6:37 AM EST, Mon November 30, 2015
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And The Valley Shook 9 hours ago

LSU 19, Texas A&M 7: Viewer's guide to the replay

A gutsy performance carried the Tigers through a sea of distractions. It's almost hard to believe that through everything swirling around the LSU football program over the last few days, there was still a game to be played. And play they did. The Tigers fought through some early problems and mashed the Aggies in the fourth quarter to snap the three-game November skid. Texas A&M remains winless against LSU since joining the SEC. Honestly, this game has always come down to one thing, and that's toughness on the line of scrimmage. And once again, LSU had it when it counted, and the Aggies did...
And The Valley Shook 17 hours ago

...What the hell happened?

A little more insight into the past week's events. Well, as widely reported, Les Miles will be staying as LSU's head coach, per the postgame press conference from Saturday night's 19-7 win over Texas A&M. So what the hell happened? How did Miles go from being so fired that we couldn't see any other scenario playing out to now, with Mark Richt's ouster, the sitting dean of SEC head coaches? Per a source, there was no third-quarter decision, as Joe Schad reported. There was no "if he wins on Saturday." The answer is what you should probably expect in Louisiana most of the time: politics....
And The Valley Shook 19 hours ago

Sunday Video Roundup - Texas A&M

Postgame interviews with Christian LaCouture, Leonard Fournette, Malachi Dupre, and Vadal Alexander Looked so good we had to share it again. Coach Miles with the dab. pic.twitter.com/nEh1yjK597 — LSU Football (@LSUfball) November 29, 2015 Full game replay is available on WatchESPN Video!function(d,s,id){var...
And The Valley Shook Nov 29, 2015

Les Miles is staying

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. After I wrote this on Wednesday, I honestly believed there was no way that Les Miles would still be coaching LSU after next season. Too much toothpaste out of the tube. Too much talk. Thursday night I received a phone call from a source I trust pretty well, and he told me that the reported Jimbo Fisher deal would likely be going down, and that Les would be out sometime Sunday or Monday. I spent most of my Friday working under that impression, but on Saturday morning, my source was suddenly very unsure of things. Well, we know now that that is not...
And The Valley Shook Nov 28, 2015

First Impressions: LSU 19, Texas A&M 7

#Manball It wasn't pretty, and it took a long time to get going, but the game slowly morphed into classic Les Miles football. After spending too much of the first half trying to get the passing game going to little success, Miles finally went to what the team does best: running the ball and breaking your will. Leonard Fournette set the LSU single-season mark for rushing tonight and he did it in unspectacular fashion. He relentlessly hammered at the line until he busted a hole through. The big, exciting plays tended to come from Derrius Guice. Texas A&M is renowned for its terrible run...
And The Valley Shook Nov 28, 2015


IN FOCUS: Seniors Prepare for Final Home Game - LSUsports.net IN FOCUS: Defensive Backs Embrace Legacy - LSUsports.net Fournette Named a Doak Walker Award Finalist - LSUsports.net Senior struggles: LSU’s senior class one of the smallest, least productive in SEC - The Advocate Everything you possibly need to know about rivalry week, from the Iron Bowl to Bedlam - SBNation.com How Week 13's changing the College Football Playoff rankings picture, updated all weekend - SBNation.com Notre Dame didn't play on Black Friday, but its Playoff case still took a hit - SBNation.com Iowa...
And The Valley Shook Nov 27, 2015


Riding off into the sunset. This the end. In some small way I feel as BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. is the embodiment of Les. It's equal parts silly and bad and illogical and fun and successful too. It likes to trash talk but also to laugh at itself. Most people aren't really sure what it is and what it isn't. Almost all of the jokes are bad. Did I mention that none of this makes much sense? I love you, Les. Like seriously, way more than any straight dude should love any other dude stranger. Your'e the man. I don't care if we win the next 50 national championships. You'll always be the best coach to...
And The Valley Shook Nov 27, 2015

LSU vs. Texas A&M: What to watch for

Aggies! At last we meet again for the first time for the last time. Finales are a strange thing. I mean yeah, we don't associate saying goodbye with a lot of positive things, but when something you've loved and enjoyed goes away, and you have that last chance, you should be able to get some sort of catharsis out of it. The experience should feel fulfilling. On TV, they almost never work. Most of the time, things have just drawn out too long, and you're just ready for it to be done. It's sad that we've come to that place with the Les Miles Era at LSU. What will almost certainly be the final...
And The Valley Shook Nov 27, 2015

Tiger Tracklist: Texas A&M

We're far from good, not good from far... Death Valley is one of the most intimidating and intense places to play in all of college football. Each week, I will handcraft a playlist for Tiger fans to listen to in order to ensure that they are at their most HYPE. NSFW. If this is Les Miles' last game wearing purple and gold, so be it. I don't agree with outing Les, but there's no using in trying to push against a freight train once it starts moving. So it seems my last game as a student will be Les' last as well. And frankly, there's only one way to send us both out: Win. With reports...
And The Valley Shook Nov 26, 2015

Delusional Optimism Gives Thanks

... and then says goodbye. With every passing day, it seems more and more likely that this is our last Thanksgiving with Les Miles as the football coach of our beloved LSU Tigers. I don't have any sources, but I can read the tea leaves, and it doesn't look good for The Hat. So let me take this National Day of Thanksgiving to say thank you to Les. Thanks, for making this the most entertaining decade of any sports team I have ever followed. You have bent time, gone for it on fourth down, and faked more successful kicks (especially against Florida) than I ever thought possible. More than...
And The Valley Shook Nov 25, 2015

ATVS Exclusive Interview: SOURCES

ATVS reporter Paul Crewe sits down with SOURCES for an exclusive interview. The most sought after entity in the sports business is a notoriously difficult person to catch up with. But, we here at AndTheValleyShook dot com spare no resource when it comes to delivering the very best #content. Paul: Can you talk to us a little bit about your upcoming role this season? Sources: Big, big year for me. A lot to prove, Paul. A lot to prove. I have my doubters. And you know, it's tough, Paul. You get online, and you see, "Your sources don't know shit." "Your sources are idiots." I don't want my kids...
And The Valley Shook Nov 25, 2015

The Geaux Show for 11/25/15 - The Les Miles Hour

So it's come to this. Carey, Pat, and ATVS Paul/Dan commiserate on the season that has been and the future of Les Miles at LSU. No review, no preview, no picks, just a frank discussion on the eve of what may be Les Miles final game in Tiger Stadium. Hit the buttons below to listen to a stream here or subscribe in iTunes.
And The Valley Shook Nov 25, 2015

Update on the Les Miles situation: NOT GREAT BOB

Checking in on a situation that seems to get more awkward by the day. Well, as some of you may have noticed, Les Miles is, in fact, still LSU's head football coach as the Tigers continue preparations for the season finale this Saturday against Texas AM. As Monday dawned, I was pretty sure that Miles's time here would be coming to an end. I wasn't sure how it would all time out, or if the AM game would matter at all, but I was certainly surprised when I started getting text messages from buddies about an ESPN report that Les would be resigning at his Monday Lunch with Les press...
And The Valley Shook Nov 24, 2015

2017 ATH JaCoby Stevens Decommits

Talented Nashville athlete backs out of verbal commitment. Well, the hits keep coming. 2017 ATH, JaCoby Stevens, a top 50 prospect from Nashville, TN, that committed to LSUjust about two months ago, has backed out of his commitment. Now the Stevens news isn't nearly as dark asFeleipe Franks moving on. Firstly, we've got over a year left to recruit the kid and win him back over. He's a guy Raymond was able to lure, so if the new coach can keep Raymond on staff, they could always win him back over. Secondly, LSU is in dire need of infusing the QB position with more talent, and Stevens isn't...
And The Valley Shook Nov 24, 2015

2015 ATVS - Geaux Show Pick'em Challenge - Week 13

It's the final days of the season, but you can still get in on our pick'em game and win the respect of your fellow readers. For new readers, the signup is simple.CLICK THIS LINK to be taken to our pool provider FunOfficePools.com. Sign up for anaccount, then come back here and click that link again to join our pool. This year's password is tigers. Picks will again be against the spread. Also, picks are due up until the kickoff of each individual game. Forget about making your picks until halfway through the first block of games? You can still enter a pick for any game that hasn't started...
And The Valley Shook Nov 23, 2015

Behind the Box Score: Ole Miss

It makes no sense. Believe it or not, the box score this week isn't horribly depressing. Just the scoreboard. This is a box score that brings up the old saw about three types of lies, and in this case, yes, the stats do lie. The box tells a story of a competitive game. No, your eyes didn't deceive you, but the stats are trying to. 508. LSU's total yards of offense. That should be a good day at the office and result in more than 17 points. LSU had more yards, more rushing yards, more passing yards, AND more first downs than Ole Miss. They also had 21 less points. I've ranted against yardage...
And The Valley Shook Nov 22, 2015

Women's Basketball Win's Third, Lose Moncrief Indefinetely

Raigyne Moncrief like out for season with knee injury. The Tigers won their third straight game of the season 59-53 over Long Beach State, but may have lost their top player Raigyne Moncrief for the season. Moncrief did not dress for the game and the knee injury dates back to 2014 when she tore her ACL during the NCAA Tournament. Head coach Nikki Fargas said that Moncrief had "ongoing" issues with the knee and had been limited in practice to start the season. Fargas did not officially rule out Moncrief for the rest of season, but did say Moncrief will need surgery on the knee. In her...
And The Valley Shook Nov 22, 2015

Sunday Video Roundup - Ole Miss Postgame

Video Les Miles WAFB interviews with S Jalen Mills, DT Christian LaCouture, DT Davon Godchaux, LB Deion Jones and CB Tre'Davious White. Full Replay below, while it lasts. CBS games are not available for replay on WatchESPN
And The Valley Shook Nov 22, 2015

Ole Miss 38, LSU 17: Where do we go from here?

Not with a bang, but with a whimper. LSU has lost three games in a row, something we haven't seen since the death rattle of the Gerry DiNardo Era. They have lost all three by double-digit margins, something that hasn't happen in nearly 20 years. Barring a complete reverse of course next week against Texas A&M, we have likely seen the end of Les Miles as LSU's head coach. Saturday was ultimately, fairly emblematic and representational. LSU certainly came out with enthusiasm. These players want to win for their head coach, of that I am sure. But wanting it isn't enough. Thirteen penalties and...
And The Valley Shook Nov 21, 2015

First Impressions: LSU 17, Ole Miss 38

Coughlin's Law: It always ends badly, or else it wouldn't end This week was dominated by talk and speculation about Les Miles' job. Even before the game, a member of the Board of Directors openly speculated about his job security even if Les won out. With all of the noise and distractions, this was the perfect time for the team to rally and regroup as a team. Not so much. The defense allowed a huge pass play on the first play from scrimmage. With a chance to come out of the gates and make a statement, the statement they choose was "Oops." Hey, but at least the defense stiffened up and held...

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