7:10 AM EST, Fri November 28, 2014

Adam Podlesh: 'I thought to myself, at best, I'm going to have a special needs child and wife'

The harrowing story of the former Steelers punter Adam Podlesh, who was robbed of a chance to make the team's 2014 roster due to a placental abruption suffered by his wife during delivery of their son, Carter. Adam Podlesh will go down in Steelers transactions history as a player who signed a contract with the team. He never donned a uniform, or even punted in a practice, let alone even a preseason game. He never made the roster. Podlesh's wife was pregnant with the couple's son when Podlesh signed a 1-year deal with the team in April. She was due around the time training camp would begin....

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