3:24 AM EDT, Mon July 06, 2015
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And The Valley Shook Jul 4, 2015

The Opening Preview: Who, What, When, Where and Why

LSU will be heavily represented in Oregon this week. The annual elite recruit event has come once again, as the top 2016 recruits and select 2017 studs head to the Nike world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, to compete in a number of different challenges to see who can garner bragging rights for the coming year. It's also a chance for commits to get the opportunity to do some recruiting of their own on the top prospects their future universities are targeting. Let's just say, LSU will be the three letters resounding the loudest throughout the event starting on July...
And The Valley Shook Jul 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July from And the Valley Shook!

Celebrate with one of our finest Americans: Stone Cold Steve Austin.
And The Valley Shook Jul 3, 2015

And the Valley Drinks: NOLA Seventh Street Wheat

NOLA Brewing’s fantastic wheat beer just hit shelves in cans, just in time for the heat of the summer. The Crescent City outlet's Seventh Street Wheat summer seasonal has long been a personal favorite, but one that's not always easy to find outside of the city. Luckily, they just started canning it. It's a pale wheat ale, so it's a little lighter and fruitier than the state's other top wheat ale, Canebrake. In their own words: "7th Street Wheat" started out as our Summer seasonal, but due to its popularity has made its own place in our year round ales.  Named in honor of the 7th Street...
And The Valley Shook Jul 2, 2015

Cookin' ATVS Style: Honey Chipotle Smoked Chicken

Throw a little something on the grill this Fourth of July Weekend. When it comes to barbecue, chicken is one of those things that can be difficult to really mess up, but also difficult to make interesting as well. This -- my own variation off of the Pitt Cue Co.'s roasted chicken recipe -- is a pretty simple way to spice up your bird with a nice marinade/rub and a little smoke. Ingredients 1 fryer chicken -- I find that it's best to have them cut into halves 3 tbsp chipotle chile paste -- I ground up three canned chipotles in adobo sauce 1/2 stick unsalted butter 3 tbsp honey 1 3/4 ounces...
And The Valley Shook Jul 2, 2015

SEC Positional Rankings: Offensive Lines

Three different writers have three different ways to come up with three different rankings. It's like a folk song. We turn this week to the hardest unit to rate: the offensive lines. About the only thing we all could agree on is the fact that returning experience is one of the biggest factors in having an effective unit. But heck, we can't even agree on who had an effective unit, so take that with a giant grain of salt. Let's give the big guys their day in the spotlight. POSEUR I looked at three things: yards/carry, sacks/100 pass attempts, and returning starters. I wasn't bound by it, but...
And The Valley Shook Jul 2, 2015

July Recruiting Roundtable

Recapping one crazy month in LSU recruiting. With what transpired through early June, we had to take a moment to catch our collective breath before we expounding on something that possibly has not occurred at LSU at this point of the sports year. Let's include the final weekend of May so Greedy Williams is a part of this, but can you remember a three-week stretch like this before in LSU history with picking up eight commitments in that span? Paul: It is quite the run. That's a third  of the recruiting class in one fell swoop and puts the staff in good position to focus in on a handful...
And The Valley Shook Jul 2, 2015

LSU's SEC Network Takeover Schedule Revealed, With Some Odd Programing Choices

If you're not caught up in the wave of support for the US Women's World Cup team currently sweeping the nation, basking in the FIVE GAME LEAD the Astros are currently carrying in the AL West, or joining me and the other addicts in the football methadone clinic that is Live Canadian Football on ESPN3, you may have noticed a neat promotion the SEC Network is currently running. Beginning this past Monday and running through next Sunday, each SEC school is given 24 hours to Takeover and air the programing of their choice, as curated by the school and a special celebrity representative for each...
And The Valley Shook Jul 1, 2015

Link Gumbo - 7/1/15

A round-up of the latest LSU news and notes LSU can thrive as a 2015 college football sleeper - Very good piece by Matt Brown over at Sports on Earth on the potential LSU has in the upcoming 2015 season Kevin Mawae, the brightest star of LSU football's darkest days, still feels the same passion for the game -- great feature on LSU's next Pro Football Hall-of-Famer from James Moran at Tiger Rag The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Natchitoches is a state treasure: Ron Higgins | NOLA.com - Ron Higgins writes in appreciation towards the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame -- speaking of...
And The Valley Shook Jul 1, 2015

Wednesday Wayback: The Bring Back the Magic Game

What if I told you that LSU used to be terrible? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Golden Age of LSU football. After stumbling around in the darkness for over half a decade, LSU football slowly began its climb up the football mountain with the aptly named Bring Back the Magic Game. My favorite fact about this game is that Gerry Dinardo called it the Bring Back the Magic Game before it was even played which, looking back on it, makes him the first Delusional Optimist. I mean, there was no rational reason to think LSU was going to beat Auburn. Auburn came into the game ranked 6th...
And The Valley Shook Jun 30, 2015

Better Know a Freshman: Tyron Johnson

Five-star wide receiver Tyron Johnson is an instant impact talent. "Don’t go to LSU, they’ll never get you the ball." I’m confident this is a recruiting tactic routinely used against the Tigers, despite the proliferation of WR talent hanging around the league right now. You know, including one of the NFL’s most exciting, hot, attractive players, Odell Beckham Jr. It’s a line that many believed would wind up driving New Orleans receiver Tyron Johnson right out of the state and into an offense that may prove to be a bit more friendly on receiving stats. Yet, the lack of quarterback...
And The Valley Shook Jun 30, 2015

Cookin' ATVS Style: Pulled-Pork Boudin

Did you know that there is Nirvana inside of a hog casing? In the discussion of the general wondiferous-ness of our Tailgate Bracket runner-up, what places make the best boudin, best way to consume, etc..., your humble correspondent remembered an old conversation, by which a friend of mine mentioned his recent purchase of a sausage stuffer. Upon a couple of phone calls to align schedules, the ATVS Kitchen Strike Force (zrau and I) assembled. The same friend had recently regaled us with stories of boudin made with pulled pork that he and his wife had partaken of at Boucherie in New...
And The Valley Shook Jun 30, 2015

Looking Back to Look Ahead

How close is this team to being a contender again? We have moved into complete summer mode at ATVS. School is out and we've busted out the flip flops. The ATVS crew is currently hanging out by the pool at the palatial SB Nation college complex, sipping on fruity drinks with umbrellas in them. We're taking it easy after a long college season. Unlike the pro sports, there really isn't a while lot of offseason news for college teams. There's almost no player movement, and Signing Day was way back in February. These are truly the dog days for college sports fan. There is no news, except for...
And The Valley Shook Jun 29, 2015

Wayde Sims Verbally Commits to LSU Basketball

University High basketball player commits to LSU and Johnny Jones. The Tigers added to their 2016 recruiting class on Sunday with the 6-foot-6, 210-pound forward Wayde Sims out of U-High in Baton Rouge. Sims was the Gatorade player of the year for the state of Louisiana this past season. Sims, in addition to the Gatorade award, was the class 3A MVP and the 28th most outstanding player for 3A. Last season Sims averaged 9.5 rebounds, 1.5 steals, and made 62.8 percent of his shots from the field. He helped lead the U-High Cubs to their second straight state championship. Sims played on the...
And The Valley Shook Jun 29, 2015

Trey Lealaimatafao Dismissed from Football Team

The redshirt freshman is no longer a part of the LSU football team following his latest off-field incident In a move many expected, Les Miles announced that defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao has been dismissed from the team. Previously, Lealaimatafao had been suspended indefinitely after he was arrested. The redshirt freshman Lealaimatafao had been arrested two weeks ago for stealing and punching a woman outside a bar. It was not the first time the former Tiger had been involved in an off-field incident. Prior to the 2014 season he suffered an arm injury after punching a window in...
And The Valley Shook Jun 29, 2015

The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket: Jambalaya is Your Champion

It’s the best around; nothing’s going to ever keep it down. With another resounding victory, Jambalaya has been crowned as the ultimate tailgating dish. As I've said numerous times, this isn't really all that a surprise -- aside from being in the pantheon of Cajun/Creole dishes that almost anybody that knows anything about Louisiana can name, jambalaya works perfect for a tailgate. It's fun to cook, easy to customize, goes a long way in feeding big groups and can even be fairly economical in a pinch. Your favorite recipe is probably your own, or somebody else in your family. All it...
And The Valley Shook Jun 26, 2015

Better Know a Freshman: Justin McMillan

Can Justin McMillan crack the LSU QB code? LSU and the Never-Ending Quest for Quality Quarterback play sounds like the title of a bad Dr. Seuss book turned movie that we’ve all watched many times over now. If we’re being honest, LSU QB play is straight-up nightmare fuel. The type of stuff that has driven lesser men to craven acts, like leaving at the beginning of the 4th quarter or following another team altogether. Let’s face it, LSU’s QBs just aren’t a whole hell of a lot of fun to watch. When you cheerlead every modest performance as some type of corner-turning prophecy from...
And The Valley Shook Jun 26, 2015

The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket CHAMPIONSHIP: Jambalaya vs. Boudin

And now we’ve reached the final curtain. Who will be crowned the ultimate tailgating delicacies? After nearly a month of competition and 64 dishes spread out over four regions of tailgating fare, we have reached the championship of the Ultimate Tailgating Bracket: the No. 1 seed of the Black Pot Region, Jambalaya, versus the No. 4 seed of the Barbecue & Grilling Region, Boudin. I always suspected that jambalaya would be here. We never officially crowned anything the No. 1 overall seed, but it always made the most sense for that spot. I mean if you surveyed any of the dozens of black pot...
And The Valley Shook Jun 26, 2015

Cookin' ATVS Style: Ribs, Version 2.0

Short post here, but there isn’t a ton to discuss here in terms of ingredients, methods, etc… It’s ribs. My first time working with ribs didn’t come out quite the way I wanted. I tried spritzing them with a mop sauce, and then I tried using the oven when it came time to sauce them, and while that was out of necessity (out of charcoal and propane for my grill), nonetheless it didn’t quite come out the way I was hoping. The 2015 Super Regional provided me with another day that was good for smoking, so I picked up a couple of racks of baby backs. I had some leftover Pit Cue rub --...
And The Valley Shook Jun 26, 2015

NBA Draft Recap

The M&M boys are headed to Memphis and Boston. When last we saw Jordan Mickey and Jarell Martin on the basketball court, LSU lost to North Carolina State in the waning moments of the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament. The next time we see them, they will be playing in the NBA on different teams and in different conferences. But the big question remained where would each end up being drafted on Thursday? The consensus opinion in the mock drafts had both players being drafted toward the end of the first round, and that's what wound up happening, with Mickey going to the Boston Celtics and...
And The Valley Shook Jun 25, 2015


The College World Series ended last night, which means the long trod to college football season is upon us. BUT DON'T DESPAIR! Our neighbors to the north have sensed our need for Oblong Spheroid Gridiron Action and sent us the joy and wonderment that is Canadian Football. With a new ESPN TV deal in hand, it's easier than ever to follow everyone's favorite football-like substance. Tonight's season opener of Ottawa at Montreal will be live on ESPN2 at 6:30pm with 19 more games planned for ESPN2 and 69 more games carried live on the ESPN3 service. (look, it's either this or I start...

Tigers Player News

  • Trey Lealaimatafao

    Trey Lealaimatafao

    The First Cup of Coffee with Ron Higgins: Les Miles does the right thing tossing player off team

  • Leonard Fournette

    Leonard Fournette

    LSU's Leonard Fournette one of college football's 'scariest' players, per NFL.com

  • Clifton Garrett

    Clifton Garrett

    LSU's need for linebackers grows exponentially with Clifton Garrett's transfer: James Smith

  • Brandon Martin

    Brandon Martin

  • Jeremy Cutrer

    Jeremy Cutrer

    LSU CB recruit Jeremy Cutrer to report next week; WR Brandon Martin going to junior college