9:53 PM EDT, Wed August 31, 2016
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Sactown Royalty 9 hours ago

Lawson’s signing is another conundrum for Kings fans

The Kings keep putting their fans through the ringer. Sunday, the Kings finally added some Point Guard depth after a summer of curious inactivity on that front. They let promising young guard Seth Curry go to Dallas on a team friendly deal. They didn’t bother pursuing Rajon Rondo in Free Agency. They didn’t use a single one of their three first round picks on a Point Guard. Instead, they opted to bring in Ty Lawson on a one-year deal after he’s come off the worst season of his career. At this point in the summer, there weren’t a ton of options left to fill out the Point Guard...
Sactown Royalty Aug 29, 2016

Sacramento Kings sign Ty Lawson to a one-year deal

Point Guard depth seems to be resolved. We’ve kind of been joking about the fact that the Kings haven’t added another Point Guard all offseason, but last night they finally addressed the issue, offering free agent Ty Lawson a one-year contract per Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Per Woj, Lawson was set to meet with the New Orleans Pelicans as well until the Kings offered him a deal. Talent-wise, Lawson was probably the best Point Guard available. The Kings have been linked to him in rumors for a couple years now, ever since his career started going downhill in Denver. However one of...
Sactown Royalty Aug 27, 2016

Seeking a Point Guard at the End of the Offseason

What do you do when there seems to be no more options? The Sacramento Kings' lack of point guard depth has long been a joke around the league this offseason, but maybe things aren't as bad as they appear. What if there are other point guards out there who don't immediately come to mind? There are 7 billion people on planet earth and 20 quintillion other creatures, and all the Kings need to do is find one or two who can play point guard. It shouldn't be that hard, should it? Say it is; do the point guards have to human? Do they need NBA experience? Do they need to be... real? If we get rid...
Sactown Royalty Aug 26, 2016

ESPN statistical model projects the Sacramento Kings to improve

But not by much The other day, ESPN’s Kevin Pelton published his projected records for the 2016-17 NBA season utilizing the statistical model of Real Plus-Minus (RPM). ESPN’s already released their prediction by their “experts” on how the Kings would do, and that predicted the team would regress a little bit. So color me surprised when I read Pelton’s article and find that he’s projecting the Kings to win almost 38 games. From ESPN Insider: 10. Sacramento Kings Projected wins: 37.7 The Kings have one of the biggest discrepancies of any team between their projection in ESPN's...
Sactown Royalty Aug 26, 2016

The Sactown Royalty Show Ep 106: Seth Rosenthal and Tony Xypteras

Seth Rosenthal talks Arron Afflalo and the Knicks, while Tony and I talk Kings The Sactown Royalty Show is back! This week I’m joined by Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation’s Posting and Toasting. Seth gives us the inside scoop on the good and (mostly) bad of Arron Afflalo. We then talk about the Knicks offseason, DeMarcus Cousins’ future in Sacramento, and the Kings point guard situation. In the second half of the show, in what will probably be a more common occurrence, Tony Xypteras joined the show to recap the latest happenings with the Kings. We discuss Dave Joerger’s recent interview...
Sactown Royalty Aug 25, 2016

DeMarcus Cousins as a referee is every player’s worst nightmare

Boogie in charge of calling Techs? That’s a recipe for hilarious disaster. To say that DeMarcus Cousins has had issues with referees in the past is an understatement. No player in the entire league has had as contentious a relationship with the officials since perhaps Rasheed Wallace. Of course, as they always say, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. DraftKings put together a pretty hilarious video with Boogie in which he goes “undercover” as an official at a pickup game. You can check the video out below. The flashbacks with the clapping and Grant’s voice in the...
Sactown Royalty Aug 25, 2016

From golf course volunteer to go-to Kings reporter

Part 1 of our series on the locker room reporters who cover the Sacramento Kings features Sean Cunningham of ABC10. From across the way stood a man both large in stature and reputation, a cigar in his mouth. He was frequently cursing and throwing his golf clubs. A kid with a recorder had shown interest in interviewing Charles Barkley that whole week, but was repeatedly shot down. The kid moved on to interviewing Ahmad Rashād, who was standing near Barkley. Soon after, Barkley interrupted the interview with Rashād and belted out, "What's the question man? If it's not that good, I'm going...
Sactown Royalty Aug 24, 2016

Sacramento Kings unveil new court design

We’ve seen the new logos, we’ve seen the new jerseys, and now we see the new court. The Sacramento Kings today revealed the design for the new court through their social media account. Kings Unveil New Court Design » https://t.co/AgehiUS1Bj pic.twitter.com/Ul6LJ0WR9J— Sacramento Kings (@SacramentoKings) August 24, 2016 In addition to incorporating the new logo, the Kings will also be using Sacramento elm trees for the wood under the center court logo while the rest of the court will be made up of “sustainably-harvested maple”. The new court looks solid and simple and I like...
Sactown Royalty Aug 24, 2016

Best of the rest: A look at the free agent point guards available

The Sacramento Kings are (roughly) two months away from the start of the regular season, and with multiple roster positions in question, the severe lack of competent point guard play on what is shaping up to be their final roster heading into training camp is (hopefully) still at the top of Vlade Divac’s ‘to-do’ list. Selfishly, the point guard issue is making it hard to really dive into any sort of roster analysis, what the rotation is going to look like, what Dave Joerger can do with it, and all of that fun nonsense. We don’t know if Rudy Gay and/or Kosta Koufos and/or Ben...
Sactown Royalty Aug 23, 2016

NBA should consider adopting FIBA’s technical foul rules

I very much enjoyed watching this year’s summer Olympics, especially since there was a little bit of tension and uncertainty with the men’s basketball team this year after some sloppy play in the group stages. FIBA basketball is very much a different beast than the NBA and it was fun seeing these guys play under a slightly different rule set. Generally, I feel like the NBA pretty much has it down pat. Most of its rules (the bigger court and three point line, the 48 minutes of play, etc.) make the game harder but given that it’s the most competitive basketball league in the world,...
Sactown Royalty Aug 22, 2016

31 Summers of Kings Fandom - The Vivekoning

(For Better and For Worse) Welcome to sixth and final installment of our series, in which we reminisce on 31 summers of Kings basketball. In parts one, two, three, four and five we covered the peak and valleys of Kings basketball. Today we complete the circle of strife life and bring our situation current. 2010: Kings fans entered the season with a glimmer of hope. Tyreke Evans was awarded Rookie of the Year, and the Kings were going to get another young prospect via the draft. Enthusiasm was muted a bit when the Kings secured the number five pick, but excitement was renewed a couple of...
Sactown Royalty Aug 21, 2016

Rio 2016: USA vs. Serbia Gold Medal Game Thread

It all comes down to one game for the Gold. USA and DeMarcus Cousins vs. Serbia and Bogdan Bogdanovic. It’s a rematch of the 2014 FIBA World Cup Final. USA nearly lost to Serbia in group play, only avoiding overtime on a missed Bogdanovic three. Tip-off’s at 11:45 am. USA! USA! USA!
Sactown Royalty Aug 20, 2016

Point Guard Watch Day 57: Milos Teodosic won't come to the NBA this season

Though he's looked good in the Olympics, don't expect Teodosic to come solve the Kings PG issues. As the Sacramento Kings enter Day 57 of Point Guard Watch, it's only natural that Kings fans may have noticed that Milos Teodosic has looked really good for Serbia. The Kings are already counting on Bogdan Bogdanovic to come over next season, why not bring over Teodosic this summer? And it makes perfect sense, if it wasn't for the difficult relationship between the NBA and FIBA contracts. The Memphis Grizzlies attempted to sign Teosodic in 2013, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. Instead, Milos...
Sactown Royalty Aug 19, 2016

Rio 2016: USA vs. Spain Game Thread

The USA faces perhaps their toughest test of the tournament so far with a game against a talented Spain squad to get to the Gold Medal match against either Australia or Serbia. Tip-off’s at 11:30 a.m. Pacific.
Sactown Royalty Aug 18, 2016

The DeMarcus Cousins vs. Brittney Griner 1 on 1 game needs to happen

One of the best stories out of the 2016 Rio Olympics has been the camaraderie between the Men and Women’s basketball teams, with DeMarcus Cousins and Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner particularly forming a close bond. Cousins and Griner have been going back and forth for a couple weeks now about playing each other 1 on 1. It got brought up again at a recent practice, especially after Griner said she would win the game, with some skepticism coming from the likes of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. USA Women’s coach Geno Auriemma provides the best quote though, not sounding very...
Sactown Royalty Aug 17, 2016

Rio 2016: USA vs. Argentina Game Thread

USA vs. Argentina tips off at 2:45 p.m. Pacific. USA! USA! USA!
Sactown Royalty Aug 16, 2016

The Kings could kinda be interested in trading for Ricky Rubio someday maybe

If you’ve had the luxury of perusing the internet today, chances are you came across a plethora of headlines suggesting that the Sacramento Kings are interested in Ricky Rubio based on a line Minneapolis news reporter and 1500ESPN host Darren Wolfson said on his radio show today. Darren Wolfson, as transcribed by NBC Sports – As Glen Taylor said on this podcast a couple episodes ago, Ricky Rubio will start the season with the Wolves. But I can tell you, as I’ve said a number of times, the Sacramento Kings are a team to watch. Vlade Divac, George Karl, now George Karl into Dave...
Sactown Royalty Aug 16, 2016

Rio 2016: Team USA set to face Argentina in first round of knockout stage

The group stage of the 2016 Olympics has finally finished, with DeMarcus Cousins and Team USA going 5-0, but not after facing three consecutive close calls against Australia, Serbia and France. Despite being undefeated, Team USA is looking more vulnerable than ever, and from now on, every game is winner takes all. Team USA’s path to gold will have them face some of the tougher teams in the tournament as well. They will play tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. Pacific against Manu Ginobili, Andres “Chapu” Nocioni and Argentina, the last team to knock USA out of an international tournament back in...
Sactown Royalty Aug 15, 2016

31 Summers of Kings Fandom - Going Down

Welcome to part five of our series, in which we reminisce on 31 summers of Kings basketball. The failures that comprised parts one and two were followed by a much more uplifting part three. In part four we reached for the brass ring, had it in our hands, lost our grasp and then fell off the damned carousel. Would we pick ourselves up and get back on? 2005: The Kings entered the off season of 2005 a mere shell of its golden era self. Gone were Vlade, C-Webb, and Christie, Hedo and Pollard. Peja Stojakovic and Mike Bibby remained, along with Brad Miller and Bobby Jackson, who would...
Sactown Royalty Aug 14, 2016

4 reasons the Kings shouldn’t trade Rudy Gay this summer

Patience may be in the Kings’ best interest We’ve spent this summer expecting that the Sacramento Kings would trade Rudy Gay. Rudy had one of his worst seasons of his career last season, and has spent the summer confirming that he’s unhappy with his situation. We’ve followed rumors of teams he might be interested in, or teams that might be interesting in acquiring him. But as the summer drags on and it begins to seem like Rudy could still be on the opening day roster, I’ve started wondering if that could actually be a blessing in disguise. So without further ado, here are the four...