8:05 PM EDT, Thu May 28, 2015
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Raptors HQ 7 hours ago

Raptors Player Review: Terrence Ross, Frustration Personified

The third-year guard gave Raptors fans conniptions this year with his inconsistent play. Is it really time to give up on Terrence Ross? Scientists the world over agree that global warming is a problem that threatens humanity. Oil-burning industry, agriculture, gas-guzzling Escalades - these all create excess carbon dioxide, and are established culprits to global warming. In the 2014-15 NBA season, global warming had a new culprit: the exasperated sighs of Toronto Raptors fans watching Terrence Ross. To say that Ross was the most frustrating player on the Raptors roster this year would be an...
Raptors HQ 10 hours ago

Leiweke Announces GTA-Based D-League Team for Raptors

MLSE President Tim Leiweke has announced that the Toronto Raptors will be getting a D-League team for the 2015-16 season. The Toronto Raptors took a big step as a franchise on Wednesday when MLSE President Tim Leiweke announced the team would have a D-League affiliate in place for the 2015-16 season. MLSE's Tim Lieweke says D League team "in Toronto area this coming season" — Doug Smith: Raptors (@SmithRaps) May 27, 2015 According to Leiweke, the team will be based in the GTA, easing travel for players to and from the D-League. No official location or team name has been...
Raptors HQ May 27, 2015

The Raptors Unveil 2016 All-Star Game Logo

And more. With Andrew Wiggins, Jay Triano and others on hand at the CN Tower this afternoon, the Raptors unveiled their All-Star Game logo for next year's event, which features the CN Tower itself: pic.twitter.com/5GqtBrbdrP — Ryan Wolstat (@WolstatSun) May 27, 2015 A better look at that Toronto 2016 NBA All-Star Game alternate logo pic.twitter.com/8Zho4gY7pl — Chris Creamer (@sportslogosnet) May 27, 2015 Even more 2016 NBA All-Star Game alt. logos, of course you knew there'd be a gold/black one http://t.co/bOzPgRePjU pic.twitter.com/6GnUuc882a — Chris Creamer...
Raptors HQ May 26, 2015

The Raptors Will Reveal 2016 All-Star Game Logo on Wednesday

And, it will include a cameo from Andrew Wiggins Via Ryan Wolstat of The Toronto Sun, the Raptors will reveal the logo for the 2016 All-Star game on Wednesday. Among those expected to be in attendance will be Andrew Wiggins, who will surely play a part in the festivities, whether it is as part of the actual game (the fans may need to vote him in, as impressive as Wiggins was in his rookie season, it's a crowded field in the West) or the Slam Dunk contest. Wiggins, of course, should appear in at least the Rising Stars contest. Here's another idea: invite Paul Pierce to compete in the...
Raptors HQ May 26, 2015

Raptors Player Review: Folk Hero James Johnson

It was a tumultuous first season back with the Toronto Raptors for James Johnson minutes-wise, as he saw his role fluctuate over the course of the year. Rewind to the 2013-14 NBA Playoffs with Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets terrorizing the Toronto Raptors’ wing players down low. Toronto would fall just short in an epic Game 7, largely because of Johnson’s size and strength advantage in the post. Recognizing this area of need, Masai Ujiri brought back a familiar face in the offseason: James Johnson, who had matured greatly from his last stint with the franchise. Johnson was a key cog...
Raptors HQ May 26, 2015

The Search for Amir Johnson's Replacement

Amir Johnson's time with the Raptors has likely come to an end. Who can the Raptors target to fill the void? As the NBA Playoffs wind down and the free agency period nears, Toronto Raptors fans are preparing for an inevitable, somber reality. On June 30th, the contract of long-time fan favourite power forward Amir Johnson will expire; it seems more likely than not that his tenure with the Raptors has come to an end. It's not hard to see why the Raptors will be hesitant to bring back Johnson. While his birth certificate says he is 28, the deteriorating ankles he hobbled on all season suggest...
Raptors HQ May 25, 2015

Terrence Ross Undergoes Surgery To Remove Bone Spurs From His Left Ankle

It was an injury he played through at the end of the season. A bit of Terrence Ross news from over the weekend: Terrence Ross underwent surgery yesterday to remove bone spurs from his left ankle. He played through the ankle injury late in the season — Josh Lewenberg (@JLew1050) May 23, 2015 Ross had an underwhelming season this year, and didn't show the development some expected after the potential he showed in his first two seasons in Toronto. He is eligible for an extension this summer, but it might be beneficial for both sides to wait until next summer when Ross becomes a...
Raptors HQ May 23, 2015

Report: Raptors Will Announce Replacement For Tim Leiweke Next Week

According to a report, the replacement will be former Corus Entertainment president and CEO John Cassaday. According to Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, the Raptors are closing in on a replacement for Tim Leiweke, who will be officially leaving his post as president and CEO of MLSE on June 30th. After a lengthy search, the replacement is expected to be John Cassaday, the former Corus Entertainment president and CEO who recently retired from his position. I'll admit: that's a name I've never heard of, but I look forward to familiarizing with Cassaday's background when (if) the official...
Raptors HQ May 22, 2015

We The North: The Rebrand that Sparked a Basketball Nation

With their 20th season in the books, and the first full year of "We the North", we look back at the latest run of the Raptors and basketball in Canada. Masai Ujiri reached into his pocket and made a phone call; the mastermind behind the Toronto Raptors dialed out to Sid Lee and asked for aid with a franchise forever on the brink of extinction. A partnership was struck and a motto was born. Three simple words soon reverberated from the arenas, bars, and barbershops of a nation long seen as a home of puck and ice. We The North. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and after trading Rudy...
Raptors HQ May 22, 2015

The Top Five Toronto Raptors Stories Of The Week

In case you missed it. 1. Are the Raptors making changes for change's sake? 2. Terrence Ross will be working out at the Portland Pro-Am. 3. Josh Lewenberg on the coaching staff shake up. 4. Will the Raptors bring back both Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan? 5. An early look at draft prospects who will be available at number 20.
Raptors HQ May 20, 2015

Raptors Confirm They'll Be At Summer League in Las Vegas

Toronto will be one of 24 teams there. The Raptors have confirmed via a press release they'll be one of 24 teams participating at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. For anyone looking to tune in or attend in person, the league will run from July 10-20. We'll update with a schedule when it is released. For now: BRUNO!
Raptors HQ May 18, 2015

Report: Raptors Have Let Bill Bayno and Tom Sterner Go

The shakeup begins. Last week, it was reported that Dwane Casey was most likely returning, but had been encouraged by Masai Ujiri to consider changes to his staff. Today, the shakeup began: Shakeup on Dwane Casey's staff in Toronto has begun, as assistant Bill Bayno was let go Monday, league source tells @CBSSports. — Ken Berger (@KBergCBS) May 19, 2015 In addition to Bill Bayno, Tom Sterner has been let go from Dwane Casey's Raptors staff, league source tells @CBSSports. — Ken Berger (@KBergCBS) May 19, 2015 For now, Nick Nurse and Jesse Mermuys are safe. Whether it means...
Raptors HQ May 15, 2015

Quick Stat Hits: Which Raptors starters should stay or go?

Now we tackle the big questions: which Raptors starters should stay and which should go? With the Raptors getting embarrassed in a sweep in the first round, big changes are needed. Some pieces are inevitably going to have to go. But which ones? We'll try to use one or two big stats to describe why a player should stay or go. Last time, we started with the obvious ones. Now, to the core. What do the Raptors do with Terrence Ross, Jonas Valanciunas, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan? Terrence Ross Big conundrum here. Still on his rookie scale deal (though up for extension this summer). Can...
Raptors HQ May 15, 2015

A look at mock ups of the new Raptors jerseys next season

Drake alternates! Via Chris Creamer's excellent Sports Logo website: ICYMI, #Raptors to add new Drake uniform along with 3 others in 2016 Read link for details -> http://t.co/eBAmNnLliO pic.twitter.com/zb9450S6zV — Chris Creamer (@sportslogosnet) May 14, 2015 You can see the general design of the jerseys, including a Drake alternate which is sure to become the next thing people outside of Toronto will mock about our branding. (Wait, did that sound a little defensive and annoyed. I might be a little bit of both. It's also 3 a.m. as I draft this) What do you think?
Raptors HQ May 15, 2015

Your Top Five Raptors Stories Of The Week

In case you missed it. 1. A short reaction to the team's reportedly decision to bring back Dwane Casey. 2. Eric Koreen goes a bit longer on the decision, and what is means for Masai Ujiri as well. 3. Is it possible Casey's return means the end of Kyle Lowry? 4. Because it's the biggest (only) news of the week: Blake Murphy on why Casey's return is justifiable. 5. Our own Daniel Hackett evaluates which players should stay and which should go.
Raptors HQ May 14, 2015

Quick Stat Hits: Which Raptors Bench Players should stay and which should go?

Want to know what to do with the Raptors roster? It's a simple question. And here are some simple answers. Might even be right ones here and there. With the Raptors getting embarrassed in a sweep in the first round, big changes are needed. Some players are inevitably going to have to go. But which ones? We'll try to use one or two big stats to describe why a player should stay or go. Let's start with the obvious ones. The Goners There's Landry Fields, Chuck Hayes and Greg Stiemsma. None of them are likely to be back, as their big expiring contracts are why we have so much cap space. If...
Raptors HQ May 14, 2015

Discuss: Raptors interested in Monty Williams as an Assistant Coach

The Pelicans' recently fired head coach Monty Williams is out there. The Raptors are looking for new assistant coaches. Do we have a deal brewing? As reported by ESPN's Marc Stein, the Raptors may be sizing up freshly fired Pelicans coach Monty Williams for an assistant coaching position with Toronto. Rumbles that Toronto will sound out Monty to see if he'd have any interest in joining Dwane Casey's staff with Raps making changes on bench — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) May 14, 2015 Williams, 43, was the head coach in New Orleans for the past five years, the well-tailored bridge...
Raptors HQ May 12, 2015

Report: Dwane Casey Expected To Return, Staff Changes Expected

The head coach, according to reports, will return. But there will be changes. Since Masai Ujiri said at his season-ending press conference that he was evaluating Dwane Casey's role as head coach of the team, there's been a lot of speculation as to whether the Raptors would make a coaching change after an embarrassing sweep to the Wizards in the first round. Now, there appears to be some clarity, according to Steve Simmons (and other sources): Clarification on Raps coaching situation. Dwane Casey will return. Management has suggested staff changes. No decisions have been finalized — steve...
Raptors HQ May 11, 2015

Terrence Ross Has A Message For Raptors Fans: "Bare With Us We'll Only Get Better"

Sure, why not. Terrence Ross posted a team photo of the Raptors on Instagram tonight, and had the following message: To all the raptor "fans" who think we need to trade everyone or get rid of this and that, I'd just like to remind yall, technically speaking this team is the best team Toronto has ever had. Yeah we didn't have the greatest play off run, but we had a hell of a season. An just 5 years ago, this franchise wasn't even making it to he play offs. Our performance this year in the post season was inexcusable but non the less we are a good team. Some of yall acting like unless we...
Raptors HQ May 11, 2015

Toronto Raptors Player Reviews: The Forgotten Souls

Lucas Nogueira, Bruno Caboclo, Greg Stiemsma, Landry Fields and Chuck Hayes were more fun to watch on the bench than during games—whenever they actually saw the floor, that is. Every freight train needs a caboose. Every M. Night Shyamalan film needs a twist ending. Every NBA team needs its share of towel wavers and cheerleaders at the end of the bench. It's just how this crazy world of ours operates. Not everyone on the Raptors was fortunate enough to bask in the glow of Dwane Casey's ever-so-popular rotation. The "Forgotten Souls," as I've so eloquently dubbed them, got left out in the...

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