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Sixers/Wizards Game 1: From The Other Side: A Different Kind of Moral Victory
W 120 - 115

Sixers/Wizards Game 1: From The Other Side: A Different Kind of Moral Victory

Weve only just begun… pic.twitter.com/siA1gKT8HX — Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) October 19, 2017 Last year when the Philadelphia 76ers stepped on the court, opposing coaches pretty much knew what to expect.  When Joel Embiid was on the floor, his talent combined with the grit and high-effort play of his significantly less talented teammates, made the Sixers a threat […]
Liberty Ballers 7 hours ago

This Actually Starts Now: Sixers Show They’re Ready to Go in Season Opening Loss

“Trust the Process! Trust the Process!” It’s a familiar sound now, but this time last year hearing that mantra as a chant seemed like a winking acknowledgement from diehards that what was on the court is bigger than just the game. Last night, as Bradley Beal addressed the Wizards faithful in...
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Podcast: Dissecting Sixers' season-opening loss

Keith Pompey and Mike Sielski talk about the good and bad from the 76ers’ season-opening loss to the Wizards.
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Wizards win all three food promotions in win over the 76ers

Wizards win all three food promotions in win over the 76ers

The Wizards defeated the 76ers, 120-115 on Wednesday. That reminds me to give you a friendly reminder about this year’s food promotions, because we get all three possible ones today! Promotion 1: Free McDonald’s Large French Fries with any purchase We're ahead after the 1st, so you’ve won a FREE Large Order of Fries with purchase of any item tomorrow from @McDonalds_DMV! pic.twitter.com/HBLuPqdTeW— Washington Wizards (@WashWizards) October 18, 2017 If the Wizards lead after the first quarter, everyone gets free McDonald’s large fries with any purchase — but only if you have...

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Truth About It 3 hours ago

John Wall Put On a Show, But Oubre Was the Star Last Night

The Wizards opened the 2017-18 season in a familiar setting. The address on the building is still 601 F Street NW, but there were a few subtle differences in background. The venue is now officially Capital One Arena, and that(thanks to Bradley Beal) has brought in a new nickname of “The Vault.” It was formerly “The Phone […]
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Sixers vs. Washington Wizards - live updates

Join Sarah Todd as she provides live updates of the Sixers' season opener against the Wizards at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.
philly.com Oct 18, 2017

76ers vs. Washington Wizards at a glance

Sixers own a 177-119 series advantage over the Wizards.
Truth About It Oct 18, 2017

Opening Statements 1: Wizards vs Sixers: The Regular Season Is Here

        The regular season is finally here. Gone are truncated minutes for starters, lukewarm receptions from smaller-than-normal crowds, and experimental lineups from coaches. Those necessary preseason-isms will now be replaced by increased (but measured) minutes by starters, frenzied crowds, and the solidification of rotations in preparation for what each team hopes will be […]
Truth About It Oct 16, 2017

The Post’s Candace Buckner on the Game, How to Make D.C. More of a Basketball Town, and More

Candace Buckner, the phenomenal Wizards beat reporter for the Washington Post, is heading into her second season covering the team. She’s unofficially shared her sports journalism journey many times before (see one such profile in the Washington City Paper from last year), but was gracious enough to make time for this official TAI interview. This Q&A is more of […]
Truth About It Oct 14, 2017

How Sure Are We That The Wizards Fixed Their Bench?

The Washington Wizards’ off-season to-do list was so glaring and obvious, it might as well have been flashing on a billboard outside the Capital One Bank Arena: Upgrade the bench. The second unit was awful last year. You know it. I know it. There’s no need to go into the gory details. The good news […]
Truth About It Oct 12, 2017

I’m So Excited, I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared: Wizards Season Preview and Predictions

The 2017-18 season is a Judgment Day of sorts for the Washington Wizards. After 35 years in NBA purgatory, they have finally reached the Pearly Gates of NBA relevance. The league office validated Washington’s arrival on the main stage with 18 nationally televised games – representing a whopping 22 percent of the Wizards entire schedule […]
Truth About It Oct 12, 2017

Will the Wizards Ever Beat the Miami Heat Again? Does it Even Matter?

The Washington Wizards dropped their first preseason game of the year to the Miami Heat, making it the fifth straight loss to the Heat franchise. (I don’t think this loss matters much, given it was preseason and the Heat rested some of their key players.) Wizards coach Scott Brooks made it a point of emphasis to get his […]
Truth About It Oct 8, 2017

Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp on the State of Basketball Twitter, Sports Writing, and the Wizards

Andrew Sharp has become a staple in the ever so popular and growing dialogue of NBA basketball on the internet. So it was only right to get his opinions on the state of basketball twitter and the positives and negatives of that particular community. Sharp even goes into detail about his pre-Grantland blogging days, and […]
Truth About It Oct 7, 2017

3 Takeaways From the Wizards vs the Knicks at the Vault

  Coach Brooks doesnt believe that the team is at a disadvantage by being the last team to face an NBA opponent this preseason. pic.twitter.com/tbfos2YUzo — Troy Haliburton (@TroyHalibur) October 6, 2017 The Wizards were the last NBA team to open the 2017 preseason against an NBA opponent, putting them squarely behind the 8-ball in terms […]
Truth About It Oct 7, 2017

Wizards Preseason Game 2 – From The Other Side: Noah’s Back

Truth About It is a blog that primarily focuses on all things Washington Wizards. We have media credentials and that access allows for up-close coverage of games, practices, and other activities, irreverent and otherwise. But occasionally we use that access to explore what’s going on with the opposing team. We call this segment, “From The […]
NBA Oct 5, 2017

Wizards' Markieff Morris rejoins team after trial, hernia surgery

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Washington Wizards power forward Markieff Morris had a busy month.
Truth About It Oct 5, 2017

John Wall — 2017-18 Wizards Player Preview

John Wall’s last two games of the 2016-17 playoffs—as cliched as it may be to say—were a microcosm of the Washington Wizards season as a whole. In Game 6 of the Wizards’ series against the Celtics, Wall hit the game-winning shot to give the Wizards a 92-91 victory, which stretched that series to a Game […]

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    John Wall

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    This Actually Starts Now: Sixers Show They’re Ready to Go in Season Opening Loss

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    Markieff Morris

    Sixers-Wizards Game Thread

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    Marcin Gortat

    Wizards vs. Sixers final score: Washington edges out Philadelphia 120-115 in the season opener

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    Daniel Ochefu

    Celtics sign big man Daniel Ochefu

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