8:38 AM EST, Fri December 19, 2014
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Bruins Nation 3 hours ago

UCLA Football's Brett Hundley Gets A Scouting Report Courtesy of NDT Scouting

Arguably the best quarterback in UCLA's history gets an unbiased evaluation based on game film and not media narrative from NDT Scouting. While all UCLA Bruins fans are waiting for bowl season to start, the most unsurprising "news" of the year broke in Brett Hundley borderline officially declaring for the NFL Draft after completing his redshirt junior regular season at UCLA. This despite the fact that it was made clear to anyone with ears or common sense at Hundley's press conference nearly one year ago that 2014 was going to be his final season as a Bruin. Regardless, this led to one of...
Bruins Nation 6 hours ago

Spaulding Roundup: Recruiting News and Perkins Shares The Love

Two of UCLA's top recruiting targets will announce their college choices on Friday morning, and Paul Perkins stays low key and supportive of his teammates after his breakout 2014 season. The Bruins are prepping for Kansas State, while the coaches are hoping that a big week for UCLA recruiting targets results in at least one new commit for next fall - as waivingbruin noted yesterday, 5* receiving prospect Christian Kirk chose to become one of a cast of several elite wideouts at Texas A&M rather than become the first elite WR/RB to commit to the Mora regime. Friday morning will see two more...
Bruins Nation 16 hours ago

UCLA Football Recruiting Reset: Recruiting Season Primer - Part 1 - Defense

Jim Mora and staff have put together three solid classes, but this year is crucial. Southern Cal's punishment for cheating has finally expired, and for the first time in his tenure, Coach Mora will be competing against a dirty program with a full load of scholarships. In Part 1 of this EARLY look at UCLA's recruiting efforts, we focus on the defensive side of the ball and note UCLA's current commitments, as well as others UCLA is actively recruiting. Please note that this list is not comprehensive, but rather highlights some of the local and national targets. Defensive Line Commits:  DE...
Bruins Nation 18 hours ago

UCLA AD Dan Guerrero's Hiring Report Card for Fall Term Coaches: Under 2.00

Dan Guerrero is not paid to hire qualified coaches. That is lucky for him. I work on the quarter system. Here are Doughnut's grades for the fall term, as judged by quality (or lack thereof) hires. A couple of ground rules, before we jump in. First, these are my rules. Please feel free to quibble. Second, these grades cover the period from his hire in April 2002 (a month which will live in infamy) to the present. Third, if a coach who he inherited wins national titles and is generally at the top of his or her game, this does not count in Doughnut's favor. All Doughnut has to do in that case...
Bruins Nation 20 hours ago

Kentucky's John Calipari on UCLA Basketball and Bryce Alford: "He Can Do What He Wants"

A conference call between the two head coaches before Saturday's game in Chicago. Looking ahead to Saturday's matchup against Kentucky, the coaches participated in a conference call today to discuss the game and their players and exchange the usual pleasantries. Of course, a question came up about Bryce Alford. John Calipari said Bryce Alford "can change the complexion of a game" in 90 seconds. "Plus he’s the coach’s son so he can do what he wants." — Jack Wang (@thejackwang) December 18, 2014 Must be nice to play without repercussion. This isn't just a snarky remark from...
Bruins Nation 23 hours ago

UCLA Basketball: Kentucky Part 1 – The Stats

The Bruins play No. 1 Kentucky on Saturday. Is there much to say about the match-up that don't already know? Steve Alford didn't even have his normal presser on Tuesday. We'll try to break it down over the next couple of days anyway. The Bruins travel to Chicago to play the Number 1 Kentucky Wildcats in the second half of a doubleheader in which four of college basketball's historical heavy hitters (North Carolina plays Ohio State in the first game) square off against each other. What is there to say about this match-up that you haven't already heard? Kentucky beat North Carolina, a team...
Bruins Nation Dec 17, 2014

Owning Up to BN's 2014 Pac-12 Football Predictions

We take a look back at our predictions for the 2014 Pac-12 football standings. For the first time in a while, BN's expectations and predictions matched up rather well prior to the 2014 season.  The truth is, we always expect UCLA to be competitive in the conference, but there have been years in the past where we simply knew that was not going to be the case. This year was different, this year was going to be special, and perhaps very special.  As we all found out, UCLA fell short of our expectations.  It turns out, we didn't fare very well on our predictions either, after the crazy year...
Bruins Nation Dec 17, 2014

UCLA Basketball: Week 5 Hoops Q&A Part 2 -- Lightning Round

This week is book-ended by the Saturday Gonzaga and Kentucky games. No mid-week game so we take the opportunity, in Q&A Part 2, to evaluate where the Bruins stand and look ahead. 1)      Meet, Beat or Miss on the Players: Kevon Looney chrissorr: beat DCBruins:  beat Norman Powell chrissorr: meet DCBruins:  meet Tony Parker chrissorr: beat DCBruins:  beat Isaac Hamilton chrissorr: miss DCBruins:  miss Bryce Alford chrissorr: meet DCBruins: meet Thomas Welsh chrissorr: miss DCBruins:  meet Noah Allen chrissorr: meet DCBruins:  miss Gyorgy Golomon chrissorr:...
Bruins Nation Dec 16, 2014

UCLA Football: Jordan Payton Considering Entering the Draft?

According to draftinsider.net, Jordan Payton is considering entering the NFL Draft this year. It may not come as a surprise after Jordan Payton's excellent junior season, but according to draftinsider.net, Jordan Payton is exploring the NFL Draft as an option. I’m told receivers Jordan Payton of UCLA ... will enter the draft. Payton was the favorite target of Brett Hundley this season registering 63 receptions for 896 yards and 7 scores. Perriman had an up and down season posting 41 receptions for 906 yards (22.1yd average) and 9 scores. Of course, at this point much of this may be...
Bruins Nation Dec 16, 2014

3 Star Defensive Back Octavius Spencer Commits to UCLA

UCLA Football gained another commit for the fall 2015 class in Monrovia (Ca)'s Octavius Spencer. UCLA Football picked up a new commitment for next fall's incoming class this morning, when Monrovia DB/WR Octavius Spencer announced that he will be coming to UCLA. pic.twitter.com/0FIjAuoEXG — Yeemer (@TheRealOcto_) December 16, 2014 And Coach Martin's BOOMING confirmation. #itsoundslikeBOOM! #4sUp! #8Clap — Demetrice Martin (@coach_meat) December 16, 2014 After sharing the news, Ocvatius talked with Edward Lewis about his thoughts on the recruiting process and his decision to...
Bruins Nation Dec 16, 2014

UCLA Basketball: Week 5 Hoops Q&A -- Post-Gonzaga Edition

While the Bruins try to pick up the pieces after the Gonzaga loss, we try to explain the inexplicable. 1) Is the new anti-Bruin strategy to stop Looney? chrissorr: I saw it twice now, and it worked. I have to believe Few took notes from the UCR tape. Gonzaga was incredibly brazen: bottle up the middle and swat at Looney and Parker, and then go at Looney on offense. This is a tough one. We've both been saying, contrary to the popular paradigm, the strength of the Bruins is the Looney/Parker interior punch. Looney's inability to stop Wiltjer and Parker's disappearance together is the issue...
Bruins Nation Dec 15, 2014

Is UCLA the New “Linebacker U”? Eric Kendricks Wins Lott IMPACT Trophy

UCLA’s senior superstar linebacker Eric Kendricks continues to rack up elite post-season awards.
Bruins Nation Dec 15, 2014

Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UCLA Men's Soccer Falls in NCAA Title Game; Football Recruits Visits; and Finals Week Begins

Our thoughts are with Ryan Hollins and his family during this difficult time. Soccer is so cruel. Cruel game sometimes. Great season @UCLAMSoccer you did us proud. Keep your head high @earljrucla — Nick Rimando (@NickRimando) December 14, 2014 Congratulations on the men's team for the season they had, even with all their ups and downs. It has been a true honor sharing the field with these boys, although the end result wasn't exactly… http://t.co/lKWM7lYdAy — Aaron Simmons (@Aaron12Simmons) December 14, 2014 Head high and proud to be a UCLA Bruin @UCLAMSoccer — Brad...
Bruins Nation Dec 15, 2014

Bruin Bites: UCLA Fall Olympic Season Comes to a Close With Title #112, More

The UCLA Olympic sports fall season ended this weekend with the Men's Soccer Team losing on PK's and Women's Volleyball falling to the defending National Champions. But it was a very successful fall season, highlighted by the Men's Water Polo team, who brought home NCAA title #112 ---Soccer is a mystifying game. Throughout the season, the UCLA Men's Soccer team squandered opportunities, gave up big leads, even let an opponent score three goals despite having a man advantage. The team was undoubtedly talented. That has never been an issue with a Jorge Salcedo team. But they didn't operate as...
Bruins Nation Dec 15, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of UCLA's loss to Gonzaga

UCLA's motion offense was nowhere to be seen, wasting some good efforts on defense. The Gonzaga game serves as a good test not of UCLA so much as of Steve Alford a coach.  For if you match up the two teams, one could make an argument that UCLA's starting five has more potential talent.  Yes, Gonzaga has a much better bench and experience but really this was not a case of one squad having superior talent over the other.  Yet the game was never really in doubt. The Good The Bruins never gave up and showed good effort.  Gonzaga would extend its lead and UCLA would come back.  The team...
Bruins Nation Dec 14, 2014

Clueless ESPN Blowhard Dick Vitale Sounds Ignorant About UCLA Basketball

It comes as a surprise to no one that a guy who hasn't coached a basketball game in 35 years sounds like the ignorant buffoon we all know he is when talking about UCLA's lifeless, joyless basketball program, led by Steve Alford. There are some things that are certain about life:  death, taxes, and Dickie V. sounding like a clueless buffoon on national television.  After all this is the same ESPN blowhard who once told us the following (while UCLA's program was in the final death spiral of Howland's tenure): Yeah, how did that work out again?  So, when we heard that Duke's biggest ESPN...
Bruins Nation Dec 14, 2014

UCLA Basketball: UCLA Loses To Gonzaga; Shows They Can’t Play With A Very good Team

The Bruins lost last night to Gonzaga -- as expected. That was the theme in the morning news reports. The Bruins aren't up to the task of beating non-cupcakes. They have individual talent, but they can't overcome their fatal flaws as a team. After the game, Steve Alford said he felt better after the loss to Gonzaga then he did after the UCR win. Why? Well, he didn't think it was such a bad start. They just didn't make shots in the first half, but played steady afterwards against an experienced team. He was encouraged.Reading between the lines, he's saying: they are what they are -- at least...
Bruins Nation Dec 14, 2014

UCLA Basketball: Bruins Lose to Gonzaga 87-74

Gonzaga beat the Bruins comfortably, 87-74. The Zags were never seriously threatened, and basically won the important matchups. The slow pace and a bit of late desperation intensity by the Bruins made it closer than it looked. Gonzaga beat UCLA comfortably tonight, 87-74. Although the Zags weren't particularly dominating and the slowish pace helped keep the margin down, they won most of the matchups including a torching of Looney and Powell. Gonzaga shot 58% to UCLA's 42%, and had 20 assists to the Bruins' 11 showing patience, ball control and unselfishness.  UCLA showed some late...
Bruins Nation Dec 13, 2014

Coaching Carousel Update - UCLA Football's Jeff Ulbrich Says Mora Will Stay, but Still Possible to U of Michigan?

Yesterday Coach Ulbrich said he thinks Mora will stay. Football scoop says "not so fast my friend." In yesterday's Spaulding, we noted that Coach Jeff Ulbrich said that he thinks coach Jim Mora will stay at UCLA.  College Football Talk picked up on that comment. "I’m convinced that Coach Mora, he loves it here," Ulbrich told Kartje. "He loves this program. He loves these kids. He loves the direction we’re going. I think he’s in it for the long haul. I really do. He’s built a beautiful home in Manhattan Beach. It doesn’t look like he has any intention of leaving that. His kids...
Bruins Nation Dec 13, 2014

UCLA Football: Bruin Nation's End of the Season Roundtable Discussion

With the regular season behind us and just the Alamo Bowl left to play, the writers and editors of Bruins Nation discuss the 2014 regular season, the highs, the lows, and the players who stood out this year. 1.  The Bruins finished the regular season at 9-3, coming up short in the race for the Pac-12 South division crown and relegated to the Alamo Bowl, when they were just two wins away from a spot in the College Football Playoff.  Would you call this season a success?  Or does it come up short in your mind? Achilles: It comes up short. If the season was truly being graded on a pass/fail...

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