7:54 AM EDT, Sat July 29, 2017
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NC State adds former Ohio State signee Braxton Beverly

NC State adds former Ohio State signee Braxton Beverly

#KeattsFeats Point guard Braxton Beverly, a Hargrave alum and former Ohio State signee, has enrolled at NC State, the school announced Friday. Beverly played for Wolfpack assistant coach A.W. Hamilton at Hargrave. Beverly is not a transfer and therefore does not have to sit out a year—he’ll play this season. Beverly asked for a release from his letter of intent at Ohio State after Thad Matta was removed, and early reports out of Ohio indicated that Beverly would go to NC State. The connection was Hamilton, who had a close relationship with Beverly while the two were both still at...

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News & Observer Jul 13, 2017

Here’s the position the ACC created for NC State’s Jaylen Samuels

Until this year, trying to pin down Jaylen Samuels by position was as hard as trying to pin him down on the field. The N.C. State star hasn’t changed. The …
News & Observer Jul 13, 2017

Why Jaylen Samuels’ red shoes were the hit of the ACC football kickoff party

Jaylen Samuels has the cover of N.C. State’s media guide to himself. The do-it-all senior has on a red jersey and red gloves but missing are his red dress shoes. …
News & Observer Jul 13, 2017

NC State Wolfpack's Samuels talks about the adding of a 'JaySam' position to preseason All-ACC team

NC State's Jaylen Samuels talks to the media about the Wolfpack's upcoming season during the ACC Football Kickoff Media Day in Charlotte, NC, Thursday, July 13, 2017. …
News & Observer Jul 13, 2017

NC State's Doeren: 'We've become harder, we've become tougher, we've become more together because of all of us, and that's what we're all about.'

NC State head football coach Dave Doeren talks about the upcoming season for the Wolfpack during ACC Football Kickoff Media Day in Charlotte, NC, Thursday, July 13, 2017. …
News & Observer Jul 13, 2017

How these 16 players could make or break NC State’s football season

The luxury of having so many players back from last year’s team is there are fewer unknowns for N.C. State heading into this college football season. The Wolfpack has 16 …
News & Observer Jul 12, 2017

NC State DE Chubb eager to apply pass-rush lessons learned

North Carolina State's Bradley Chubb used to believe pass rushing was solely about getting to the quarterback as quickly as possible. Ask him now, and his answer is far more …
News & Observer Jul 11, 2017

How hyped are you for Wolfpack football?

The NC State Wolfpack takes the field on Sept. 2, 2017 against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. Read more about Wolfpack football at nando.com/ncstate …
News & Observer Jul 7, 2017

NC State's Yow busy with coaching hires, top-25 pursuit

It was an unusual year for North Carolina State athletic director Debbie Yow. The Wolfpack again flirted with Yow's long-term goal of becoming a top-25 overall sports program while having …

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    Jaylen Samuels

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    Bradley Chubb

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