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And The Valley Shook 10 hours ago
Best Games of the Les Miles Era #3: Auburn 2007

Best Games of the Les Miles Era #3: Auburn 2007

Flynn to Byrd to win the game with only a second remaining. One of the best moments in Tiger Stadium history. Paul 2007 proved a monumental year in the life of Paul Crewe. That fall would be my final semester of college. I would meet the woman I would eventually marry. And it would be the last time I stepped foot in Tiger Stadium in some time. Fortunately, magic happened that evening. cdub71323 I was born and raised an LSU fan by my dad, who went to and graduated from LSU. However, due to the distance from my home in Dallas and the female persuasion, I headed to College Station for Texas...
And The Valley Shook 14 hours ago

Miles Makes Media Days Suck a Little Less

This time of year still sucks, but we're lucky to have Les I say this almost every year, but I will reiterate for our newer readers: I hate Media Days. They are a contrived publicity stunt at which no actual news will happen. The only good thing about the Media Days is that it marks the calendar as a little bit closer to real live football. The SEC has already had their week of ego-stroking, and now other conferences are getting in on the media cycle to hype up their own product offerings (New ACC Slogan: "Us, Too... Right?"). Every team looks better than it did last year, and every player...
And The Valley Shook 17 hours ago

Better Know a Freshman: Devin Voorhies

Talented Mississippi athlete has skills, but where does he project? Athletic versatility is an underrated trait amongst recruits. We are in the midst of a highly specialized era of football where players are increasingly being used for roles geared to their skill sets, rather than being demanded to live up to standards they may otherwise be incapable of. Pete Carroll frequently discusses this when talking personnel and how he's constructed the current Seahawks squad. He's big on not asking players to do things they simply cannot do. When you set up players to fail in such a way, it falls...
And The Valley Shook Jul 21, 2014

Trey Lealaimatafao Punches Through Glass Windows, Suffers Serious Biceps Injury

Trey Lealaimatafao suffered serious injury today when he punched through a glass window. Incoming freshman Trey Lealaimatafao, who I just covered two weeks ago in Better Know a Freshman, suffered a serious biceps injury today after he punched through a glass window in the LSU weight room. NOLA.com has the story here. Sources who were present said Lealaimatafao, a four-star recruit from San Antonio, Texas, was upset about a disagreement with his girlfriend, and punched the window between the weight room and indoor practice facility. The sources said the glass "tore through"...
And The Valley Shook Jul 20, 2014

Offensive Lineman Matt Womack Commits!

Composite 3-star offensive tackle Matt Womack commits to LSU at OL/DL camp. Jeff Grimes dipped into the state of Louisiana for his newest offensive line prospect. Yesterday, the Tigers hosted a small off./def. linemen camp, with a few prospects in attendance, including LSU commit Adrian Magee, and 2017 Evangel prospect Ethan Harvey. One other notable player in attendance was Matt Womack of Hernando, Miss. Today, word came through that Womack pulled the trigger on committing. Womack is a composite 3-star OT with an .8344 rating. 110 - 101 = Franchise Player. One of the best players to come...
And The Valley Shook Jul 18, 2014

Better Know a Freshman: Will Clapp

2014 offensive guard Will Clapp is a 2nd generation LSU athlete looking to make his mark on the Tiger program. What does the future hold for Clapp? Give me offensive linemen or give me death. It's universally accepted that quarterback is the most difficult position to recruit & scout. If there's any position nearly as difficult to recruit and scout, it's the offensive line. Mostly, OL recruiting is projection. Can this player get bigger? If this player gets bigger, will he remain just as athletic? Does this player have the tenacity required to slug it out on a weekly basis with other...
And The Valley Shook Jul 18, 2014

And the Valley Drinks: Sam Adams Summer Ale

Unexpectedly enjoyable. Sam Adams is one of those OG "craft" outfits. They've been around in the "import" beer section for as long as I can remember -- although I always find it funny that something made in Boston is considered imported. As long as I can remember watching my dad grab a 12-pack of Heineken on occasion, I can remember seeing a sixer or two of Sam Adams. And to be honest, I've never been a huge fan. Their beers tend to run a bit towards the hoppy side, which I've never enjoyed. Although, given that I've been a little more open to experimenting with those types, maybe I should...
And The Valley Shook Jul 17, 2014

Better Know a Freshman: John Battle IV

John Battle IV is a sleeper prospect from the 2014 signing class. Can he continue the tradition of DBU? DBU. It's become a point of pride to play defensive back at LSU. Most look back to Patrick Peterson as the man who began the run of "DBU" at LSU, but truly before him players like Laron Landry, Ryan Clark and Corey Webster were doing damage, both collegiately and then again in the NFL. It's both a blessing and a curse, as expectations are now higher than ever. Any time LSU fields a set of defensive backs that are merely "competent" it's considered a failure, or at least a point of...
And The Valley Shook Jul 17, 2014

Ranking the SEC Receivers

Our ballot of the best units continues For all of the talk about the glut of quarterback talent leaving the conference, wide receiver doesn't look much better this season. Eight of the top ten receivers last season in yards per game are gone, and none of the top five return. Jameon Lewis of State is the SEC's statistical leading returnee with his 64 catches for 923 yards. Only three returning receivers had at least 60 catches and only two had at least 700 yards, and Lewis is the only one to do both. Poseur Expect the new quarterbacks to struggle, especially because they will all struggle to...
And The Valley Shook Jul 17, 2014

Questions I would have asked at SEC Media Days - Day 3

There's a reason I'm not a credentialed media member. We're on the final day of SEC Media Days. Day 3 was a joy to observe between the lovable Les Miles, the heelish Bret Bielema, and the er...present and breathing Gary Pinkel. Head of officiating Steve Shaw also fielded questions, and everyone got to know a little bit more about the new College Football Playoff! However, several questions still went unanswered. Below are a few of the questions I would have asked the coaches on Day 3 of SEC Media Days. Mizzou's Gary PInkel "After seeing the bravery of your former player Michael Sam in...
And The Valley Shook Jul 17, 2014

Recruit Video Tourney: #1 Russell Shepard vs. #4 Rueben Randle

Can Randle top one of the top recruit videos out there? Travin Dural didn't stand much of a fight, but there has to be someone that can upset the giant right?  Or does he continue onward?  Let's take a look: No. 1 Seed Russell Shepard It's easy to see why he received a top ranking and why he could be a contender for the title. He makes it look like playground football, back in your neighborhood where there was that one kid that was just the superior athlete compared to us normal Joes.  That speed and agility makes those opponents look like they are running in mud, and was a clear...
And The Valley Shook Jul 16, 2014
Wednesday WayBack: LSU 43, Arkansas 14

Wednesday WayBack: LSU 43, Arkansas 14

What if I told you that Marcus Randall would have one more day in the sun? The 2004 season was down to the final week for LSU. Auburn had more than clinched the SEC West title and was about to finish an undefeated season. But most of the talk in Baton Rouge had shifted to the future of Nick Saban. The Miami Dolphins job had been open for nearly a month, and the consensus seemed to be that Saban would be one of owner Wayne Huizenga's top targets. At the time, he was known as an owner that liked to make splashy hires, and poaching college football's highest-paid coach, coming off of a...
And The Valley Shook Jul 16, 2014

SEC Media Days Open Thread: Les Miles Descends Upon Hoover

Here's a look at the schedule for Day 3 of the SEC Media Days, and an open thread for comments. It's Day 3 at the SEC Media Days, and we're all set to hear from Les Miles this afternoon at 1 p.m. CST. Miles will take the podium along with D.J. Welter, Terrence Magee and La'El Collins. Miles is always good for some revelry at the podium, so I suspect he'll win the day. The only difficult questions that may arise will be regarding the status of Jalen Mills, but he's proven rather daft at avoiding such topics. I imagine we'll get the standard, "We're awaiting the legal process to play itself...
And The Valley Shook Jul 16, 2014

Diary of a Mad Fullback: My Name is Connor Neighbors

These are the lost diaries of LSU Fullback Connor Neighbors. We found them. Diary 1, June 14th, 2000 Robert Frost once said two roads diverged into a wood. Or at least that's what my English teacher said. I don't agree with him. I have seen many roads, and I have seen many woods. I have seen no roads diverge into any wood. I have seen no woods with roads diverging into them. Some men are liars. My paw paw taught me that. It is bright today. Sunny. The skies are opaque, allowing the sun to set fire to the leather interior of my dad's navy blue 1967 Ford Mustang. It stings your skin to sit...
And The Valley Shook Jul 16, 2014

Questions I would have asked at Media Days - Day 2

Because somebody needs to keep beating the dead Johnny Manziel horse. Day 2 of SEC Media Days featured Steve Spurrier, everyone's favorite head coach that isn't their own. The second day of the SEC's annual celebration was an emotional roller coaster. Spurrier made us laugh, Kevin Sumlin made us cry, Butch Jones gave us hope, and Dan Mullen was certainly there and talking about things that involved football (and futbol!). Here are a few of the questions I would have asked each of the four coaches present at Day 2 of SEC Media Days. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier "Dylan Thompson has a...
And The Valley Shook Jul 15, 2014

Better Know a Newcomer: Colin Jeter

Colin Jeter was a late addition to the 2014 signing class. What kind of impact can he make at LSU? Snot bubbles. There are plenty of words you could pull out when seeking to define the Golden Era of LSU football. Champions. Elite. Tough. Powerhouse. Dominant. NFLU. But I like snot bubbles. Because snot bubbles are gross. They really only conjure up a couple of images. Babies who are unable to control their nasal productions. And men, who are also unable to control their nasal productions, except in this case because they've been hit so hard. It's come to be a defining characteristic of LSU...
And The Valley Shook Jul 15, 2014

You Can Take These LSU Predictions to the Bank

These things WILL HAPPEN this season. It's SEC Media Days. That means sound bites, predictions and all-conference teams. LSU is a team with a number of question marks on it and a number of very high-profile positions that are still very much up for competition. But fear not LSU fans! Your humble correspondent has looked into his personal crystal ball and discovered the truth! You may not hear these predictions come out of Birmingham this week, but I assure you that they are IRON CLAD! In fact, you should feel free to act on these predictions as if the games have ALREADY BEEN...
And The Valley Shook Jul 15, 2014

Best Games of Les Miles Era #4: 2005 Arizona St

His first game might be his greatest game Early Doucet dropped the ball. Can we admit that now, nearly ten years later? Doucet caught the hail mary, got his foot down, and slid out of the end zone. But when his body hit the ground, the ball popped out. That wasn't a catch... but there wasn't an official cruel enough to take that play away. Sometimes, a game is bigger than the game, and the 2005 season opener was about as big as a football game could be to the LSU community, precisely because it was just a game. The twin punches of Katrina and Rita delayed the start the football season, but...
And The Valley Shook Jul 15, 2014

Questions I would have asked at Media Days - Day 1

Because someone needs to do the dirty work. Hoover, Alabama in mid-July is a magical place. Ah, summer, when a man's focus begins turning to college football and Fall Saturdays. The beginning of this turn occurs at the Southeastern Conference's Media Days, an event described by a college football writer (I believe it was Andy Staples) as "a celebration of itself." Regardless of who said it, they were right. Fans and media alike gather to hear coaches and players speak on a wide range topics. The media can also poke and prod players and coaches with any lingering questions they may have....
And The Valley Shook Jul 14, 2014
LSU Releases First 2014 Depth Chart

LSU Releases First 2014 Depth Chart

Here's a way-too-early look at the first depth chart of the Fall. The LSU Media Guide dropped today: Cover of the LSU Football 2014 media guide (note prominent new Tiger head logo) pic.twitter.com/TnWmJx9NrX — Pod Katt (@valleyshook) July 14, 2014 And with it we get a freshly minted depth chart: And here’s the 1st 2014 depth chart pic.twitter.com/KYClPeapUN — Pod Katt (@valleyshook) July 14, 2014 So, any major surprises here? Let's go position by position. Offense Quarterback Anthony Jennings is still listed as the starter without any -OR- to indicate there's a pending...

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    Trey Lealaimatafao

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    Leonard Fournette

    Former New England Patriots RB Kevin Faulk says Leonard Fournette 'is the guy' that could break his LSU rushing record

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    Eli Manning excited to have former LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr. with the New York Giants

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