9:41 PM EDT, Sun October 23, 2016
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Lakers News: Larry Nance Jr. says Luke Walton is the ‘the type of coach that you just want to play hard for’

Los Angeles’ players can’t stop raving about the coaching staff. The increased positive vibes around the Los Angeles Lakers have been well covered throughout training camp and the preseason. Players have raved about each other, but arguably more importantly, players have endlessly appreciated the coaching staff. It’s no secret that D’Angelo Russell didn’t exactly gel with the last coaching staff, but he says that he and Walton “communicate on and off the court as much as possible.” Nick Young has credited Walton for his shocking resurgence as part of the Lakers’ rotation,...
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How not to read the news: A guide for worried Warriors fans

We take a look at some of the more infuriating NBA “news sources” out there in internet land. Let’s say you’re sitting at your coffee table, Sunday afternoon, casually glancing through the day’s news. Hmm... Politics, bombings, hackers. “Man,” you might be tempted to think, “let me skip this stuff. It’s too depressing. Let me go and read about the Warriors. I need a pick-me-up because the world is horrible right now and I like reading about Kevin Durant because he’s my new favorite player and I still can’t believe he chose the Warriors and maybe if I read some nice,...
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Ranking the Warriors' Assets: Can Damian Jones crack the rotation when healthy?

Can the rookie from Vandy contribute for the 2016 team once he returns to the floor, or should we already consider him a long-term project? The GSoM community is ranking the Warriors' players, but we're doing it "Survivor" style, eliminating one player per poll, until we've decided who is the most valuable to the Warriors in 2017 and beyond. We're referring to the players as "assets." As such, voters are reminded to consider age, salary, injuries, production, potential and overall value to the team (as either a player or trade piece) when making their selections. Basically, you're part of...
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10 reasons to love Anderson Varejao

The Brazilian center has become the player Warriors fans love to hate. Can more time in Golden State’s system and better production turn hate into respect? Now measured by decimal points rather than whole numbers, Anderson Varejao’s stats can only be described as pathetic. In the 2015-16 season, Varejao averaged 2.6 PPG, 2.7 RPG and 0.2 BLKPG — down from career averages of around 7 PPG and 7 RPG. So it is no wonder that many in Dub Nation are scratching their heads about the Warriors’ decision to keep Varejao over fan-favorite Marreese Speights (who can actually shoot the ball). ...
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The Lakers are comparing Nick Young’s defense to Bruce Bowen and Kawhi Leonard

Young hasn’t quite been as good as the Cal State Fullerton great or current Spur, but he’s been very good on defense so far. When thinking of a player you would compare Nick Young to, who comes to mind? It's probably a bench gunner with zero conscience, right? Not if you're his Los Angeles Lakers teammates. “We keep calling him Bruce Bowen, the Glove (Gary Payton), Kawhi [Leonard] and all those guys,” said Larry Nance Jr. after the team’s practice on Saturday. “In the same breath you can say all those guys and Nick Young. “It’s kind of a team joke, but it’s fun because...
Bright Side Of The Sun Oct 22, 2016

ESPN Names Phoenix Suns NBA’s Worst Franchise

ESPN recently ranked every franchise in the four major, American pro sports leagues. Our Phoenix Suns finished 120th out of 122 overall and dead last among NBA franchises. When a team has missed the playoffs for six straight years, seen player after player leave in awkward and sometimes hostile fashion, just completed an historically inept season (fewest wins since 1968), and lacks a clear path to future championship contention, it reflects on the overall operation of the franchise. As a Phoenix Suns fan well aware of their shortcomings, I knew to start at the bottom when perusing ESPN The...
Sactown Royalty Oct 22, 2016

Kings to re-sign Lamar Patterson days after cutting him

Is a trade coming? Or maybe this is just a way to secure his D-League commitment? A few days ago, the Kings made their first cut of training camp by waiving Lamar Patterson, who they picked up off of waivers earlier this summer. Now it appears that they are changing their mind. Sources say Lamar Patterson is re-signing with the Sacramento Kings.— Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) October 22, 2016 There could be a few reasons for this, as the Kings only have 1 roster spot left with most assuming that it’s either going to go to Ty Lawson or Jordan Farmar. There’s a trade coming in...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 22, 2016

Warriors win over Trail Blazers: Mental toughness will be key to success this season.

With rumors about poor chemistry already swirling, the Warriors played their final preseason game on Friday night. The 2016-17 Golden State Warriors may very well be the most talented basketball team ever constructed. At this point in time it seems that only a handful of teams will be able to matchup with these guys on the court. But as the start of a new NBA season nears, the Warriors might have already found their new rival in the national media. It is safe to say that this team is not new to criticism, both on a personal level and as a team. But this season is different. Every aspect...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 22, 2016

What did we learn from the Warriors’ preseason?

The NBA preseason never offers absolute truth nor does it uncover any heretofore unseen problems. With that in mind, what did we see in the Warriors’ performances, and what could these glints and flashes hint at? 125 days after losing the 2016 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors wrapped up the annual preamble to a new NBA season. The scar tissue in the hearts of players, coaches, and fans is still raw and sensitive. The arrival of Kevin Durant, in a blaze of fearlessness, was a soothing ointment to ailing spirits across the Bay Area — but it’ll be a few more years (titles) before...
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Lakers Podcast: Breaking down the Lakers' loss to the Phoenix Suns

Rounding up the game and answering your questions. The Lakers lost to the Suns Friday night, and Anthony reacts to the game with topics including: Brandon Ingram's ups and downs, Nick Young playing hard despite a poor shooting night and more. Then, as it's become such a hot topic, Anthony summarized the cases for either Thomas Robinson or Yi Jianlian remaining on the team. Basketball versus business. As always, if you enjoy the show, you can find our iTunes channel here (and give us a nice rating if you’re so inclined), or you can listen to the podcast directly through Audioboom below....
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D’Angelo Russell says Timofey Mozgov is better than Karl-Anthony Towns and he might be right

Big praise for the big man. D’Angelo Russell has been excited for the addition of Timofey Mozgov to the Los Angeles Lakers from the jump. The young point guard started throwing virtual lobs to his new pick-and-roll partner as soon as possible, and his tweet late on Friday night/early Saturday morning made it clear how he feels about his big man: @KarlTowns the best center in the league by far behind T-Mozgov — D'Angelo Russell (@Dloading) October 22, 2016 Now before anyone gets mad, Russell is probably right, at least according to math: (Base image for chart...
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Luke Walton still isn’t sure what the Lakers’ best starting lineup is

The preseason is over, but the developing team is still figuring a few things out. ANAHEIM- The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Phoenix Suns 98-94 on Friday night in their final game of the preseason, and while one preseason defeat isn’t something to worry over, Lakers head coach knows the team has a few problems that still need to be addressed. The main thing in need of fixing? Getting off to slow starts. “We’ve got to figure something out with the starting group still. Until we get that under control, those lineups are probably going to change,” Walton said. “We can’t afford to...
Golden State Of Mind Oct 22, 2016

Golden State overpowers Portland in 107-96 victory

Durant and Curry duelled their way to a Warriors win in a game that was much closer than it should have been. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant overpowered the Portland Trail Blazers in a 107-96 victory in their final game of preseason play. They finish with a record of 6-1, winning all except their first game back against the Toronto Raptors. During the off-season, I wrote about the Warriors’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on February 27th. In that game, Curry and Durant had a magnificent three point duel, leading to an exciting Warriors win in overtime. I told everyone to imagine...
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Ivica Zubac is determined to show he can help the Lakers this year

Los Angeles’ young second round pick talks about his goals, his thoughts on playing in the D-League, and playing FIFA with Larry Nance Jr. ANAHEIM — Los Angeles Lakers fans have bought-in on Ivica Zubac for the same reason people buy lottery tickets. Despite every synapse in their brains reminding them of the hundreds of second-round picks who amount to little more than footnotes on a team's cap sheet, the raucous screams of "Zuuuuuu" throughout the preseason serve as evidence their hearts have bought into this longshot at a big payout. Hook, line, and sinker. To be fair to Lakers...
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Lakers Highlights: Marcelo Huertas faked this dude back to training camp with a filthy pass fake

Beware: Marcelo might fake you out with this pass too. Marcelo Huertas, known as #TheCatalyst to some, but to others he’s the magician. Marquesse Chris might know him as the time traveler after he got faked to the start of training camp with this fake pass: Marcelo Huertas fakes the pass and lays it in( : @SpectrumSN / @spectdeportes) pic.twitter.com/UsRGcwOmU2— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 22, 2016 And the sweet tear drop finish? Just when you thought you were out, ‘Celo pulls you back in.
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Warriors vs. Blazers: Full highlights, score, and analysis

Kevin Durant and the Warriors battled the Trailblazers in the final preseason game!
Lucas Hann / Clips Nation Oct 21, 2016

Clips Nation Pre-Season Staff Poll

How do our writers think the Clippers’ season is going to go? Just like last year, I got the staff of Clips Nation together for a little poll to see how we collectively felt about the upcoming season. Here are the results: Who will be the Clippers’ MVP this season? Winner: Blake Griffin, 80% (12 votes) 2nd: Chris Paul, 20% (3 votes) Which Clippers’ player will have a breakout year? Winner: Austin Rivers, 46.7% (7 votes) 2nd: Marreese Speights, 13.3% (2 votes) Wesley Johnson, 13.3% (2 votes) None, 13.3% (2 votes) Also receiving votes: Raymond Felton, Brandon Bass Which match-ups...
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Byron Scott thinks Jim Buss wouldn’t have fired him if Jim Buss was better at his job

Los Angeles’ former coach dropped possibly the most #woke take of all time. Losing your job sucks. Sometimes it feels unfair. Anyone who has ever been laid-off, let go, or fired knows the feeling. Former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott was fired by the team this summer after leading them to their two worst records in franchise history. The rosters vice president of basketball operations Jim Buss and the rest of the Lakers’ front office assembled to play for Scott didn’t exactly set him up for success, to be fair, and Scott thinks that’s a major part of the reason he was...
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Some players have “plans to give the Lakers serious consideration” in free agency next summer

We don’t know who it is, but the Lakers could sign... someone! The Los Angeles Lakers struggles in free agency have been well documented. The team has been turned down by star after star over the last several years, and didn’t even get a meeting with Kevin Durant before overpaying Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng in order to get capable veterans on the roster. The purple and gold’s free agency winds could be starting to shift, however, at least if the latest report is to be believed. In Steve Delsohn of Outside the Lines’ magnum opus on the team’s recent struggles, tucked away are...
Silver Screen and Roll Oct 21, 2016

Jeanie Buss speaks about the state of the Lakers and Jim Buss’ deadline

The Lakers owner and executive gave wide-ranging thoughts on the state of the franchise in a revealing interview. It's no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled the last several years. The team posted new lows for the franchise in terms of win-loss record for three consecutive seasons, missing the playoffs in all three. There is optimism surrounding the team's young core right now, but Steve Delsohn of ESPN's Outside the Lines sat down with Lakers president Jeanie Buss for a wide-ranging interview as part of a larger video package on the Lakers' "turmoil at the top." The full...