3:28 AM EDT, Fri May 06, 2016
Good Bull Hunting 15 hours ago

Daily Bull 5.5.16

Let's have a spot of chamomile and long for simpler times. I DON'T WANT TO SAY I... AH HELL... YEAH I DO. I TOLD YOU SO. I told listeners of the Bullcast back in 2015 that this day would come. One of the advantages of being a scorned misanthrope (and there are many!)  is that you get to see the tells of this shit happening in slow motion. The over-exuberant courtship. "I LOVE MY AGGIE FANS! I'LL RT ANY COMPLIMENT YOU GIVE ME" The emotional coals being shoveled into the codependency fire. The recognition that a recruit - or a school! - can't fill the void in your...