11:19 AM EDT, Sat October 25, 2014
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#ThrowbackThursday - The Daily Reveille's front page on Nov. 2, 1962, just before that year's #LSU vs. #OleMiss game pic.twitter.com/IsjMWYdB11 — The Daily Reveille (@lsureveille) October 23, 2014 LSUSports.net - In Focus: Touchdown Travin - Dural Makes Huge Impact in First Year as a Starter LSUSports.net - In Focus: Win Each Play - Elliott Porter is Motivated to Finish Strong LSUSports.net - Flory Earns Record Win as Tigers Sweep Rebels LSUSports.net - Fans Asked to Arrive Early, Enjoy Homecoming Events LSUSports.net - GameDay: Classic Rivalry Set For Nation's Spotlight ...
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BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. Is Late, but Oh so on time. Paul Crewe here. It's time for your weekly installment of BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. That's right, the most comprehensive, all-encompassing game preview round this side of the block. You want in-depth insight to what's gonna happen Saturday? You came to the right place, mister. You want expert knowledge on the schemes and rosters for LSU and Ole Miss? You betcha you found it, sir. Just like I said we'd smoke some Kentucky Cats last week, this week, we get our age old foe, the mighty Ole Miss Rebels. And boy do I have something to say about...
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LSU vs. Ole Miss: What to Watch For

LSU vs. Ole Miss: What to Watch For

For Old Time’s Sake? For the first time in 11 years, both LSU and Ole Miss square off as ranked teams. For the first time in FIFTY-THREE years, Ole Miss is the higher-ranked team. 2014 everybody! The third-ranked Rebels come into Baton Rouge for what is, to date, the biggest game of the year for LSU (how weird does it seem in hindsight that Mississippi State came to Baton Rouge unranked?). Aside from the record and the ranking, I'm just going to be frank and tell you that Ole Miss has the better football team this year. They've got veterans at the right positions playing at really high...
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The Geaux Show for October 23rd, 2014 - Ole Miss Preview

Carey and Pat are back to talk about the surprising blowout of Kentucky, then Carey talks with Bob Lynch of Red Cup Rebellion to see if the Tigers have a chance on Saturday. All that plus this week's picks. Hit the buttons below to listen to a stream here or subscribe in iTunes.
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Playin' ... "Nice" ... : Red Cup Rebellion

#GeauxToHellOleMiss So tell us. Deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, you know that Dr. Bo has accidentally sewn up a watch, a bow tie, a solo cup, SOMETHING in the patient that's going to make all this just go to hell, right? Oh there are at least a few pagers lost in some poor sap's colon somewhere. That's what happens when you're in a hurry and don't want to miss happy hour. He's also performed a few transplants where he's had to use horse organs but, hey, you make do with what you've got. His patients understand this, we hope. All this hate for LSU...you can be honest,...
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Link Gumbo - 10/24/14

News and notes for you this morning Rina Hill took a big risk in her journey from Japan to LSU | NOLA.com - Cool feature on LSU sophomore point guard Rina Hill, how she's found herself at LSU after growing up in Japan, and her goals for the future. ESPN’s College GameDay Visits Baton Rouge in advance of No. 3 Ole Miss at No. 24 LSU " ESPN MediaZone - As I'm sure you've heard, College GameDay will be in Baton Rouge tomorrow for the Ole Miss game. It's the 10th time GameDay is travelling to LSU. LSU freshman pitcher Jake Latz to sit fall season with elbow injury | LSU | The...
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First Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 9

The final 10 are set. And then there were 10. We said good bye to JR Ella last week. JR got drunk, ate 12 pounds of mushrooms, then spun in circles for a half hour straight before winding up on Florida. In hindsight, maybe it's not the worst pick. Okay, yes, yes it was. Otherwise we had four picks for Bama, three for LSU, two for Ole Miss and a single vote for Missouri. Let's take a look at who is remaining the teams they have to choose: bbig Selected: Mississippi State, Florida, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, LSU, AlabamaRemaining: Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Missouri,...
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2014 ATVS - Geaux Show Pick'em Challenge - Week 9

LSU puts in it's best game of the year AND SO DO I! Your Fearless Leader has conquered all of you peasants with a 9-3 record. As I'm about to receive a metric gross of koozies, I can't very well award myself one, so this week's winner is Texas Tiger, who tied me with a 9-3 record but lost the score tie breaker. He/She will be emailed soon with details on how to collect his/her ATVS KOOZIE OF POWER (same goes for BBig24, PDixon and LSUCHADP, Chuckt33, youmrtoonces, Kruizer, and Valsufan, our Koozies are nearly here! Bask now in their prototyped goodness! If you haven't joined yet,...
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Hey...You Want to See Something Really Scary?

Mississippi...we're here... Imagine a place. Bright. Glittery. Colorful. The sun shines down through big, tall, BEAUTIFUL oak trees create a beautiful tapestry and shadow and light. Children run and play! Joyfully! Women! Resplendent in the finest dresses! Beautiful linen! Colorful! The men, clad in their Sunday finest! Food! Fellowship! Flowing champagne! But there's nothin' behind it...The people are just...empty. Picture those glassy stares out of blank eyes. All that laughter that just rings...hollow...A rotten foundation under all of that beauty. You see! All that celebratin'! All that...
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Playin' Nice ... : Red Cup Rebellion

JUCO All-American of Red Cup Rebellion primes us on Ole Miss coming to Tiger Stadium on Saturday. On the defensive side of the ball, most people expected Ole Miss to have a pretty good defense with Cody Prewitt, Robert Nkemdiche, Tony Connor, etc... back. But this unit has probably surpassed even the most optimistic projections so far. What's worked so well for it? Um... everything? The pass rush has allowed a fantastic secondary to play aggressive football, pressing receivers at the line and not worrying as much about receivers getting by them. The safeties have flown all over the place....
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Delusional Optimism Rivals No One, But Especially Not Ole Miss

Remember our rivalry with Ole Miss? Yeah, me neither. Never ask an Ole Miss fan how to get to Omaha or Atlanta. That was one of my favorite jokes, and I'm not emotionally prepared for Ole Miss to go to both of those places in the same calendar year. After a lifetime of futility, the mere concept of Ole Miss achieving basic athletic competency is just too much for me to take. It's up to us to nip this thing in the bud. The LSU-Ole Miss rivalry used to be one of the very best in the conference, and even the nation. Two mighty powers slugged it out for football supremacy, and usually the...
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Tiger Bait Review: Week 8

Our weekly recap of how LSU’s 12 scheduled opponents fared the previous weekend. Wisconsin (4-2, 1-1 in the Big 10) Bye week for the Badgers. Sam Houston State (3-4, 2-1 in the FCS Southland Conference) Northwestern State scored 10 points in the final six minutes to pull out a 31-28 win over the Bearkats in Natchitoches. ULM (3-3, 2-1 in the Sun Belt) Much needed week off for a banged up Warhawks. Mississippi State (6-0, 3-0) Likewise, a week off for the Bulldogs, who will travel to Kentucky this week. New Mexico State (2-6, 1-3 in the Sun Belt) The Aggies rushed for 214 yards, but...
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LSU 41, Kentucky 3: Viewer's Guide to the VERY Late Re-Watch

What did we say about ups and downs? **Ed. Note: Sorry about the lateness on this, but a long Sunday kept me from giving this one a proper review.** When LSU got hammered in Auburn, a couple of us talked about the game just getting away from the Tigers. The snowball rolling downhill metaphor and all that. The Tigers were finally the ones rolling the ball Saturday night. Special teams helped LSU build a quick 17-0 lead, and from there they could throw body blows and let Kentucky tire itself out trying to dig out of the hole it was already in. LSU threw for more than 100 of its 120 passing...
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Monday Press Conference 2014 - Week 9

Les Miles meets with the media after an outstanding performance against Kentucky on Saturday and a College Gameday appearance this coming weekend. Les Miles was all smiles today starting off this press conference with, "These games are the reason you come to LSU." Miles was ecstatic with the way the team played in all three phases of the game. The only thing you could say he was disappointed in were the fans. He told the fans to "bring food" so they could stay all four quarters of the game. Now going back to Kentucky, Miles said he wanted to start off fast and they did by scoring...
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Sunday Video Roundup - Kentucky Postgame

The full game replay is available on SEC Network+.
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First Impressions: LSU 41-3 Kentucky

Now THAT was a vintage LSU performance..... After two consecutive road games, with wildly different outcomes, LSU returned home in a must win game against Kentucky. This wasn't your usual Kentucky team, and the build-up was different than previous games against the Wildcats. The expectation was that this could be a difficult game, and some members of the media even picked UK to pull the upset. It ended up just as so many other LSU-Kentucky games have though, with the Tigers blowing out the Wildcats  Another year, another bowl. Now to some thoughts. LSU had just the start you would've...
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LSUSports.net - In Focus: A Football Life - D.J. Welter is Dedicated to the Game and His Team LSUSports.net - In Focus: Reality Check - LSU Defensive End Justin Maclin Prepares for Post-Football Career LSUSports.net - In Focus: Consistency Wins - LSU Gymnasts Personify Coach’s Philosophy LSUSports.net - Feinswog: Healthy Martin Ready for NCAA Run LSUSports.net - GameDay: Football Returns Home to Face Kentucky LSUSports.net - LSU Gears Up for Record-Breaking Alumni Band SB Nation - We finally got to watch Stitt happen SB Nation - Notre Dame-FSU's 4 biggest keys SB...
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LSU vs. Kentucky: BIG. GAME. PREVIEW.

LSU vs. Kentucky: BIG. GAME. PREVIEW.

If it bleeds, we can kill it. Paul Crewe here. Ain't gonna say I told ya so, but I told ya so. We fried some Gator right down there in the Swamp last Saturday. Did you ever have any doubts? How could a team captained by Will Musketchamp ever hope to prevail? They are fighting with ancient artillery, and we pulled out the big guns. But enough about the artist formerly known as Florida, this week brings a new challenge, an upstart team from the East with something to prove. Now, we've faced some stinkers before, but Kentucky is to college football as the Chicago Cubs are to baseball, except...
And The Valley Shook Oct 17, 2014

LSU vs. Kentucky: What to Watch For

Am I Blue? Well now here's a game nobody really thought they'd care about a couple months ago. Kentucky, unranked, but an impressive 5-1 -- realistically a couple seconds from 6-0 -- comes to Tiger Stadium looking to pull off the most significant victory of the Mark Stoops Era, with an LSU team that, despite a much-needed victory last week, needs to keep some positive momentum going. LSU needs to get this win for bowl eligibility (and yes, that matters -- don't think about the location, think about the 10 days of practices for it) before back-to-back showdowns with top-10 Ole Miss and...
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Link Gumbo - 10/18/14

Link Gumbo - 10/18/14

News and notes related to LSU and college football from the past week Arkansas Unveils 1964 Throwback Uniforms To Wear vs Alabama - Arkansas Fight - These were really, really nice and I think Arky should wear some variation of it once annually. Terrific unis. College Football Playoff: Mock selection raises issues committee will face - College Football - SI.com - A mock selection committee looked over and selected 4 playoff teams, a Top 25, and all that good stuff using data from the 2008 CFB season. Andy Staples reported on many of the issues the actual CFP committee will face this year. A...

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