3:02 AM EDT, Sat October 22, 2016
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Raptors HQ 5 hours ago

Raptors get slammed by Wizards, 119-82

The preseason ended in the most preseason of ways. The Raptors season starts in five sleeps. Many can take solace in this fact, especially if they watched tonight’s game, where the Raptors got beat up by the Washington Wizards, losing 119-82. Getting off to a blistering start, the Wizards made 14 of their first 17 shots from the field, taking a 39-23 lead after just a quarter. The only Raptor making much noise was DeMar DeRozan, who went to the line 12 times (10 of those in the first frame) and finished with 34 points. Nobody else for Toronto got into double digits. This one-man show was...
Raptors HQ 8 hours ago

Raptors vs. Wizards: Alas, the preseason ends

The Raptors mercifully end their preseason campaign in Washington. Real basketball is just around the corner. Get pumped, people. Our long march to meaningful basketball is just about over, as the Raptors close their preseason schedule tonight in Washington. Some folks out there may be intrigued by this matchup, as Washington sits among a handful of teams vying for a “rivalry” with the Raptors. Maybe it’s the fact that both teams have an All-Star backcourt, or that Wizards sweep back in the Victorian Era. Whatever the reason, there will be some who find it special when the Wizards...
Raptors HQ 12 hours ago

Player Preview 2016-17: Who's the Ross?

With a new contract and maturing personality, the Raptors need Terrence Ross to become the go-to guy of the second unit. In an ideal world, Raptors fans know what performance they should be getting from Terrence Ross: scoring and knockdown three point shooting off the bench, as well as solid perimeter defence on the opponent’s top players. Far too often in his first four seasons, Ross has shown flashes of being a consistent performer off the pine, but for many stretches has glided through his minutes leaving a negative impact on the game, or being just flat out invisible. ...
Raptors HQ 17 hours ago

Listen to The HeadQuarters: Episode 43, brought to you by Aaron Gray

Preseason’s. Almost. Over. Welcome to The HeadQuarters! This week Sean Woodley welcomes The Score's Joseph Casciaro to discuss Kyle Lowry's strong preseason, fawn over the flexibility a healthy DeMarre Carroll affords the Raptors, chat about potential first-round playoff matchups and answer listener questions. This epsiode is brought to you by Aaron Gray. Listen to the show at the BlogTalk Radio link below be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes! Music courtesy The Passion HiFi
Raptors HQ Oct 20, 2016

DeMar DeRozan checks in at 45th on Washington Post’s player rankings

Remember when DeMar DeRozan got upset at landing 46th on the Sports Illustrated player rankings? Well, today, The Washington Post released their top 100 players and DeRozan checks in at 45th. You can find the full list here. A few other things to note: Kyle Lowry checks in at 14th, Jonas Valanciunas at 39th The five players ahead of DeRozan are: Marc Gasol, Kristaps Porzingis, Dirk Nowitzki, Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas The five players behind DeRozan: J.J. Redick, Chandler Parsons, Bradley Beal, Andrew Wiggins and Hassan Whiteside We’ll await DeRozan’s response..
Raptors HQ Oct 20, 2016

Player Preview: What Patrick Patterson Will We See This Season?

Will 2Pat be enough Pat this season? Patrick Patterson has been a key reserve for the Toronto Raptors since his arrival. He’s the lone remaining piece of the Rudy Gay-to-Sacramento trade, a move that turned the fortunes of this Raptors franchise and paved the way for all the fun we’ve had over the past two and a half seasons. He’s a hard-working, thoughtful player, beloved by the fans and by all accounts, adored by his teammates and the Raptors coaching staff. A true professional. However, things are set to change for the man they call 2Pat. With unrestricted free agency looming and...
Raptors HQ Oct 19, 2016

Raptors beat Pistons 103-92 in a game that may or may not have happened

The Raptors visited the Detroit Pistons...at least we think they did. Let’s be clear about one thing: I did not watch this basketball game. The hangover from watching the Toronto Blue Jays get eliminated from the ALCS a few minutes before tip was bad enough, but the game wasn’t actually on television. Anywhere. Most people would just jump on an illegal stream in this instance, but I have a lifelong streak of never illegally downloading or streaming anything that I would like to uphold, thank you very much. Damn my finely tuned moral compass, I guess. So, there you have it. It’s...
Raptors HQ Oct 19, 2016

Numbers Game: Gauging Potential Raptors Lineups

Which lineups will the Raptors find the most success with this season? Welcome to Numbers Game. CBS recently posted an article discussing what each team’s most potent lineups could be around the league. Here’s a look at the Raptors’ entry. Kyle Lowry - Cory Joseph - DeMar DeRozan - DeMarre Carroll - Jonas Valanciunas This lineup only played 36 minutes last season because Carroll only played in 26 regular-season games. If he's able to stay on the floor, Toronto might end up relying on this group to close games. Coach Dwane Casey loves having Joseph's extra playmaking on the court in...
Raptors HQ Oct 19, 2016

The Raptors Go to Detroit: Preview, Start Time, and more

The pre-season is almost over! The NBA pre-season drags on tonight, as the Toronto Raptors visit the Palace at Auburn Hills, to take on a Pistons team that has become a pre-season critical darling. I’m a Stan Van Gundy fan too, but I’ve seen prognostications that this Detroit team could win 50 games and/or finish with the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference. I realize the pre-season is long, but if there was ever something that required a ‘settle down’, it’s this. The Pistons are going to be a well-coached, perfectly competent basketball team that will likely make the playoffs in...
Raptors HQ Oct 19, 2016

Raptors Featured in Annual General Managers Survey

The men pulling the strings in NBA front offices have their say. The annual NBA.com general managers survey is out, and certain members of your Toronto Raptors made the grade. GMs from every squad in the Association responded to 48 questions ranging from the best teams, players, coaches, offseason additions and fans. Unsurprisingly, almost every executive polled believe the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will meet in the NBA Finals again, and 69 percent think the Dubs will extract some revenge after last year’s epic collapse. When it comes to the Eastern Conference, 38.9...
Raptors HQ Oct 18, 2016

Should (and could) the Raptors go after LaMarcus Aldridge?

Here’s an interesting Spurs-related turn of events. It only takes the slightest hint of a trade rumor for me to get excited about daydreaming scenarios of how the Raptors can land some big fish in the market. Today I read a report today per Jackie MacMullan, the Spurs believe their experiment with signing LaMarcus Aldridge has not worked out as they hoped, and that he might not even make it through the season as a Spur. THAT’S INTERESTING. MAYBE WE CAN FIGURE OUT A WAY TO TRADE FOR HIM AND SETTLE FOR ALDRIDGE AS A CONSOLATION PRIZE FOR WHEN HE INEVITABLY DON’T GET DEMARCUS COUSINS....
Raptors HQ Oct 18, 2016

Poll: Will the Raptors pick up Bebe’s contract option?

Alternative title: Why you hating on Lucas Nogueira, man? There will be time later to address what Lucas Nogueira’s season may look like for the Raptors in 2016-17. Our player previews march on apace. Today, though, I’d like to address the other afro-sized issue in the room: what of Nogueira’s contract option? For the record: our man Bebe stands to make $1,921,320 this season. The Raptors have until October 31st (oooh, spooky) to decide whether or not they want to pick up the team option for next season (2017-18) at a price tag of $2,947,305. Not a huge number, but still — a...
Raptors HQ Oct 18, 2016

Player Preview 2016-17: Delon Wright's Continued Growth

Delon Wright will start the Toronto Raptors' 2016-17 season on the shelf, but his continued development will be a major key for the team moving forward. Delon Wright won't be able to suit up for the Toronto Raptors when the 2016-17 season tips off on Oct. 26 at the Air Canada Centre, but the sophomore's progress once he returns to the court will be of great importance to the team. Wright suffered a shoulder injury back in July while playing in Summer League and has since undergone arthroscopic shoulder stabilization surgery. It's estimated he will be out until the end of December or...
Raptors HQ Oct 14, 2016

Raptors defeat San Lorenzo 122-105 during Baseball Night in Canada

The Raptors (905) took down the reigning LNB champions behind a strong showing from Fred Van Vleet While the entire city of Toronto was watching the Blue Jays on televisions across the GTA, the ACC played host to its first game of the season with the Raptors “B” team (Surely the starters and rotation guys hung around in Cleveland for Game 1) taking on San Lorenzo de Almagro from Buenos Aires. After taking my seat in section 305 and realizing none of the regulars would be touching the floor, I made a bold prediction: Fred Van Vleet dropping 40 tonight pic.twitter.com/ce8bCC8Qxa—...
Raptors HQ Oct 14, 2016

Raptors vs. San Lorenzo: Because there is nothing else to watch

You’ll definitely regret not watching this one. Here are ten reasons why you should definitely watch this pre-season match between the Toronto Raptors and the reigning Argentinean league champions, San Lorenzo de Almagro. 1.) Maybe Kyle Lowry will shoot a clean 100 percent from the field. Or, even more remarkably, maybe DeMar DeRozan will. Can’t miss that chance. (UPDATE: Both Lowry and DeRozan will sit. Is zero in this case the same as 100?) 2.) You’ll get to see San Lorenzo’s leading scorer Gabriel Deck. (What a name.) 3.) I’m not even sure I can quantify what kind of energy...
Raptors HQ Oct 14, 2016

The Raptors welcome San Lorenzo de Almagro: Preview and Start Time

Maybe they’ll all watch the ALCS at half-time? The Raptors are still trundling through the pre-season with their dogged persistence and 2-2 record. They’ve been travelling a lot, having played games on the North American west coast, and Cleveland, Ohio. All four of their preseason games have been on the road, in fact. So this turn of events feels like a particularly cruel joke: there is exactly one (1) true home game for the Raptors this pre-season, it is tonight, and it is against the Argentinean championship team San Lorenzo de Almagro, a team not of the NBA. This problem is...
Raptors HQ Oct 14, 2016

Player Preview 2016-17: Limiting Kyle Lowry, Over Everything

The past two playoff runs have seen wear and tear affect Kyle Lowry. The Raptors need to rectify that situation for a now-30-year-old Lowry. The current edition of the Raptors are often described as a team that stumbled into chemistry and quality by complete accident. No player has been so emblematic of that reality than the engine behind this team, Kyle Lowry. You know the story by now. For the trade to Toronto to take place, it needed a failed effort to sign a creaky Steve Nash back in 2012 (hello Landry Fields). He then lost his starting job and regained it from Jose Calderon. He had...
Raptors HQ Oct 13, 2016

Lowry leads Raptors to 119-94 win over the Cavaliers

Despite an early surge from the Cavaliers, the Raptors held their ground and blew out the defending champs. On the eve of the ALCS between the Blue Jays and the Indians, it seems only right that the Raptors and Cavaliers face off in a rematch (kind of) of last year’s Eastern Conference Finals. Don’t worry Blue Jay fans, judging by LeBron’s enthusiastic display of popcorn consumption on the sidelines, it doesn’t appear that he will be channeling his inner MJ and taking to the diamond — you’re good to go. All jokes aside, the Raptors hadn’t played a game since last Wednesday...
Raptors HQ Oct 13, 2016

Player Preview 2016-17: Bruno Caboclo, Now Only Two Years Away

Bruno Caboclo's NBA career has been uneventful since being selected 20th overall in the 2014 NBA Draft. Is this the year that things actually start to happen? If you're keeping count, Bruno Caboclo is now only two years away. When Raptors GM Masai Ujiri shocked everyone by taking the unknown Brazilian with the 20th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Fran Fraschilla dropped the now infamous line that Caboclo was, "two years away from being two years away." Fast-forward two years and we've supposedly cut the time on Bruno's clock to NBA readiness in half. Are we any closer to seeing what this kid...
Raptors HQ Oct 13, 2016

Raptors take on the champion Cavaliers: Preview, TV Info, and more

The Raptors are set to duke it out with LeBron James in Cleveland, though the stars may not be the main attraction. The preseason is a lot more about learning than it is winning, which is good for the 1-2 Raptors. After three games, the team has used its time appropriately — as a veritable catwalk for potential deep bench players, as well as a chance for the established rotation guys to show how they have improved over the summer. So far, so good. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Raptors will once again play around with different personnel combinations, looking for a spark. With that...

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