9:20 AM EDT, Sun April 20, 2014
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Raptors HQ 13 hours ago

Ujiri takes centre stage for Raptors in Game 1

The Raptors played their first playoff game since 2008, but it was their general manager Masai Ujiri that stole the headlines. On Tuesday afternoon the Raptors played what was their first playoff game in six years. On the court, the inexperienced Raptors lost in somewhat predictable fashion. It was off the court, however where some unexpected intrigue emerged. Needless to say, excitement inside the Air Canada Centre was palpable as fans anticipated the opening tip. This wasn't the only place where the excitement could be felt as fans packed Maple Leafs Square, just outside the ACC, to take...
Raptors HQ 15 hours ago

Rapid Recap: Nets Lock Down on D for 94 - 87 Win Over Raptors in Game One

The Toronto Raptors couldn't get their offense going this afternoon and dropped a 94 to 87 decision to the Brooklyn Nets in game one of their playoff series. Game 1 is officially in the books. The bad news, for fans of the Toronto Raptors at least, is that their team's first playoff action in six years resulted in a loss at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets. The good news is that we can finally stop talking about the Raptors' lack of playoff experience. They're here, they've played a game, what more do you need? I joke, of course, but it does seem to be a storyline that gets somewhat...
NetsDaily 19 hours ago
2nd Half Game Thread: Nets at Raptors

2nd Half Game Thread: Nets at Raptors

Score at the half: Nets 50, Raptors 46. Deron Williams leads all scorers with 18 points. For more on the Toronto Raptors, check them out at Raptors HQ. Nets at Raptors boxscore - NBA.com NBA Playoffs Game One Thread: Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors, 12:30 PM - NetsDaily
NetsDaily 23 hours ago

Nets vs. Raptors Playoff Preview: 5 Questions with Raptors HQ

Adam Francis of Raptors HQ answered five questions and gave his prediction for the Nets-Raptors series. Follow Adam on Twitter for great Raptors-related insight to the series. 1.) We're hearing a lot about experience vs. youth in this series. Are you concerned at all about the lack of playoff experience on the Raptors roster or do you think that it's being overblown? I think the experience piece is overblown. Do I think it's a complete non-factor, no, but in my mind, this series is going to be decided based on a few match-ups and which team can execute their style of play better. So...
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ 23 hours ago

Nets vs Raptors 2014 NBA Playoffs Preview with NetsDaily.com

RaptorsHQ chats with NetsDaily.com regarding the Nets vs Raptors first-round playoff series... The Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets get their first-round playoff series started at 12:30 EST today and what better way to preview the action then to have an installment of "Blogging With The Enemy?" To that end, we chat with Tom Lorenzo of NetsDaily.com, SB Nation's Brooklyn Nets' super-site, regarding five pertinent questions before the series begins... 1) RaptorsHQ: The Nets started to turn things around later than the Raptors but the two clubs share some similar narratives this season,...
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ Apr 19, 2014
Raptors HQ Nets vs Raptors 2014 Game 1 NBA Playoffs Preview

Raptors HQ Nets vs Raptors 2014 Game 1 NBA Playoffs Preview

It's Game 1 of the Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets and the HQ has you covered via it's giant Game 1 preview. After over half a decade of fairly meaningless regular season basketball, this morning feel pretty exciting no? The sun is shining here in Toronto, the birds are singing, and The Toronto Sun released one of the greatest trolling jobs ever: Not too shabby Sun, we'll see how the New York Post responds. RAPTORSHQ ROUNDTABLE To kick off our preview of this afternoon's match, a little roundtable action.  Myself and HQers Zach Salzmann and Braedon Clark throw the ball around...
NetsDaily Apr 19, 2014

NBA Playoffs Game 1 - Brooklyn Nets at. Toronto Raptors, 12:30 PM

The playoffs begin in Toronto, where the Nets will take on the Raptors at 12:30 PM. Welcome to the playoffs! The wait is over. After sleepwalking through the final days of the regular season after clinching their playoff spot, the Brooklyn Nets open the 2014 Playoffs up north. At the beginning of the season, a lot of us were Championship dreaming. That isn't out of the question, but without Brook Lopez, the road to the Finals is gonna be a bit tougher. Awaiting the Nets will be the Atlantic Division champion Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are in the playoffs for the first time since the...
Pounding The Rock Apr 19, 2014

Playoff predictions: Raptors v. Nets

The good news is that the national media will finally pay attention to the Raptors. The bad news is it's gonna happen two weeks from now, when they play LeBron James. 3) Toronto Raptors vs. 6) Brooklyn Nets (2-2) Kevin Garnett's season-high was 16 points. It came on November 18, 2013, in a loss at Portland, in which he shot 8-of-19. He missed 19 games in March and April. Brooklyn went 16-3 in that stretch. KG returned for five games late in the year, never cracking even 20 minutes in any of them. The Nets went 2-3 in those games. They beat Miami in the one game in that stretch he was...
NetsDaily Apr 19, 2014

Video: Nets ready themselves for their matchup against the Raptors

The Brooklyn Nets took to the court on Friday to practice, and ready themselves for their first round matchup against the Toronto Raptors. Deron Williams told the media that he is "excited" and "motivated" for the playoffs. Jason Kidd and Paul Pierce both echoed that sentiment, with Williams pointing to the team's experience in this series against a young Raptors team. He knows the Raptors are a "hungry team," but again notes the excitement of being back in the playoffs. NetsDaily videojournalist Dexter Henry was at practice for a report from the PNY Center. The Nets take on the Raptors in...
Blog a Bull Apr 18, 2014
2014 NBA Draft order: Bulls win coin flip with Raptors, will pick No. 16 and No. 19

2014 NBA Draft order: Bulls win coin flip with Raptors, will pick No. 16 and No. 19

Coin flip champs! The Chicago Bulls will have the No. 16 and No. 19 picks in the 2014 NBA Draft. That became official on Friday afternoon when the Bulls won a coin flip against the Toronto Raptors for No. 19. The Raps will now pick at No. 20. Bulls win draft tiebreaker with Raptors so they pick 16th from Bobcats and 19th with their own pick. — K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) April 18, 2014 The order for the draft lottery can be found here. Here's how the second half of the first round will shape up: First round 15-30: ATL, CHI, BOS, PHX, CHI, TOR, OKC, MEM, Utah, CHA, HOU, MIA, PHX,...
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ Apr 18, 2014

Raptors vs Nets NBA Playoff Links - Game 1 Preview Edition

Mmmm...Raptors vs Nets playoff links for you to chow down on while you're having lunch... Usually with our Lunchbox Links segments we break down each of the links we present but today we have a problem. THE LINKS. THERE ARE TOO MANY. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!! So to ensure we can get back to work on some of the other playoff pieces we're crafting here at the HQ, we'll go with more of a "link dump" for these posts. That way we can get you caught up to speed on everything you need to know about the upcoming Game 1 match-up (TOMORROW!!!) and the Raptors' opponent, and we can get back to some...
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ Apr 18, 2014

Poll: Raptors vs Nets - Who Do You Think Wins Their 2014 NBA Playoff Series?

"The Nets have more experience!" "But the Raptors have younger legs and are more athletic!" "That won't matter, Jason Kidd knows how to use his troops to take advantage of Toronto's youth." "Whatever - Kidd learned under Toronto's coach, Dwane Casey!" "Plus the Raps have the best player in the series, Kyle Lowry!" "That won't matter, it's history repeating itself, the sixth seeded Nets are again going to upset the third seeded Raptors..." You've likely heard the arguments and narratives already but tomorrow all of that goes by the wayside. It's game one of the Eastern Conference playoffs...
Net Income / NetsDaily Apr 18, 2014
Brooklyn Nets' experience a big advantage over Toronto Raptors

Brooklyn Nets' experience a big advantage over Toronto Raptors

With the league's third oldest roster, it's a given that the Nets would have an advantage in experience over most teams.  And while nothing is guaranteed in the playoffs, that experience is the Nets biggest asset vs. the young and very athletic Raptors. The players on the Nets have played in 563 post-season games, started 511 of them. The Raptors, on the other hand, have played only 157, started only 39. Or as John Schuhmann of NBA.com writes... Career playoff minutes in the Nets' rotation: ~17,000. In the Raptors' rotation: ~1,600. — John Schuhmann (@johnschuhmann) April 17,...
NetsDaily Apr 17, 2014

NBA Playoffs Breakdown: What do the Nets have to do in order to beat the Raptors?

Our friend Coach Nick of BBALLBREAKDOWN is back with a fantastic breakdown of the first round playoff matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors. His keys to the series lay in the hands of the Nets bigs -- how much will they get from Kevin Garnett and what will Mason Plumlee give them? -- and with the Raptors wings. He goes into discussing the Nets success in spot-up shooting, but counters by noting the Raptors are a Top 10 defense on spot-ups. Coach Nick also talks about Dwane Casey and Jason Kidd, who are two rookie head coaches with no playoff coaching experience.
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ Apr 17, 2014
Bring on the Nets: Raptors Start Playoff Journey This Saturday vs Brooklyn

Bring on the Nets: Raptors Start Playoff Journey This Saturday vs Brooklyn

82 games are in the books. The playoff field is set. And the Toronto Raptors face a somewhat familiar situation starting this Saturday... The Toronto Raptors finished their 2013-14 NBA season off with a loss last night, but it hardly mattered in the end.  A loss by the Chicago Bulls to the Charlotte Bobcats cemented Toronto's spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs, the third seed as it turns out, and now they prep for a first-round playoff matchup versus a familiar foe. Well, not familiar in terms of the players that comprise the club, but familiar in that once again, the Toronto...
NetsDaily Apr 17, 2014
NBA Playoffs Predictions: Nets vs. Raptors

NBA Playoffs Predictions: Nets vs. Raptors

The Brooklyn Nets will start the 2014 NBA playoffs on Saturday afternoon at 12:30 PM EST in Toronto, where they will take on the Raptors. The game will be televised on ESPN. Here is the schedule. So, we ask, Nets fans, who do you think will win the series? Of course we know who you think will win, but how many games will they do it in? Answer in the poll below! Poll Who Will Win the Nets-Raptors Series? Nets in 4 Nets in 5 Nets in 6 Nets in 7 Raptors will win the series   184 votes | Results
Net Income / NetsDaily Apr 16, 2014
On to Toronto!

On to Toronto!

Get our your passports, eh. The No. 6 Brooklyn Nets will face the No. 3 Toronto Raptors in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Game 1 will be 12:30 p.m. Saturday at the Air Canada Centre. It will air on ESPN. Brooklyn split the season series 2-2 with the Atlantic Division champions. Here is the official schedule that the NBA released. The Nets won't play in Brooklyn until next Friday. #Nets sked: GM 1 Sat. 12:30; GM 2 Tues. 8; GM 3 Fri. 7; GM 4 Sun. 7; GM 5 Wed. TBD; GM 6 Fri. TBD; GM 7 Sun. TBD — Mike Mazzeo (@MazzESPN) April 17, 2014 Of the four games between the Nets and Raptors...
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ Apr 16, 2014
Rapid Recap: Raptors Lose to Knicks 95 - 92, Now Face Nets in Playoffs

Rapid Recap: Raptors Lose to Knicks 95 - 92, Now Face Nets in Playoffs

From Manhattan to Brooklyn: Raptors lose to Knicks tonight to end regular season and now must prep to head across the bridge to face Nets in the first round of the playoffs. The Toronto Raptors dropped their final regular season game tonight to the New York Knicks by a final score of 95 to 92. The Raptors finish the season with 48 wins and now prepare for the first-round of the NBA playoffs while the New York Knicks have a long six months ahead of them before next season. No need to go too in depth on this one as New York gets the win due to the lack of playing time from Toronto's key...
Posting and Toasting Apr 16, 2014
Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors- 4/16/14

Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors- 4/16/14

This is the end. This is the end! Listen up y'all, 'cause this is it. The Knicks will play their final game of the season tonight against the Raptors. A couple more guys will sit: Starters tonight versus @Raptors : Prigioni, Shumpert, Smith, Stoudemire, Aldrich. Chandler & Felton will not dress. — NY_KnicksPR (@NY_KnicksPR) April 16, 2014 Meanwhile, Mike Woodson is out here celebrating the occasion by making up words: Mike Woodson just made up the word "grandocious," which I am totally going to use all the time from now on. — Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) April 16, 2014 Woodson: "Am I...
Raptors HQ Apr 16, 2014
Raptors vs. Knicks Gameday Preview: Finish Strong

Raptors vs. Knicks Gameday Preview: Finish Strong

The Raps look to finish off a great regular season in style, when they face the Knicks at Madison Square Garden tonight. A regular season journey that began way back on October 30th, 2013, with an unconvincing win over the Boston Celtics, comes to a close against the New York Knicks tonight at MSG. And what a journey it's been. There will be plenty of time to look at the big picture -- to make sense of the entire season in greater detail -- but just going by the numbers, this has been the most successful regular season in Raptors history. The team has already won a franchise record, 48...

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  • 3 DeMar DeRozan

    DeMar DeRozan

    Raptors All-Star DeRozan a no-show in playoff debut

  • 1 Jonas Valanciunas

    Jonas Valanciunas

    Raptors-Sixers PPG: Valanciunas shakes off distractions and has huge night; Lowry back with a bang; Magic number is one

  • 1 Terrence Ross

    Terrence Ross

    Nets motivated by Raptors' Terrence Ross comments about Brooklyn team

  • 1 Greivis Vasquez

    Greivis Vasquez

    Raptors point guard Greivis Vasquez helps team stay close to Nets in Game 1

  • Kyle Lowry

    Kyle Lowry

    Knicks could have been less lousy with Lowry

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