6:01 PM EDT, Sat October 25, 2014
Bring On The Cats Oct 16, 2014

K-State Slate: 10.16.14 - Hoping for a Repeat

With KSUEMAW's Slate, the gauntlet was thrown; But I am not one to be outdone. And if the rhyme doesn't make much sense Remember, there's always poetic license. Is that Yost smiling?Royals win it 2-1!It's CrownTown, baby. Yesterday was a fun day at BotC; With content delivered nonsensically. We brought you the FEPO And had a chat with Jordan Esco While catching up with Wildcats in the N(o) F(un) L(eague). It was just two years ago in Norman, That K-State won with defense and Collin Klein. When the Wildcats take to the Field of Owen, A repeat...

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