3:34 PM EST, Tue February 09, 2016

My Take on Wake: Thomas Has His Say

It's 92 paces from the door of the Wake locker room to the playing court of Joel Coliseum. I know, because I stepped it off after today's 91-71 loss to Florida State.

My Take on Wake: Groundhog Day at Joel Coliseum

The two surprise teams of the ACC played tonight at Joel Coliseum.

Hanging Out With Dave Odom Watching Basketball

With my bride Tybee out of town for the weekend, I needed some company on Saturday. I found it in the most unlikeliest of places, on television.

My Take on Wake: Nothing We Haven't Seen So Many Times Before

Well, that was another 1,250 miles for Wake to travel, just to beat 85-62 today at Notre Dame.

My Take on Wake: Just When You Think You've Seen It All

Danny Manning faced some tough questions after tonight's epic pratfall against Virginia, as he knew he would.

Deacons Easy to Praise, Easier to Beat

Seven games into his second pass through the ACC, Danny Manning continues to accumulate more accolades than victories.

A Long Cold Month Gets Longer and Colder

The deeper Wake plays into January, the deeper they slide in the ACC standings.

Syracuse Shoots Lights Out on Wake

Sundown came early for Danny Manning Saturday. Several times during the strained aftermath of Wake's 83-55 pummeling by Syracuse, he mentioned that the Deacons did not play well tonight.''

Wake Loses Grip And Another Chance Slips Away

Wake lost control of Justin Bibbs, as well as its emotions, and had to do both to shoot 59 percent from the floor and still lose 93-91 to Virginia Tech tonight at Cassell Coliseum.

Deep Bench Gets Wake in Deep Trouble

Danny Manning, as we all know by now, prefers a deep bench. When I asked him about it recently, he said the best teams he played with during his career had a multitude of players who knew to be ready