10:07 AM EDT, Tue September 02, 2014
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And The Valley Shook 21 hours ago
LSU vs. Wisconsin: A Tale of Two Halves

LSU vs. Wisconsin: A Tale of Two Halves

LSU struggled through the 1st half Saturday. Only to turn it on in the 2nd half and steal a victory. Yesterday, ESPN College Gameday's Twitter dropped this interesting stat on us: Under Les Miles, LSU is 22-21 after trailing in the 4th quarter. The Tigers are the only FBS program with a winning record in such games. — College GameDay (@CollegeGameDay) August 31, 2014 The stat is somewhat astonishing. Naysayers will probably point to the fact that LSU is often a team that shouldn't be needing to come from behind in the 4th quarter. Yet, this is also a remarkable testament in Miles'...
And The Valley Shook Sep 1, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot Week 1

It's back, and more random than ever! The SEC Power Poll returns, and my ballot is a bit of a puzzle. None of the power teams, outside of Georgia and A&M, looked all that impressive, but the bottom half of the conference, outside of Vandy, looked pretty darn good. This makes it look like this is a season in which the gap has narrowed between the sharks and the minnows, and it will be hard for anyone to dominate. Of course, it's only been one week and looks are often deceiving. We'll see how things look going forward. 1 Georgia In a weekend during which every SEC team exposed their flaws,...
And The Valley Shook Aug 31, 2014

First Impressions: LSU 28, Wisconsin 24

I have no idea how that happened Remember the mantra of Delusional Optimism: I do not care about moral victories, therefore, I do not care about moral losses. But this was pushing it. There's no way to call this a pretty, or even an impressive, win. LSU looked lost for long stretches of the game, and after finding themselves in a 24-7 hole, finally got to digging themselves out of it. Wins are wins, but LSU did not look like anything approaching a complete team. Hell, I still don't know how we won this game. Wisconsin rushed for 268 yards on 39 carries which, not to put too fine a point on...
And The Valley Shook Aug 30, 2014


LSUSports.net - It's GameDay: LSU Football Opens 2014 vs. Wisconsin Advocare Texas Kickoff GAMEDAY INFORMATION BR Advocate - Sources: Anthony Jennings to start for LSU; Robinson, Bain, Porter and Dupre won’t play EDSBS - THE BIG COUNTRY/RUN SBNation.com - Control Your Remote Week 1 SECSports.com - SEC on TV Listings ESPN GAMEPLAN BLACKOUT MAPS Games Worth Watching Penn State vs. UCF 7:30 a.m. ESPN2 / watchespn Appalachian State at Michigan 11:00 a.m. ESPN2 / watchespn Ohio State at Navy (Baltimore) 11:00 a.m. CBSSN / $CSLive Video UCLA at Virginia 11:00 a.m. ESPN...
And The Valley Shook Aug 29, 2014

LSU vs. Wisconsin: What to Watch For

Tiger Football is BACK baby! Here's your comprehensive breakdown of Saturday night's opener in Houston. FOOOOOOOTTTTTTBALLLLLL'S BAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK... Anyways, here's your comprehensive preview of themes, strategies and what you can expect to see out of the Tigers and the Badgers on Saturday night in Death Valley um...Houston. What to Watch For on Saturday Mirror Images It shouldn't have taken 40 years for these two programs to meet up again in the regular season. Wisconsin and LSU are programs that seem made for each other. Near-mirror images of each other on and off the field. While LSU...
And The Valley Shook Aug 29, 2014

Ten Sentences: Wisconsin

A few words on the Badgers. Founded in 1848, a band of fur trappers established the University of Wisconsin when they "killed ‘em a few a cases of High Life and passed out where they lay." When the United States government bestowed land grant status upon the university, Miller Brewing commemorated the occasion by producing High Life in camo cans. Badger fans still drink High Life from camo cans to this day, and it is widely regarded as one the greatest traditions in college football Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen is just a boring T-1000. The Badgers have started the same person at...
And The Valley Shook Aug 29, 2014

Link Gumbo - 8/29/14

Y'all are spoiled. TWO gumbos in one week Grantland on Your Side: Adopt a 2014 College Football Team! " - Have a friend in need of help? Do they need a CFB team to invest them self in this year? Someone to root for? Maybe a blue blood. Or a pesky little upstart in a power 5 conference. Or better yet, the best one......a MAC school. Grantland wants to help! Ranking the 2014 college football offseason's greatest moments - SBNation.com - From plans to have a blogger ride a horse, offensive lineman twerking, Leonard Fournette racing Master P (and blowing him away. If you had to ask the...
And The Valley Shook Aug 28, 2014
The Geaux Show for August 28th, 2014 - Wisconsin Pregame

The Geaux Show for August 28th, 2014 - Wisconsin Pregame

Carey and Pat are back from summer vacation, ready to break down the roster ad get ready for the 10th season of Les Miles football. The fellas are also joined by Jake Kocorowski of Bucky's 5th Quarter to get the lowdown on the Badgers. All that plus this week's picks. Hit the buttons below to listen to a stream here or subscribe in iTunes.
And The Valley Shook Aug 28, 2014

LSU vs. Wisconsin: The Trailer

And The Valley Shook Aug 28, 2014
LSU vs. Wisconsin: BIG. GAME. PREVIEW.

LSU vs. Wisconsin: BIG. GAME. PREVIEW.

BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. gives you everything you need to know for this week's opponent. Paul Crewe here. We're gettin' mightttttyyyyy close to gameday, folks. So it's time we put together the most comprehensive, authoritative game preview round yonder. I'm talkin' Xs and Os, punts and forward passes, and all that hard hittin' analysis you've come to know and love right here at And the Valley Shook. We take pride at looking at the game from every angle, so buckle up your seat belts because we're going for a ridddddeeeeeeee! RELEVANT DATA Hint: It's the red one. WISCONSIN PopULATION | Create...
And The Valley Shook Aug 28, 2014

Why Alabama Wins

Process, Schmocess Last week, The Smoking Musket posted an interesting thinkpiece, arguing that the Alabama dynasty might already be over, we just don't know it yet. I highly recommend you go read it, as it makes a historic argument that we never see the dynasty's end coming. While I'd like to believe it is always darkest before the dawn, and we are ready for a new Alabama-free era to begin... we aren't going to be that lucky. OK, I do doubt Alabama will win three national titles in four years again if for no other reason that a playoff makes upsets more likely. However, Alabama is still...
And The Valley Shook Aug 28, 2014

Playin' "Nice": B5Q

Isn't this what they call "Wisconsin Nice?" Andrew Rosin of B5Q chimes in on some other questions we had... So did y'all ever figure out who won Dan versus Dave? I ask because Wisconsin seems permanently trapped in 1992 with the whole "Jump Around" thing. Listen, if living in a world where Chris Farley and Phil Hartman are still alive, gas is under a buck a gallon, the right to bear arms only involved Super Soakers and the Daddy Mack and the Mack Daddy made America 'Jump Jump' is considered a problem, then I suppose we're about to have a scrap friend. Can y'all bring some poutine with you...
And The Valley Shook Aug 27, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, back after the long offseason, and ready to get back to the sport he loves, the Nature Boy...RIC FLAIR! Flair: WOOOOOOOO! Boy they are hot tonight! Ladies and gentlemen! Baton Roooooouge! The time has come again! And the man is here to STYYYYYYYYLE and... /arena goes dark . . . . . via 24.media.tumblr.com Bray Wyatt: I may not be a Nature Boy, but I understand man's nature. Y'see, we're all corrupt, in our hearts. We all covet. We all see things that other people have. Things that we want. And we're willing to do do whatever it takes to get it. You know they...
And The Valley Shook Aug 26, 2014

Ten Sentences: Leonard Fournette

Ten quick thoughts on Leonard Fournette. "Heisman Candidate, All-American, National Title" is what Leonard Fournette expects of himself this season. Cam Cameron said Leonard Fournette is everything we thought he was... and then some, while Les Miles has compared him to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. While I understand wanting to temper expectations, there's a reason Leonard Fournette is talked about like he is. Fournette ran for 200 yards in 6 straight games to start his high school career, thus achieving early is not a dream; it's an expectation. When Fournette breaks a long run on...
And The Valley Shook Aug 26, 2014

Playin' Nice: Bucky's Fifth Quarter

Mike Fiammetta of B5Q was so kind as to update us on what to expect out of the Badgers on Saturday. 1. We've seen the reports on Tanner McEvoy taking over as the starting quarterback. Do you think he's really supplanted Joel Stave for the season, or is this just a bit of gamesmanship by Gary Andersen to try and play the better matchup? The quarterback situation remains up in the air, no matter what anyone will tell you. This all ratcheted up last Friday, when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cited three unnamed sources saying Tanner McEvoy would be the starter. Wisconsin released its depth...
And The Valley Shook Aug 25, 2014
Monday Press Conference - 2014 Week 1

Monday Press Conference - 2014 Week 1

Miles calls his son a goat, and doesn't say much else Some stumping for the new CST pregame show...round of applause for Ted Castillio...Happy to get out of fall camp without a major injury..."We will play both quarterbacks"...Will not hesitate to call on freshmen RBs...Kickoff duties not settled yet, Trent Domingue or Cameron Gamble in the mix...Miles remembers being recruited by Wisconsin and Mike Webster in high school...isn't concerned with who Wisconsin names as a QB starter, will prepare for both...Says Mills is preparing to play... Pocic would start at center today, released...
And The Valley Shook Aug 25, 2014

2014 ATVS - Geaux Show Pick'em Challenge - Week 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome once again to that grand internet tradition, the 8th/9th annual ATVS-Geaux Show Pick'em Challenge. Where YOU, the internet denizen of And The Valley Shook!, can put your powers of prognostication to the test against the best and brightest some guys we found on the internet who spend way more time and effort on this nonsense than you could possibly believe. If you played last year, you have already likely received an invitation email to this year's pool. For new readers, the signup is simple. CLICK THIS LINK to be taken to our pool provider...
And The Valley Shook Aug 25, 2014

Link Gumbo - 8/25/14

Some news and notes for you this morning LSU coach Les Miles appears in USA Football's public service announcement | NOLA.com - Les Miles has appeared in a PSA for USA Football, discussing it's Heads Up Football program. The Heads Up program's goal is to make the game safer and better. LSU Joins SEC Fan Experience Enhancement Project - LSUsports.net - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers AthleticsDetails about many of the new additions to Tiger Stadium. New HD video and LED message boards, an enhanced capability for mobile phone usage (we've heard that before), and new menu options...
And The Valley Shook Aug 25, 2014

Cam Cameron and The Baseline Competence of QB Play

What can LSU expect from it's young QBs in 2014? Are they doomed to failures past? Or is Cam Cameron ushering in a new era? Les Miles knows how to win with bad quarterbacks. Over a four-year span, he won 41 games and an SEC Title with a QB pair that produced this: Completions Attempts Completion % Passing Yards Yards Per Attempt Touchdowns Interceptions QB Rating 714 1243 57.35 8,682 7.2 66 41 126.95 It's not a screaming, woeful lack of production. It's an inefficient, turnover prone nightmare. There's not one thing in that stat sheet that screams "decent." Not only were they...
And The Valley Shook Aug 25, 2014

Previewing the 2014 LSU Football Team

Catch the ATVS breakdown of every position on the 2014 Tigers right here. Roster/Depth Chart 10 Anthony Jennings (Soph.) 6-2, 216 Completed 13-of-29 passes for 181 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Rushed for 18 yards and 2 touchdowns. 6 Brandon Harris (Fr.) 6-3, 188 Completed 209-of-330 passes (63%) for 3,518 passing yards with 37 touchdowns and 9 INTs, plus 144 carries for 1,153 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns as a senior at Parkway High School. Four-star recruit. 17 Jared Foster (Jr.) 6-0, 200 Did not play football - batted .359 in 42 games as an...

Tigers Player News

  • Leonard Fournette

    Leonard Fournette

    Leonard Fournette didn't shine for LSU, but he looked at home as Kenny Hilliard dominated things in a comeback victory | VLOG

  • Devin Voorhies

    Devin Voorhies

    LSU DB Devin Voorhies stops Leonard Fournette to highlight goal line drill | Video

  • Odell Beckham Jr.

    Odell Beckham Jr.

    Former LSU star Odell Beckham Jr. will miss another Giants preseason game

  • Travonte Valentine

    Travonte Valentine

    LSU defensive tackle Travonte Valentine, safety Jalen Mills not expected for start of fall practice, coach Les Miles says

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