5:01 PM EDT, Wed August 27, 2014

A Gathering Without Chicken

The change to covering Dave Clawson after Jim Grobe hasn't been as tramautic for this old beat guy as I thought it might be. I was in the trenches, so to speak, with Grobe week after week for 13 seaso

Gordon a Sight for Sore Eyes

There was a celebration at yesterday evening's practice by a team already 1-0 going into the season.

Getting to Know Ruggiero

The older I get, the younger everyone else looks.

Picking Your Brain

Not everything I write one day appears in the Journal the next.

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Just heard good news and even better news about Zach Gordon, the Wake Forest tight end who was hospitalized after receiving a hard hit in Sunday's scrimmage.

A Grizzled Vet Champing at the Bit

The flights and hotels for the first two games have been booked, and I'm looking as forward as everyone reading this for the Wake football season to begin.

Whew: Gordon's Injury Not Life Threatening

We can at least rule out the worst fears from the injury Zach Gordon sustained during Wake's scrimmage on Sunday at BBT Field.

Waiting to Hear About Gordon

Just so you'll know, I'm as anxious as many of you to learn the condition of Zach Gordon, the Wake Forest football player who was injured in yesterday's scrimmage and taken to the hospital.

Wake's Offense No Longer Offensive

The first question I always ask Dave Clawson after any practice session or scrimmage is What did you see today?

Wolford Not Ruggiero's First Riddle

On the occasion of my first extended conversation with Warren Ruggiero, the new offensive coordinator at Wake Forest, I asked what was the trick of getting a first-year freshman ready to start the sea

Herron Jumbling the Picture

The problem with setting a lineup in stone too early in preseason is that chisels don't come with erasers.

Coming Together or Coming Apart

August is a favorite month of mine. Not only was I born in August, so were my son Nate and my daughter Rebecca. Anyone who knows our family has to feel for my bride, Tybee, having to put up with three

Wolford Separates Himself from Field

Wake will be sitting pretty at Louisiana-Monroe on Aug. 28 if freshman quarterback John Wolford of Jacksonville, Fla., can only pick up where he left off in his last game of competitive football.

Haynes All In for Football

Phil Haynes is a promising basketball player who, from what I picked up this morning, will never play the sport at Wake.

An Old Friend Drops By

There's a saying among songwriters that amateurs borrow and professionals steal.

Demon Deacons Player News