2:00 PM EDT, Sun August 30, 2015
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Raptors HQ Aug 27, 2015

Cory Joseph Leads Canada to Tuto Marchand Cup Title

Cory Joseph led a new look Team Canada to victory in hostile San Juan against Puerto Rico to win the Tuto Marchand Cup. The future of Canada Basketball kicked off this past week, with a warm-up tournament in Puerto Rico leading up to the FIBA Americas next week. Canada capped off an impressive showing by finishing 4-0 after defeating Puerto Rico in their toughest challenge of the tournament. It was surreal seeing so many remarkable, memorable stories we've been reading about individually come together and finally represent the country. Along with Kelly Olynyk, Cory Joseph's been the longest...
Raptors HQ Aug 24, 2015

The HQ Interview with DeMarre Carroll, who's ready to seize "an opportunity of a lifetime"

In an exclusive interview, DeMarre Carroll gets candid about Canada, how the Raptors should play as a team, and where exactly he wants to grow on offense. It's been a long road to Toronto for DeMarre Carroll. After three years on the fringe of NBA rosters, Carroll made an impression as a defensive-minded member of the Utah Jazz, then developed his offense to become a two-way force with the Atlanta Hawks. Now, he's got the money to speak to his rise; the recipient of a 4-year, $60 million contract, Carroll is the leading player in a dramatic off-season overhaul for the Toronto Raptors. The...
Raptors HQ Aug 24, 2015

Odds outlook: Las Vegas not expecting Raptors to take leap in 2015-16

The Toronto Raptors look like an improved team heading into the new NBA season, but Nevada sports books are predicting the squad to be worse than last year. In the sports world, Las Vegas oddsmakers are notoriously accurate for predicting how a team's season will play out. If that trend holds true in the 2015-16 NBA campaign, Toronto Raptors fans could be in for another underwhelming year.As of mid-August, the latest odds at the renowned Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook list the Raps in a three-way tie with the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks for the sixth best chances to capture the Eastern...
Raptors HQ Aug 21, 2015

Quick Cap Update: What the Jonas Valanciunas Extension means for the Raptors

A quick look at how the JV extension affects the summers of 2016 and 2017. My recent summer pieces explored the possibilities that existed with the current roster and in free agency in 2016 and in 2017. Here's a quick look at how the Jonas Valanciunas extension affects those numbers. These numbers will depend heavily on the structure of Jonas Valanciunas' contract. Some of it we know, some of it we don't. Here's what we know: JV signed a 4 year extension worth $64 million, with a player option in the fourth year. None of that is incentivized in spite of initial reports. What we don't know...
Raptors HQ Aug 20, 2015

Report: Jonas Valanciunas signs 4 year deal with the Raptors

The rumours have been bouncing around all day, but numbers (and a Woj Bomb) are now out there. First came the news that Jonas Valanciunas had left the Lithuanian national team to return to Toronto. Then came the rumours of contract numbers and medical tests. Today, it appears a deal between Toronto and Valanciunas has been reached. We'll give Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski the honour of reporting the news: Toronto center Jonas Valanciunas has agreed to a four-year, $64M extension, league sources tell Yahoo. Deal could escalate to $70M — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) August 20, 2015 ...
Raptors HQ Aug 20, 2015

Raptors 905 snag rights to 16 players in NBA D-League Expansion Draft

Here are some of the players who will potentially fill out the Raptors 905 roster. It's not as glamorous as the official NBA Draft, but it still counts. Raptors 905 announced today that they've acquired the rights to 16 players in the NBA D-League expansion draft. Since a roster can only have 15 players--and the 905 presumably already have at least a spot or two filled already--not all the names below will make the team. Still, Raptors 905 will have the rights to these players for the next two years: PLAYER POS HT WT COLLEGE PREVIOUS NBA D-LEAGUE TEAM Dee...
Raptors HQ Aug 19, 2015

One-on-One: Ronald Roberts on Ridiculous Dunks, Summer League, and Realizing the NBA Dream

"I have to play like my life is on the line," says Ronald Roberts, who is closer than ever to making an NBA roster with the Toronto Raptors. August isn't a glamorous month on the NBA calendar. While most Torontonians spend the dog days jumping on the Blue Jays bandwagon, in NBA circles the focus turns to guys on the bleeding edge of NBA rosters, players just looking to make the team and start to prove themselves at the highest level. In his second year out of Saint Joseph's, Ronald Roberts knows this part of the calendar well. Last year, after going undrafted, he played Summer League for...
Raptors HQ Aug 19, 2015

Is That A Raptor Skull In Patrick Patterson's Apartment?

Serious team dedication stuff happening. Yo. Inside #Toronto Raptor's @pdpatt apartment. Designed by @spacesbyjacflash feat. Cenova, Monte & Monza #design pic.twitter.com/R2T7uQotO2 — BoConceptTOR (@BoConceptTOR) August 17, 2015
Raptors HQ Aug 19, 2015

Contract extension raises expectations for Valanciunas

It appears the Raptors are set to give Jonas Valanciunas a nice payday, making it clear the future of the team rests largely on his shoulders. On Monday it was announced that Toronto Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas had taken a leave from training with his Lithuanian national club to return to Toronto with the reported intention of shoring up the details of a contract extension with the team.Considering both sides had until Oct. 31 to reach a deal or the big man would become a restricted free agent after the 2015-16 NBA campaign, the fact that it's supposedly happening in the dog days of...
Raptors HQ Aug 18, 2015

Raptors Release 2015 Pre-Season Schedule

The Raptors continue the tradition of touring the nation before the season kicks off for real. Clear your schedules - or don't. The Raptors released their full pre-season schedule for the upcoming year on Tuesday. October's line-up of meaningless warm-up contests will see Canada's only NBA team tour the country once again, as three of this year's exhibition games will be held in Canadian cities not named Toronto. All told, the Raptors will play seven times in the pre-season against six different opponents; a list of teams that boasts some exciting names including Canadian star Andrew...
Raptors HQ Aug 18, 2015

A Guide to the Raptors 905 Open Tryout: Should you sign up?

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Raptors 905? The open tryout is coming. Here are some things to consider. Raptors 905, the unfortunately named Raptors D-League affiliate, announced yesterday it will hold an open tryout for a chance to get invited to the team's official training camp. The tryout is happening on September 19 at the Recreation, Athletic & Wellness Centre on the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. According to the press release, you can register for the event here. But before you click that link, let me ask an important question: Should you--yes,...
Raptors HQ Aug 17, 2015

ESPN Forecasts The Raptors As A Sixth Place Team In The East

FWIW, still the top team in the Atlantic Division. It's summer time, August to be exact, so there's very little content to be passed around in basketball circles. Thankfully, the folks at ESPN are nice enough to keep things moving with their latest summer forecast standings in the East, which you can check out in full here. The Raptors are projected in these standings to be the sixth best team in the East, and finish with a record of 44-38. For what it's worth, they're the only team in the Atlantic projected to finish with an above .500 record, with the Celtics coming in next at 40-42 in...
Raptors HQ Aug 17, 2015

Breaking: Jonas Valanciunas on his way to Toronto to sign long term deal with the Raptors

Details remain scarce, but this is big news. According to this Lithuanian website and comments made by Jonas Kazlauskas, head coach of Lithuanian's national team, Jonas Valanciunas is heading back to Toronto. (In more ways than one.) Valanciunas has apparently been given clearance to leave his national team for a spell so he can return to Toronto, go through the usual battery of medical tests and sign a deal with the Raptors. Details of the contract are, as you can imagine, still very vague. As you can also imagine: it'll probably be a long term deal. Players don't tend to leave their...
Raptors HQ Aug 14, 2015

Hot Dates: Here are the key games on the Raptors 2015-16 schedule

All 82 games count, but these count a little bit more. So you've seen the schedule, you've read the breakdown and analysis, but now you need a handy reference for the the Raptors games you need to see. Look no further than... right here! Below is a list of the noteworthy games in the Raptors 2015-16 NBA schedule. Yes, all 82 games count. But, despite what the players will tell you, some count more than others. (Also, life is short.) Hot Dates: October 28 vs. Indiana - It's the home opener! November 13 vs. New Orleans - Our one and only visit from future overlord Anthony Davis. November 25...
Raptors HQ Aug 13, 2015

Raptors 1999-00 team deemed "classic" by NBA 2K16

Yes, this means we get vintage digital Charles Oakley. File this one under "Slow August news day": The Toronto Raptors squad of 1999-2000 has been confirmed as one of the 12 "classic" teams to be added to the latest version of the NBA 2K video game series. The upcoming NBA 2K16 game will feature classic teams from NBA history including the '99-'00 Trail Blazers and '07-'08 NBA Champion Boston Celtics. You can see the full list here. Six teams have been confirmed, while six teams remain shrouded in mystery. (Is it too early to put the 2015-16 Kings on there?) As for that classic Toronto...
Raptors HQ Aug 13, 2015

The Raptors 2015-16 schedule is a step up from last year

It's a rough start, but it's only upward from there. Nothing stokes the basketball appetites of the masses like a good ol' mid-August schedule release. We're still two and a half months away from the 2015-16 season getting rolling, but now we have a tangible slate of games to get psyched up for. Let's delve into how it breaks down and why it looks like a more manageable six-month journey for the Raptors than last year. How it breaks down On first glance, the Raptors' schedule seems pretty standard. As part of the NBA's effort to limit wear and tear on players, Toronto will play 17...
Raptors HQ Aug 13, 2015

Poll: Would you trade for Markieff Morris?

The Raptors have Patrick Patterson, but how about Markieff Morris? In the 2013-14, the Phoenix Suns were supposed to be bad. Instead, through some savvy front office moves and a smart coaching hire, the Suns became a fun team of destiny. Well, for a little while anyway. Two years later, after a 48-win season that saw them miss the playoffs, and a sub-500 finish last year, the Suns are on the way to being bad again. One of the players responsible for the Suns brief resurgence was Markieff Morris. In a league increasingly driven by multi-skilled players who can guard multiple positions,...
Raptors HQ Aug 12, 2015

Here's The 2015-16 Regular Season For The Raptors

There are 82 games. The 21st Raptors season will open on Wednesday October 28th at home against the Indiana Pacers. After that, the Raptors will go on the road for 11 of their next 14. Toronto has 17 back-to-backs, one appearance on ESPN and TNT respectively and eight games on NBA TV. We'll have more later, here's the full PDF link to the schedule.
Raptors HQ Aug 12, 2015

David Aldridge: Raptors' Offseason Ranks Middle of the Pack

A quick look at where David Aldridge ranked the Raptors' offseason David Aldridge's offseason rankings have long been a favourite of ours here at the HQ. When the dead-slow days of summer hit (and we don't usually have Blue Jays baseball to look forward to), DA brings content worth talking about. In this year's ranking, he put the Raptors 15th, i.e. right in the middle of the pack. Here's an excerpt from the piece: THE SKINNY: After a season in which their team's defense inexplicably cratered, the Raptors invested heavily in re-fortification, bringing Carroll's 3-and-D from Atlanta to...
Raptors HQ Aug 10, 2015

Before training camp, new-look Kyle Lowry makes an appearance

A new look Kyle Lowry appeared on Instagram a few days ago. In a recent Instagram post by new Knick Kyle O'Quinn, there was a certain Raptors point guard still sporting his same toothy grin, but a completely different body: Good AM run with the Fellas!!! A photo posted by Kyle OQuinn (@kyle.oquinn) on Aug 5, 2015 at 10:57am PDT The feeling all Raps fans must have had seeing this picture can be perfectly summed up by Lowry's celebrity doppelgänger Chris Tucker (feat. Ice Cube) So are we all on the bandwagon to change his nickname from KLOE to KLEAN for this upcoming...

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