9:08 PM EDT, Fri October 31, 2014
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Alligator Army 10 hours ago

Florida vs. Georgia: Breaking down the Dawgs' defense with Dawg Sports

Trevor tried to not use "Georgia" in this entire piece, but then I edited it. Sorry, Trevor. In a press conference Thursday morning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith said, "football doesn't really begin until November." If he's right, Will Muschamp and the Gator boys are in luck as they take on Georgia in Jacksonville to open up the month. (For the record: He's not. That's an incredibly stupid thing to say, even with limited context.) Florida comes into its neutral site contest with the DEAD LAST RANKED OFFENSE IN ALL OF FBS, at just 2,208 total yards this season. The Gators...
Alligator Army Oct 30, 2014

Florida vs. Georgia: Yes, the Gators ought to go to ground

Florida's best chance against Georgia is gashing the Dawgs with the run. And the Gators may as well try it. Yeah, Florida sounds like it's going to go to ground against Georgia. And, yeah, that's the right decision. Florida players and coaches have indicated in quotes this week — with Kelvin Taylor saying "I know we're going to pound the ball" on Wednesday — that Florida is likely to turn to a run-heavy gameplan against the Bulldogs. 247Sports's Thomas Goldkamp wrote about that in a piece posted earlier today. Our friends canine companions at Dawg Sports had this take on that...
Alligator Army Oct 29, 2014

Florida vs. Georgia: NCAA suspends Todd Gurley for four games

Georgia will be without star running back Todd Gurley against Florida. Georgia running back Todd Gurley will miss the Bulldogs' Saturday game against Florida as the third-game of a four-game suspension handed down by the NCAA on Wednesday in response to an investigation into Gurley allegedly being paid for signing memorabilia. The NCAA found that Gurley accepted "more than $3,000 in cash" "for autographed memorabilia and other items" over two years. NCAA penalty guidelines recommend a suspension for 30 percent of a "student-athlete's" season at that dollar amount of benefits received; for a...
Alligator Army Oct 28, 2014

Florida vs. Georgia: Todd Gurley, and the shame of sham amateurism

The only good reason Todd Gurley shouldn't be playing this Saturday is premised on a lie. Todd Gurley is healthy. He's been healthy all year, a surprise for an upright running back who shoulders most of the load for Georgia when available. Todd Gurley is in his coaches' good graces. This is no surprise, given how he works for them. Todd Gurley is in no trouble with the law. And so he is free to pursue his happiness. Todd Gurley is in no trouble on the field. He's thrown a couple punches at opponents, sure, but those punches weren't even penalized at the time — and no rational punishment...
Alligator Army Oct 27, 2014

Florida vs. Georgia: An absence of belief

No one outside of Florida's locker room expects the Gators to win this weekend. I don't think Florida's going to beat Georgia this weekend. Be honest: Neither do you. The Florida team we've seen for the past six games — Florida's only played six games this season, somehow, despite those six games rivaling the full run of Lost in their ponderousness — is not good enough to beat Georgia, even if uber-back Todd Gurley remains in eligibility purgatory over something as stupid as possibly getting paid for his likeness. Georgia mauled the Missouri team that stomped Florida, and even if Treon...
Alligator Army Oct 25, 2014

Week 9 college football TV schedule, open thread: Florida can't lose (again)

Go do something other than watch Florida football today. Go Gators. Gosh, it's gonna be nice to go to bed tonight without a Florida loss on our minds. This is one of the quieter Saturdays of late in college football, with the "big" games pitting the SEC's two Mississippi teams with seemingly overmatched (I mean, Florida beat Kentucky, and should've beaten LSU, so how good can those teams be, really?) conference foes, and USC and Utah meeting in the only other matchup of ranked teams. And if you're looking for narratives, the SEC West should be able to continue beating up on the East:...
Alligator Army Oct 24, 2014
Florida Gators coaching search: The best candidates who will definitely not be hired

Florida Gators coaching search: The best candidates who will definitely not be hired

None of these names will be Florida's next coach. (We're pretty sure.) Over the next few weeks or months or however long it takes for Jeremy Foley to fire Will Muschamp, you'll read a few articles with three or four possible candidates for Florida's next head coaching position. What I've done to save you the trouble is gather a list of over seven but fewer than 13 coaches that I've seen mentioned for, or, in my opinion, unjustly left out of the conversation of predecessors. It's without a doubt the most complete and logical group I've seen around the Internet, so if I missed a name you...
Alligator Army Oct 24, 2014

Florida Gators coaching search: The long list of the best worst candidates

Want a list of absolutely terrible candidates for the Florida job? Here's one! Will Muschamp isn't fired yet. All indications are that, unless the Gators win out, he's going to get fired. This is all a longer-than-necessary way of saying Will Muschamp is very, very fired. So let's talk about replacements. We all know Jeremy Foley has a short list, but nobody can know who's on it. The following is a long list. The only criterion is that the candidate must be an improvement on what we have in Muschamp. 1. Terry Bowden This man has head coaching experience in the SEC and a strong coaching...
Alligator Army Oct 22, 2014

University of Florida Police report released in Treon Harris sexual battery investigation

There's a lot to read here, and a lot to digest. Do so with care. The University of Florida released the full police report in the investigation into a claim of sexual battery against Treon Harris on Wednesday. The three component parts of the University Police Department report released — a traditional narrative incident report with investigation history, including statements from multiple witnesses; a 63-page transcript of an interview with Harris from the morning of October 6; and a supplement including text messages and call logs from Harris and his alleged victim — are each more 50...
Alligator Army Oct 22, 2014

Florida vs. Georgia: Treon Harris to start at quarterback for Gators

A freshman will lead them. Florida will start Treon Harris at quarterback against Georgia next Saturday, Will Muschamp confirmed in his weekly appearance on the SEC teleconference on Wednesday. Muschamp on the SEC Teleconference right now. Says Treon Harris will start at QB vs Georgia.— GatorZone Football (@GatorZoneFB) October 22, 2014 Harris led Florida's only scoring drives against Tennessee and Missouri, relieving Jeff Driskel late in both games, and while he played against a tired Tenneseee team and against Missouri in garbage time, his spotty play has certainly still been...
Alligator Army Oct 20, 2014
Florida basketball recruiting: 2015 forward Keith Stone commits to Gators

Florida basketball recruiting: 2015 forward Keith Stone commits to Gators

Florida basketball's cup runneth over, but at least it runneth over with good players. This weekend was not a particularly good one for the University of Florida's athletic teams. The Gators of the gridiron desecrated it, and Florida's top-five soccer team went oh-fer in two road matches. Florida volleyball was the only team in its NCAA season to come away with a victory. But Florida basketball notched a W, too: Scout's Evan Daniels reports that Deerfield Beach Zion Lutheran forward Keith Stone, who took an official visit to Florida over the weekend, has committed to the Gators. 247Sports...
Alligator Army Oct 20, 2014
Jeremy Foley will

Jeremy Foley will "evaluate" Will Muschamp, Florida's season "as it plays out"

This isn't the blood you're looking for. But it may be a hint of when that could spill. With frustrations boiling over and Florida's season in shambles, many eyes in Gator Nation have turned to athletic director Jeremy Foley, hopeful for a quick dismissal of head coach Will Muschamp in the wake of an embarrassing Homecoming loss to Missouri. That's not what a statement from Foley released Monday afternoon by GatorZone provides. "At the beginning of the season we said we would evaluate the season as it plays out. We will continue to do so. Our sole focus right now is supporting our coaching...
Alligator Army Oct 20, 2014

Reports: Decision on Will Muschamp's future yet to be made; Florida coach to go recruiting

Will Muschamp might get just a little more rope with which to hang his job. Will Muschamp's future as Florida head coach appears to be a short one, but two Sunday reports from plugged-in reporters suggested that his tenure will at least last a little while longer. Source tells me not to expect anything right now with Muschamp. Way Too early. #Gators — David Jones (@DaveJonesUFbeat) October 19, 2014 Try to enjoy the bye week. There will be no news next two weeks coming out of the UAA. So you can simmer down. For now. — Pat Dooley (@pat_dooley) October 19, 2014 The list...
Alligator Army Oct 19, 2014
Florida must fire Will Muschamp — and the sooner, the better

Florida must fire Will Muschamp — and the sooner, the better

It is no longer acceptable. Florida will fire Will Muschamp at some point this year. It may be after the season. It may be today. It may be tomorrow. It may be after another dispirting, disappointing, embarrassing loss. But the bottom line is that Muschamp remaining Florida's head coach beyond this season is no longer an acceptable prospect for the vast, vast majority of stakeholders in the Gators — a new development after last night's agonizing blowout loss to Missouri, which flipped even most pro-Muschamp fans, like myself, into the camp of the discontented. And so he must be fired,...
Alligator Army Oct 18, 2014

Missouri 42, Florida 13: I Will Make You Hurt

"What must be done eventually, should be done immediately." I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything [Chorus:] What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of thorns Upon my liar's chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time The feelings disappear You are someone...
Alligator Army Oct 18, 2014

Florida vs. Missouri, Game Thread, Second Half: Why, God, Why

Play Missouri for Homecoming, they said! It'll be fun, they said! Florida's homecoming weekend seemed to go swimmingly up to this point, but the most important component isn't going the way Gators fans, friends and families imagined. If this were a finale firework show, the performance would have started late, two of the first sets of fireworks have been duds, one of the roman candles would've fired off into a crowd of children... But at least the weather is nice! So far, Mizzou returner Marcus Murphy broke a Missouri record, Jeff Driskel is on pace to break the turnover meter backwards and...
Alligator Army Oct 18, 2014

Florida vs. Missouri, Game Thread: The Gators face a gotta-win

The tangible, this week, may be less important than the intangible. And that's the difference between a must-win and a gotta-win. My 25 predictions for Florida's showdown in The Swamp with Missouri (7 p.m., SEC Network or WatchESPN)... Florida will score first. Both teams will score in the first quarter. Florida will lead for more than 10:00 in the first half. Jeff Driskel will take every snap at QB for Florida on the Gators' first drive. Driskel will account for more than 150 yards of total offense. Matt Jones will run for more than 80 yards. Kelvin Taylor will run for more than 40...
Alligator Army Oct 18, 2014

Week 8 college football TV schedule, open thread: Showdown looms for Florida

Florida fans will have to wait all day to see what the Gators can do with their backs against the wall. The stakes are rather stark for Florida on this Saturday. Win over Missouri in a showdown under the lights in The Swamp, and the Gators can still basically chart their course to the SEC Championship Game. Lose to the Tigers, though, and it's likely all but over for Will Muschamp as the Gators' head coach. With that as the nightcap, it may be a nervy day for Florida fans. The good news? Gators won't have to watch yet another big game involving Florida State's churning controversy carousel,...
Alligator Army Oct 17, 2014

Florida vs. Missouri: Previewing the Tigers' defense with Rock M Nation

How will the Gators fare against a fearsome front four? As Florida's prepares for its sixth "must-win" game of the season, according to experts everywhere, we here at Alligator Army will again try and prepare Gators fans for what their eyes will see when the Missouri Tigers come to the Swamp on Saturday under the lights, using film techniques only Jon Gruden could fully appreciate. With both teams under preforming and both rosters looking much different than they were just a year before, I recruited Rock M Nation's Jack Peglow to help me break down what the Tigers' defense will look like...
Alligator Army Oct 16, 2014
Florida ranked No. 7 in preseason USA TODAY coaches poll

Florida ranked No. 7 in preseason USA TODAY coaches poll

It's the Gators' highest preseason ranking since 2006. Florida checks in at No. 7 in the first USA TODAY Coaches Poll for the 2014-15 men's basketball season — and the Gators will see a fair few ranked teams this season, in all likelihood. Florida will play top-10 outfits Kentucky (No. 1) and Kansas (No. 5) for certain, during its SEC and non-conference schedules, respectively, but the Gators could also run into No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 6 North Carolina during their trip to the Bahamas for the Battle 4 Atlantis in November. Florida will host No. 15 UConn in a Final Four rematch to conclude...

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