7:58 AM EDT, Fri October 24, 2014
Silver Screen and Roll 58 mins ago

Lakers vs. Kings preview: The final preseason game

The end of the preseason has arrived for the Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers have one preseason game left before the regular season begins, heading to Las Vegas to take on the Sacramento Kings at the MGM Grand. The Lakers have a chance to end the preseason with a 4-4 record if they can win their third straight game. Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis are both expected to play off the bench, leaving starting duties to Ronnie Price and Robert Sacre. Davis and Lin give the Lakers' bench unit a duo that's chemistry has been clicking from their first games together, using the pick-and-roll to create...
Bright Side Of The Sun 10 hours ago
Steve Nash Out for Season with Back Injury

Steve Nash Out for Season with Back Injury

Today it was announced that the former Suns great and current Laker Steve Nash will miss the entirety of the 2014-15 NBA season. The situation for Steve Nash and the Lakers has gone from bad, to worse, to downright abysmal. After the story was broken by Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report, it was announced today by Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers management that Nash, the NBA's oldest active player at age 40, will miss the entire 2014-15 season due to a back injury he suffered while carrying bags a few weeks ago. Nash speculated during the offseason that this, his 19th year in the league, would...
Silver Screen and Roll 11 hours ago

Steve Nash out for season with back issues, according to report

Steve Nash expected to miss 2014-2015 season with back issues. The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to rule Steve Nash out for the entire 2014-2015 season because of "recurring nerve damage in his back," reports Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report. Nash is on the final year of a three-year contract he signed to join the Lakers. More details as the story develops.
Steve Perrin / Clips Nation 12 hours ago

ClipCast Episode 89: Jet Cunningham

Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin have a new Clipper favorite -- Jared "Jet" Cunningham Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin, the ClipCast crew, are now regulars on AM 980, The Beast. They're back today with a new episode of ClipCast. You can listen to ClipCast right here whenever new episodes are available. You can also listen to the guys every Thursday on 980. Check out prior episodes in iTunes. Follow ClipCast on twitter. All that stuff.
Silver Screen and Roll 16 hours ago

Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis are thriving in the pick-and-roll

Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis have been a great combo for the Lakers. Here's what they had to say about it, along with some video analysis of their pick-and-roll chemistry. ONTARIO - Jeremy Lin stands as the Los Angeles Lakers' best chance at finding consistent, dynamic point guard play this season. After back-to-back years marred by injuries to their stable of point guards, the Lakers get another crack at adressing the issue with Lin in a contract year. Ankle injuries have hampered his progress in Los Angeles, but he's looked good in his first two games back. Much of that has to do with the...
Clips Nation 16 hours ago
TWiCH (This Week in Clippers History): The Curse

TWiCH (This Week in Clippers History): The Curse

Hubie Brown almost was, Doc reports despite contract extension, an unknown has a shot, the Kobe dream, and the Clippers Curse, all in this edition of TWiCH. 1988 Ralph Lawler’s Full Time Partner was Almost Hubie Brown In the off season of 1988, the Clippers hired Hubie Brown to sit alongside Ralph Lawler to broadcast Clippers games. But alas, it did not happen. CBS came in and hired Brown as their top commentator, and with that, he had to give up any other jobs he had, such as the Clippers commentator role. The Clippers chose to replace Brown with two people, Keith Erickson, the former...
Silver Screen and Roll 17 hours ago

Silver Screen & Rollcast Season 2, Episode 2: Preseason Wrap-Up

The SS&R crew raps on the nearly completed preseason and training camp and prepares for the upcoming season. The Silver Screen Rollcast hits with Episode 2, wrapping up the 2014-2015 Los Angeles Lakers preseason. We'll be winding down training camp with news and thoughts on all things purple and gold, including the team's performance thus far, how this should affect the upcoming season and what the team's primary rotations should look like. We'll also talk a little bit about Kobe Bean Bryant and Henry Abbott's article on him this week. Also, please leave some questions below for our...
Bright Side Of The Sun 20 hours ago
Lottery Reform Fails - A look at the impact to the Lakers and Suns picks

Lottery Reform Fails - A look at the impact to the Lakers and Suns picks

The NBA fully expected to be able to pass lottery reforms this week, but the Phoenix Suns were one of 13 teams to surprisingly vote "no" on the proposition that would have improved middling lottery teams' chances to jump into the Top 6 next June. The prevailing thought is the small-to-mid market teams did not want to give the big markets any more opportunities to jump start their franchises, and there was some worry that these proposed reforms ran the risk of doing just that. For the Suns, that decision had to be a tough one. Late lotto As a team that has drafted 13 or 14 in four of the...
Silver Screen and Roll 20 hours ago

Highlights from Julius Randle's great game against the Trail Blazers

Julius Randle had his best game as a Laker against the Trail Blazers, giving a sample of what's to come in his career. Julius Randle had everything working for him against the Portland Trail Blazers, scoring 17 points on 7-of-10 shooting while adding play after play to his preseason highlight reel. Mid-range jumpers? Check. Triple threat jab steps? Check. Coast-to-coast plays? Check. Inhaling rebounds? Check. Showing off his passing vision and ability? Check. Nailing bank shots left and right? Check. Post moves? Check. Most impressive may have been the lob he intercepted and took the other...
Silver Screen and Roll 20 hours ago

Julius Randle grew up wanting to be Kobe, not Shaq

Julius Randle said growing up his friends wanted him to play like Shaq since he was much taller than them, but his response was wanted to be the next Kobe instead. The Silver Screen & Roll Tweetbag is a collection of quotes, highlights and our caption contest posted after every Los Angeles Lakers game. Take a look around, drop a caption in the comments, and enjoy your stay! The tweets Randle on childhood friends wanting him to play like Shaq: "I didn't want to be Shaq, I wanted to be Kobe." — Silver Screen & Roll (@LakersBlog_SSR) October 23, 2014 Scott says he thinks Randle has...
Clips Nation 20 hours ago

Clippers Player Profile: Blake Griffin

As we start to wind down this year's series of Player Profiles, we focus on Blake Griffin, the man who effectively started the revolution in Los Angeles. Often criticized for his lack of anything other than dunks, he seems poised to shut up critics. BLAKE GRIFFIN PPG RPG APG FG% 3P% FT% WS/48 PER TS% eFG% 2013-2014 24.1 9.5 3.9 .528 .273 .715 .205 23.9 .583 .533 Career 21.4 10.1 3.7 .528 .232 .642 .183 22.9 .565 .531 Blake Griffin is coming off the best season of his young career where he was one of just two players to average 24-9-3 over the course of the year. The other player...
Bright Side Of The Sun 21 hours ago

Injuries are impacting some Phoenix Suns rotation battles

The Phoenix Suns began the preseason with no less than 15 guaranteed contracts plus a walk-on (Earl Barron) playing well enough to make the team as an in-case-of-emergency backup center. The Suns not only have a solid starting four returning from last season - Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, P.J. Tucker and Miles Plumlee - they also have nearly two teams worth of backups good enough to play NBA rotation minutes. Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris, Isaiah Thomas and Anthony Tolliver all signed offseason contracts. Gerald Green, Alex Len, Archie Goodwin and Shavlik Randolph all come back as well. Add...
Clips Nation 21 hours ago

A Preview of the Southwest Division

Welcome to the best and toughest division in the NBA (by far). I will look at each team; their off-season moves and their outlooks for the upcoming season. The Southwest Division has five potential playoff teams including the defending NBA champions. I will start with the team I think has the worst chance of making the playoffs, but honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they all did. The Memphis Grizzlies The Grizzlies had an interesting offseason, sticking mostly to the same roster as last season with just a few tweeks. The draft was a strong one for the Grizzlies, drafting advanced stat...
Clips Nation 23 hours ago

The Daily Clipper - Jared Cunningham taking a nice trip

Beating the Suns, GM polls are looking good for the Clippers and Eric Beldsoe put Jared Cunningham into the stands. In yesterdays win against the Phoenix Suns, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul looked phenomenal. J.J. Redick was thrown out for arguing a call with a ref(that I would have argued too) but overall it was a fun game to watch. Much more fun than being stuck watching the Trailblazers play the Lakers in Ontario.. Paul scored 34 points on 12-of-18 shooting, dished out nine assists and grabbed four steals. His running mate, Griffin, scored 35 points and grabbed seven rebounds. Clippers...
Blazersedge Oct 23, 2014

Los Angeles Clippers 2014-15 Season Preview

Clips Nation editor Lucas Hann joins Blazer's Edge to discuss the 2014-15 Los Angeles Clippers, continuing a month-long, 30-team NBA season preview feature. Over the next month, Blazer's Edge will be rolling out season previews for all 30 NBA teams. Continuing this feature, we discuss the Los Angeles Clippers with Clips Nation editor Lucas Hann. (Yesterday's preview: Cleveland Cavaliers) Los Angeles Clippers 2014-15 Season Preview 2013-14 Record: 57-25, No. 1 in Pacific Division, No. 3 in Western Conference Roster additions: Jared Cunningham, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Jordan Farmar, Spencer...
Clips Nation Oct 23, 2014

Clippers' Stars Outshine Suns, 108-105

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul looked ready for the regular season in this foul-ridden game. You are justified to ask why I didn't go with "Blake Bitch-Slaps Suns" as the headline. Accurate as it may be, it just seemed crass, and if it turns out Blake really did act the jerk in Las Vegas, it could prove cringeworthy. It's too bad, because I've had it teed up since noon, begging for a Clipper victory and a dominating Blake performance. This was a game of two contrasting halves, the second half as torpid and disjointed as the first was inspired. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both came fully...
Steve Perrin / Clips Nation Oct 23, 2014

Clippers-Suns preseason game coverage

The Clippers take a 1-5 record into their penultimate preseason game against the Phoenix Suns. The regular season can't get here fast enough. Wow, has preseason been ugly. It's just preseason of course, and preseason is preseason, but by the same token, ugly is ugly. I don't think players go into games trying to miss shots — even unimportant games. But the Clippers just aren't making shots this preseason — among a myriad of other problems, or course. If it's all going to get magically better when the season starts, then please, by all means, bring on the season. The Clippers are now the...
Bright Side Of The Sun Oct 23, 2014

Final Score: Bledsoe, Phoenix Suns lose a tight one to Paul, Los Angeles Clippers, 108-105

Chris Paul wanted the win and he got it by being the penultimate Chris Paul. When you've got Blake Griffin at your side, that's pretty much all it takes. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and the 1-5 Los Angeles Clippers were determined not to lose yet another preseason game, especially one on ESPN. Eric Bledsoe and the 4-1 Phoenix Suns were just trying to survive a back-to-back after not playing heavy basketball since April. But this is preseason, still. The Clippers rested DeAndre Jordan and Jamal Crawford after their own back-to-back the previous night. But Blake Griffin played the whole...
Silver Screen and Roll Oct 23, 2014

Randle leads Lakers past Blazers, Final Score: 94-86

Even without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers blow past Portland with a victory in their penultimate preseason game. No Kobe Bryant? That was a big problem for the Lakers last season. But in their first game of the 2014-2015 campaign without him? Not so bad. The Lakers won their penultimate preseason game tonight without the Black Mamba, beating the Portland Trail Blazers 94-86. Earlier today, coach Byron Scott ruled out Bryant for the remainder of training camp, which included tonight's game, as well as Friday night's finale against the Sacramento Kings in Las Vegas. Without Kobe, the star tonight...
Lucas Hann / Clips Nation Oct 22, 2014

Clips Nation Rolls Out New Moderating Team

We're doing more than just upping our game on the front page--we're expanding our staff in the comment section too. It's the best Clippers team in history.  It's the best Clips Nation editorial staff in history. And, we expect that the combination of these two elements will make it the best year in Clips Nation readership history.  So, we're preparing for it by putting more safeguards in place in the comment section to make sure the conversation stays as intelligent and respectful as ever. My current obligations will be taking me away from the blog much more than in years past, and since...

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