6:15 PM EDT, Sat August 01, 2015
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And The Valley Shook Jul 31, 2015

Charges Dropped Against Anthony Jennings, Dwayne Thomas & Maquedius Bain

Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore announced his decision to drop the charges this afternoon. It was reported that Baton Rouge's DA expected the charges against the three LSU football players arrested for an incident at an off-campus apartment to go away earlier this week, and today the charges were officially dropped. Moore issued the following statement: (via The Advocate) "This decision is based upon the request of the victim that no charges be filed and inconsistent and contradictory statement provided," Moore wrote in a statement released to the media. "Although the conduct...
And The Valley Shook Jul 31, 2015

ATVS Ranks the World: Muppet Show Hosts

Only ranking the most important topics. In the offseason of ranking things, one reader has suggested Muppet Show sketches, which Poseur and I quickly turned into a discussion of the best overall episodes -- some have a great sketch or two, but don't hold up as well. After some intense deliberations (somebody tell Poseur to trim his nails), we came up with the 10 best hosts/episodes of maybe the greatest musical variety show in television history. 1.       Rita Moreno (Billy) Honestly, the "Fever" closing number may have thrust me into puberty. You have the cool factor of Floyd just...
And The Valley Shook Jul 31, 2015

Better Know a Freshman: Arden Key

Athletic rusher could give LSU the help they need off the edge. In his early days at LSU, Brick Haley earned a reputation for being a strong closer, winning out on prospects like Sam Montgomery, Ego Ferguson, Frank Herron and Greg Gilmore. But slowly his effectiveness waned. Sure, he pulled Travonte Valentine, but LSU pretty routinely finished second in the race for many top defensive line recruits. Some of that can't be prevented. You can't win 'em all, they say. Perhaps it's luck evening out, or perhaps the lack of successful NFL proteges eventually caught up to Brick. If your recruiting...
And The Valley Shook Jul 30, 2015

SEC Positional Rankings: Linebackers

Someone finally notices Mizzou is a good team The LB talent is pretty well spread out this year. The nine linebackers on the media's All-SEC teams come from seven different teams. Phil Steele has eight players on his top two teams spanning seven teams as well. That's a pretty decent spread of talent. It's hard to find a breakout unit from the pack. But we'll try anyway. POSEUR It's hard to isolate linebacker stats. I looked at the total defense stats, yards/play, rushing average allowed, and passing rating allowed. Then I look at the number of starts and tackles returning. I like active...
And The Valley Shook Jul 30, 2015

Les Miles Mentions a Possible Starting Lineup?

The coach listed some names during his yearly speech before the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge. While the headlines out of the talk might have been around the new status change involving the case of Anthony Jennings, Dwayne Thomas and Marquedius Bain, Miles also went into some detail on a possible starting lineup, at least as training camp begins. Ross Dellenger of the Advocate has some details here. QB Anthony Jennings/Brandon Harris "Brandon Harris is taking much of the summer snaps and we also think that Anthony Jennings is at a point ... both of those two guys will compete and the...
And The Valley Shook Jul 29, 2015

Link Gumbo - 7/29/2015

Your news and notes of the day. Couple of staff birthdays this week, including Corey Raymond yesterday and Ed Orgeron on Monday, who was interviewed by Friends of the Blog Culotta & the Prince yesterday morning. Baseball Infielders Danny Zardon & Grayson Byrd Transferring -- Can't say I'm shocked on Zardon, although the report says he wanted a promise of a starting job which...okay, maybe Maineri won't say it, but dude...look around. Ain't got much competition. Byrd, I believe there was some talk of injury? Brendan Suhr Rounds Out LSU Hoops Staff -- Johnny Jones finds another staff...
And The Valley Shook Jul 28, 2015

Wednesday Wayback: 2001 SEC Semifinal: #24 LSU 27, #22 Auburn 14

What if I told you the SEC did a playoff over a decade before the rest of the NCAA? The Setting This game was originally scheduled to happen on September 15th, but the 9/11 tragedy pushed this game back to December 1st. Everybody knows that this was a mini-playoff for the SEC Championship, but what people often forget is that Auburn and LSU had the exact same 7-3 record. These days, you're lucky if a 7-3 record gets you 3rd in the SEC West. Also, Florida and Tennessee the same night had the exact same implications as this game did, and Tennessee beat Florida in Steve Spurrier's...
And The Valley Shook Jul 28, 2015

Better Know a Freshman: Donte Jackson

Speedy talent will be an impact player at LSU. There was a time when athletes like Donte Jackson didn't come to LSU. In the not so distant past, even. Sure, LSU had players like Skyler Green, but in the Miles era, LSU mostly struggled to find roles for smaller, speedier types. Plenty of room for the big bodied beasts on the outside, but if you were a shorter player with good speed or quicks, you'd probably be better suited seeking another school. Then came Odell Beckham Jr., who himself isn't overtly "small" so much as he is just not large. At 6 foot even, Beckham never towered over...
And The Valley Shook Jul 28, 2015

LSU Actually Returns (Shudder) Experienced Talent This Season

For the first time in what seems like forever, Miles does not have to completely make over the roster this season This year's LSU football team has something we're not used to having around these parts: a lot of returning production on both sides of the ball. Last year, almost the entire offense left for the NFL, following the example of the defense the year prior. The results were fairly predictable. The LSU defense struggled in 2013, but nowhere near as badly as the offense struggled in 2014. The other side of the ball was forced to carry the team in the past two seasons, to varying...
And The Valley Shook Jul 27, 2015

Recruiting Reaction: 2017 QB Lowell Narcisse Commits to Auburn

Where does LSU turn from here? One of the state's top recruits in 2017, St. James QB Lowell Narcisse made his decision early today, committing to Gus Malzahn and Auburn. As of this morning, most felt he would pull the trigger on Auburn, though the news is a mild surprise as he has largely been considered a heavy LSU lean through most of the early recruiting process. To be clear, this is a long ways from over and Narcisse won't sign with Auburn for another year and a half, at least, and then only if he's eligible to enroll early. That said, this is a pretty astonishing failure by a...
And The Valley Shook Jul 27, 2015

And The Valley Shook Goes On A Cleanse

Welcome to a judgement-free zone. Football season is coming. You know this as well as I know this. So I was thinking before we get too caught up in worrying about our tailgates (coughcoughzraucough) we could maybe get everything we need to say off of our chest so we can go into the camp with nothing holding up back. So air your uncommon opinions, thoughts, or views, what have you. It's ok because this is a judgement free zone. Do what you need to do in order to get some good juju sent our way. I'll start. Tangled was much better than Frozen. Like, so much better. If you don't agree then...
And The Valley Shook Jul 27, 2015

Better Know a Freshman: Derrius Guice

Five-star running back from Baton Rouge will boost LSU's RB corps immediately in 2015. Many people dream of growing up with a nice, big backyard with all types of toys to play with. Slides and swings and balls. As a kid, you can invent an entire world with just a few spare parts and a few square feet of space. If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with this advantage, it's not one you should pass up. The wonders of a brilliant backyard rank somewhere near the top of life's joys. Many aren't so fortunate. One of the pure boons of LSU setting up roots in Pineville in 1853, then...
And The Valley Shook Jul 27, 2015

Link Gumbo - 7/27/2015

Your news and notes of the day. HEY! I've never done one of these before! Some changes going on in my life that I may discuss at some point, but for now, how about what's going on? Former LSU ace Aaron Nola gets first major league win as Phillies sweep the Cubs with 11-5 win -- The Phillies stink, but Aaron Nola is a silver lining right now. St. James QB Lowell Narcisse to announce his college commitment Monday: LSU, Alabama, Auburn or Clemson -- Big Class of 2017 recruit makes a decision today. Sources tell me they feel pretty good about the Tigers, but it's worth pointing out that he...
And The Valley Shook Jul 26, 2015

2016 WR Da'Monte Coxie Commits To LSU!

The fast-rising wideout impressed at camp and is now a Tiger. With all the star power that was in Baton Rouge this weekend from the 2016, '17 and '18 classes, it was 3-star wide receiver Da'Monte Coxie, who will be attending East St. John after going to Tara High School, that became the lone commitment (so far) from the LSU Elite Camp.  The 6-3 receiver was one of the top performers on Friday, competing and winning over the likes of soon-to-be LSU commit Kristian Fulton and commit Eric Monroe in a couple reps, went to Tulane's camp the following day and put on a show there, and that was...
And The Valley Shook Jul 24, 2015

Offseason Nonsense: Don't Buy Things for Your Dorm

It is all bad. Recently my girlfriend Ali and I ventured to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a wedding gift for my brother and his wife. Don't get it twisted: I love Bed, Bath, and Beyond. As someone who is inclined to cook (and rather enjoys it), it's got everything you'd need for a kitchen and about twice as many things you don't need, but would like to have, so it's nice to go peruse every once in a while. We didn't get a chance to really see what Trip-B (hip nickname) had to offer that day, but it's something I enjoy doing when I can. During the summertime, however, a particular market...
And The Valley Shook Jul 24, 2015

And the Valley Drinks: Horny Goat Laka Laka Pineapple Hefe

It’s really hot right now. Here’s a beer that will go down easy in the heat. When it comes to fruit flavored beers, people tend to have really strong opinions. That's always been a little odd to me in these parts, because I've never seen anybody turn down an Abita Strawberry at a crawfish boil. Maybe it's the seasonal aspect of it. Anyways, I can't speak for the rest of the state, but it's been hotter than hell in Baton Rouge for the last week or so. And something a little sweet is always a nice way to take the edge off if you're throwing something on the grill or hopping in the pool....
And The Valley Shook Jul 23, 2015

SEC Positional Rankings: Defensive Line

Short answer: Bama is really good We turn this week to the defensive line, which is one of the harder units to rank, mainly because any statistical measure gets mixed in with another unit. However, the two things I really looked at were rushing average and tackles for a loss (as well as the obvious: returning starters). I want a line that can get pressure without getting gashed on the ground. It's not perfect, and I'm not married to any particular formula, but it did give me a good guideline on quality. POSEUR 1 Alabama: The Tide's defensive line should be illegal. They have one of the best...
And The Valley Shook Jul 22, 2015

Recruiting: LSU Elite Camp Visitor List

It's basically like The Opening...Part 2. I could have sworn I was just writing about a big event that featured the top recruits in the nation. Normally when it comes to these camps for most schools, you will have your committed guys there along with a number of top recruits that will don their cleats and get to work on the practice fields. However, when you have a coaching staff filled with guys that have a knack for recruiting and commits that only want their respective classes to get better, you get a star-studded event like this. Enough of the lead-in, let's get to the juicy...
And The Valley Shook Jul 21, 2015

The SEC is Properly Rated

Why we have the your-conference-sucks argument Oh, it is so close to football season. You can almost taste it in the air. We're almost through the silliness of Media Days for each conference, and we're a few weeks shy of players actually hitting each other. OK, it'll be their teammates, but we're close. There is no greater sign that we are almost ready for the season to begin than the usual cacophony of taunts that the SEC is overrated. It's like seeing birds beginning to fly south. Heck, this year, even Paul Finebaum is getting in on the act. It's not like the SEC can pretend the value of...
And The Valley Shook Jul 21, 2015

Link Gumbo - 7/21/15

A round-up of the latest LSU news and notes. Just the Tweets: Les Miles at ESPN Car Wash - LSUsports.net - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics - Here's all the tweets that cover Les Miles' appearance on ESPN's Car Wash yesterday. Athletics Transfers Over $10 Million to University - LSUsports.net - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics - The Athletics department has sent over $10 Million to the university itself because as we all know, the University is broke and therefore could really use the money. Aaron Nola Set to Make MLB Debut - LSUsports.net - The Official Web Site...

Tigers Player News

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    Leonard Fournette

    Countdown to Camp: LSU’s Fournette on his bowling over of a Texas A&M safety: ‘People bring it up a lot’

  • Jeremy Cutrer

    Jeremy Cutrer

    LSU CB recruit Jeremy Cutrer fails to qualify, OT Chidi Valentine-Okeke cleared to report

  • Donnie Alexander

    Donnie Alexander

  • Clifton Garrett

    Clifton Garrett

    Dismissed DT Trey Lealaimatafao lands at same JUCO as former LSU LB Clifton Garrett

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    Toby Weathersby

    LSU's Vadal Alexander and Toby Weathersby named to Lombardi Award watch list