2:50 AM EDT, Tue April 28, 2015
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Raptors HQ 4 hours ago

Report: Dwane Casey Expected To Return Next Season

The Raptors head coach is expected to return. After getting swept by the Wizards in round one, everyone's attention turned to Dwane Casey, who has two years left on his contract (the last year is a team option), and whether Masai Ujiri would fire his coach after such an embarrassing exit. According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Ujiri -- who will hold his season ending press conference at 11 pm tomorrow -- has decided to bring Casey back for next season: More clarity comes Tuesday when Raps GM Masai Ujiri has season-ending presser but initial indications are Dwane Casey to return next season —...
Raptors HQ 10 hours ago

Just Hold on We're Going Home: Raptors Exit Interviews Tweet Round-Up

Today is the day the Raps season officially comes to a close, as the team cleaned out their lockers and had their final media availability of the season. It was a quick turnaround for the Raptors following their demoralizing loss in D.C. last night, as the team was back in Toronto this morning to clean out their lockers and hold their exit interviews with the local media. Greivis Vasquez started things off with his usual flair: Greivis Vasquez is wearing a Pulp Fiction T-shirt, so the end of the year is not without its high notes. — Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur) April 27, 2015 And...
Raptors HQ 11 hours ago

Playoff Stat Hits: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Sad Raptors Sweep

Welp. We come today to bury the Raptors. Here are some quick looks at the series as a whole - what was good, what was bad, and what was ugly (a.k.a. terrible). The Good The bigs showed up on offence.  Jonas Valanciunas (54%), Amir Johnson (67%) and Patrick Patterson (71%) all had decent true shooting percentages (TS%). I have nothing else to put here. The Bad Those bigs up there that were so effective? They accounted for only 27% of the Raptors' shot attempts. The best on court impact players on the team were Tyler Hansbrough, Jonas Valanciunas, and Kyle Lowry. The bad part is they had net...
Raptors HQ 13 hours ago

The Morning After: Here We Are, Toronto

The Raptors promising season ended in embarrassing fashion last night. Let's address our misery. There doesn't need to be too detailed an analysis of what took place last night. That's not JUST me being lazy, it's the effect of the stink the Raptors left behind over the past week. The Washington Wizards soundly and handily beat our beloved Raptors 125-94 to move on the Conference Semifinals. For the Wizards and coach Randy Wittman, it marks the second straight year winning their 1st round series. With a nice mix of emerging talent and reliable veterans, it's a team on the right track...
Bullets Forever 18 hours ago

Wizards vs. Raptors Game 4: The key numbers in Sunday's win

The Wizards won big time over the Raptors on Sunday, and the numbers also support it. The series is over! The Wizards are now in the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs after a huge 125-94 win over the Toronto Raptors. Let's take a look at the numbers from Sunday's game: Four Factors numbers WIZARDS FOUR FACTORS PERIOD RAPTORS FOUR FACTORS eFG% TOV% ORB% FT/FGA eFG% TOV% ORB% FT/FGA 82.14% 19.53% 40.00% 92.86% 1st Quarter 40.38% 13.14% 23.08% 3.85% 50.00% 0.00% 21.43% 20.00% 2nd Quarter 54.76% 11.26% 27.27% 23.81% 85.29% 19.26% 42.86% 41.18% 3rd...
Bullets Forever Apr 26, 2015

Wizards vs. Raptors Game 4 Post-Game Show

Jake Whitacre and Mike Prada talk about the Wizards' big win to sweep the Raptors.
Raptors HQ Apr 26, 2015

Raptors Season Ends in a Sweep as the Wizards beat Toronto, 125-94

We were worried it couldn't get any worse. Well in Game 4, it did. With a crushing 125-94 win, the Washington Wizards sweep their first round series with the Toronto Raptors. This whole Wizards vs. Raptors series has been one long string of rude awakenings. For many in Toronto, a certain mentality had settled in. If the team could just get to the post-season, they'd be able to buckle down and anything could happen. A series with Washington, whom Toronto had beaten three times in the regular season, looked favourable. But then Game 1 turned ugly. Game 2 turned uglier. And Game 3, with the...
Bullets Forever Apr 26, 2015

Wizards vs. Raptors Game 4 final score: If You're Reading This, the Wizards Swept the Raptors with a 125-94 win

The Washington Wizards made history and swept the Toronto Raptors back across the border for their first sweep in a seven game series in franchise history. After a tiresome and struggle filled second half of the season, the Wizards seem to be catching their stride at the right time. Paul Pierce made a comment saying that the Raptors did not have "It". It turns out he was right--they don't have "It." What did "It" turn out to be? A win in this series. Despite coming in as heavy underdogs throughout many circles and looking like a lost cause, the Wizards turned their offense inside out and...
Raptors HQ Apr 26, 2015

Raptors vs. Wizards, NBA Playoffs 2015: Time, TV schedule, and more for Game 4

The Toronto Raptors will now attempt to do what no team in NBA history has ever done: come back from a 3-0 series deficit. "One game at a time" starts tonight with Game 4 against the Washington Wizards. Where to watch: NBA TV (National, USA), TSN (National, Canada) at 6:30pm EST. Here it is, the moment of truth. Ok, enough with the truth puns already. We are officially in "win or go home" territory from here on out. The Toronto Raptors face their first playoff elimination game since last year's soul-destroying Game 7 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. Now, each win will simply lead to another...
Bullets Forever Apr 25, 2015

Wizards vs. Raptors Game 4 preview: Can the Wizards sweep the North?

The Washington Wizards are looking to make franchise history on their home floor with a chance to sweep a team for the first time in a seven game series against the Toronto Raptors. Can the Wizards make it happen? Game Info When and where: The Wizards are going to go for the sweep in the Verizon Center at 6:30 p.m. ET. TV: You can catch the game on TNT or on CSN, depending on your preference. Radio: WNEW 99.1 as always with Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor. Injury Report: Garrett Temple is still the lone player on the Wizards' roster with hamstring troubles. The Raptors have a completely...
Bullets Forever Apr 23, 2015

Wizards vs. Raptors Game 3 Preview: Wall & Beal come home to defend the phone booth

The Washington Wizards jumped to a surprising 2-0 series lead against their former Achilles heel, the Toronto Raptors. Now the Wizards hope to do something they didn't do nearly enough last postseason: win at the Verizon Center. Game Info: Where and When: The Washington Wizards take on the Toronto Raptors Friday night at 8:00 PM at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. TV: The game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN 2, with local coverage coming from CSN Washington for the D.C. market and TSN for Toronto. Radio: 99.1 WNEW (RADIO PARTY!!) Injury Report: Garrett Temple is out with an...
Raptors HQ Apr 23, 2015

Maybe Dwane Casey is right about James Johnson

The anger and confusion over James Johnson's playing time has been rampant all season long. But there is a case to be made that against the Wizards, Johnson isn't the answer for the Raptors. The problems that have dogged the sputtering Raptors in the first two games of the playoffs are many. The rebounding has been atrocious, Kyle Lowry can't stay on the damned floor and is being held together by PVA glue, and the perimeter defense has been non-existent. No one player or coaching adjustment is going to solve the ongoing issues. James Johnson included. Outrage has been the feeling of...
Bullets Forever Apr 23, 2015

Wizards vs. Raptors Game 2: The key stats from Tuesday's win

We examine some of the good and bad numbers from the stat sheet in Game 2. The Wizards are off to a 2-0 start vs. the Raptors in their playoff series! That is certainly a key number. However, let's take a closer look at the numbers from the box score and more. Four Factors numbers for Game 2 WIZARDS FOUR FACTORS PERIOD RAPTORS FOUR FACTORS eFG% TOV% ORB% FT/FGA eFG% TOV% ORB% FT/FGA 40.91% 10.52% 22.22% 36.36% 1st Quarter 56.52% 7.12% 0.00% 21.74% 70.45% 3.90% 37.50% 13.64% 2nd Quarter 40.00% 13.39% 0.00% 40.00% 91.18% 19.26% 20.00% 35.29% 3rd...
Raptors HQ Apr 23, 2015

Off-Day Raptors Quotes: Let's Get Physical

Some highlights from Wednesday's media availability. With the wound of Washington's Game 2 blowout still open, the sad Toronto Raptors were forced to face the sad Toronto media today and discuss where to go from here. Surprisingly, the answers were not "run a warm bubble bath, roll up in the fetal position, and cry for hours". Dwane Casey, Lou Williams, and DeMar DeRozan gave their best effort in describing what happened last night and where the team has to go from here. Casey again preached a lack of physicality, highlighting the pick and roll defense as especially problematic. After...
Raptors HQ Apr 22, 2015

Coach Casey provides Lowry Injury Update: "He's fine. Bruised."

We assume Casey is talking about Kyle Lowry's shin. After two games of the Raptors/Wizards series, the question on everybody's mind is: What is going on with Kyle Lowry? He's been ineffective in the series so far, prone to bad shots and even worse fouls (some of which may have been "soft" in nature, but let's table that discussion). And, he's had to watch the ends of both Game 1 and 2 from the bench. In last night's game, a collision with Paul Pierce (of course) forced Lowry from the game and effectively put an end to whatever chance the Raps' had for a comeback. (Note: the chances were...
Raptors HQ Apr 22, 2015

Playoff Stat Hits: Hey Game 2, what happened?

No, seriously Raptors, what was that? After that beautiful display of the way basketball is meant to be played, it's kind of hard to find anything to nitpick, am I right? In all seriousness, what exactly went wrong, besides not showing up? Let's examine some theories. First, Dwane Casey had some theories about why they struggled in Game 1. "Honestly our tempo has to be different," he said. "We have to play our game. I think yesterday we really bogged down and played too slow." In the team's three wins against Washington this year, they posted an average pace of 95.3. In wins on the year,...
Raptors HQ Apr 22, 2015

The Morning After: Notes and Thoughts From Raptors-Wizards Game 2

The Raptors fall behind in the series 0-2, and now head on the road to avoid a sweep. Notes and thoughts from the Raptors' Game 2 loss to the Wizards: The transition defence was at times non-existent. A traveling media member -- who likely didn't watch every Raptors game this season -- commented afterwards: "I didn't know it was that bad." We're reaching beating a dead horse territory with the criticism about the team's defence, but it was especially poor in the second quarter last night when the Wizards outscored the Raptors 34-18. On multiple possessions, the Wizards were able to...
Bullets Forever Apr 21, 2015

Wizards vs. Raptors final score: Washington wins 117-106, takes 2-0 series lead

John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter came through with the best playoff performances of their young careers as the Wizards beat the Raptors 117-106 to take a 2-0 series lead. For the second time in as many years, The Washington Wizards are heading back home with a 2-0 first round series lead thanks to a 117-106 win over the Raptors in Toronto. After the Wizards' veteran core of Paul Pierce, Nene and Marcin Gortat helped drag the Wizards to a close win in Game 1, the Wizards' young core of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter landed the decisive blows in Game 2, as all three players...
Raptors HQ Apr 21, 2015

Recap: Raptors implode in every way possible, Wizards win Game 2, 117-106

Even with Drake back in the crowd, and James Johnson in the game, the Raptors implode in Game 2 to lose 117-106 to the Washington Wizards. Turns out expectations are a dangerous thing. We expected the Raptors to come into Game 2 against the Wizards with a sense of urgency. The team could not afford to go down 2-0 before heading to Washington. In the first quarter, the fire was there. DeMar DeRozan came out with aggressive drives, Jonas Valanciunas worked the post, and the Raptors crept out to a modest five point lead. Sure, Kyle Lowry was not playing particularly well, but that could sort...
SLC Dunk Apr 21, 2015

NBA Plaoyffs 2015: Cavaliers and Rockets look to go up 2-0, Raptors look to even the score

Three games tonight, probably only one worth watching. The NBA Playoffs continue tonight with three more games. Personally, I missed the games last night, and really -- in a playoffs with the Utah Jazz I think I can better use my time looking at the NBA Draft for y'all. Anyway, three games tonight. The Boston Celtics (0-1) have one more game to play against the LeBron James -es, er, I mean the Cleveland Cavaliers (1-0). The Washington Wizards (1-0) look to test the Toronto Raptors (0-1) again. And out West, in the game you actually care about, the Dallas Mavericks (0-1) try to even the...

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