway in their predictions. That's about the most broad way for me to understand and depict what "margin of error" means. For teams to beat the Golden State Warriors, the confidence interval they must reach likely peaks at 99 percent,...
Golden State Of Mind May 22, 2015

That Wild Ending of Warriors-Rockets Game 2

Both the Warriors and Rockets double teamed their stars at the end of the game. One team got a good shot, the other didn't. That was a great ending, huh?   It was interesting to see how each team dealt with the surprise double teams at the end of the game. First, the Rockets pulled out a double team of Stephen Curry for the last three possessions of the game, and the Warriors didn't deal with it very well.  For most of the game that I saw, the Rockets switched screens freely and dared Curry to shoot over their big men (which he did very well). That Backcourt Trap, 0:41 left, GSW...

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