11:23 PM EDT, Wed July 30, 2014

CGB Hall of Fame Final Round! (4) Mike Mohamed vs. (2) Seamus Kelly

We're in the final round of the Brick Mueller region and the winner earns his rightful place in the CGB Hall of Fame. Who advances? Big Game legend Mike Mohamed or championship-winning, all-everything, model student athlete "Famous" Seamus Kelly? (4) Mike Mohamed Royrules sums it up nicely: "He of Big Game glory. He went from an unheralded 2* recruit to a top-notch LB in the Pac-10." The pride of Brawley, CA, he was versatile and smart enough to play all three positions in a 4-3, or play either inside/outside in a 3-4. When fully healthy, he was an instinctive player who was a...

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