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Los Angeles Clippers 2014-15 Season Preview

Clips Nation editor Lucas Hann joins Blazer's Edge to discuss the 2014-15 Los Angeles Clippers, continuing a month-long, 30-team NBA season preview feature. Over the next month, Blazer's Edge will be rolling out season previews for all 30 NBA teams. Continuing this feature, we discuss the Los Angeles Clippers with Clips Nation editor Lucas Hann. (Yesterday's preview: Cleveland Cavaliers) Los Angeles Clippers 2014-15 Season Preview 2013-14 Record: 57-25, No. 1 in Pacific Division, No. 3 in Western Conference Roster additions: Jared Cunningham, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Jordan Farmar, Spencer...
Clips Nation 5 hours ago

Clippers' Stars Outshine Suns, 108-105

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul looked ready for the regular season in this foul-ridden game. You are justified to ask why I didn't go with "Blake Bitch-Slaps Suns" as the headline. Accurate as it may be, it just seemed crass, and if it turns out Blake really did act the jerk in Las Vegas, it could prove cringeworthy. It's too bad, because I've had it teed up since noon, begging for a Clipper victory and a dominating Blake performance. This was a game of two contrasting halves, the second half as torpid and disjointed as the first was inspired. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both came fully...
Steve Perrin / Clips Nation 6 hours ago

Clippers-Suns preseason game coverage

The Clippers take a 1-5 record into their penultimate preseason game against the Phoenix Suns. The regular season can't get here fast enough. Wow, has preseason been ugly. It's just preseason of course, and preseason is preseason, but by the same token, ugly is ugly. I don't think players go into games trying to miss shots — even unimportant games. But the Clippers just aren't making shots this preseason — among a myriad of other problems, or course. If it's all going to get magically better when the season starts, then please, by all means, bring on the season. The Clippers are now the...
Bright Side Of The Sun 6 hours ago

Final Score: Bledsoe, Phoenix Suns lose a tight one to Paul, Los Angeles Clippers, 108-105

Chris Paul wanted the win and he got it by being the penultimate Chris Paul. When you've got Blake Griffin at your side, that's pretty much all it takes. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and the 1-5 Los Angeles Clippers were determined not to lose yet another preseason game, especially one on ESPN. Eric Bledsoe and the 4-1 Phoenix Suns were just trying to survive a back-to-back after not playing heavy basketball since April. But this is preseason, still. The Clippers rested DeAndre Jordan and Jamal Crawford after their own back-to-back the previous night. But Blake Griffin played the whole...
Silver Screen and Roll 7 hours ago

Randle leads Lakers past Blazers, Final Score: 94-86

Even without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers blow past Portland with a victory in their penultimate preseason game. No Kobe Bryant? That was a big problem for the Lakers last season. But in their first game of the 2014-2015 campaign without him? Not so bad. The Lakers won their penultimate preseason game tonight without the Black Mamba, beating the Portland Trail Blazers 94-86. Earlier today, coach Byron Scott ruled out Bryant for the remainder of training camp, which included tonight's game, as well as Friday night's finale against the Sacramento Kings in Las Vegas. Without Kobe, the star tonight...
Lucas Hann / Clips Nation 7 hours ago

Clips Nation Rolls Out New Moderating Team

We're doing more than just upping our game on the front page--we're expanding our staff in the comment section too. It's the best Clippers team in history.  It's the best Clips Nation editorial staff in history. And, we expect that the combination of these two elements will make it the best year in Clips Nation readership history.  So, we're preparing for it by putting more safeguards in place in the comment section to make sure the conversation stays as intelligent and respectful as ever. My current obligations will be taking me away from the blog much more than in years past, and since...
Silver Screen and Roll 10 hours ago
Kobe Bryant sitting out the rest of preseason

Kobe Bryant sitting out the rest of preseason

Kobe Bryant's preseason has come to an end, but he showed more than enough in his six-game return to feel optimistic about the season. The Los Angeles Lakers will sit out Kobe Bryant in the final two games of preseason, electing to rest the veteran before the regular season tips-off on Oct. 28, head coach Byron Scott announced before their game against the Portland Trail Blazers Wednesday. Bryant will also miss the final preseason game against the Sacramento Kings Friday. He'll end his exhibition-return on a high-note, dropping 27 points in a losing effort against the Phoenix Suns. Kobe...
Blazersedge 10 hours ago
Gameday Thread: Blazers vs. Lakers

Gameday Thread: Blazers vs. Lakers

Two games left in preseason! Injury Update: Steve Blake is still in Portland tonight due to a respiratory illness, and may miss the final two games of preseason. He's expected to be ready for opening night at latest. The Portland Trail Blazers take on the Los Angeles Lakers in the sixth game of preseason. The bad news is that this game is not being televised by any source available to Portland. The good news is the modification to the rules at the bottom, just for this game. Tip-off Time: 7:00 pmViewing options: Onsite at the stadium. Otherwise, none (see first...
Clips Nation 13 hours ago

The Daily Clipper — Blake Griffin's A Slapper, Not a Flopper

Just when we thought this preseason couldn't get any worse... what's next, someone comes out with a compromising tape of our longtime beloved owner? After losing Saturday evening to the Nuggets at Mandalay Bay, the Clippers decided to go out on the town. Their excursion featured Big Baby singing his theme song and more rookie hazing for C.J. Wilcox, among other antics. Today we learned those 'other antics' might not be as innocent as the name suggests. TMZ broke a story today about Blake Griffin being investigated on a battery charge stemming from a nightclub incident: Here's what we know...
Steve Perrin / Clips Nation 15 hours ago

Clippers-Suns preseason: Wake me when it's over

With just two preseason games left, the Clippers continue to struggle mightily. Preseason doesn't matter, but still, playing poorly is never a good thing. Wow, has preseason been ugly. It's just preseason of course, and preseason is preseason, but by the same token, ugly is ugly. I don't think players go into games trying to miss shots -- even unimportant games. But the Clippers just aren't making shots this preseason -- among myriad other problems, or course. If it's all going to get magically better when the season starts, then please, by all means, bring on the season. The Clippers are...
Game Preview: Phoenix Suns look for sweep in LA with win over Clippers

Game Preview: Phoenix Suns look for sweep in LA with win over Clippers

The day after a thrilling overtime victory against the Lakers Phoenix is back in action against the other STAPLES Center resident for a preseason matchup on ESPN. When: Wednesday October 22, 2014 7:30 PM local time (10:30 EST) Where: STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, CA Watch/Listen: TV: ESPN Radio: KTAR 620AM/98.7FM ---------- Last Meeting: 4/2/2014: Clippers 112, Suns 108 Phoenix led the Clippers by 17 points late in the third quarter before a colossal collapse sealed their fate. Los Angeles ended up outscoring the Suns 34-17 in the fourth quarter on their way to a 112-108 win. It was a...
Sactown Royalty 16 hours ago

Jordan Crawford overestimated his value and turned down Kings, now he's in China

In unsurprising but interesting news, David Pick of Eurobasket.com and Sportando.com tweeted today that the Kings had offered Jordan Crawford a deal this summer.  You may have noticed a distinct lack of Jordan Crawfords on the Kings roster today, so what happened? Spoke to Jordan Crawford. He said the Kings extended an off-season deal, wasn't comfortable with a backup role in Sacramento. — David Pick (@IAmDPick) October 22, 2014 Jordan Crawford signed a $1.4m deal in China during the summer. Said he was "overlooked in the NBA." Full read drops tomm. — David Pick (@IAmDPick)...
Clips Nation 17 hours ago

DeAndre Jordan: Doc's Passion Project Enters His Contract Year

The DeAndre Jordan profile fills a little different than the others, because, well, Matt. From Plato to Popovich, from Aristotle to Mike Woodson's sentient goatee, the most brilliant minds in Western philosophy have struggled for centuries with one confounding question: what is "true beauty"? Are beautiful things intrinsically beautiful, satisfying some elusive criteria of objective perfection that humans recognize only when we see it?  Or is beauty simply in the mind of the beholder, an ever-shifting and relative idea bathed in a fog of subjectivity, like how notions of right and wrong...
Sactown Royalty 18 hours ago

The national narrative around DeMarcus Cousins is changing

ESPN's NBA Rank is just the latest example of Boogie starting to get the respect he's earned. The national narrative surrounding DeMarcus Cousins is changing for the better.  It's been slowly happening since last season, but this summer has been a turning point.  Cousins' performance on Team USA at the FIBA World Cup certainly helped draw attention to Boogie's improved performance and effort on both ends of the floor. NBATV's The Starters unanimously agreed that Cousins would make the All-Star Team this season, stating "now is the time we all fall in love with DeMarcus Cousins." Then...
Bright Side Of The Sun 18 hours ago
Ranking the NBA: The golden age of the NBA Center is long gone

Ranking the NBA: The golden age of the NBA Center is long gone

In continuation of a Bright Side tradition, we go through the trouble of ranking the players in the NBA at each position. Last year, to much fanfare, our own Jacob Padilla broke down his letter grades and rankings of players at each of the positions in the NBA. This year, I'm going to do the same thing, but with two twists. First, I am going to introduce a slight empirical element to this grading system. Instead of going entirely by the gut, I will base at least part of my grades on a composite ranking scale that takes into account a players ranking on four aggregate statistics from the...
Sactown Royalty 20 hours ago

NBA owners vote down lottery reform

Sacramento voted for the change, but the reform's failure helps the Kings. The NBA's Board of Governors have voted down lottery reform, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.  This is big news, as the reform was widely expected to hurt small market teams. The NBA draft lottery reform has been voted down at Board of Governors meeting, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. System stays. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) October 22, 2014 But in an interesting turn of events, Woj reports that the Kings voted in favor of the reform. Big markets -- Chicago and Washington -- voted...
Bright Side Of The Sun 21 hours ago

Isaiah Thomas loves buzzer beaters in Los Angeles apparently

Phoenix Suns guard Isaiah Thomas hit a buzzer-beater in Los Angeles to send the Phoenix Suns to overtime and an eventual preseason win over the Los Angeles Lakers. This wasn't the first clutch shot he's hit in L.A. With time just a hair's breadth from expiring and the Suns down two points, Mr. Clutch Guard Isaiah Thomas scooped up an offensive rebound and calmly drained a baseline jumper to tie the game. The Suns would go on to claim victory over the Lakers. Read all about it here. Watch the play once or thirty times here. Fans of Arizona sports history can't help but remember this same...
Bright Side Of The Sun 22 hours ago

Did the Suns commit to the Morris Bros too soon?

The Suns' frontline is at once too thin and overcrowded at the moment. Signing the Morris twins to four-year contract extensions a full season early might only compound the situation. As the Phoenix Suns near the regular season opener, any 2014-15 preview, reputable or otherwise, seems to carry a common theme. The backcourt is gravy -- possibly too much gravy -- but the frontcourt is frighteningly thin and full of question marks. How curious it is, then, that the Suns decided to forgo the last season of the Morris twins' contracts and plunk $52 million on extending them for four more years,...
Silver Screen and Roll 22 hours ago

Lakers vs. Trail Blazers preview: Back-to-back adventure time

A back-to-back? In the preseason? For these battered Lakers? Sounds like a good time in Ontario! The Los Angeles Lakers will wrap up a preseason back-to-back when they travel to Ontario to face the Portland Trail Blazers. This is a unique challenge for a team that needs to get healthier before the regular season begins, is also shorthanded, and is coming off an overtime loss to the Phoenix Suns. Jeremy Lin returned to the lineup after missing time following two ankle sprains and looked sharp. He scored 15 points while dishing five dimes, and is clearly working on his two-man game with big...
Silver Screen and Roll Oct 22, 2014

Jeremy Lin praises Kobe Bryant as leader and mentor

Jeremy Lin was complimentary of Kobe Bryant as a teammate, mentor and leader following the Lakers loss to the Suns. The Silver Screen & Roll Tweetbag is a collection of quotes, highlights and our caption contest posted after every Los Angeles Lakers game. Take a look around, drop a caption in the comments, and enjoy your stay! The Tweets Lin said that Bryant has been a great leader, and mentor to him since "the minute I was traded." — Bob Garcia IV (@bgarcia90) October 22, 2014 Lin however was quick to point out it has been great working with Bryant, but he can "only speak for...

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