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Golden State Of Mind 1 hour ago

Training Camp Day 2: Keep working

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Isaiah Thomas and Ryan McDonough play the match game with scouting reports on the team's guards

Pretty simple concept here. I asked new Phoenix Sun Isaiah Thomas and GM Ryan McDonough to give a scouting report on the team's terrible triumvirate of guards so I could examine the comparative and contradistinctive qualities. It's the Match Game! Media day is a tedious process great opportunity for players and personnel within the Suns organization to regurgitate the shampoo algorithm as they answer and re-answer rehashed versions of the same questions to a mind-numbing degree. Actually, it's not as weary as that makes it sound. Most of the people there seemed to have a pretty good...
Clips Nation 3 hours ago

I Wish They All Could Be California Teams

A meditation on the NBA State of the Golden State, sung to the classic Beach Boys tune. The view from on high is pretty sweet.  It was always an interesting challenge to evaluate the Pacific Division as a long suffering cellar-dwelling citizen during the extended era of Laker dominance.  But now we have a new perspective--isn't that struggling l'il Laker team cute with their hodgepodge roster?  LA Linsanity, c'mon now!  Do they have a new coach yet--I can't remember.  Oh yeah, is B Scott going to play, too--that could be kind of cool.  I actually love thinking about the hapless Lakers...
Bright Side Of The Sun 4 hours ago

Phoenix Suns Media Day - Bright Side Interviews with Lon Babby and Ryan McDonough

Here are two more videos with the head honchos. They will auto-play, but you can click the Playlist in the upper left for a bit of control.
Clips Nation 6 hours ago
From Boogie to Z-Bo: The Villains of Clipper Nation

From Boogie to Z-Bo: The Villains of Clipper Nation

Another new Clips Nation contributor, Matt Heller (in a former life, he was a citizen named thetragedyofQuintonRoss) debuts with an epic post about the opponents you love to hate. First, full disclosure for the origins of this post. For my debut feature on Clips Nation, I originally asked Clipper Steve if I could simply excerpt a forthcoming book I'm self-publishing entitled "CLEAR PATH TO CONSPIRACY: How Tony Brothers, Serge Ibaka, the Illuminati, Halliburton, Mark Jackson, Roger Goodell, the Skin Tag on Mo Speight's Head, the Military-Industrial Complex, Goldman Sachs and Mike Dunleavy...
Steve Perrin / Clips Nation 16 hours ago

Clippers Training Camp 2014

Keep up with all of the news out of Clippers training camp in Las Vegas right here at Clips Nation. It's been six months since the dark cloud of Donald Sterling reared its ugly head and cast an alarming shadow on the future of the Los Angeles Clippers. In those six months, a lot has happened. But for the first time since ownership changed to billionaire Steve Ballmer, the richest American owner in sports ¹, the Los Angeles Clippers got back on a basketball court. No, it wasn't for an actual game that counted in the standings but, for all intents and purposes, it was just as important. It...
Bright Side Of The Sun 17 hours ago

2014 Phoenix Suns Media Day - All the videos in one place

Sit back and watch all the videos from Suns Media Day 2014 in this special playlist by Bright Side of the Sun! Or, click the playlist to watch at your own pace. Eric Bledsoe Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris Zoran Dragic The Big Men Goran Dragic Isaiah Thomas Archie Goodwin Thanks Evan!
Sactown Royalty 21 hours ago
DeMarcus Cousins sets a goal of only 5 technicals for the season

DeMarcus Cousins sets a goal of only 5 technicals for the season

The Kings big man doesn't want a chance of getting suspended again. DeMarcus Cousins has a bit of a reputation as a hothead, and at times he's deserved it.  Cousins has led the league in technical fouls in both of the last two seasons and has finished in the top 5 every year he's been in the league.  Last year saw him get his 15th technical in a late February matchup with the Houston Rockets, meaning he'd get suspended for each ensuing technical.  After that, Cousins kept his temper in check for almost the entirety of the rest of the season before picking up one in the second to last...
Clips Nation 21 hours ago

Clippers Training Camp - Day One

Training Camp is always a time of intrigue. It signals the start of the on-court NBA season and, today, in Las Vegas, the Clippers got underway. It's been six months since the dark cloud of Donald Sterling reared its ugly head and cast an alarming shadow on the future of the Los Angeles Clippers. In those six months, a lot has happened. But for the first time since ownership changed to billionaire Steve Ballmer, the richest American owner in sports ¹, the Los Angeles Clippers got back on a basketball court. No, it wasn't for an actual game that counted in the standings but, for all...
Golden State Of Mind 21 hours ago

Golden State of Mindcast: 2014 Mini Season Pre-Preview

Ladies and gentlemen: we're now a month away from the 2014 season. If you've been slacking on your Warriors and NBA obsession this summer, it's time to get back down into that rabbit hole, and make your browser window all small in the corner so that your boss and coworkers don't see you wasting precious company time on Golden State of Mind. While you're at it, stick those earbuds in and fire up the ol' podcasting machine. Golden State of Mindcast is back with a mini season preview on the eve of training camp (we recorded last night), in which we mostly fret about what a Steve Kerr...
Bright Side Of The Sun Sep 30, 2014

The Phoenix Suns Need Alex Len To Have a Big Year

Is this the year that the Suns' young big man breaks out? Although this off-season will likely be remembered as "The Summer of the Guards", The Phoenix Suns have also made a statement by who they chose to sign at the center position. Nobody. The only "moves" the Suns made to address the post this off-season are bringing back Shavlik Randolph (his contract for the season was guaranteed after the Suns chose to keep him past the July 17th deadline), and signing Earl Barron to a non-guaranteed training camp deal. That's it. Last season, Miles Plumlee averaged only 25 minutes per game as the...
Sactown Royalty Sep 30, 2014
30Q: What will it take for this Kings season to be considered a success?

30Q: What will it take for this Kings season to be considered a success?

We end our 2014 30Q series with a roundtable discussion on the success of the upcoming season. We round out our 30Q series today by taking a look at the upcoming season and trying to figure out just how to determine if it will be successful.  We asked each of our writers to provide their own perspective on how they'll view the Kings success, or lack thereof, this season. *** Akis: So, what will it take for this season to be considered a success?  Success is an interesting term, especially for a team that probably isn't good enough to be considered good.  The Kings have been so bad for so...
Clips Nation Sep 30, 2014

The Daily Clipper — Catching Up on Media Day Edition

New writer Jul Jessup has already caught you up on the essentials of Clippers media day. We're here to fill in the gaps with some tidbits, both from Los Angeles and from around the league. Clippers basketball is back! After entertaining us for a few hours yesterday, the team flew to Las Vegas, where they're beginning training camp today. Keep following us here on Clips Nation for exclusive* insider** coverage of your favorite basketball team. Dean of Clippers blogging, Mr. Kevin Arnovitz, is back with another gorgeous piece, this time a look into the team's overall attitude this year...
Sactown Royalty Sep 30, 2014
Sacramento Kings NBA 2K15 ratings revealed

Sacramento Kings NBA 2K15 ratings revealed

How do the Kings stack up according to the folks at 2k Sports? The NBA 2k series has become the unquestioned industry leader in NBA video games.  Each year, the big question is how the teams will stack up, and how your favorite players will be rated.  Well, thanks to Operation Sports, we now know how the Kings will start the year. 86   DeMarcus Cousins 82   Rudy Gay 79   Darren Collison 74   Ben McLemore 75   Jason Thompson 75   Carl Landry 74   Ray McCallum 74   Reggie Evans 74   Nik Stauskas 71   Derrick Williams The list is incomplete, mostly due to...
Bright Side Of The Sun Sep 30, 2014

Solar Flares 9/30: Morris, Morris, Dragic, Dragic, Earl Barron

I'm confused at what exactly you can buy for $52 million. An unprecedented negotiation. The Morris boys are worth $52 million. Together. Or each. Something like that. Read more here. Here's a word that's not always familiar in Phoenix: defense. Goran Dragic says his brother Zoran can be "a little bit of a dirty player," without the ball. Oh right, Zoran Dragic is now a Phoenix Sun. And because now you're missing seeing Goran play, here's a look at The Dragon's top five games from last season. Eric Bledsoe stated that he wanted to stay in Phoenix all along. With everything that transpired,...
Clips Nation Sep 30, 2014
Should Joe Ingles have come to the NBA sooner?

Should Joe Ingles have come to the NBA sooner?

With the seemingly increasing number of foreign basketball players coming stateside each year, basketball minds are left wondering: How long should they play overseas before coming to the NBA? (Note: Following suit the rest of the Clips Nation staff, I've changed my handle from the simple "Erik O" to my given name, "Erik Olsgaksjdlkalskdjgfdard". We're just going to have to get used to it. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.) Although this has always been an important question for the NBA, a tweet from our Clips Nation representative at Media Day, Jul Jessup, made it particularly...
Sactown Royalty Sep 29, 2014

Kings hire stats guru Dean Oliver

The Kings just got a lot smarter. We've heard a lot about how the Kings front office under Vivek Ranadivé and Pete D'Alessandro want to embrace analytics as they rebuild the team.  We saw them try something a bit out of the box this summer by crowdsourcing draft data, but now they're going a more conventional route and simply bringing in one of the experts in Dean Oliver. Congrats to @DeanO_ESPN, the father of basketball analytics, as he leaves us @ESPN to join the Sacramento Kings. Was a huge help to me! — Fran Fraschilla (@franfraschilla) September 30, 2014 Oliver is one of the...
Steve Perrin / Clips Nation Sep 29, 2014

ClipCast Episode 87: Media Day!

The ClipCast crew, Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin, were at Media Day today and they came up with this podcast as a result, even without a radio audience! Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin debuted on 980 last Thursday, but they haven't let success spoil them. They still do podcasts of ClipCast, even when they're not on LA radio. They were at Media Day today, and they are checking in with this report, featuring Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, and of course, Joe Ingles. You can listen to ClipCast right here whenever new episodes are available. You can also listen to the guys every Thursday on...
Clips Nation Sep 29, 2014

Clippers Media Day 2014: The long summer is finally over

The NBA season draws near and the Clippers are here to say that yes, they are ready for the new season, and no, they don't want to talk about that one guy who used to own the team. The Los Angeles Clippers officially introduced their 2014-15 squad to the media on Monday, and for the most part, followed the typical blueprint. NBA players usually say how they spent their summer working out, are focused on building on last season's successes, and are ready to move on from last season's disappointments. And today, when the Clippers said that, you know they really meant it. Even after the former...
Bright Side Of The Sun Sep 29, 2014

Phoenix Suns to Morris brothers: Here's 52 million. You split it up.

The Morris brothers have always wanted to play together. "Since day one, since the day we picked up a basketball," Markieff Morris said at the press conference where the Suns announced signing the twins for $52 million over 4 years. "This was our dream to play on the same team. We did it in college, did it in high school, and now the Suns made our dream come true." The Phoenix Suns acquire Marcus Morris less than two years after he was drafted by the Houston Rockets one pick later than Markieff in the 2011 Draft, "Every time we played the Suns," Marcus said. "I would see Lon and he would...

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    Stephen Curry

    Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews get no social media buzz as one of NBA's best backcourts

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    Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant pushes himself to the point Byron Scott puts a lid on it

  • 3 Klay Thompson

    Klay Thompson

    Warriors want to sign Klay Thompson to extension

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    Miles Plumlee

    Suns GM McDonough feels centers' play has risen

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    Alex Len

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